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8/22/14 Channeled Message: Sample Reading for Client by Email

by | Aug 22, 2014 | Channeled Messages from Clients' Reading Sessions, Crystal Healing, Healing Energy, Intuition

(Names have been masked for anonymity.  Please know that this is only an example.  Each reading is unique. Your own email reading may be different, depending on many factors & your individual circumstances.):

Client’s Life Question: …It’s hard juggling both jobs…I feel completely drained of my energy. I feel some of the people I’ve been having to interacting with lately are just draining my energy (don’t know how else to explain it). Maybe you can advice me on something that could help? I wear the crystal you gave me every day and my hematite. But still feel depleted, like energy was sucked out of my energetic field.  If I don’t find some kind of protection, or help with the way I’ve been feeling. I may just need to give up the 2nd job, because no amount of money is worth feeling this way…Looking forward to finding balance and clearing my energetic field very soon (or its going to get the best of me).

Katy’s Reading by Email: Our bodies are very sensitive &  reactive. I am sensing that your 2nd job and additional hours & effort you put forth in this has caused a strain on your physical system.

Great that you are wearing your crystals.  Hematite is great for protection. Make sure you clear your hematite. I would say every 4 days or so especially if you are around people who you sense are draining you.  You can Google clearing crystals and see the various techniques for doing so.  Sometimes I clear my crystals with the intention of love & visualization of seeing and feeling my crystal all clear and sparkly.  I also clear crystals with the use of Reiki symbols.  If you take the second degree Reiki class, you usually learn the Reiki symbols and process to clear your own crystals.  I teach Reiki I, II, III Master/Teacher certification classes and offer private sessions for certifications if you are interested. The crystal I gave you is self clearing so you don’t need to clear it.
Great, too, that you are keeping up with your daily meditation. Do the extra step of starting your day with white light protection and reapplying it as needed during the course of the day & pre and post your interactions with certain people.
I am being shown that it is important to have a green plant on your desk at work for more oxidation and air clearing, reenergize the air at work.
Are you eating well & taking a daily supplement? Also, drinking water regularly during the day for hydration, detox and proper elimination of wastes.  I am sensing that may be causing your lethargy as you have increased your physical activity level.   I am sensing your mineral, vitamins, and trace metals needs to be at proper adequate levels. I am hearing “Spirulina” for you.
You can also increase your strength and stamina with breath work and intention and visualization, calling in those attributes that you desire. Also,red stones for the base chakra for vitality and stamina can be worn, put in your purse or pockets or placed around your personal space.  You can meditate with them as well while holding the red stones in your hands and intentionally connecting with them and consciously doing an intake of their crystal energy.
It would be great if our bodies were like machines, and we can push “start” and “stop”.  However, they are our sensors and let us know when we are overexerting and when we need more balance, rest or more proper nourishment. It is important to honor and be aware of our physical and emotional cues so that we can make necessary adjustments.
Hope this helps!
8/22/14 Friday
I shared this guidance that I received intuitively in response to a client’s question.  It was not directly channeled word for word by a high level guide but rather a combination of that with my own intuition.  I shared this as an example of guidance to an email question.  It is only an example & may not be indicative of what guidance others may receive for their life questions.
For this message,  it came in as I sat down at my computer to reply to it. Above is the transcript that I typed in as I received it.

Katy’s Background

Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have had some amazing psychic experiences, including lucid out-of-body experiences (OOBs).  A spiritual awakening occurs when you start to evolve into  a higher consciousness level.  You realize that you are spiritual being having a physical existence for your own evolution.
I have telepathically heard that I am a fifth dimensional being.   I also have heard that I am a star seed, an Arcturian, a “hybrid”,  “genetically modified” and a transient.  I heard that I had been “rescued” and “restored”, and that I am in the “witness protection program.”  In 2014 I  received about four clairvoyant images of  the fictional character Frankenstein, where he was laying on the treatment table while the eccentric scientist was rebuilding him.  It was my guides way of providing me this literary allusion, showing me that I had been rebuilt like Frankenstein in some other alternate existence.  I have heard telepathically “You operate on multiple frequencies.”   These combination of factors and my “alien nature” explains the psychic activity I have experienced in my day–to-day life and during my sleep state and in altered states of consciousness.
I have been guided to share my experiences, which I do here in this blog.  I also am a channeler, and I have received channeled information from various beings of light of love, who exist in other dimensions, on various topics to help humanity, that I share on this blog as well.
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