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1/13/15 Channeled Message: The Channel of 5-8: Sample Reading for Client by Email

by | Jan 13, 2015 | Channeled Light Being - Channel of 5-8, Channeled Messages from Clients' Reading Sessions

Client’s Email Questions & Guidance from The Channel of 5-8, light beings of a different dimension (Names have been masked for anonymity.  Please know that this is only an example.  Each channeled reading is unique. Your own email reading may be different, depending on many factors & your individual circumstances.):
Dear Katy,
This is not the first time I am asking you for help. You may or may not remember me. Please let me know if there is any information about me that would make the reading easier. Or, if there is any additional information besides the answers to the questions asked that you feel I need to know. I will be more than happy to purchase more time.  At this time I purchased: 2 questions e-mail reading.
1. I have a 16 year old daughter. She wants to become a doctor and study medicine in (an anonymous country), Europe. The program is very intense, and it lasts for at least 6 years. She is very stubborn and insists that this is what she wants to do. She is very intelligent, but her grades are not the highest. Currently, she is in private prep high school. I am completely terrified and often doubt her decision. I cannot sleep at night and go over and over different scenarios. She needs my support and it drains me out when she cries “Mom, am I going to make it??”, and I will not be there to help her. Please ask your guides if she is making the right decision, or should I step in and send her to a local college.
Channeled Guidance from The Channel of 5-8:Your daughter is indeed strong-willed and has definitive ideas for herself, for her future and how life events are to be.  There is much for her to learn.  In her youthfulness, she has not yet reached a stage of spiritual maturity for her to differentiate what is in her best interests and for proper decision making.  There is still a need for a strong maternal presence for her to stay on the proper path and to guide her.  Do not let her bullheadedness deter you. Listen to your maternal instinct and stay strong to that.
At this time as we tune into her energetic field, we feel as you do, that it would be best for her to attend an institution of higher learning in a geographical area that is closer to you, her mother, and within travelling distance for the weekends.   This will allow you to support her easier and provide emotional guidance, as well as allow her to visit you, and stay connected.   This will be especially important as she adjusts to learning and new social circle in the higher academics. This will become very important to her as you do provide key support, nurturance, connectedness and even socialization.  She feels safe with you and protected, and she yearns for this.  Know it is important to her. Until she reaches her own level maturity, your relationship with her is important for her normal self-development and growth.
There is a lesson for you as well to be firm and have conviction in yourself as a mother.  Don’t doubt yourself.  You have done a fine job in rising her & teaching her certain values. There are tendencies for your daughter to be overbearing toward you and a wanting to get her way so she uses various tactics.  Be strong and have faith in your teachings and what you intuitively know is best for her.” 
2.  The same daughter, just like me, sees ghosts in her sleep and screams.  She saw a teenage girl standing in the corner of her room starring and sarcastically smiling at her. I never told her I have been experiencing similar incidences for years till now.   She is only 16 and very scared. I researched a lot of information about ghost and protection and printed for her to read. I smoked Sandelwood in her room and ask Angel Michael to assist the girl to her destination.  Lately, I developed a skill of shielding my house with a layer of flexible  “plastic foil” for protection so nothing can go through it. I imagine Angels Michael and Archiel standing on the top of it for protection. I meditate every few days making sure that the shield has no holes. So far with no more incidence. Is it enough?
Channeled Guidance:Yes, her increased sensitivity in seeing the ghosts appears to be a genealogical trait, along blood & ancestral lines, which you have experienced yourself.  It is a matter of awareness and working with it prudently rather than being in fear.
You have done good work in protecting the physical space for her.  In addition to imagining the foil like you have, envisioning a large pyramid over your entire house for protection would be beneficial. You can do your internet research on this if you desire.
Sandalwood and physical saging of the space at regular intervals will also help purify that space. We would add another layer of protection that covers the boundaries of her physical space of her bedroom. Consider this an extra layer of protection and security.  It is good to follow up and check the integrity of the protection like you have been doing to ensure its durability and stability. ”
We would recommend putting 2 high vibrational crystal such as rose quartz or celestite on the floor at the entrance of her bedroom door. Make sure they have been properly cleansed.  They will act as sentinels.  They should be of a larger size, i.e. the size of a baseball and cleansed at least weekly as they absorb lower level energies and to keep them at their productive capacities.
Her sleeping space, whether it be it in your home or at college should be well lit, preferably with natural sunshine, plants and pleasing calming décor.  The colors of light blue and light green, pastel shades, will be very soothing and pleasant to her and help calm her anxiety and heightened feelings.  Integrate these colors as much as possible into the room décor. Avoid dark colors and harsh, bold prints.
Your daughter also needs to be aware of her own emotions and the power of her thoughts & to take care of her feelings.  We sense that she experiences large mood swings and has anxiety.  She is very sensitive.  It is important for her to learn to moderate and stabilize her feelings.   It would be helpful for her to learn how to control her anger and her moods, to have coping techniques.  A trained professional in this area  and trained for counseling in her age bracket will be able to provide definitive, specific techniques to help her. This will ultimately serve her well in all of her relationships with friends, family, and work.  She needs to learn to temper her feelings for a productive, healthy life.
She should be aware of the quality of her diet and make sure it is wholesome and nutritious.  Processed foods, refined sugars and foods high in sugar, & sugar drinks should be greatly reduced in order to keep her blood sugar even, which will help stabilize her moods. 
It would be helpful for her to wear an amulet for protection.  She should find one that is physically attractive to her so she will wear it but that has a protective quality to it.  You can research this together but it will ultimately be her decision as she will be the one wearing it.  When she is not wearing it, she should sleep with it by her nightstand.
She also needs a physical outlet for her energy for she has high energy. This can be some form of physical activity that she enjoys and can consistently during the week.  Let her pick it. It will also be good for emotional and mental stability.  Also, spending time in nature, regularly,  will be stabilizing for her.
At her age social interaction is important. It is important for her to have friends her age and engage in regular wholesome, social activities.  Encourage this as much as possible. You can also play a role in this and engage in recreational activities with her regularly, i.e. see movies, go out to dinner, etc…
We share all these recommendations because her emotional state of mind & balance is important. for her well-being. 
We are the Channel of 5-8″
– DISCLAIMER: READINGS ARE SOLELY FOR PERSONAL GROWTH AND EDUCATION.  It is not a replacement for responsible decision-making.  Please ALWAYS seek out appropriate PROFESSIONAL advice in the proper fields of legal, medical, psychological, business, finance or other relevant field for your questions. 
Please know that this may be shared on social media platforms with identifying information masked for anonymity.
Katy Simmone, Psychic Life Adviser, Life Wisdom from Beyond
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Katy’s Background

Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have had some amazing psychic experiences, including weekly lucid out-of-body experiences (OOBs), participating in spirit cross-overs and channeling messages from beings that exist an other dimensions.  A spiritual awakening occurs when you start to raise you consciousness.  You begin to look at the world around you and your own life differently.  You realize that you are spiritual being having a physical existence for your own evolution.
I have telepathically heard that I am a fifth dimensional being.  I am in the third level of the 16th levels of the fifth dimension.  I also have heard that I am a star seed, an Arcturian, a “hybrid”,  “genetically modified” and a transient.  I heard that I had been “rescued” and “restored”, and that I am in the “witness protection program.”  In 2014 I  received about four clairvoyant images of the fictional character Frankenstein, where he was laying on the treatment table while the eccentric scientist was rebuilding him.  It was my guides way of providing me this literary allusion,  showing me that I had been rebuilt like Frankenstein.  I heard telepathically  that I operate on multiple frequencies.”   This combination of factors and my “alien nature” explains the psychic activity I have experienced in my day –to-day life and during my sleep state and in altered states of consciousness.
I have been guided to share my experiences, which I do here in this blog.  I am a psychic life adviser, providing life wisdom from beyond.  I do this through direct voice, Tarot and oracle card readings.  I have received channeled information from various beings of light of love, who exist in other dimensions, on various topics to help humanity, that I share on this blog as well.
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