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I had an unusual out-of-body experience (OBE). I share it to help you understand your multi-dimensional nature and spectrum of OBE experiences you may have. We have many levels of consciousness.  You experience this in your sleep time naturally and spontaneously, whether you remember it or not. I want to encourage you to look at your dream state differently and through the filter of multi-dimensionality.
This OBE occurred in an altered state of consciousness during my night-time sleep when I was deeply relaxed.  The OBE occurred spontaneously and I did not initiate it.
I share this so you know not all OBEs are fun and magical. Some of them can be scary, dark and macabre like this one. OBEs can run the gamut.
I know the following OBE account sounds morbid but OBEs have been my new reality since my spiritual awakening in 2009. One of my life functions is to share my psychic experiences, including OBEs so others can learn from them, to not be overwhelmed if they experience a similar OBE and to have some level of understanding and preparedness. As more and more people spiritually awaken in this astrological Age of Aquarius we are in, lucid out-of-body experiences (OBEs) will become more common.
I share this OBE to show the spectrum of experiences one may have when you raise your vibration, and you experience, interact or observe other dimensional realities lucidly. “This will become more and more common place as others raise their vibrations and have lucid recall.” (The previous sentence in quotes I directly channeled on 8/7/15.)
What Dreams Really Are
I refer to most dreams as OBEs to create the awareness that we experience our multi-dimensionality in our sleep state. I don’t believe dreams are “just dreams”. All dreams are significant, and there is real value in interpreting them if you can recall them. All dreams occur in other dimensional frequencies.
Learning Our Lessons in OBEs
Even if it is a lesson for you to learn on the Earthly plane, your dream time occurs on another dimensional platform with people you may or may not know to help you learn. Therefore, OBEs can be a way for your subconscious to get certain salient points across or make certain teachings known to you to help you with your spiritual evolution on Earth. This is a more traditional approach to dream work. I have taken it and just added a twist with it occurring on another dimensional landscape. It goes way further than dreams being your imagination.
Sleep Time is OBE Time
Our sleep time is one  time for our interdimensional travels. In this extremely relaxed state, our ego including our self-defense and protection mechanisms are down.  This allows a level of our consciousness to explore other dimensions. In our sleep state and other altered states of consciousness like deep meditation, our spirit can freely explore.
We are multi-dimensional beings and experience realities on other levels, concurrent to our human existence. I have channeled a few messages from Light Beings that share this educational content as well.
In our dream state, when we are in an altered state of consciousness, because we are so relaxed, we are able to experience these parallel realities in “other dimensions of time and space.” (Note: I directly channeled what is preceding in quotes on 8/7/15.)
Everyone experiences OBEs in their dream state. Some or most people are just not lucid during this time and are unable to recall them upon waking.
Higher Consciousness and OBE Lucidity
As you raise your consciousness and therefore your vibration in your Earthly life by transcending your ego and becoming more self-aware and mindful, you will also become more aware during your OBEs. You will start remembering more and more of the details of your night-time activities as you sleep.
Other Dimensions
The Earth and our conscious existence is located in the Third Dimension, the 3-D. I will refer to the Third Dimension, the Earthly Dimension, as the 3-D from here on. There are other dimensional realities besides the Third Dimension. There are located on frequencies that many people are not aware of with their physical senses.
All of these dimensions are existing simultaneously but in different frequencies not readily discernible with the physical senses to most people. There are an infinite number of dimensions. Each dimension has its unique landscape, inhabitants, technologies, “rules” and society mores. These can be very different from the Third Dimension. This OBE illustrates a dimension, different from the Earth Dimension.
Your Spirit, Another Level of Consciousness, as OBE Navigator
My theory is my spirit is responsible for my OBE destinations, navigations & OBE development or simply for the thrill of an adventure.  This explains why the scenes break so suddenly and spontaneously. However, because my spirit is another level of consciousness not readily accessed by my conscious level because it is behind the Veil, I have no clue on a conscious level that this is going on. I have received sporadic telepathic information that refers to my spirit as my GPS navigator. Sometimes, I think my spirit is crazy as to where it decides to take me!
It appears to me what dimensional realm I visit happen randomly and spontaneously. In some of my OBE experiences because I am lucid & still retaining my 3-D beliefs and knowledge, I am often confused in the OBE and don’t understand what is going on.
These are My Personal Experiences
Please know that my learnings on this subject are based on my personal experiences, intuition and on occasion channeled information from beyond. Due to the nature and ambiguity of dream time and the lack of technology & science existing at this time to verify and validate my perceptions, this is not definitive information.
~Katibe (Katy) Simmone

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Teaching Point #1: In an OBE you may be there to observe other people’s lives in an alternate dimension. There may be no relevance to your earthly life and these people may be unfamiliar to you. You are there simply as a spectator.
Their activities may appear wacky or highly unusual.  I sense the purpose of these is to show to the person having the OBE the variety of dimensional landscapes and what may ne accept mores and rules there. Also, it is to show contrast to what is considered appropriate on the Earth
Because of your lower lucidity level, you may not interact with the people in these dimensions, including not communicating. In this OBE I’m not even sure if the people I was viewing knew I was there. I could have been invisible to them. In one prior OBE in 2017 when I asked the woman I was with if the people could see me, she said “You are a phantom.”
Also because of the low level of your lucidity, you may not have any inkling to tell them to stop their activities or interfere with them even if they are violent or hurtful. It is like some level of yourself knows that it is not your place.
I am going to share in detail of what I can lucidly recall happened during this OBE so you can understand how such happenings can take place. It is important to chronicle your psychic experiences as soon as possible after they occur when you can still retain the vivid details. It is always so much fun to reread them at future dates.
Time of OBE: Somewhere between after 12:30a.m.-5 a.m. I went to bed at 12:16a.m.
Setting of OBE:  In South Florida in my bedroom
In this OBE I became lucid and was with two unfamiliar men and a woman. They were doing some sort of medical experiments on each other. They were scientists of some kind. I knew that they owned this clinic or treatment center that was the setting for this OBE.
The two men were slender and tall, about 5 ft. 10 inches or so. They both had dark hair and olive colored skin. They appeared to be of the same ethnicity. Based on their physical characteristics, they looked like they were from the country of India or maybe Mexico.
They placed the female in a smooth, polyurethane type white chamber that was about 3 feet high.  She was enclosed in it like an egg-shaped pod. They closed the door. She stayed in there for what felt like a short time. maybe a minute or two. It is difficult in OBEs to assess time durations.
1st Experiment – Head Decapitation
Then one of the men opened up the door to the pod she was in. My viewpoint was about ten feet away from them in front of the pod. I saw she was in the pod and that her head had gotten truncated off her body! Her torso was sitting there upright in a chair and her head was on a small shelf to its left side!
One of the men took her head and put it back on her neck. She was very much still alive and not upset about what had happened. Looking back at it she must have known she was being experimented on and acquiesced. She did not resist when they placed her in that pod.
There was a line along the base of neck where her head was now connected. It was similar to a suture. I had the fear her head was not firmly attached and it was going to fall off.
Second Experiment-Intense Current
Then these two men and the women all sat down separately in their individual chairs in a row. There appeared to be some sort of rectangular upright machine that was about two feet high from the ground. Adjustments were made to the machine. Then I saw all three of them react to some intense electrical current that was being applied to them. Their heads tilted back. This current was so high their eyeballs lifted out of their heads as two white balls about a foot in to the air above them! Then their eyeballs came back into their faces!
When it ended, they didn’t appear to be bothered by this or uncomfortable. It was like they were just doing their work and very accepting of what was happening. Again throughout this time, no one spoke to me or interacted with me and I did not with them as well.
I did not have any inkling to tell them to stop their activities or to interfere.
Scene Change-In Another Treatment Center
Then the scene changed suddenly as they tend to do an OBEs. Now I was viewing one of these men in another treatment center or clinic. It wasn’t his. It was one of his colleagues or you can say competitor’s. I knew that there were many such treatment clinics in the area.
Teaching Point: In an OBE you may have a knowingness of things even if someone did not tell or explain it to you or you didn’t see it first hand. Claircognizance is the psychic sense of knowingness. I have experienced this phenomena many times in OBEs.
Back to the OBE
The man walked into the center. He was quite surprised as to what was being done there. I could sense that he was getting ideas to apply at his own center. I had the thought that it was good for him to see how other centers operated to gain valuable knowledge to help him. Perhaps the teaching here is how important it is to collaborate in consortium with other like-minded people to share technology and make progress. The old adage of two heads are better than one is appropriate here.
Then the OBE dissipated.
Analysis of OBE: I have experienced in a few other lucid OBEs in which dark experiments were being performed on people and even people becoming decapitated. In one OBE experience I shared on the Soul Evolution Center Youtube channel, I actually became decapitated at the very end of it. My head was sitting on someone’s computer desk and I was talking like normal! I knew this because my view of the scene panned out and I saw myself in this office space. It was like a surprise ending.  I found this so disturbing I immediately woke up and the OBE dissipated.
On the Earthly plane I do not view horror films or read Stephen King books. He is a horror writer.  In fact I shun such violence and gore. However, it appears once again, my spirit has taken me to a place that my conscious self was not comfortable with. I shared earlier in this post the spirit is the navigator.
Analyzing This OBE from a Traditional Approach
It is always fruitful to analyze a dream or OBE from a more traditional psychological approach in which a dream represents current life events but in a more symbolic representation from the subconscious. I did not have anything going on in my life at the time of this OBE  where these scientists could represent people I know. I am at a loss in understanding how the concept of experimentation applies to my 3-D Earthly life either.   I am not intuitively feeling those scientists represented an aspect of myself either.  Therefore, I will go onto another theory as to why I experienced this OBE.
Purpose of this OBE
Everything happens for a reason. I know this. There is a larger learning for me to have experienced this dark OBE.  The only purpose of this OBE I can think of is that I was there to view one aspect of another dimensional landscape where people experimented on themselves.
Comparison to Earth
Even on Earth experimentation goes on. Many pharmaceutical companies test their drugs on animals such as mice and dogs.  Cosmetic companies also test their products on animals. Also, a few days after I wrote this blog, I saw in my Facebook feed a video of a Romanian woman who talked about her experiences in 1942 when she and her twin sister were experimented on by Nazis in a Auschwitz concentration camp. It was a heartbreaking account but culminated in forgiveness. Under Dr. Josef Mengele, some Jewish concentration camp captives endured horrific experiments.  So you see, horrible experimentation has gone on recently even on the Earth. It is not such an unusual concept. “As above, so below” or “So below, as above.” In retrospect, I feel I had this OBE to show how some of our human actions carry over to other planes of reality and vice versa.
Another Takeaway from this OBE
In addition, the moral of this OBE too was the importance of collaboration for learning.


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