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9/20/13 Channeled Message:Technical: The Last Sons of the Atleans: The Meaning of Our Existence

by | Sep 20, 2013 | Channeled Message, Channeled Messages that are Technical


I am a channeler of various light and love beings since 2009.  I have been guided to share these channelings.

I am sharing this beautiful, inspirational message from the Last Sons of the Atleans.  This is my first channeled message from them, specifically.   I have channeled a message about the Atleans in general, which is still to be published on this blog. This message was “to deliver spiritual knowledge and articulate the meaning of your existence and survival“, as they put it. 

They began the channeling with their past from the Atlean times and despite their extraordinary gifts of intelligence, the mistakes that were made which led to the fall of Atlantis.  This is a reminder to us all of moderation and humbleness. They said “we spoiled ourselves”.

Importance of Sound Vibration

They talked about some unique points like the power of your voice with sound vibration. “Your sounds, your voices, make important notes. In these inflections, much is revealed and learned.”  


They also referred to our many parallel dimensions in the Universe.  They said “this time of yours on Earth, is one of many.   They also referenced our lifetimes of the past, “the many, many lifetimes we have experiences for learning”.  They also touched upon our existence before this incarnation which was in a “space of wonder, pureness and sublime high frequency emissions.  

Thoughts for Evolution

They also shared how you can move to the next dimension of your development by being aware of your thoughts and replacing them with “the Higher Truth of light, love, caring and compassion.” This change will change your life in many ways positively, and you will energetically feel lighter as well.  It is our thoughts that determine where we go in our next incarnations.  “Your thoughts determine your predestinations from lifetime to lifetime.  They are the significant markers”.

Please also read the commentary at the end of the message, where insightful, background information on this message is presented.

Enjoy the message!

Please share with others who are interested or present it as a gift to those who need inspiration at this time. 



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*** Unedited ***

9/20/13 Friday 1:18 pm

Katy:  I am here to ask the divine beings of the celestial realm for a message to deliver to humans that I may share on my upcoming weekly recorded channeled message that I will be starting.  Please deliver the message completely and clearly & please start with an introduction of yourselves.

Last Sons of the Atleans:  We desire this communication.  We long for this opportunity to represent ourselves and our true callings.  We are the ones known as the Last Sons of the Atleans, another generation, another creed.  We were born with many, generous gifts.  We surpassed ourselves with our knowledge and superior intellectual capacities.  We learned after the Fall, how we squandered our innate intelligences and supreme powers.  We spoiled ourselves.  From that we learned.  We come to deliver spiritual knowledge and articulate the meaning of your existence and survival.

Some say, when you have fallen so long and so hard, the eventual return is insurmountable.  We disagree.  We have learned, and so we have come to share our experiences and realizations.  Know that you do have a lot of influence, control and resolve.  You are to learn the true meaning of this within yourselves.  Let the sun shine brightly on you, and the rain fall gently.  You are all meant to be equal citizens of your land, the Planet Earth.

(Note: Spontaneously, I rub my Third Eye with my 3 fingers in counter clock wise direction.  I have been doing this more frequently over the past 2 weeks.  I am manually stimulating my Third Eye in this way.  Your Third Eye is located in the middle of your eyebrows and is the portal to your clairvoyance, your psychic vision and other dimensions). 

Your notes, the sounds of your voices, the pitch as it rises and falls deliver a vibration into the sky, the air.  Follow this meaning and understand that the true course of your destinies is the Fulfillment of the Plan.  You will feel the vibrations of others around you as well.  Learn to be a keen listener and observer.  Those who master this will know the true meaning. 

You shall rise to become the greatest beings of destiny, of fruitfulness.  Prepare yourselves.  The day has come.  As you awaken to the reality of your essence, you will know the meaning of true aspiration.  Cherish yourselves every day and those around you.  Know you have all come along way in your destinies, across many parallel dimensions and have traversed the Universe.  It was in your plan, your soul destiny.  The complete fulfillment of your heart’s desire will result in the highest vibration, the purest note and sound, the effervescent, subliminal and exquisite note of bliss and essential love. 

You will learn.  As you learn, each moment in time takes you nearer to your completion.  Concern yourself not with the speed but with the quality of your evolvement.  It takes substantial time to learn all these fine teachings, many, many moons, over many generations, across time and space.  Your rewards will be blessed and multiplied as you lift yourself to the superb state of being, of mastery of sight, sound and generation of emotion. 

Do not look behind you with regrets.  It is ought as it should be.  Feel yourself in time and space and recognize your immortality and greatness.  Submerge yourself in the high vibration of love, pure light and unadulterated quality of supreme beingness. 

You are all children of Father’s Kingdom.  As you rise, you lift others alongside you.  Be generous and know your thoughts and kind gestures carry great weight and import.  Release those burdens that bind and constrict you with no freedom of movement for you are meant to be open, fluid and flowing with grace in tranquility.  You are hardwired in this manner.  As you gradually come into the remembrance, feel the pleasures of living in this state of consciousness, of relaxation.  It will be a much improved place!

Retire yourselves and appreciate how special and unique each of you are and so integrated fully!  Speak to yourselves with your thoughts and retell those wondrous stories of yore, where grandeur, divine grace and unfettered, spacious explorations were yours.  In this time, before you were born on this plane, you lived like this, in a space of wonder, pureness and sublime high frequency emissions. 

Your Multidimensionality

This period, this time of yours on Earth, is one of many.  Perhaps, this overwhelms you.  Perhaps, you desire to be free of this.  Know this is the way.  This is the design.  This is how you are incubated.  In this Plan of fine design you learn the importance of life, cellular consciousness and will find how to maneuver and expand into greater expressions of yourselves and the abundance you can create with your thought patterns and sounds.  You shall see and then remember our words delivered to you today.  You will be cognizant.

Love yourselves and others, unconditionally and without predilection.  You are all necessary and importance to the cosm of your reality.  Your sincerity will be the thruster to propel you ever onward on your journey, your destiny. 

You are not limited, only by your distrust and superstitious attitudes.  You can be a caretaker for yourself. You have the power within and always.  Learn to listen to your mind and retrieve those errant thoughts of confusion and of lower vibrational content.

Your Sound Vibration

Your sounds, your voices, make important notes.  In these inflections, much is revealed and learned.  Speak slowly and deliberately.  Take care with your words for they are tools.  Supplant your base yearnings & relentless misconceptions, and replace them with the Higher Truth of Light, Love, Caring, and Compassion. 

When you make these replacements, you shall see a marked improvement in your generosity of spirit and a lightness in your energetic field.  You shall feel the difference in many aspects of your life, and the quality of your thoughts will take on a rapid progression.  In this state, you will feel honored, pure and blessed with hope reigning eternally free. 

Thoughts for Evolution

Put it all together.  You shall succeed!  In all things, in all thoughts, desires and actions be pure, well-intentioned and know that your heart knows at its deepest core, that this is the Truth, this is The Reality.  Your thoughts determine your predestinations from lifetime to lifetime.  They are the significant markers.  In your land, the New Earth, in this new generation, you can make marked, accelerated progress if you grow and understand these basic, key concepts.  Apply this immediately and integrally, and you shall transcend to the next level dimension of your preparedness.  This is the way.  This is the flask, the beaker of the alchemist to change his energetic being to that of a higher evolutionary level. 

Your love shall not be lost but continues on and generates other altruistic and beneficial waves of propensities.

Live long and prosper.  Abundance is yours on every level.  Do not despair and feel the vibration of this New Age, where all shall succeed and rest in eternal peace.

Onward and upward,

We are your faithful servants,

The Last Sons of the Atleans, come out for this worthwhile cause with high hopes and fierce determination that mankind shall rise and be born anew in the fiery blaze of self will and perseverance.

 We take our bow and return to our dimension of light, love and pure essence.

(Note: Clairvoyantly, I see a group of about 5 men bow in the distance and a light beam comes and appears to take them away.  I sensed it was a male energy or energies delivering the message)

Katy: Namaste.

2:04 pm (Note: I telepathically hear “Your efforts have been fruitful”.  I took this to mean I channeled successfully)

Commentary: I was surprised to what beings came in.  I had not heard their names mentioned prior to this channeled.  It was  a complete surprise as I sometimes receive telepathic “clues” in the form of clairvoyant images or words  a few days prior to a channeling as to what beings may come in.  The only possible inkling I had of an upcoming communication was the night before in the early am, somewhere around 3:00 a.m as I lay in bed, I telepathically heard “We are in deep space.” Maybe this was them on their way?

Channeling Transmission Scale

I like to rate the strength of the transmission for my own reference. This transmission is a 4.0 on a scale to 5.  I recognized the energy of Last Sons of the Atleans as masculine, high level and very intelligent.  Hopefully, I will be able to recognize their energy if they come again to me to telepathically converse.  This recognition of different energies is a skill my guides want me to develop as I have telepathically heard them say this to me. 


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