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Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have been a channeler of various light and love beings. I offer channeled readings to clients to provide guidance on their life questions.  Please see below link for more information on this service: http://soulevolutioncenter.com/channeling-sessions/  . 

To start a channeling session, I invite my and the client’s Higher Self, the Guardian Angels, Angels of Destiny and Teachers of love and light.  I do the channelings in a light trance and channel directly word for word.  The guides are talking to the client through me.  

I share below an excerpt from a recent client’s channeling session.  Her name has been changed to Jane to protect her anonymity.  The answers channeled were specifically for Jane and based on her unique energies and life situations.  Please know the amount of specificity and type of information channeled to Jane was for her, specifically at this time.  For another client with a similar question, the answers may have been more or less detailed.  The guides deliver that which is in the highest interest of the client and of all concerned.  It was important for Jane to do her own self-inquiry into what gave her passion and joy in terms of a career and so they did not advise her specifically in this area.  Rather, they wanted her to listen to her heart and find her own way.     

 I felt others would benefit from the guides’ guidance on the power of affirmations for reprogramming negative thought patterns and the white light meditation for emotional cleansing.  I also thought it was important to share to show how loving, kind and compassionate the guides are, as well as to show how the channeling process works as I perform it.  

This was a channeled reading session I did over the phone.  I transcribed through typing it into my laptop as I channeled it.


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Guides: Our Dear Jane, we welcome you here.  We are so very pleased to be in communion with you and are blending our energies with you so that we may give you the best quality information currently available.  We look forward to our discourse. We offer words of guidance and wisdom to you for you to consider and ultimately integrate into your life for your highest good and aligned with your life purpose.  Know we come from a place of love, light and Eternal Truth.  Please proceed with your 1st question.

Jane: I yearn for a strong loving partnership and want to know how to create this.  My past relationships have not worked out.

Guides: Jane, we say to you and remind you of that which you already innately know.  You are growing quickly. As part of your life process, you are meant to experience certain relationships with significant others. Though in your mind these have not “panned out” as you envision, they have been invaluable to you in creating within yourself the knowledge of that which in you seek in your significant partner.

You are warm, generous, and caring and sometimes feel like you have been taken advantage by the other opposite sex.  Do not use this to become withdrawn.  Continue to shine and be generous hearted for your soul mate will receive this in its entirety and will fully reciprocate.  You are learning.  You are in transition.  Fill yourself up completely, and then you will have more to offer to others, especially in a romantic relationship. 

Self-confidence is needed.  Your self-esteem needs a booster.  Do not doubt yourself and all of your fine qualities.  We recommend that you practice daily affirmations of self-love and self-worth to reprogram some of you negative thought vibrations that you care currently holding and having a pattern of falling into. 

This is your time, your time for yourself. Indulge yourself, spoil yourself.  You are deserving.  Quiet those voices in your mind that tell you otherwise.  When you have come more into yourself and in that vibration, many opportunities will be able to be explored to you in terms of fruitful, happy, satisfying relationships.  

There is no hurry, our love.  We know you feel this. However, we are here to tell you to take your time, and do not rush into relationships, where your heart and your gut tells you otherwise. 

Spend time with your girlfriends and enjoy their company as well your own when you are alone.

To reassure, we do want to let you know there is a very high potential of finding a like-minded male partner like yourself, supportive of you.  It is on your time horizon in the near future.  But please remember our words of destiny.

 Please proceed with your next question.

 Jane: My job in the family business –should I leave this?

Guides:  Please our love, share some of your feelings you have had recently in regards to this.

Jane: I don’t feel like I fit in the job.  I don’t know where to go.

Guide: Our dear loved one, we see that you have outgrown your job, working with your family.  It is time for a new adventure.  Look at it in this way.  Embrace it.  You are turning a corner.  Listen to your heart.  You are exploring.  There are other things for you to learn and other people for you to meet in your work relationships. Do not doubt this.  You have learned some good job skills from your current job, which can be utilized elsewhere. 

Look into your heart. Now you have the freedom to search and be led by your passion.  A door is being opened for you. You must walk through it.  Take the time to do some inner inquiry. What are you drawn to? What do you like?  What gives you joy?  See beyond the monetary.  Use this as your yardstick in seeking other employment.  Feel blessed that you have this family situation as a cushion, security. You can take your time, while still working there, to define to yourself what you desire.

Know our love, there are no wrongs. There are no one-way streets.  You will make many adjustments along the way, and that is perfectly natural and acceptable.  Be gentle with yourself as you grow.  Know your family is in your corner and though they will be disappointed by your choice, your decision, they will understand and respect it.  They will remember the time when they were your age and know that is necessary for you.  So do not worry about them and their response.  They will be fine.  As always as in your nature, be gracious and kind to them.

We see you have not in the past had this type of reflection, in terms of your job pursuit, because there was no need.  Now it’s different.  Use the resources in the library and online.  Take personality assessment questionnaires specifically to help you find a job, just to start you on your way.  You need a starting point, just to understand who you are.  Do you understand what we are saying?  Look for job resources.  There are many book publications, many website about finding your passion.  Now, it is the time to invest in yourself.  This is important, and this is a milestone.

Jane: What keeps me from trusting myself?

Affirmations for Self-Doubt

Guides: Yes, we see you have pattern of self-doubt.  This has been running in your mind for many years.  There were incidents in your childhood and your teenage years in which you created this pattern for yourself, subliminally.  This is why we espouse positive, loving affirmations for yourself to be done regularly and consistently during the day, throughout the day, with intention. The power of affirmation, when done correctly is very valuable and will help to conquer certain fears that you have within you and have been carrying around.

Shower of White Light for Emotional Cleansing

We also recommend a specific meditation exercise.  In a quiet moment, being relaxed and bathing yourself in beautiful white light from head to toe.  Feel this immersion.  Feel the lightness and purity it will give you.  It will be an emotional cleansing, much needed for yourself.  This is something simple but intense and powerful that you can do for yourself.  This shower of white light should be done daily, and allow yourself to fully feel, sense and visualize it.  There is some work involved for you to help yourself.  Know your angels and guides are working with you as well and have led you to this point.  They want you to know they much they love you and how they care for you.  Do not doubt this.

Jane: Should I move from Florida to someplace else?

Guides: What we are sensing is your lack of fulfillment driving this thought process and motivating you to consider this.  You are in transition and are exploring. 

Note: At this point, the speed of the channeling picked up, and I was unable to channel and transcribe into the computer at the same time. I switched to just channeling without transcribing.


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