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8/24/17: Semi-Trance Channel w/ Light Being Arduon

by | Aug 25, 2017 | Channeled Light Being - Arduon, Trance Channeling

I share this extraordinary psychic experience when I channeled through semi-trance a Being called Arduon on 8/24/17.  He came to give me messages. Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have experienced some extraordinary psychic phenomena and my psychic abilities, including telepathy, were activated and enhanced.
Beings are non-physical consciousnesses who exist in other dimensional planes of frequency than that of Earth’s. Perhaps, the energy from the solar eclipse earlier this week on  8/21/17 Monday facilitated this exchange. This is the second time Arduon has come to me in trance. The first time was on 4/20/15 in Seattle, WA.
I have heard on numerous occasions telepathically and through the trance channelings that trance channeling is the fulfillment of my ultimate destiny during this incarnation on Earth and part of the Plan.
About Trance Channeling
I refer to this as a semi-trance verses a full trance because I did not lose consciousness and was aware the entire time. These are my developing experiences since I first directly voice channeled in semi-trance on 4/18/15 Saturday. When the Being comes, it blends in my energetic field and speaks DIRECTLY AND FULLY through me, using my vocal chords, voice box, diaphragm, arms and hands.
Trance channeling is another modality than telepathic channeling, which is less taxing.  I am newly learning to trance channel and so are the different beings who work through me.  Admittedly, there is a learning curve and process improvements to be made.
My Frequency of Trance Channelings
This is my second trance channel this year in 2017, the first one occurring in mid July 2017. They both occurred when I was staying in the Northeast. The Being in July didn’t identify him/her self but came to tell me to complete my second book.
Since that time I haven’t had a trance channel in almost two years since Aristotle, in-spirit, came to me in April 2015. He let me know he wanted to write a book with me. From that I wrote my first e-book, “Aristotle’s Teachings for the New Age, a Series of Channelings.” You can download a channeled free eBook by Katy Simmone to learn how to flow through these challenging times at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/575068 .”
Other Beings I have Trance-Channeled
In the past I have channeled various beings Archangel Raphael and Archangel Azrael and three human beings in spirit – Mr. Edgar Cayce, Dr. Marcel Vogel and Nikola Tesla.
I trance channeled for the first time a complete message from Master Kuthumi, an ascended master, on 4/19/15 Sunday.   Please read about this experience, my background with trance channeling, events leading up to this moment, and information about trance channeling at the below blog post:
About Arduon
Arduon first came to me on 4/20/15 he first came to tell me when I was staying in Seattle, WA. I blogged about this experience and shared the interesting sound file of the actual channeling, which included a question and answer between Arduon and my spouse at:
When you listen to the sound files at this link, you will hear how intense and laborious it was for me to semi-trance channel. Please keep an open mind.
Telepathic Foreshadowing to the Arduon Semi-Trance Channeling of 8/24/17
About two days before Arduon’s night-time visit, I telepathically heard the word “partnership.” I knew this was a reference to my relationship with the Beings.
About the Arduon Semi-Trance Channeling on 8/24/17, Thursday
This is  the second semi-trance channeled I received on the importance of completing my book. I was in bed at about 10:30 p.m., I was pondering some thoughts in my mind. My spouse was away on business travel. To my surprise, I felt a Being come through me in a semi-trance channel to answer my questions I was thinking of!  The first word out of mouth out loud spontaneously while I was laying in bed was “Yes” in response to the question I had in my mind!
Beings Able to Read Your Mind and Respond
Note: A Being may come in to answer what you are thinking telepathically, even if you have not posed or asked this directly to the Being. This is quite amazing and surprising to me when it happens. This also happened in a 4/24/15 Edgar Cayce trance channeling.
Unfortunately, I could not remember the next morning what exactly I had asked to start this dialogue because I was in a very relaxed state.  I was simply having those type of rambling thoughts before sleep. Because I was by myself and did not have my smart phone readily available next to me, I could not record it live as it happened. I recalled what details I could the morning after. I would have loved to have a live transcript but it was not meant to be. In addition, because a good part of the communication was telepathic in addition to being out loud, the transcript would have been only a partial record.
The Being told me through trance he was Arduon.
He expressed through me that after I finished the book there will be other Beings who will come to me. I am currently writing an e-book about my spiritual awakening. I started it in October 2015 but took some time off due to other priorities. In the beginning of August, I resumed the writings as I felt a force to do so.
He repeated he was grateful I received him at least three times. I found it so touching he thought to thank me, I started to cry. Though it was nice to hear, I was not expecting thanks for what I know to be my Divine Destiny.  The morning following this channeling, I reviewed the sound file of the first time I trance channeling Arduon on  4/20/15 that I shared here on this blog at:
He was very grateful then as well to me that I could hear him.
Since it was a semi-trance and he had blended in my energy field I could actually feel how grateful he was I had received him.  I have become super sensitive since my awakening. Heartfelt moments tear me up.  The unique energy blending of energy fields during a trance channeling can especially heighten emotions felt by the channeler.
Encouragement and Validation
About three times Arduon also told me how special I was, what a high vibration I had and this was the commitment I made and what I had come to do. I feel the reason he said I was special is because I can channel certain Beings. Only a small percentage of the world’s population can do this well and authentically.
From the sound file in the earlier trance channeling on 4/20/15, Arduon also said how special I was and precious. I know this sounds like flattery but at times the Universe wants to encourage me with my work so I don’t become disheartened. I have heard the word “encouragement” a few times telepathically in the past.  The Beings must be able to see or sense  I need validation by what’s in my energy field. I also share this praise to chronicle accurately what I receive so others may learn from it. I have heard telepathically a few times documenting my life experiences as a result of my awakening is part of my life function as well.
Sensations During the Trance Channeling
I am very thankful I didn’t experience the harsh aspects of a trance channeling like previously. These included heart palpitations, tingling throughout my body, dizziness and an overwhelming series of clairvoyant images. The semi-trance channeling was a strain on my vocal chords when the Being was getting the words out. My voice changed as well when the Being was expressing through me. I also had the familiar urge to have both my arms rise to the front of me.
I found taking deep breaths kept the stream of channeling coming through.  I will need to remember that for the future.
My Diaphragm Moving With Each Word Yet I Receive the Communication Telepathically
This has happened in earlier trance channelings as well as in the 4/24/15 second trance channeling with Mr. Edgar Cayce.  He was speaking to me telepathically.  However, unlike times before this point, whenever he spoke my solar plexus/diaphragm tightened with each word he expressed and then released between the spaces of the words.  I received his words very clearly telepathically in my own thought voice.
Uniqueness of this Trance Channeling
Half Telepathic/Half Vocalized
This trance channeling of 8/24/17 was unique as well because Arduon would say a sentence and half of it vocalized and the other half I would receive telepathically in my mind. It was a combination. That happened for about three-quarters of our conversation. I sensed it was because there was not enough energy to sustain the entire word flow being verbalized. Our entire session together lasted for about ten minutes.
Telepathy Received Was Not the Same As What Was Vocalized
Another way this trance channeling was different is what I received telepathically seconds before the Being was going to say out loud through me was different, though similar. To give you an idea of the frequency of it, this happened about  75% of the time. Surprise, surprise to me! It was like the Being could vocalize an easier word to pronounce, a synonym, than what I received telepathically a few seconds before in my mind.  It was quite interesting! Now, I know what I receive telepathically a few seconds prior may not match one hundred percent to what comes out of my mouth.
My Question Answered
It is interesting because days prior to the 8/24/17 trance channeling session with Arduon,  I was thinking about how I have trance channeled at night with my husband there the majority of the time. I wondered if this was because my husband’s energy field was helpful and acted as an amplifier to the channeling.
It takes a tremendous energy of life force energy to trance channel. I have met a few trance channelers including John of God in Brazil and a trance teacher in South Florida who will have a few other people around them sending them energy to enable them to have the needed amount of energy required to trance channel.  My spouse is spiritually awakened about nine months after my awakening in the Spring of 2009.  This has increased his vibration, allowing him to be an adequate energy booster.
I feel the Universe timed it for Arduon to come to me a few days after to answer that question I had been contemplating if I needed to have another human body in the room of a high vibration to help me to trance channel effectively. After the 8/24/17 visit from Arduon when my husband was away, it proved the answer was “No!” My ability to trance channel was between the Beings and me. It was not necessary to have human “energy boosters’ in the room.
My Renewed Commitment to My Second E-Book
After connecting with Arduon and the early edict I received in mid July 2017 from an unknown being, I know I needed to hunker down and complete my second e-book . When a Being crosses dimensional frequencies and makes a concerted effort to make direct contact with a human through trance channel to give a recommendation, it should be honored. This is not an easy task! This I know from communications with Beings over the eight years since my awakening.
I also wanted to point out the following observations that occurred in some of the trance channelings to date and also in the 8/24/17 trance channeling with Arduon:
My Diaphragm Moving With Each Word Yet I Receive the Communication Telepathically
This happened earlier in the 4/24/15 second trance channeling with Mr. Edgar Cayce.  He was speaking to me telepathically.  However, unlike  times before this point, whenever he spoke my solar plexus/diaphragm tightened with each word he expressed and then released between the spaces of the words.  I received his words very clearly telepathically in my own thought voice.
Developments in My Trance Channeling
You will notice a progression in information delivery with each trance channel below showing my rapid rate of acceleration.  It may be uncomfortable to watch my trance videos on the Soul Evolution YouTube channel and listen to some of the sound files because it is very evident I am straining and laboring with the force and stress of trance channeling.  I am happy to share that has decreased incrementally with each successive trance channeling.
My Trance Channeling Desire
My goal is to have a high level Being of Christ consciousness channel through me when I am in a full trance. I have asked the Universe to take my consciousness somewhere safe during this time to allow such a Being to have complete access to my communication structures. Then they can completely and fully express, uninhibited and unencumbered with my humanness. I trust my etheric team explicitly in ensuring my safety in this.  I know this may sound daunting or fearful to others. To me, this would be a wonderful gift to humanity to be a channel for a  Being with higher knowledge to share in an authentic dialogue.
About Trance Channel

There are different ways to channel.  Trance being one of the most complex and intense ways.  There are different levels of trance channeling as well ranging from a light trance to a deep, full trance.  In a deep trance the medium is unconscious, and the being that incorporates into the medium’s body has full control and use over their body.

In true trance channeling the medium or spirit communicator goes into a deeper state of consciousness to directly channel beings, who exist in other dimensional frequencies.  The being blends with the energetic field of the medium, using the physical system of the medium including their larynx, vocal chords, voice box, diaphragm and possibly their arms and legs as well.  The diaphragm is the main muscle used in breathing.

This requires and uses much chi energy, also known as vital energy, of the medium.   There is some misunderstanding when some mediums declare that they are in trance when they are not because it is not a deep enough level. Some trance channels are aware and keep their lucidity during trance. Others become completely unconscious during their trance state. In the trance channelings that  I shared below, I was 100% lucid during the entire time and never lost consciousness.

Being an authentic, genuine trance channel is a very specialized and specific type of mediumship.  There are only a small percentage of mediums in the entire world that have this skill.

Prior to these experiences I considered myself a telepathic channel in a very light trance.   During channeling sessions for clients, I maintained lucidity and full control over my body and voice box and received the information telepathically. I would then reiterate verbally to the client what I received telepathically exactly as I received it.

Please share with others who may be interested. I would love to hear your feedback and experience with receiving telepathic information or trance channeling.

You can read more my background by clicking here.



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