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8/9/14 Channeled Message:Technical:Mr. Edgar Cayce: Transcript for a Friend's Client

by | Aug 9, 2014 | Channeled In Spirit - Edgar Cayce, Crystal Dioptase, Crystal Healing, Deep Tissue Massage, DNA, Healing Energy, Medical Intuition, Schizophrenia, Sound Vibration, Water Therapy

I share this channeled transcript that I did on behalf of a friend for her client, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia.  I asked Mr. Edgar Cayce to provide the information.  He is a renowned American psychic in spirit that I have channeled before.  I have shared his earlier messages on my blog as well.  In addition, I do Psychic Guidance Circles from time to time, at Soul Evolution Center in South Florida, and also through tele-conference, where I channel guidance from him in response to people’s life’s questions.
I offer these types of channeled transcripts to clients, with fees based on the length of time it takes me to channel and transcribe it.
I thought this message was fascinating in what it shared about the following:
-the importance of massage
-benefits of water therapy
-the importance of the décor of the living space and soothing sounds
-the importance of the air quality and aromatherapy oils
-the recommended crystal, Dioptase
-healing colors to be worn
Please note:
THIS INFORMATION IS SOLELY FOR PERSONAL GROWTH AND EDUCATION. Please ALWAYS seek out appropriate PROFESSIONAL advice in the proper fields of legal, medical, psychological, business, finance or other relevant field for your questions. 
My Background
Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have had some amazing psychic experiences, including lucid out-of-body experiences (OOBs).  A spiritual awakening occurs when you realize that you are spiritual being having a physical existence for your own evolution.
I have telepathically heard that I am a fifth dimensional being.   I also have heard that I am a star seed, a “hybrid”, “genetically modified”.  This combination of factors and my “alien nature” explains the psychic activity I have experienced in my day –to-day life and during my sleep state and in altered states of consciousness.
I have been guided to share my experiences, which I do here in this blog.  I also am a channeler, and I have received channeled information from various beings of light of love, who exist in other dimensions, on various topics to help humanity, that I share on this blog as well.
To learn more about my background, please see: http://soulevolutioncenter.com/about_katy/
I shared this experience to show the following: – how one can receive information telepathically, which is also called clairaudiently, and clairvoyantly.  Sometimes, it may only be words or phrases and their meanings may be revealed at a later time if it is unclear to you.  This is the main way that I receive information.
How I Receive Telepathic Information- How I Channel
When I receive telepathic information, it comes in as my own thought-voice in my head, though they are not my own thoughts.  This is a form of clairaudiency, “clear” hearing. Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have learned to recognize that these thoughts are not my own and that of others.  People ask me how I can tell the difference between “their” thoughts and my thoughts. The past five years, I have gone into “listening” mode in my head, rather than constantly creating my own thoughts in my mind. I am able to quiet down my mind substantially and have fewer thoughts.  Then I listen to what is inside of my head.  Then I hear what is coming in!  The telepathic information comes in in-between my own thoughts.  It is VERY important to remember to leave space and openings in your stream of thought consciousness for your Higher Self, your invisible guides and angels.  That is the key!  When your mind is busy with your own thoughts, you block your clairaudiency.
Please see the rest of my blog for messages I have channeled from various beings of light and love, my other OOBs and other psychic experiences.
Please share with others who may be interested.
Copyright © Katy Simmone.  All Rights Reserved.  You may copy and redistribute this material, including excerpts as long as you do not alter it in any way, and the content remains accurate, is distributed freely and you include this copyright notice and link: http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/ .
8/9/14 Saturday 10:17 a.m
Katy Simmone:  Dear Mr. Edgar Cayce, please provide beneficial and essential information about treatment and well-being of a friend’sclient, whom I will be seeing this evening at 5pm.  She has a clinical diagnosis of schizophrenia.   Please present the emotional, spiritual and mental components of her condition and modalities to successfully treat, alleviate or eliminate her condition.
Mr. Edgar Cayce: I welcome you, and acknowledge your willingness to be of service to her and help eliminate or alleviate her suffering and provide guidance and comfort to her family.  In your willingness, the seeds of trust and help will be provided and prove to be fruitful.
About Her Condition
Her ailment is one that requires DNA repair.  She has a DNA alteration that has allowed these types of destructive and dysfunctional thought patterns and obtrusive thoughts to dominate her mental clarity.  It is a genetic dispensation that runs along her bloodlines.  It is a mutation.  It is a neurological impairment.  The source is deeply complex and interwoven for this soul’s experience. It is not a single lifetime that has contributed to this but a compounding of many.  Her soul seeks to understand itself and has chosen development in this way.
She currently has high levels of anxiety, distrust, unsureness & confusion.   This condition can be greatly alleviated and assuaged with the appropriate changes and lifestyle modifications, such as the ones listed below.
(Additional background:
Earlier, I telepathically heard the words “dystonia” and “dysplasia”. I was unable to get further clarification.  I share this only as background to the message and to share how information is received and may not necessarily be validated. Dysplasia is abnormal development or growth of tissues, organs, or cells.  Dystonia is involuntary movements and prolonged muscle contraction that result in twisting body motions, tremors, and abnormal posture.
Earlier, I telepathically did hear something of a truck explosion and the sound vibration may have affected her.  This is did not come in as clear as I would like, and I was unable to obtain further clarifying information on it.)
There are proven medications on the market that can help alleviate her symptoms, and can be given in low dosages while still maintaining a level of effectiveness.  Please check with the proper medical professional for guidance.
Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage by a professional will be helpful to her, especially on her entire back area, her scapula, and along her entire spine from neck to lower spine.  High quality medical grade essential oils in a high quality organic carrier oil should be integrated into this session for muscular relaxation.  Hot stones should also be integrated with care along her spine and with care that the stones are not too high of a temperature as she is sensitive.  Shorter sessions are recommended for her i.e. 20-30 minutes for her comfort.   If she is comfortable the sessions can be lengthened as needed.  These sessions are recommended to be weekly to properly distribute energetic low along this specific area of her body and restore circulation and properly attune her lymphatic system.
Water Therapy
Regular water therapy in a pool facilitated by a professional should be considered as a viable form of exercise and leisure for her to increase her limberness and her muscle tone.
Her Living Environment
It is imperative that her living space be calm and soothing, a retreat.  Sounds of nature, running water and harps that are melodious are soothing to her.  She finds loud sounds irritating and annoying and this upsets her balance.
(Please note, that a few days earlier, I received telepathically “Gregorian Chants” for her. I sensed these types of tones and sounds would be energetically beneficial to her and a form of sound healing.)
Her space should be uncluttered, simple and clean.   Regularly used items should be organized, easy to find, and properly labeled to minimize any potential frustrations.
Make sure all that is in her space is soft.  Colors are important as well.  Gentle, soft, subdued colors that are pleasing to the eye.  Avoid harsh patterns and loud geometric designs and deep color contrasts.
Lots of fresh air and healthy sunshine will help align and balance her adrenals.
The air circulation in the space should be pure and strong, rather than stagnant.  Leafy plants and flowers will also help improve the quality of the air.  A high quality diffuser for aromatherapy oils that properly disperses the oils into the air should be integrated.  The diffusion of pure lavender oil will abet in a calm state of mind for her
Recommended Crystal-Dioptase
The recommended crystal for her is Dioptase.  This will help in her emotional healing.  To have this around in her living space, close to her bed and also on her person in forms of jewelry or in her handbag.  Larger pieces are recommended for her living quarters.  Please sure these have been properly cleansed and cleared of lower energies prior to initial use.  They will also need to be cleared regularly if it is not on a self –clearing system.
Colors to be Worn
The recommended colors for her to wear are green and yellow.  As much as possible, integrate these colors into her wardrobe.  Green for healing, compassion, self-love, forgiveness, balance & gratitude and yellow for joy, optimism, pleasure & playfulness.
Behavior Modification Techniques
Regular and ongoing sessions of these techniques will be of some benefit to modify current behavior patterns when done by a specialist in this field.   This type of patterning will be of some use and effective.  This is a type of relearning and conscious awareness is important to the soul’s development and shows the power of self-will for the soul to help itself, its self-perseverance, and a desire for its own healing.  Even small changes of behavior and of reactive patterns will be of great benefit and will indicate great strides for this evolving soul.
Continued Energy Work, Energetic Healing & Prayers
This will also be beneficial and provide a solid, support structure for this soul’s development.  Private and group energetic healing sessions are recommended.  This will provide the necessary nurturing, facilitation and amplification of all of the above recommended approaches.  Continued energetic clearing and protection will allow for this soul’s further expansion and fluidity.  Ongoing energetic modalities will further enhance all of the above and serve to provide a fertile environment for ongoing healing.  Many practitioners have been called and will be called to their duty to participate in this soul’s evolution.   Prayers are always helpful and important as well and should be used as an antecedent to any healing modality.
(Please note, I unexpectedly and clairvoyantly received an image and heard the name of  a fellow light worker, whom I have recently met.  She does interesting work using crystals for energy healing.  I was surprised this popped in as I am not that close or familiar with her. I sensed that she would be helpful to my friend’s client.)
12:05 p.m.


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