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I became lucid in this OBE to find myself in an urban city. I just had a knowingness that it was France.

Teaching Point #1 CLAIRCOGNIZANCE: In OBEs you may have a knowingness without anyone telling you anything or receiving of information in other ways. This is known as the psychic sense of clear cognizance.
My spouse and I were lying on a small strip of beach perhaps about 200 meters long.
Teaching Point #2 FAMILY MEMBERS: In OBEs there may be familiar family members who are there with you. These are other levels of their consciousness interacting with yours in the dimensional scape of an OBE.
There was city life all around us. I looked to my left and saw there was a running track about quarter-mile away. I noticed a young woman running on the track. She was running so quickly around I was amazed. She was inspiring with her speed.  I had the thought I should go this track and take a jog myself. On the track jogging slowly together in group were also three males who seemed to be football players in training.
Also in this dimensional landscape I saw a beautiful large aquamarine pool of water with a large building on its edge. I was struck with the stillness and calmness of the water. It was a placid pool of serenity.  The building’s style was reminiscent of a New England college. It was of regal architecture. I decided to take a swim. The pool had a series of canals from it that wound around the city. It was an interesting design.
When I was swimming in the canal, I looked behind me. There was a young boy about nine or ten years old about fifteen feet behind me in the water. He had a long thick stick in his had. With it, he pulled out a large animal head, which had a sort of tawny mane and a fur on its face. It was similar in appearance to the beast in the iconic ” Beauty and the Beast.
Teaching Point #3 SYMBOLS: In OBEs there is often symbology. When something unusual, out of context and notable appears in an OBE scene, it is a sign for you to analyze its significance.  Sometimes, the symbol is presented as something that is very large or has an unusual glow, color or pattern. These are the ways, it has been presented to me. This animal head was symbolic due to its size and being out of context in the OBE scene of idyllic water.  
TEACHING POINT  #3a ANALYZING SYMBOLS: Do your best to analyze it and receive additional clarifying information by doing the following:
1) Draw correlating parallels that are going on in your life at the time. This can also include anything you saw in a movie, TV show or read in a book during the current time of the OBE.
2) Meditation,  being in moments of stillness and leaving gaps in between your thoughts to receive intuitive or psychic guidance
3) Journaling to gleam clarifying information. I also found when I journal about my OBEs I receive clarifying information. For example, I first described this animal head as a horse’s head. Then when I was chronicling it for this blog post, I heard telepathically “Beast” and got the image of the beast from Disney’s fictional classic “Beauty and the Beast” as a more appropriate description.
4)  If you belong to a dream group, discuss it with them. They may provide some valuable input. Or discuss with a significant other who is open to such things; However, do use your intuition and discernment to vet their input. My spouse provided some input I share below that helped me figure this symbol out.   But do know, dream symbology is often very personal and symbolic to the dreamer.
Initially,  the animal head symbol was too cryptic for me to interpret.  I did not have anything in my life going on and relevant enough to interpret the significance of this, including anything to do with animals or in any way, I can relate to and tie it in consciously. Therefore, I shall go onto the following teaching point
When I was telling my spouse about this dream, right away, he asked me if it was a Yeti or something similar to Big Foot. My spouse was very familiar and knew I had channeled a message about Yetis. Initially, I discounted his suggestion but now upon reflection, I think he was right. I channeled a message about the Yetis on 11/24/12. Please see below blog post:http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/category/abominable-snowman/ .
Teaching Point #4 DIMENSIONAL SPECIES: In an OBE, if you cannot interpret the significance of an unusual looking animal, it can just be a showing of a different animal species of this alternate dimensional reality.  Why this one was a just a head carcass and not the entire body, I still cannot figure out.
I immediately got of the water. I was worried the water was contaminated by this dead animal’s carcass. I looked into the water. To my surprise, tt was still a beautiful crystal clear aquamarine color.
My spouse disappeared. I was walking along the city streets of France.  There was the usual hustle and bustle of a city around me. I thought I knew where I was going to the hotel but didn’t. I thought I remembered when the shuttle driver drove there earlier that it was along this street way. I realized I was wrong and was lost.
Teaching Point #5 CLAIRCOGNIZANCE: In an OBE, you may have a memory or recollection of something happening earlier without actually experiencing it lucidly during the OBE. In this case, I had a memory of the shuttle driver transporting me and my husband through these city roads.
My clothes were still wet from my swim.  I did not have my pocketbook, cell phone or any of my personal belongings with me. I realized I left them on the small strip of beach I was laying on earlier. I thought I should go back and get my things but they were probably stolen by now. I thought to myself I was in a predicament in a foreign country, not knowing the language, and by myself.
I reassured myself. I told myself I was capable. I do this often in my Earthly life, talk to myself to empower myself and repeating positive affirmations such as “I am capable.” I went through various scenarios in my head. What if I couldn’t find my hotel room by nightfall? I reassured myself “Well, you are just going to have to sleep in the street as the homeless people do. That is not the worse that could happen to me.”
Teaching Point #6 EVOLVEMENT SIGNS: In an OBE, you may experience a life lesson or a sign of spiritual evolvement. We are constantly evolving on many planes of existence including on the Earth and on other dimensional planes during OBEs. In the Earthly plane, I work on developing higher spiritual traits daily i.e. adaptability, flexibility, etc…and this some times carries over to my OBEs.
In this OBE, I showed how adaptable I was. One of my favorite mantras is “I am adaptable.” You can even say I exhibited some courage and fearlessness in this OBE and demonstrated faith in myself. I was alone with no  personal possessions in a big foreign city and not getting freaked out about it. I think this was a first for me in an OBE. In the past I have gotten flustered and very stressed in these type of situations.
I thought I should ask some helpful stranger for some money. I thought in this big city there had to be a kind soul willing to extend me a hand. I approached a lady in front of her and told her I was lost.  She didn’t seem to be interested in my situation. She said she had just come from a business convention. I sensed she was not one who would help me. I accepted this with no problem, resentment, frustration and disappointment.  I wished her a good night and walked on.
Teaching Point #7 EVOLVEMENT SIGNS: Again another example in an OBE of how you may experience a  sign of your spiritual evolvement. In this case, I was able to detach and not hold any ire against the woman who was not helpful. I even parted with her with a pleasant salutation.
I was still outside in the hustle and bustle of the French city. Two young ladies in their early twenties were in front of me. One of them gave me a $5 bill. She told me there was more in her bank account and she mentioned her bank routing number.  She said I could access her account for money by the nearby machine.
I was suspicious.  Why would she let me access her money? Why didn’t she just withdraw it herself and give it to me? I thought it was some kind of scam. In my mind, I could almost hear the sirens and see the policemen surrounding me because I withdraw money from the money machine.
Teaching Point #8 EARTHLY MORES:In an OBE, you may bring forth some of your Earth suspicions and cynicism because you are lucid.  In this OBE, I was leery of using the young lady’s ATM machine. No one acts like that on Earth. We protect our bank accounts and have passcodes etc.. for safeguarding. 
I politely told her “No, thank you,” that I would not be taking advantage of her offer.
Then the scene changes quickly as it does in an OBE. The two young ladies and I are on a city bus travelling through the city. There is a man laying on the floor. He looks homeless or handicapped. I realized from his angle on the floor, he could see up my shorts.  I wasn’t upset about it. He probably already caught a glimpse of something!
The young lady who offered me the money started doing a dance.  I thought that was very odd.  Then the man seemed to morph, stood up and was no longer handicapped. He also did a dance. It seemed like some sort of courting ritual or something.  Then the young lady told me that was her husband of five years. I said to her “Oh, that is your husband you told me about?” I had a memory of that.
Teaching Point #9 CLAIRCOGNIZANCE: Again, this is another example of how in an OBE, you may have a memory or recollection of something happening earlier without actually experiencing it. In this case, I remembered this young lady telling me about her husband. It is just strange though how when I first met her and she offered me the $5, she didn’t look familiar to me. OBEs are not cut and dry!
The rest of the OBE is not important.


I had an unusual out-of-body experience (OBE). I share it to help you understand your multi-dimensional nature and spectrum of OBE experiences you may have. We have many levels of consciousness.  You experience this in your sleep time naturally and spontaneously, whether you remember it or not. I want to encourage you to look at your dream state differently and through the filter of multi-dimensionality.

This OBE occurred in an altered state of consciousness during my night-time sleep when I was deeply relaxed.  The OBE occurred spontaneously and I did not initiate it.

I share this so you know not all OBEs are fun and magical. Some of them can be scary, dark and macabre like this one. OBEs can run the gamut.

I know the following OBE account sounds morbid but OBEs have been my new reality since my spiritual awakening in 2009. One of my life functions is to share my psychic experiences, including OBEs so others can learn from them, to not be overwhelmed if they experience a similar OBE and to have some level of understanding and preparedness. As more and more people spiritually awaken in this astrological Age of Aquarius we are in, lucid out-of-body experiences (OBEs) will become more common.

I share this OBE to show the spectrum of experiences one may have when you raise your vibration, and you experience, interact or observe other dimensional realities lucidly. “This will become more and more common place as others raise their vibrations and have lucid recall.” (The previous sentence in quotes I directly channeled on 8/7/15.)

What Dreams Really Are

I refer to most dreams as OBEs to create the awareness that we experience our multi-dimensionality in our sleep state. I don’t believe dreams are “just dreams”. All dreams are significant, and there is real value in interpreting them if you can recall them. All dreams occur in other dimensional frequencies.

Learning Our Lessons in OBEs

Even if it is a lesson for you to learn on the Earthly plane, your dream time occurs on another dimensional platform with people you may or may not know to help you learn. Therefore, OBEs can be a way for your subconscious to get certain salient points across or make certain teachings known to you to help you with your spiritual evolution on Earth. This is a more traditional approach to dream work. I have taken it and just added a twist with it occurring on another dimensional landscape. It goes way further than dreams being your imagination.

Sleep Time is OBE Time

Our sleep time is one  time for our interdimensional travels. In this extremely relaxed state, our ego including our self-defense and protection mechanisms are down.  This allows a level of our consciousness to explore other dimensions. In our sleep state and other altered states of consciousness like deep meditation, our spirit can freely explore.

We are multi-dimensional beings and experience realities on other levels, concurrent to our human existence. I have channeled a few messages from Light Beings that share this educational content as well.

In our dream state, when we are in an altered state of consciousness, because we are so relaxed, we are able to experience these parallel realities in “other dimensions of time and space.” (Note: I directly channeled what is preceding in quotes on 8/7/15.)

Everyone experiences OBEs in their dream state. Some or most people are just not lucid during this time and are unable to recall them upon waking.

Higher Consciousness and OBE Lucidity

As you raise your consciousness and therefore your vibration in your Earthly life by transcending your ego and becoming more self-aware and mindful, you will also become more aware during your OBEs. You will start remembering more and more of the details of your night-time activities as you sleep.

Other Dimensions

The Earth and our conscious existence is located in the Third Dimension, the 3-D. I will refer to the Third Dimension, the Earthly Dimension, as the 3-D from here on. There are other dimensional realities besides the Third Dimension. There are located on frequencies that many people are not aware of with their physical senses.

All of these dimensions are existing simultaneously but in different frequencies not readily discernible with the physical senses to most people. There are an infinite number of dimensions. Each dimension has its unique landscape, inhabitants, technologies, “rules” and society mores. These can be very different from the Third Dimension. This OBE illustrates a dimension, different from the Earth Dimension.

Your Spirit, Another Level of Consciousness, as OBE Navigator

My theory is my spirit is responsible for my OBE destinations, navigations & OBE development or simply for the thrill of an adventure.  This explains why the scenes break so suddenly and spontaneously. However, because my spirit is another level of consciousness not readily accessed by my conscious level because it is behind the Veil, I have no clue on a conscious level that this is going on. I have received sporadic telepathic information that refers to my spirit as my GPS navigator. Sometimes, I think my spirit is crazy as to where it decides to take me!

It appears to me what dimensional realm I visit happen randomly and spontaneously. In some of my OBE experiences because I am lucid & still retaining my 3-D beliefs and knowledge, I am often confused in the OBE and don’t understand what is going on.

These are My Personal Experiences

Please know that my learnings on this subject are based on my personal experiences, intuition and on occasion channeled information from beyond. Due to the nature and ambiguity of dream time and the lack of technology & science existing at this time to verify and validate my perceptions, this is not definitive information.



~Katibe (Katy) Simmone

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