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9/24/17 OBE:Third Eye Visions,Visit to a Flower Dimensional Realm & Psychic Procedure of Facial Rejuvenation

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I had an amazing series of consecutive OBEs including a lucid psychic procedure that occurred during an out-of-body experience (OBE) in an altered state of consciousness during an afternoon nap.  The OBEs occurred spontaneously and I did not initiate it.
I know the following account sounds out there but this has been my new reality since my spiritual awakening in 2009. One of my life functions is to share my psychic experiences so others can learn from them, to not be overwhelmed if they experience a similar OBE and to have some level of understanding and preparedness. As more and more people spiritually awaken in this astrological Age of Aquarius we are in, out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and these type of conscious psychic procedures will become more common.
~Katibe (Katy) Simmone

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I am going to share in detail of what I can lucidly recall happened during this OBE  so that you can understand how such happenings can take place. It is important to chronicle your psychic experiences as soon as possible after they occur when you can still retain the vivid details. It is always so much fun to reread them at future dates. This meditation/nap happened between 3-5pm in South Florida in my home.
The last psychic procedure  I had been on 2/2/16 and it was an acupuncture treatment. Please see the following link to read about this experience. I think you will find it interesting. There are some similarities to this one with (1) having the Third Eye color and texture landscapes and (2) lack of explanatory communication from the Beings performing the procedures
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I have become a lucid dreamer at times since my spiritual awakening in 2009.  In this experience I became lucid during a nap to experience visions in my third eye, a visit to dimensional landscape and then a psychic procedure.  I have blogged about my more extraordinary OBEs here on this blog and shared them as well on my online radio show The Soul Evolution Center Show.
I also have had other psychic procedures that I have shared here on this blog as well.
How My Day Began
I will detail how my day began so you understand the events leading up to this extraordinary OBE. I had woken up and taken a beautiful run in the large park by our house in South Florida. We had just come back to Florida that past Saturday after being away since May 9, 2017.
Nature’s Healing
It was good to be back home and I love running in the park.  Nature has a healing effect on me. I love hearing the sounds of the birds, feeling the soft breeze on my face and the beautiful greenery I run by. I also feel sweating is good for the human body and releases impurities and toxins.  The temperature was about in the low eighties but with the humidity, my weather app on my I-phone said it would feel like the low 90s. Like many empaths, I love nature! Thank-you, Mother Earth, for all of your magnificence!
My spouse and daughter left the house to pursue a water recreational pursuit together.  I had the whole house to myself. It was quiet and peaceful, just the way I loved it.  I thrive in this type of environment. Like many empaths, I need peace and alone time to replenish my energy stores because interactions with some human beings can be taxing and draining.
Mind-Body-Spirit Connection
At about 3:00pm I felt a wave of tiredness come over me. I felt it was because of running earlier in the morning in the Florida sun. I noticed taking runs in the heat would catch up to me about mid afternoon. In addition, I was feeling tired because I had worked out my legs at the gym the day before. It was a pleasant soreness. I don’t mind feeling muscle soreness because it is a sign I pushed my muscles. I believe in the mind-body-spirit connection so I do exercise regularly during the week. I have been doing this for almost forty years.
Tip: Consider engaging in light to moderate physical exercise the day before or day of  a meditation to have light muscle soreness. This makes it conducive to becoming relaxed more quickly.
Be careful not to engage in heavy exercise and overexertion.  If your muscles are uncomfortably sore, it may actually hinder your sleep patterns and ability to relax. It, then, becomes counterproductive to a state of relaxation. I have learned that many times! It is a balance and requires a familiarity with your body and intensity of exercise.
Receiving a Cue to Meditate
Because I felt a strong wave of tiredness come over me, I decided to take care of myself by resting. I have found in the past when I felt this strong wave, it was a sign from the Universe to rest and meditate because there was some work that was to be done on me energetically.  I decided to take a meditation and nap on the living room sofa. Usually my meditations end up becoming naps and that is A-OK. It felt so good just to drift off slowly into sleep land.
Past Healing Intentions During My Meditations
In the past during meditations, I have specifically asked for energy healing for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned.  I would invite Archangel Raphael, who is the Archangel of Healing, and/or my healing team who are known as the “Doctors.”  That is the name I heard telepathically to refer to them.
Many times I would not feel a conscious connection or receive clear communications from them but I still forged on in hope and faith they had arrived and were helping me upon my request. Most of the times during these healing meditation sessions I felt only subtle changes within my body.  These included tingles, waves of tingles, random minor muscle spasms or kriyas in part of my body.
Color Healing
Sometimes, I would telepathically hear in my mind in my thought voice names of certain colors. For example, once I heard “chartreuse.” More commonly, I have heard “lavender.” When I heard such colors, using my imagination, I would visualize that specific color coming from high above me from Divine Source. I would then bathe my entire energetic field, a few feet out, 360 degrees around my body, my internal organs and entire physical body in this color.  I would do a thorough job.
Tip: Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have conscious awareness of any healing work being done even if you requested it telepathically in a meditation.
My Intentions During My Meditation
During the beginning of this meditation, I did not specifically telepathically ask for healing. For some reason, in between my sleeping and waking up slightly in this altered state of consciousness, I told the Universe telepathically my intention for me to be a divine conduit for Source. I let the Universe know I was available to be used as an instrument for good since I had my boots on the ground.  I imagined Divine Light flowing into my crown chakra and shining from my eyes.
Higher Self
I don’t know why I did this and I hadn’t planned on doing this. Perhaps, it was my Higher Self that initiated this. Your Higher Self is the divine aspect of yourself, the all-knowing level of your consciousness that knows your Soul plan. It acts as an intermediary to your soul.
It is everyone’s life purpose to become fully aligned with their Higher Self and transcend their base, egoic nature.  The Higher Self is high vibrational and about those divine attributes of unconditional love, forgiveness, joy, peace, joy, unity consciousness, etc…. The ego is low vibrational and about those lower self attributes of fear, hate, anger, duality consciousness, emotional immaturity, judgement, etc…
The Power of Altered States of Consciousness for Manifestation and Communication with Light Beings
Stating your desire and what you want to manifest during altered states of consciousness, like meditation and before sleeping (hypnagogic state) or upon waking up (hypnopompic state) are fertile times to manifest.  In these deep states of relaxation, communications to the Universe are clearer, flow easily and are more directed and focused to the Beings you invoke.
I kept repeating this telepathically to the Universe. I said I knew there were not many volunteers on the earth with boots on the ground to do the work of Divine. Many people are still not spiritually awakened. I repeated this at least 10 to 15 times when I was in this altered state of consciousness.  I gave permissions to be used as divine instrument. Of course this does not mean I will allow any type of physical or mental abuse in my earthly life as even love needs to be tough. I also asked to be a conscious instrument where I was aware of the service I was performing for the Divine.
After sleeping I got up briefly for some water and then went to my bedroom. It was a little cooler in there. Then I felt asleep again.

Becoming Lucid During the OBE-Third Eye Color Scapes 
I became lucid in my sleep state to see textures and colors in my Third Eye, that space between your mid eyebrow. I use the tem “lucid” in OBEs to refer to when I start remembering details of the OBE.
Looking through my Third Eye space is a common experience in some of my OBEs. It is a common cue for me that I will be having an OBE. The Third Eye chakra is a major chakra and energy center. It is the portal to other dimensions. In addition, it is your seat of clairvoyancy and connection to your insight and intuition.
Third Eye Element Zoom In Technique
I saw a background of bluish white small-grained, fuzzy texture that covered my entire third eye. Because I was lucid, I focused on a specific area of this texture.
Teaching Point: It is important to zoom in on a specific element of the landscape that you’re seeing in your Third Eye scape to facilitate an OBE.  You can do this simply with your intention to do so.
After looking at the entire landscape that covers your Third Eye, zoom in on a specific element in this scape.  As soon you do this, it should create some change in your Third Eye and propel you to the next step of your OBE. I have learned that after many OBEs since my spiritual awakening in 2009.
Third Eye Color Scapes 
This technique of zooming into a specific element of my Third Eye texture worked again. As soon as I zoomed into a specific area of the texture landscape in my Third Eye, my Third Eye scape changed. It now became a curtain covering my entire Third Eye. It was a beautiful gold color, similar to the color of the citrine crystal that I slept with  every night and had around my computer work space.
I knew I could go through this thick gold luminous barrier, I attempted to do so but there was some resistance.  I knew this signified I may not have access to this dimensional realm. Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have learned from many OBEs, the dimensional realms have security gates or barriers.  In this OBE, it was symbolized by the gold curtain. The key or access for admittance depends on your energetic vibrational level.
There have been a few times when I was not able to breach the security to gain access to a dimension. There have been other times when I went through with force and then popped back out again.
A Surprise!
I sensed because this gold curtain was so beautiful, this dimension was a higher realm. I persisted and with some force, I went through this barrier. With my intention, I just plowed through it. Immediately, I heard a man’s voice say “Proceed.” Surprise, surprise!  Since 2009, I have never heard a voice like this advising me after I went through a dimensional barrier. This was a first!
Immediately, in my Third Eye I saw a beautiful green pasture filled with dark pink roses under a light blue sky. This landscape filled up about 60% of my Third Eye Scape. Then this changed to a green pasture filled with white flowers. I thought to myself I was in a higher realm because the scenery was so beautiful.
Note: As additional background to explain why I may have been visiting this realm with the beautiful flowers: In 2017 I developed a deep affinity for flowers. It became a hobby for me for me to take close up photos of flowers in my daily travels. Sometimes, I would see them along parking lots, my neighborhood, in pots, in stores, etc…  On my Facebook, I have shared these beautiful photos and added my own inspirational quotes to them.  I am in such awe and reverence for the beauty of flowers in all of their amazing colors and designs. The Creator is an artist!
Getting Booted Out of This Dimensional Realm
Suddenly I noticed my scope of Third Eye vision was decreasing. What I was viewing was becoming smaller. Now, it was about 30% of my vision. I knew I was going to lose this OBE. I took action and exerted some force to stay in it. It didn’t work.
Analysis: Why did I get booted out of this OBE? On a conscious level, I so could have stayed and explored it. I would have loved to do that but it didn’t happen that way. Following are my theories:
1) Either I did not have enough chi or life force energy to sustain this OBE. A lot of energy is needed for an OBE especially if you are in high levels of lucidity.
2) The purpose of this OBE was for me to only have a glimpse of this beautiful dimensional realm and not necessarily walk through it, interact and engage.
3) My Spirit, which I heard telepathically in the past, is the navigator and controls the GPS to my OBE destinations had other plans.
Tip: It’s important to detach from expectation if things don’t go the way you wanted in an OBE. Be thankful for whatever it is you did get to experience, in whatever duration and form. Use it for your learning.  Though I would have loved to “play” in that dimensional realm with those flowers, I was not able to.  I am very thankful for the beautiful views of the flowers I was able to observe!
Release Low Vibe Feelings with OBEs
I have learned to release my expectations after hundreds of OBEs over the past nine years. In the past, I was often confused or angry when things in the OBEs did not go my way. It took me about five to six years, but now I have learned to release those type of low vibrational feelings which do not serve me well. I hope you don’t have to struggle like I did and that it doesn’t take you as long to figure this out. That’s why I share this information, for you to learn through me. That is my wish for you! 
Back into Another Third Eye Scape-A Bug and Fish
Next thing I know I am viewing my Third Eye scape again. Back to this scene. This is not uncommon. Frequently there are consecutive events going on in my OBEs. And I am going back and forth to a dimensional realm, back to my Third Eye Scape and then to another dimensional realm and then back to a different Third Eye Scape.
My Third Eye scape has shifted dramatically. Now the background is a dull yellow tiny grained texture. There are some simple small black line drawings, maybe four or five,  in the midst of it. This is not uncommon for me to see these type of black line drawings against an almost solid colored background which takes up all of my Third Eye view.
I focused on the small images. I noticed one was a simple oval circle with about six lines radiating from it. It could look like a sun a child may draw but because the body was an oval, I have always interpreted it as a bug with legs, like a spider. The other image I noticed was a simple line drawing of a fish that was colored in a light green, almost as if it was done in water color. I don’t know why but these two images I have seen many times in the textures of my Third Eye scape.  There is probably some symbology associated with it, which I haven’t figured out yet.
Odd Facial Feelings-The Beginning of a Psychic Procedure
Then, I felt like my face was falling off. And it was. In my hands I was holding a partial mask. I didn’t know it was a partial till a short time after. It felt rubbery, flexible and an off-white color. I even had a thought at this time my mask had fallen off.
Precursors in Earthly Plane as to What Will Happen in an OBE
As a precursor to this what happened in this OBE, about a few days prior on the Earthly plane I did hear telepathically twice at different times ” Your face…” I also heard telepathically a few days prior “You are acting…”
I am writing my second book about spiritual awakening and mask is one of the concepts that I present and define in this book. Mask is a term used in psychology and one Sigmund Freud gave great credence to. I have used this term also because it is one I have heard telepathically on numerous occasions since my spiritual awakening. It is a reference to the identity one assumes that masks their Divine Self to conform to the Illusion of the world. It includes a person’s egoic, base aspects.
The Illusion
The Illusion is a common concept in the fields of spirituality and metaphysics.  In the study of A Course in Miracles, it is referred to as the dream. In the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz based on Toltec religious teachings, it is also referred to as the dream.
The Illusion is the earthly paradigm that humans voluntarily incarnate into to spiritually evolve to become fully expressed Divine Beings in alignment with their Higher Self. It is the superficiality and duality of the world with its false emphasis on materiality, power, physical beauty, separateness and other aspects of human base egoic nature. The Illusion has been referred to as hypnosis of the conditioning of the mind. It been in place since the beginning of humanity and supported and strengthened by the false belief systems of the mass collective consciousness on Earth.
Second Part of My Face Falling Off
I also felt there was still some pieces of my mask that were stuck on my face that needed to be come off.  It was like my skin was peeling off. With some effort I attempted to do it myself with my intention, especially on my left side of my face along my jawline to speed the process along. I noticed that it hurt to do so. Then I stopped. I will compare this to the situation where you have a scab that has not fully healed and you pick it off and it hurts to do so because you picked it off too early.
I stopped using force because I knew my skin was not ready. Then suddenly this part of  my facial  skin just fell off on its own. This was the second piece of my mask but being less substantial in nature that had come off. Again, I was holding it in my hands and it felt flexible and rubbery.
Third Eye Screen Saver
Throughout this entire time,  I was still viewing my Third Eye scape. It was still a light colored background with a line drawing of that bug and that fish. It was almost like this was the screen saver for my Third Eye during this process. This has happened before in a few OBEs when I am experiencing energetic changes and instead of being allowed to view what is going on, my Third Eye is covered with a colored, textured screen saver! Unfair!
The Third and Last Piece of My Mask Falling Off
Suddenly a warm breeze started to blow behind my ears toward the front of my face. I could feel it so distinctly. It slowly started to blow off the third and final piece of my mask that was located on my chin. After that came off, I also held that piece in my hand.  Again, I felt it’s rubbery, flexible texture. Like the other two pieces of my mask, it was off white in color.
Spiritual Milestone – Interpretation of the Mask Falling Off My Face
I am going to interpret this significant OBE as a sign that I have transcended many of my egoic aspects represented by my mask which had shadowed or covered my divine aspects.  This was a very symbolic way of it being shown to me and “marks a major milestone of spiritual evolution.” ( The preceding words in quotes were directly channeled as of this writing on 9/25/17. ) I am not going to interpret it as a psychic procedure because I did not sense the presence of any other beings that participated in it but it could have been!
Therefore, after your mask falling off the next step will be to walk through life as an actualized person, to use a term from psychology. Or in spirituality, having attained a level of transcendence or enlightenment. This symbology is very clear and fresh to me having spent hours writing about this recently in my second book in August and September of 2017. The Universe, including my subconscious, knew I would understand the import and symbology of this OBE.
Also, as I shared earlier in this post, I did have that unexpected intention that I repeated prior to this OBE when I was half in and half out of sleep when I asked and repeated to be a clear conduit and instrument for the divine. Very interesting! We shall see how this plays out in my life in the days and weeks following.
Working on Taming My Ego
I work on transcending my ego every day in every interaction. I have been doing this over the past eight years since my awakening. If I do react egoically, I am much better on being aware of it in a timely manner, almost immediately and shortening the duration of it. This has improved the quality of my life tremendously and stabilized my emotional state.  Over time, I have made great strides because of my efforts in this endeavor.
Teaching Point: An OBE may show to you a level of your accomplishment or validate an important development. It may be done in a very creative way as this one was using the mask falling off in pieces to symbolize transcendence of my ego.
OBE #2 -Multiple Levels of Our Consciousness
After the last piece of my mask had fallen off and I held it in my hands, I heard my daughter come into the room. This is another segment of the OBE. In reality she was with my husband having father daughter time. So this was another level of her consciousness interacting with me during this OBE. Do you see how complex we are and how many levels of consciousness we can exist on?
TIP: It is important to think out of the box and avoid linear thinking. We are multi-dimensional beings and have many levels of consciousness. An OBE can demonstrate that as this one does.
A Familiar OBE Setting
Teaching Point: As is common in an OBE, the scene can change instantaneously. There is different or no time-space constraints as on the Earth. The dimensions you are in an OBE may not correlate to where you are physically located.
I realized I was in our house from the Northeast. But it had been just a few days since we had come from there and now on the earthly plane we were actually in South Florida.
I was standing up. I heard my daughter say “Wow, mom! Your skin looks great. You look so young!” I could not see her. I could only hear her voice. I told her that my eyes were open but that my lids were closed and that I was blind and so I could not see her.
Teaching Point: In an OBE, you may lose your vision. That has happened to me on several occasions. You can hear things going on around you but you cannot see. I am not sure if this is because of not enough chi energy to maintain sight or because one can still be straddling two dimensions. Or put more aptly, one can be in a transitional stage between two dimensions.  You can say I was in the hallway. I came out of that dimensional space with the Third Eye scape and my mask falling off and hadn’t yet transitioned fully into the astral dimension of the house.
Sometimes, you get your vision back slowly or suddenly.
Confusion in the OBE
Now, I am feeling confused. I looked behind me. I have my vision back. I can see my closet of my Northeast residence. I wondered to myself “Now, how did I get in there? I don’t even remember walking in there?” I looked into the left side of the closet. I thought to myself “Was I sleeping on the floor under that wardrobe closet bar?” I was confused.
Closets as Dimensional Gates
In mediumship classes, I learned that a closet or wardrobe can be used to invite Spirit.  Sometimes, also it can be a portal into  and out of other dimensional realities.  That I came suddenly from the closet to me is a symbol to me that was a dimensional gate.
Teaching Point: In an OBE when you attain higher levels of lucidity, you can become confused as things don’t make sense. You are carrying your Earth consciousness into another time/space dimensional reality and the pieces don’t fit. Just do your best to maneuver through it in your state of confusion!
The Psychic Procedure 
Then I felt what can be described as watering can of water slowly come over my head from above. I had the thought that I was being anointed because that was what happened in an OBE I had a few years ago. But that was not what was going on.  I felt someone’s fingers on my left eye, ever so gently washing it with tenderness. I thought to myself that someone was cleansing my face. I had no vision. I could only feel and hear.
I felt out of sorts and ready to fall back and possibly faint. I tempted to stabilize myself by putting my hands on the hips of the person in front of me who was washing my face who I could not see because my eyes were still blinded. I did not want to do anything that appeared to be sexual. I only wanted to hold myself up.
I heard a voice say to me “Don’t do that.” I think it was a masculine voice. I asked if he was talking to me because I was trying so hard to be careful  not to touch inappropriate places of his body. I received no answer back. This was common in all my psychic procedures, unfortunately. I ask telepathically who they were  and what they were doing to me. I do attempt to gleam information. Again as was common during these type of procedures, I receive no response back.
Teaching Point: You may receive little information from the beings/people who are doing procedures on you, even if you ask out loud or telepathically to them. Please see below link from an earlier blog post where I lament about this:
All of a sudden I had vision, I saw a man of short stature, solid build with broad shoulders standing next to me on my left side. He was only a few inches taller than me, maybe 5 ft 6 inches. He had fair skin and very short hair, buzzed short. If I were to guess who is at necessity I would say he was German. His name could have been something like Fritz or Frederic.  He said “I would’ve used eight stitches not like your doctor used.” Then he said something like just had plastic surgery. I asked him if he just rejuvenated my face and he said yes. I was very happy to hear this.
Perhaps this is why I felt my face was being cleansed with the water because of his procedure or was this the aftercare with my mask falling off in three pieces? As a female, I admit my physical appearance is important to me. I have asked the Universe in the past for rejuvenation on many levels. I have also asked for improvements in my nutrition to promote this.
I asked this doctor if he was of Christ consciousness because I wanted to make sure he was not from the dark side. I don’t think he understood my question entirely. He responded something like yes he was a doctor.
Then that the OBE dissipated.
Upon Waking Up
I received very little telepathic information upon waking up in regard to this series OBEs. But then again, I didn’t try very hard.  I only received one clairvoyant image that I can recall and it was of a distorted male face symbol in a grimace like on some ancient temples.  I heard “Toltec” and “Mayan.”
The next day I did hear twice telepathically “operation.”
Analysis of OBE: This series of OBEs was very significant.
I am hopeful that the physical facial improvements made during this psychic procedure will carry over into my physical life on the earthly plane. I know that sounds vain and narcissist and that might not be possible.  This is a contradiction to what the falling off of the mask represented. Perhaps there was still a very small piece of my mask left on my face that had to do with concern of my physical appearance! Ha!
Addendum: On 10/1/17 about seven day after this OBE I had another one that was related.  In this OBE I became lucid to find myself applying a shimmering golden and light green eye shadow on my eyelids in front of a mirror in an unfamiliar room. I liked how the eyeshadow looked so much I decided to apply it to my entire face.  My whole face became glittery with larger white sparkles. Obviously I had enough lucidity to recall this OBE sequence but not enough for me to stop doing this strange action. Because I had enough lucidity I thought to myself “I can’t believe I did this. It must look so strange to people.”  But I went ahead and went out like that with the large white glitter sparkles on my face. Then the OBE dissipated.
Again, this OBE represented another example from my subconscious as validation of my growing consciousness and awareness.  As you keep raising your inner vibration through expansion of your consciousness, more and more of your inner light or sparkle will shine, not clouded anymore or shadowed by aspects of your ego.  This OBE illustrates clearly shows my developing spiritual evolution will be reflected in my face as symbolized by the glitter.
Teaching Point:  It is important to be aware of your OBEs and dreams following an extraordinary OBE to validate, support or add additional explanation.
Earthly Life Precursors
In the past two weeks prior to this OBE, I noticed I looked different in photos. I thought that I look younger like I did when I was in my 20s.  I kept receiving a clairvoyant image of my engagement photo when I was in my twenties and a feeling that my face had not changed all that much.
Also,  I went out to a birthday dinner on 9/22/17  three days before these OBEs with a friend recently.  I haven’t seen in about five months since I was away in the Northeast.  She commented twice to me in an enthusiastic, surprised way  how pretty I was. I have known her for two years and she has never said such things.
Something was definitely up with my face about two weeks before this OBE denotative of what was shown in this OBE. I noticed it and my friend had noticed it.
These are just a few foreshadowings a few days prior  in my earthly life of what transpired during this OBE.



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