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Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have had some amazing psychic experiences.  I have telepathically heard that I am a fifth dimensional being.   I also have heard that I am a star seed.  This combination of factors explains the messages I receive as a channeler.  I have been guided to share my experiences and channelings, which I do here in this blog.

I share a message that I received from The Supernumeraries, light beings, on the root chakra.  They also shared some fascinating information on changes to the chakras and new energy stations for human beings.  It is amazing that some of our energetic structures are being worked on for “new and improved.”  It does make sense that this would be true.  Evolution, not only occurs with our physical biological structures, but also our energetic structure as well.  

This is the first direct message I received from them.  The term “supernumerary” has been referred to though in some of my previous channelings.     

Please see my commentary at the end of the message, which provides some helpful background information, including a definition of supernumerary.

Please share with others who may be interested.

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                                                                                  *** Unedited ***

7/9/13 Tuesday 3:30 pm

Katy: Dear Beings of Light and Love, Masters of Knowledge.  I am here to receive some technical information on the root chakra, also known as the base chakra, one of the major 7 chakras to share with others.  Please be clear so that I may receive the transmission in its entirety.  Namaste.

Supernumeraries: The root chakra is an area, an energetic system that is well maintained for human balance.  The upper level chakras depend on this for their fulfillment as well. (1)  The root chakra has been designed to be a vehicle of wellness.  Its shape is cone-shaped.  It is volatile in that it can easily be disturbed by thought forms of a lower vibration.  Care needs to be taken by humans to be aware of their thought patterns. 

It is located deep within one’s energetic system, impermeable and inured to those beings, who lack the knowledge or understanding of human systems.  If it is perturbed, it can easily run asunder.  It revolves around its own axis.  It is located in various dimensions and can be accessed by those who feel its vibration or are in control of their senses enough to ascertain its location and response rate.

This chakra is strong.  Unity consciousness will allow it to further develop as it will not need to be limited in certain frequencies.  The root chakra spins more slowly than the other main chakras on the midline.  It turns at a speed and in counterclockwise, directional force. 

The spine is the main locator for the primary energy receptors.  The spine feels the force of the gravitational pull of the earth and is limited by design. 

Underlying causes may inhibit the full rotational spin of the root chakra.  These include the incapacity to release rigid beliefs and thoughts of indecency, of lower thought forms of desire and fulfillment of primitive level consciousness, not well suited for modern times. 

The root chakra is a preliminary design.  In time, other more advanced energetic stations will be established within the sphere of the human form.  The lack of stability of this primary center is a hindrance and an antecedent to spiritual evolvement in the continuum.  Basically, this is a low level energy receptor and transmitter with storage capabilities. 

New Energy Centers- The Power Wheel

The powers that be are testing and experimenting on other new designs for energy sources for the human life.  In the laboratories other novel designs are tested that include a new power wheel in the fourth dimension that will be more accessible and in reach for those who are early evolvers.

This power wheel will be constructed with many spokes for safety, durability and support.  It will be located in the anterior region of the spine and lifted up by a few inches in space.  It will have a front and a back and will rest in between the hip joints.  It has already been placed in many humans, who are incubating currently on the earth’s surface.  The number of spokes will denote the amount of will and perseverance one has.  From ancient times, there have been new designs, alterations, some of which are still implemented, and some that were retired because they were not purposeful or resilient enough.

The Doctors are doing their best to come up with an extraordinary new feature as a chakra element, which will allow the time-space continuum to be accentuated and unaltered.(2)  As part of this formula, a lot of new information about partial realities, hyper illumination, and cross-dimensionalities will be revealed. 

These enhancements are being slowly tested on a small segment of the population all across the world, across various cultures and languages. (3) It is being phased in currently with new born children, youths and experienced adults, who can disseminate this information to the New Age. 

Katy: (Note: I ended the channeling as I had to go and get ready for the evening.  I asked them who they were and thanked them for their time.)

Supernumeraries: We are The Supernumeraries, who are working on the Thought Project (4).  We are limited to certain broad topics of information for as of this time, there is still much to learn.

3:58 pm

Commentary: A supernumerary according to Wikipedia is the following:

“Supernumerary” means a temporary employee, additional society member, or extra manpower, usually in a function which has a temporary contract.  Its counterpart, “numerary“, is a civil designation for persons who are incorporated in a fixed or permanent way to a society or group, meaning a regular member of the working staff; permanent staff or member.

The terms supernumerary and “numerary” have long been commonly used in the Spanish and Latin American academy and government; they are now also used in countries all over the world, such as France, Great Britain, Italy, and the US.  For example, in the Roman army, supernumerarii were either public officers attendant to several of the Roman magistrates or a kind of soldier who filled the places of those killed or disabled by their wounds, or otherwise brought up the ranks to strength.

The supernumerary role is commonplace in numerous fields. For example, there are supernumerary actors, judges, knights, ladies, military personnel, ministers, police officers, professors, and writers.”

(1)   At this point, I felt a throbbing on my right tibia of my leg.  I like to chronicle unusual bodily sensations I have during a channeling session.

(2)   Beings called “Doctors” was referred to in this transmission.  This is not the first time I have heard this reference.  I have heard “The Doctors” over the past year telepathically at random times during the day.  In addition, I have heard these group of beings being mentioned, when I receive communications on various etheric procedures that I am going to undergo.

(3)   At this point, I heard “calumet”. I believe this was static as this is a North American Indian peace pipe. The calumet was employed by Indians as a means of communication between the spirit world and humans.  I sense the Indians are making contact with me.  A few days ago, I received “Arapahoe” telepathically, which is a type of Indian tribe.  As of 8/29/13 I had not received any clarification or significance of the word “calumet”.    

(4)   The “Thought Project” was mentioned in this transmission.  I have channeled and blogged about this in earlier posts.


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