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I am sharing two  significant out of body experiences (OBEs) I had which were mystical in nature. In one my angel wings unfolded and I channeled a song from an angelic Light Being in another non-physical dimensional landscape.   It is extraordinary because this is the first time since I have started having lucid OBES since my spiritual awakening of 2009 where I actually felt my angel wings unfold and I channeled an song from an angelic type Being. And it was for an extended time during the OBE. I share the details of this OBE near the end of this post.
I felt guided to document these non-ordinary OBEs for posterity reasons.  I am so glad I took the time to share some of my earlier OBEs in detail.  It is amazing to reflect back on them to track my spiritual development. This blog post also serves as a valuable teaching in how reflecting on your OBEs can reveal insightful information to you about your life and your spiritual progression.
I have had other experiences with sensing my angel wings. Please see my earlier blog post:
Please see the end of this post to read more about my background. It may help make more sense to the readers who are not familiar with my blog and how I go about sharing these arcane topics.
During this OBE, this unfamiliar angelic type Being used my voice box to express herself and I was just the conduit. I did not control what was coming out of my mouth. The phrase I remember singing throughout this OBE was “Spread your wings and fly.” I do feel that was an important broadcast message not just for me but for everyone.
I would classify this OBE as a mystical OBE as I laid out in my conceptual framework for OBEs at:
Significance of these OBEs
Because of its uniqueness, I do feel this OBE marks a significant development of my spiritual development. And because it comes just one day after another mystical OBE I had where I was eating dragon head meat, I feel the Universe is imparting a message to me.  It is unusual for me to have two mystical OBEs two days in a row.
These portended an acceleration of my spiritual development. I feel these are signs from beyond of the changes and transformations I am undergoing in preparation for my future spiritual work.
I do love mystical OBEs. But let me just add, they are SOOO much more fun when you feel your life is not in peril during them! Ha! This is an important caveat. Mystical OBEs are the best type of OBE! When you are lucid, mystical OBEs are a blast because you feel like it’s actually happening in real-time with all the vividness of its details of fantasy!
Another Mystical OBE with Dragons on 8/31/18
Let me explain more about another lucid, mystical OBE involving the eating of dragon meat that I experienced the day before this OBE where I felt angel wings unfold from my back and I channeled a song in another dimensional landscape. I know that the eating of dragon meats sounds disgusting and very weird  but there is some deep symbology here. I am going to devote some time to the analysis of this OBE with dragon symbology. This is not to get off topic but to demonstrate that I had two mystical OBEs, back to back in two consecutive days. As I stated earlier, when I have mystical OBES they are usually weeks or months in between. So this was indeed extraordinary.
In this mystical OBE of 8/31/18 during my sleep state, I became lucid to find myself in an unknown interior room. There was a large pot, almost like an iron cauldron. Inside was a single large dragon head. It was not alive. Its eyes were open. It looked like a typical dragon head, scaly, reptilian and ferocious looking.
Then this dragon head appeared on a counter next to me. I knew I was supposed to eat it. But because I was lucid and still carrying my Earthly beliefs with me, I was just grossed out by that and couldn’t do it.  There were three unfamiliar men with me.
Replay of an OBE Scene
Then the dragon head was shown to me again on the counter. The inside of its head was visible. Its head flesh was pure white, like lump crab meat which I do eat. It looked flaky and even tender.  Maybe my subconscious was trying to make it more appetizing for me?  I have found in some of my OBEs a scene may be repeated twice. It is almost like a replay. My theory is this happens as a subconscious mechanism if I am not engaging or interacting in the way I should be. Or it is an opportunity for me to make another different choice in the OBE scene.  So it is shown to me twice so I can make the appropriate decision the second time. That is why the dragon head was shown to me twice on the counter. I have experienced this type of replay commonly in OBEs.
One of the men with me took a forkful of the dragon head meat.  I knew I should or had to. I took two really small forkfuls of the white flesh. Then the OBE ended.
Dragon Symbology
The symbology of the dragon is one of the most ancient and mystical animal totems.  I researched the dragon dream symbology on the internet for this post. I had an inkling of what dragons could represent from my intuition as being about power, strength and mysticism.
What I found out from my research on dragons was that they also symbolized fortune, luck and spirit. I also learned it represented the primal force of nature and wisdom. The dragon is a good symbol of the mystical nature of my work and service since I became spiritual awakened. This includes my unusual trance channeling and having these amazing lucid OBEs in non-physical dimensions from time to time.
Why the Dragon ?
It is a thought-provoking exercise when analyzing your OBEs to contemplate why a specific animal totem or symbol was used. If the Universe wanted me to get the symbol of strength, it could have used the animal totem of a lion or panther. But no. It used a dragon.  If it wanted me to get the symbol of wisdom, it could have used an owl totem. But no. It used a dragon. That is revealing!
Eating Dragon Meat Symbology
The eating of dragon meat represented I was making the dragon qualities part of my being.  The analogy of eating the cracker to represent the body of Christ comes to my mind during Catholic Church rituals. As I am typing this, I keep hearing telepathically “the Eucharist.”
That I only ate a small amount of the dragon meat is reflective of my hesitations in this endeavor.
Whiteness of Dragon Flesh
That the dragon flesh was pure white was symbolic of purity.  That I was eating the flesh from its head and not another part of its body is symbolic of the cerebral nature of the higher level, occult knowledge that the dragon possesses.

My Past Experiences with Dragons

My Interest with Sci-Fi and Fantasy
To give you some perspective, I felt it would be helpful to give you some background on me and dragons. Since I was a young girl, I have always been fascinated with sci-fi and fantasy movies. They are my favorite type of movie. I love the Harry Potter Series, Star Wars, the Matrix Series, the Hobbit, Game of Thrones, etc…
I don’t get into chick flicks.  I do not like horror, mafia, gang or violent war movies.
My First OBE with Dragons 2010
I had my first incredible OBE with dragons in about 2010 or so just a short time after I spiritually awakened in 2009.  As I did not record it at the time, I am chronicling this from memory as I did not record it at the time.
This OBE occurred during my sleep state. I became lucid to find myself in an unfamiliar interior space.  In front of me were about five large white eggs. They could have been ostrich eggs because of their size.  Three of the eggs were hatching and there was a baby dragon in each one! Then the OBE ended.
Looking back at this OBE now and with the knowledge of the most recent dragon OBE I had on 8/31/18, I can better interpret this OBE.  This early OBE marked the advent of my spiritual awakening and early beginning of my journey into the realm of the mysterious, esoteric, and occult and becoming a channeler of Light Beings who exist in other dimensional planes. I am able to hear them telepathically. Dragons are a symbol of that which is mystical and that this OBE showed three of them hatching, not just one,  was a foreshadowing of my new real life mystical talents of mediumship, telepathy and conscious journeying to other dimensional realms during OBEs.
And now eight years later, I had another telling OBE on 9/1/18 where I am eating the white flesh from the head of a mature dragon! From baby dragons hatching from eggs to this! Very interesting!
Dragons During My Reiki
I have not only had dragons in a few of my OBEs but also during some meditative states. In a previous blog post on 3/4/15  I shared I saw dragons when I gave myself Reiki when I was staying in Seattle, WA for a year. To read it, please see:
Telepathy on Dragons
In addition, from time to time I hear telepathically “Your dragons…”  Then the rest of the telepathy gets dropped and I don’t hear the end of the statement. I have heard this in 2017 and 2018 only a handful of times, say like five times, since my awakening in 2009. Based on this, I must have more than one dragon! Maybe in another dimensional realm I am not conscious of.
I have telepathically heard that dragons are “winged serpants.”
I sense I have some sort of connection with dragons.  It is not overt but I would describe it as a new subtle awareness of dragons over the past three years.
Earlier OBE with Dragons in 2014
In the third quarter of 2014 I had a dream where I saw a dragon in a wall fresco, spitting fire from a 2nd story building. Also, in Feb. 2015 I called upon dragons  for help and protection when I was free-falling in space during an OBE.
Doozy of an OBE with Dragons in 2015
I had a doozy of an OBE with dragons in about 2015. I think this was the year. I did not blog about it then so I am going off memory here with the details. It was AMAZING! That’s why I still remember it.
I became lucid during my sleep state at night or in the early morning. I was floating vertically and comfortably in a river that was about fifteen feet wide or so. It was a sunny day.
I looked above me. I became incredulous. There was a huge winged dragon high above me flying in the blue cloudy sky. It was about 50 feet above me. Because I was lucid, it felt so real!  The dragon was flying somewhere in its dragon flying style. It looked like a dragon straight out of the TV fiction series “Game of Thrones.”
I got scared. In mid-flight the dragon turned its long neck and looked right at me. He/she definitely saw me. I had the thought “Oh, no! Now, I am done. He/she has seen me!” I could have said then “I am now the one who is dragon meat and going to be eaten by the dragon instead of me eating its head flesh as in the OBE I had three years later!” Haha!
Then I looked ahead of me in the river. A naked man walked out of the water. He had charcoal gray skin. He was in great shape with beautiful satin skin, muscular and lithe. I only saw him from the back. He had two smaller wings coming out of his back!  These wings were about two feet in height.  Flanked to his right was a large dragon that towered feet above him. And flanked to his left was another large dragon.  I think one of these dragons was the one that was from the sky that I had seen.  They seemed to be his escorts.  There was  definitely a unique energetic connection and bond between all three.
When I woke up in bed from this OBE, I was like “Wow!!” That was amazing.  I was so lucid I can still remember the sinewness of the man’s Adonis like physique and the scales and skin of the dragons. I love lucid, mystical OBEs!


General OBE Information
I will share just a few general recaps of the nature of OBEs before I get into the details of the specific OBE  I had on 9/1/18 to help those who may not be familiar with my writings on this subject. If you have already read this in an earlier one of my blog posts and do not need a summary (though it may be helpful to reread) just skip over this section and go to the next asterisked blocked section.
I have developed an OBE conceptual framework, including definitions, to help others who are having similar experiences and for people in general to understand this topic and to introduce the concept of our human multidimensionality.  Please read it at: http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/out-of-body-experiences-conceptual-framework/
Human beings exist on many levels of consciousness which allows them to travel to and exist on other non Earth dimensional realms. Our consciousness is complex and goes far beyond then just our conscious and subconscious states.  Within our subconscious state there are multiple tiers of consciousness.
We can lucidly visit these alternate dimensions in our altered states of consciousness. We have past, present, concurrent and future lifetimes in these other dimensional frequencies. I know this because I have experienced these in OBEs and received telepathic information on these since my spiritual awakening in 2009.
In states of deep relaxation as in meditation or sleep we can catch glimpses of these and recall our dimensional travels. Many of my OBEs happen spontaneously and naturally when I am sleeping which is how this one occurred.
OBEs are not readily talked about. It is a new frontier of human consciousness. This blog post is fulfillment of my soul mission to teach others about OBEs.  I am a pioneer like Amelia Earhart was in females in aviation.  I did receive an affirming clairvoyant vision of her, not just an image but a moving vision, of  this a few years ago. Clairvoyantly, I saw her outside in front of her airplane in her pilot’s uniform of that era and wearing her aviator glasses. Then she was in the cockpit of her airplane on takeoff. She had a beautiful wide smile with amazing teeth. After, I did some internet research on her. The images of her confirmed that indeed, she was the female I saw in my vision.
My OBE conceptual framework is evolving which I tweak, including adding to and enhancing, as I need to with each OBE I experience.  It is an evolving work in process. I started developing this framework in the Spring of 2009 of my spiritual awakening when I started having numerous lucid OBEs. I wanted to understand what I was experiencing and to see if there were any patterns. Hence, I created the framework.


My OBE of 9/1/18 when I Channeled an Angelic Being and My Angel Wings Unfolded

Here is more detail on the OBE I had on 9/1/18 which spurred me to write this post.

OBE Specs: 9/1/18 Saturday. To be noted it is the first day of September. This OBE occurred sometime in the a.m. between 7:30-8:00 a.m. on 9/1/18 Saturday morning while I was in the altered state of consciousness of sleep.

I became lucid to find myself standing outside on a sunny day in an unfamiliar area.  There were some unfamiliar people milling about. I felt some activity in my throat area. I knew a Being was going to come spontaneously through my voice.  Then I start channeling a song from this Being out loud.

Now I am moving forward quickly. I start to fly. As I fly, I feel two large wings unfold from my back. I know they are angel wings. I am channeling a song as my large wings are undulating. Within a few seconds I am in the center of what looks like a large outside mall. This mall is huge, with multiple floors. It has a center space that is open to the outside.  You can say this mall type building was built almost like a doughnut with the hole of the doughnut being a courtyard or outside space.

I am in this space. I am flying past one of the upper floors. I know I am going to freak people out and surprise them, especially when they see the full span of my angel wings.  I can hear people’s “oohs” and “ahs” from the interior as I fly past the windows.  I am singing a  channeled song and singing the phrase “Spread your wings and fly. “

I attempt to see if I can see the reflection of my angel wings reflection in the large windows of the mall type building.  I couldn’t see them clearly but I knew they were there.

As I was flying and singing in this central outside area of the mall, I knew this was going to become a world event. People were recording videos and taking photos of me.

Please know I don’t want to appear arrogant or of hubris. When I chronicle these type of observations during OBEs or other times of my life, I think some people will think I want attention or want to feel important. Maybe there is a subconscious part of me that is like that! However, consciously know I am documenting all aspects of the OBE for educational purposes to share with others, not to toot my own horn.

Type of Earthly 3-D Thoughts When You Are Lucid

During this OBE, I also had the thought that children were watching me and I had the concern that I was telling them to “Spread their wings and fly” that they may jump out windows in their attempts to fly and they would get hurt. I thought I shouldn’t be singing this. Then I had the thought that people would know not to take that literally and for me not to worry about that. This is a good example of how your Earthly thoughts and attitudes can affect you to cause anxiety when you are lucid in OBEs.

I also had the thought that there were going to be many businesses who were going to manufacture angel wings to sell for children as a result of this event. I wanted to tell the audience that I was flying past that I did not endorse any company’s angel wing products! I thought I should say that to them. I know. Very silly! Again, another example of how being lucid during OBEs causes unusual thoughts to come up as one tries to balance the goings on of a different, distinctive dimension using the thought system of the Earthly world.

As I was flying in this outside central area, I was making an intentional effort to fly and hover at specific floors. I knew the spectators all wanted to get a glimpse of me. I circulated myself around. I even did this tactic where I thought I was hovering outside of one floor too long so I flew higher and then turned around so others behind me can be given the opportunity to see me.

The OBE ends.


Editing Caveat

Please know I am the only editor of this post so excuse any grammatical or editing errors.  I do several editing passes before publishing but gosh darn it, there always seems to be some typos I overlooked! Because I gift this as a free resource for my readers as part of my soul’s service during this incarnation, I do not pay anyone to help me with the editing. Thank-you in advance for your understanding so please forgive me for any errors you may encounter!
Copyright © Katibe Simmone. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material, including excerpts as long as you do not alter it in any way, and the content remains accurate, is distributed freely or commercially, and you include this copyright notice and link: http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/ .

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