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7/2/16 Channeled Message: Archangel Gabriel: Importance of Evolution

by | Jul 14, 2016 | Channeled Light Being - Archangel Gabriel, Evolution-Human

Channeled life wisdom from beyond.
Katibe (Katy) Simmone: Please, dear Archangel Gabriel, share that which is important for me to disseminate to others. I have heard your name “Gabriel” telepathically daily many times over the past few weeks. I feel you wish to connect through me. Please be clear, specific and complete. Please allow me to receive your message easily and with confidence. Thank-you. Namaste. 7/2/16 Saturday, Montauk, Long Island, NY 10:59am-11:15am
(Then I coughed, a sign of a release, and itched in unusual areas, my left underarm and chin. I felt an energetic tingling around my head. I especially felt it at the back of my mid-head. These are the physical signs of connection with a Light Being that I like to document for others to learn from.)
Archangel Gabriel: “I am Archangel Gabriel.
(Note: It sounded like he was booming, which I greatly appreciated. I have been asking for the volume of the telepathic transmissions I receive to be high so that it is clear. In the past, when I received one of his messages it was barely telepathically audible. )
I have come to you at this time with necessary findings and words of wisdom to share. You are highly regarded in your thought processes and are able to receive my speech.
You are not alone. There are many others like you, who are advancing, and can receive information within their minds, telepathically transmitted. This is part of your civilization’s advancement.
I come to speak, to share, to remind you and others the importance of their evolution for herein lies the answers to many of your questions. When you understand and embrace you are evolving, that your soul chose this development, you will more easily move and flow through your challenges and expectations. Your souls are advancing rapidly during these times. It is a giant wave, a tidal wave. Allow yourself to move with it, to harness it and not fight against its momentum. Learn to relax and be in the perfect universal flow. For when you resist, you do not allow surrender. This limits your capacities and intelligences.
You are fortunate that you are realizing these nuances. You have learned so now you can share and disseminate. The tides of change seed new opportunities for growth and soul achievement. Feel this and know others are advancing and adapting along with you.
You are a herald, and it is your will, that which has been predetermined, to teach of such longings. I am with you always and feel your vibration. Feel me.
Your caring ways shall help inspire. Many are yearning to be free, to be fully immersed in their soul’s expression. I am you but have learned much knowledge. You can figure it out with openness and receptivity. The Angelic Realm is forever committed to each unique individual’s advancement and soul development. We are waiting for each one of you to come fully into the fold of your divine nature and unique expression of creation.
Love entirely. Release quickly. Take time to dwell within your inner being where your True Calling will be revealed, and much new information will be bequeathed to you. This will sanctify you.
For I am Archangel Gabriel, a carrier of divine information and Torch Bearer of the Truth that transcends the Ages. I have come to you specifically to deliver this important message. With foresight, you shall spread my words, knowing many are waiting and their hearts are open to such teachings. In your divine calling, you shall teach others the True Meaning of Human Existence and understand with clarity and justice, the Nature of your Divine Being and Aspects. I am you, and we are one!
Live long and prosper. Abundance is available to all with the wisdom to receive the Gifts of Their Universal Attraction.”
(Note: Then I heard telepathically “Archangel Gabriel has spoken the Truth and Wisdom of the Ages.” I felt spaced out at the end and grounded myself with grounding crystals and visualization. I also felt very tired like I could take a nap.)
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