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8/7/15 Learn About Out of Body: An Inter-Dimensional Urban City Scape with Monorail

by | Aug 8, 2015 | Out -of- Body - From a dream sequence, Out of Body - Interdimensional Travel, Out of Body Experiences

I share this out-of-body (OBE) experience during my sleep state, in an altered state of consciousness, to help you understand your multi-dimensional nature. You experience this in your sleep time naturally and spontaneously, whether you remember it or not. I want to encourage you to look at your dream state differently and through the filter of multi-dimensionality.
I share this OBE to show the spectrum of experiences one may have when you raise your vibration, and you experience and learn other aspects of your existences lucidly. “This will become more and more common place as others raise their vibrations and have lucid recall.”
(Note: I directly channeled what are in quotes.)
 What Dreams Really Are
I refer to most dreams as OBEs to create the awareness that we experience our multi-dimensionality in our sleep state. I don’t believe dreams are “just dreams”. All dreams are significant, and there is real value in interpreting them if you can recall them.
Our sleep time is the time for our interdimensional travels. We are multi-dimensional beings and experience realities on other levels, concurrent to our human existence. I have channeled a few messages from other Light Beings that share this educational content as well.
OBEs in Our Sleep State
In our dream state, when we are in altered state of consciousness, we are able to experience these parallel realities in “other dimensions of time and space.” Everyone experiences this in their dream state. Some or most people are just not lucid during this time and are unable to recall them upon waking.
(Note: I directly channeled what are in quotes.)
Other Dimensions
The Earth and our conscious existence is located in the Third Dimension, the 3-D. I will refer to the Third Dimension, the Earthly Dimension, as the 3-D from here on. There are other dimensional realities besides the Third Dimension. There are located on frequencies that many people are not aware of with their physical senses.
All of these dimensions are existing simultaneously but in different frequencies not readily discernible with the physical senses to most people. There are an infinite number of dimensions. Each dimension has its unique landscape, inhabitants, technologies, “rules” and society mores. These can be very different from the Third Dimension.
Other Dimensional Beings
In these dimensions, one can interact with the dimensional Beings and animals of that plane and be in another dimensional landscape. These Beings &/or animals may or may not be familiar to you. They may be of human form or not.
These are my Personal Experiences
Please know that my learnings on this subject are based ONLY on my personal experiences and intuition. Due to the nature and ambiguity of dream time, technology & science, at this point in time, does not exist to verify and validate my perceptions.
Shift from the Third Dimension to the 5th Dimension & Multi-dimensionality
As people on Earth raise & expand their consciousness, they will move into the fifth dimension or level of development. Currently, many humans are in the 3-D but are transitioning to higher dimensional levels. Being in the fifth dimension will naturally result in increased lucidity during your sleep state.
Why I Experience OBEs
Since my spiritual awakening, I have telepathically heard in my own thought voice numerous times that I am in the 16th level of the fifth dimension. Also, I have heard telepathically many times that I am an Arcturian and have an “alien nature” and that I am “different”.
During my spiritual awakening in the spring of 2009, I telepathically heard that I should chronicle my experiences in expository fashion to share with others and to teach what I have learned. I sensed that this included logging my OBEs as well. As a result of this, in 2009 I started my blog. Therefore, my life purpose is related to sharing my OBE experiences. This helps to explain the frequency of my own OBE experiences and in my increased lucidity in recalling them.
Your Spirit, Another Level of Consciousness, as OBE Navigator
My theory is that my spirit is responsible for my OBE destinations, navigations & OBE development or simply for the thrill of an adventure. This explains why the scenes break so suddenly and spontaneously. However, because My Spirit is another level of consciousness not readily accessed by my conscious level because it is behind the Veil, I have no clue that this is going on. It appears to me to happen randomly and spontaneously. In some of my OBE experiences because I am lucid & still retaining my 3-D beliefs and knowledge, I am often confused in the OBE and don’t understand what is going on.
I share my OBE experiences for you to understand yourself better and why you may be experiencing lucid, emotional volatile OBEs.
What is the Veil?
I mentioned the veil earlier. The veil is the shroud that many human beings are born with that hides our past, parallel and future lives and many levels of our subconscious, including our Higher Self. I feel that the term “curtain” that I hear frequently telepathically is synonymous to the term “the Veil.”
The veil is there for our protection as often there is deep trauma and transgressions that we have committed or experienced in our other lives. It serves as a mechanism to learn and dissipate our egos for our spiritual evolvement and to overcome the illusion and duality of the world and connect to Source.
The Power & Lifting of the Veil
As your veil lifts when you raise your consciousness and hence have a higher internal vibration, you are able to have these lucid multi-dimensional experiences and OBEs.
I have heard telepathically in my own thought voice, numerous times, in 2015 at random times “Your curtain will be rising.” I interpreted this to mean that I will be able to access my concurrent, parallel lives and experience my multi-dimensionality as I did in this specific OBE.
The Commonalities I Have Experienced in OBEs
Having had many OBE experiences since my spiritual awakening in 2009, some of which I have shared on this blog, I have compiled some commonalities that I have noticed. In the OBE that I share below, I did not experience travelling through a wormhole or portal and then the ejection into another dimensional reality. However, I still would categorize these experiences as an OBE for the following reasons:

  1. The lucidity of the OBE experience. As shared below, I was very lucid and recalled my thoughts during the OBE. I also remembered specific numbers during this OBE. I also was very lucid in analyzing the details of the surrounding area & people in the OBE.
  2. Viewing another dimensional landscape in lucid detail. In this OBE it was a city scape. In addition being in a monorail symbolized travel to another destination.
  3. Interacting with a Dimensional Guide(s) or Helper(s) in another dimensional plane during the OBE. They assist you or help you navigate through the unfamiliar dimensional plane that you are in. In the below OBE sequence, a man, who stated he was from Ohio, helped me find a way to get tickets to return back to the hotel. Thank goodness he was there to redirect me as I was heading in the wrong direction.

My Teachings
I shared this specific OBE to teach the following:
How some of your daily activities in the 3-D the day before an OBE may be similar to what you do in the OBE in another dimensional plane. In the below OBE sequence that I shared, the day before this OBE occurred, I was looking at theater seating plans to select the best seats to view a performance for my spouse and I. In the OBE I had the evening after in another dimensional plane that I shared below, I was looking at a hotel’s floor plan to select the best hotel room for my spouse and I.
I am not sure whether your 3-D activities directly influence or spur your OBE activities. But there definitely is a correlation to what you do in the 3-D and what you do in other dimensional realms. This is still for me to be understood.
How your personal relationships in the 3-D may carry over and be the same in the other dimensional planes of the OBE. In the below OBE sequence, I was married to my husband and had one daughter as I do in the 3-D.
How there are different, accepted behaviors in other dimensional planes of the OBE that would not be accepted in the 3-D. In the OBE sequence I shared below, both my spouse and I were comfortable having our young daughter stay in a hotel room on the third floor by herself.
How some of your habits or ways in the 3-D may carry over and be the same in the other dimensional planes of the OBE. In the below OBE sequence, I was contemplating saving my vacation planning materials for the future as I sometimes do in the 3-D in my vacation scrapbooks. Also, in the below OBE sequence, I acted as a scout to report back to my husband if part of the city that I had visited by monorail was worthwhile to visit again. I often perform this role of scout in the 3-D as well for my family.
– How there may be new or different technology or items in the other dimensional plane of the OBE that you are in. In the below OBE sequence, the following were unusual or different than the 3-D:
(1) There were elevator buttons for each room of the floor!
(2) When you pressed the room number in the elevator, it automatically unlocked and opened the room door when the elevator arrived at that floor
(3) The hotel elevator was able to travel horizontally.
(4)  I had a $3 and a $6 bills as currency in my purse.
How a dimensional scene can change very quickly in an OBE without any apparent rhyme or reason ore explainable transition. There are different rules when your Spirit leaves your physical body during sleep state. Unusual occurrences and sudden shifts are possible. In the below OBE sequence, I went from being in a hotel elevator in an interior building to travelling in a monorail through a cityscape.
– How there may be similarities to 3-D scapes in a dimensional plane in an OBE. In the below OBE sequence, the city scape that I was travelling with looking very similar a city scape that you would see in the 3-D. Also in the below OBE, a McDonalds fast food restaurant was located in the poor part of the city as they often are in the 3-D.
How there may be people who hold job positions in these other dimensional planes in an OBE similar to those in the 3-D. In the below OBE sequence, there was someone that was uniformed directing city traffic as you may see in the 3-D.
Other Recent OBEs
If you are interested, below are other recent OBEs I experienced that I blogged about:
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Chronicle of the 8/7/15 Friday OBE: Dimensional Urban City Scape & Monorail
In my sleep state in this altered state of consciousness I became lucid in this OBE to find myself in the following situation:
I was in an unfamiliar dimensional plane in which I was in multi-story building, a hotel. I was perfectly comfortable with this. I was booking hotel arrangements for my spouse, daughter & I to stay overnight. I was looking at the hotel floor plans, where each room and its location was marked.
(Note: Just that day in the 3-D, I was attempting to get theater tickets and was looking at the theater’s seating plans on the internet to select the best seats for viewing.)
I booked a room on the third floor of the hotel. My husband said that it would be better if we were on the first floor because it would be closer to the parking lot and it would be easy in and out for us, without having to use the elevator. I reminded him that I booked a room for our daughter on the hotel’s third floor and so we would be closer to her.
(Note: Now, this was odd, showing how there are different accepted rules of behavior in other dimensions. My daughter in this OBE was younger, perhaps ten years old. It was perfectly normal in this dimension for her to stay in hotel room separate from her parents!)
After I told my spouse that we would be closer to our daughter if we stayed on the third floor, he readily acquiesced. I had the thought that I should keep all my paperwork in regards to this vacation we were on in case we needed to refer to this information again for future vacations.
(Note: In the 3-D, I have done this, where I kept mementos and information about our vacations in my scrapbook. This shows how some of our actions in the 3-D correlate or carry over to our actions in other dimensional planes).
Being in the Elevator
Next thing you know, I am standing by myself in the hotel elevator. I have a few bags with me. I look at the buttons to press in the elevator for the floor. I notice that this elevator is different. The buttons to the floors are on the left side of the elevator doors as you walk in. The buttons to the individual rooms on the floors are on the right side of the elevator doors.
(Note: This elevator was different than 3-D elevators. In the 3-D we do not have buttons for individual rooms in the elevators.)
I got slightly confused. I was unsure what room my daughter was staying in. I pressed the button for room 1226. The elevator’s doors closed, and the elevator began going up. When the elevator door opened, I know that the door to the specific hotel room 1226 opened as well, unlocking it. I was relieved that her room was three doors away from the elevator so that the elevator noises would not bother her.
Then I remember that her room was 1209, not 1226. I pressed that room button in the elevator.
(Note: For whatever reason, these specific numbers were emphasized during this OBE & I had memory recall of them upon waking. More often than not, it is difficult to remember a number, especially a 4-digit number, upon waking up from an OBE.
 I know some basic numerology. The number 1209 breaks down to the number three when you add all the single digits of this number up 1+2+0+9=3. The number 1126 breaks down to the number eleven, a Master Number, when you add all the single digits of this number up 1+2+2+6-11. Eleven is my Life Path number as well in my personal numerology chart.)
From the elevator, I could see the door to her room #1209. It was open. I realized that the maid crew were in there, preparing the space for her. I took a few bags that I had with me and carried them to the hallway just outside her door way. I went back to the elevator to get the other bags. When I went back to the elevator, the elevator doors closed on me. The elevator started going down. I berated myself for not moving the bags out more quickly. Now I was going down and the bags that I placed in the hallway by her hotel door were unattended. I worried that someone would steal her bags.
I told myself to calm down and just press the floor button again so that the elevator will go back to her floor. I did that. To my surprise, it kept going down. I thought that another potential elevator user on one of the hotel floors had pressed another floor.
I noticed on the right side of the elevator doors there were two square buttons, one with the letter “B” and one with the letter “C” above the room numbers. I just know that these were annexes of the hotel or different buildings of the hotel. By accident, I pressed the button “B”. I read the small sign that stated that you needed to have three special keys to press the button for “C”. I didn’t have those special keys.
After I pressed the B button, I said to myself “Oh, no! Why did I do that? I need to get to back my daughter’s hotel room at 12:15 p.m. to meet her and my husband. I wondered what direction the elevator was going to go to get to “B”. I felt the elevator moving horizontally. It was now moving laterally! Usually elevators move vertically, not horizontally! I reassured myself that I would be able to get back to the main hotel to meet my family and that this was only a temporary delay.
Being in a Monorail
I looked out the window to see a city scape moving quickly past me. As is common in OBEs, the scene had changed very quickly and without any apparent rhyme. I thought that I was now in a monorail. I was shown an image of the front of monorail on its track with a city scape around it. I knew, then, that indeed, I was in a monorail, moving very clearly. I still reassured myself that I would be able to get back.
The City Scape & Traffic Director
The city scape had buildings of varying heights. It looked urban and like a regular city scape. The monorail was travelling very quickly. As I looked out the window, I saw a black woman in a uniform, with dark blue pants and a light blue collared shirt with a matching cap. She was blowing a whistle in her mouth and her arms were up. Her hands were in white gloves. It appeared that she was directing traffic. I had the thought that after the monorail stopped that I could find her and ask her for help in getting back.
I could feel the monorail was approaching the end of its destination. It was slowing down slightly. I looked ahead of me. The monorail was approaching a very run down and seedy section of town.   I saw a quick sign that there was McDonalds ahead and that the monorail stopped there.
(Note: This is not surprising to me that there was a McDonalds in this poor, rundown section of town. In the 3-D I have often remarked to my husband that there are mostly fast food restaurants in the poorest areas of the United States. Fast food is often very cheap, not the highest quality and unfortunately, food for the masses, because of this. I find this a very sad and a sad commentary how the poor are treated.)
I could see about ten homeless people standing or sitting outside with their large, assorted bags containing their personal belongings. I had the thought that this area may be unsafe. They appeared to be mainly men. Then suddenly, I looked down at my purse and saw a stainless steel kitchen butter knife sticking out of my purse. I told myself that I was not going to carry that in full view because it may be antagonizing to some and too much of a defensive posture.
I reassured myself that I could handle whatever may happen. I thought that my spouse would not be happy if he knew that I was in this section of town. I thought that now I know where this monorail went from the hotel so I can let my husband know when I got back. Then we can decide whether we wanted to sight see here in the future. I thought that perhaps there were better areas within walking distance outside of the immediate area where the monorail stopped.
(Note: In the 3-D, I often scope areas, restaurants, and places to visit on my own and then report back to my husband if they would be worthwhile for us to come back and visit together. I did the same thing in this OBE! I act as a scout in this way at times.)
 I walked out of the monorail.
(Note: I didn’t notice this at the time but I was the only one in the monorail.)
 I noticed that the monorail had just stopped abruptly in the city. I looked ahead of me and saw a large metal fenced in area with a large table in its center. There was a party of about twenty men and women who were getting ready to sit down. A woman with long brown hair and not the best teeth smiled at me. I was reassured. See, there were women here and not only men. Her smiling at me showed to me the people here were somewhat normal like and safe.
I knew I had to get back to the hotel and take the monorail back. But where was the area to return? I didn’t see any signs. I thought that if I just walked back from the direction that the monorail came from, I would find the monorail station to return. Maybe, I could find that traffic officer and ask for help. I started walking very quickly as I knew I was going to be late to meet my husband and daughter back at the hotel.
Meeting a Helper
A slender middle-aged, casually dressed man, mid height, fair skin and with sandy brown hair was standing about fifteen feet away from where the monorail stopped. He seemed to be looking at me curiously. He told me that he knew where I could get a return ticket. He said he thought it was in the McDonalds eating area. He told me that he was from Ohio. I knew he was a visitor like me and not a local.
(Note: Upon waking up from this OBE, I would call this man a “helper” because he helped me in this dimension.)
The Money Change Dispenser
I followed the man from Ohio.  It was busy in that area. Lots of people milling about and eating. This area was like a commuter station with food available. We went through a door to a narrow hallway. At the end of it on the left side of the wall was a money vending machine to provide change to purchase a monorail ticket.  I saw a sign that listed the ticket prices for Terminal A, Terminal B and Terminal C.  The prices were very reasonable, $1.75 or so. The tickets had to be paid with quarters, hence why the money vending machine was there.
The change dispenser mounted on the wall in which you could feed paper bills into it and quarters would be dispensed.  This change dispenser was built very similar to a paper towel dispenser that you would find in an American public restroom. The top of it was where the money was dispensed and right below it was a waste receptacle, similar to where you would throw out your used paper towels. But in this OBE, this was a general garbage receptacle.
Needing Quarters for the Ticket
I took a dollar bill from my purse. Four quarters came out of the machine. Where the coins were dispensed was right over a waste receptacle. I thought that if I wasn’t careful, the change back I received could fall into the garbage. That is exactly what happened. One of my quarters fell into the garbage.
Needing Quarters as Change for the Ticket
I knew I needed a few more quarters. I went back into my purse and pulled out another dollar bill. It was very out of shape. I thought that perhaps the change machine would spit it out.   It did. The machine did not accept it. Luck for me, I had plenty of bills in my wallet. I pulled out another bill. It was a $3 bill. I put that back. I pulled out another bill. It was a $6 bill. I put that back in my purse. I wanted just a dollar bill.   I pulled out another bill and started feeding it into the machine. Then I saw that it was a $100 bill! I quickly pulled it out of the machine.
There was more activity following this that I kept on my personal log and did not share here because I felt it was non-essential and inconsequential.
The OBE sequence broke with me being in a nervous tizzy about my quarters and the monorail possibly departing.
I woke up and checked the clock on the night stand and noted that the time was 6:12 a.m.
About Katy Simmone, Psychic Life Adviser
I have been guided to share my experiences, which I do here in this blog. I am a psychic life adviser and provide guidance to people’s life questions through direct voice, Tarot and oracle card readings. I also am a workshop facilitator & Reiki Master & Reiki teacher. To date, I have received channeled information from over forty beings of light of love, who exist in other dimensions, on various topics to help humanity, which I share on this blog as well.
You can read more of my background by clicking here.
Please share with others who may be interested.  I would love to hear if you have had any similar OBEs or experiences with body vibration before an OBE.
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