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Energy Protection Thru Reiki Symbols & White Light

by | Sep 8, 2017 | Energy Work, Healing Energy, Protection, Reiki

This is the candle I lit today for the safety and welfare of everyone including any animals and minimal property damage in the path of category five Hurricane Irma that is currently heading toward South Florida. May it be pushed to the east into the Atlantic Ocean to do no harm. Amen! So be it!I thought this would be a good time to review and for those, who are unfamiliar, ways to energetically protect your property, i.e. house, car,  housing development, town, state,  people and pets.
Please be prudent and use the recommended hurricane precautionary measures to physically protect yourself and property like following evacuation orders, having your safety kit, putting up your hurricane shutters, anchoring loose objects on outside patios, etc…I rushed to get this out quickly. So please excuse if the writing is not perfect. If you have anything to add or share that is helpful, please comment.I have shared two techniques, one if you know Reiki and the symbols and one if you don’t, using white light from divine source. These techniques are always available to you. I use them almost daily in my life. Do what resonates with you and tweak below as you feel guided. Besides the two I share below, there are many other ways to energetically protect and charge.
 I hope this is helpful to you and your families.
Katy Simmone, Advanced Channeler of Light Beings, Life Wisdom from Beyond
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Energy Protection and Strengthening with the Reiki Symbols

For those who are Reiki attuned and know the Reiki symbols, you can use the Reiki emotional symbol for protection and also the Reiki power symbol for power and strength. If it is long distance, you will need to use the long distance symbol first. Usually, if you have a taken the first two degrees of Reiki certification, you will have learned these symbols.I have been sending the Reiki symbols to the entire area that Hurricane Irma is travelling in from my living room when the weather patterns are being shown on TV.
Note: If you are protecting and wanting strength for a person and they haven’t given you verbal permission to do so, ask their Higher Self, for permission to send the symbols.1) Do this in a space of stillness with your intention and imagination. Be present in the moment. Do a thorough job and don’t rush this process. The quality of the manner you do it in is important.
If you have time, set up a sacred space for doing the below. This shows to the Universe how strongly you feel about this. Make it important by lighting a candle, burning incense, infusing high vibrational aromatherapy oils like frankincense or sandalwood, playing calm, soothing music, anointing yourself with rose water or oils and having religious relics around you which are meaningful to you.
If you have a home alter, use it for this exercise. Write the areas, names and addresses of the people you want to protect on a piece of paper or put their photos in your alter and light a candle and burn some incense. I selectively choose a certain color paper, i.e. pink for love, green for healing, and even the color of ink, silver or purple for spirit, red for power when writing the names to be put into my alter.
If you are not able to do above, don’t sweat it. Every bit of good thoughts and well intentions help.
2) Take a few deep, centering breaths to stabilize yourself. This is important to come from a place of strength, power and stability when doing energy work. It will make the work potent. I know this is a volatile time with a major Hurricane. Many people are worried and in anxiety but you need to radiate your best energy, which is high vibrational to have a maximum effect for this exercise.
3) State your intention clearly and specifically. Tell the Universe what you are going to be doing so it knows: i.e.” I am sending the Reiki emotional symbol for protection and the Reiki power of power and strength for x for their (its) highest good and the highest good of all concerned. Thank-you.”
If you comfortable with this, you can ask your non-visible Reiki guides or Archangel Michael, Angel of Protection, to help you.
4) Send the symbols from your Third Eye, the space between your eye brows.
If the symbols are going to be sent to a person or pet who hasn’t given you specific permission, ask their Higher Self first. Feel what kind of response you get. Does it feel like a “yes”, full of light? Or does it feel like a “no”, dark and a heavy feeling in your core? You may even receive a clairvoyant symbol in your mind like a thumbs up or a traffic light with a green light for go. The Universe can be very creative!
Or you may receive a “no.” One time I received a clairvoyant image of a no trespassing sign!
If you are not confident or unsure, just tell the Universe if this person or pet does not want it, may it go to those who truly need it at this time for the highest good of all concerned. Set up a specific rule game with the Universe in this regard.
Send the long distance Reiki Symbol first if it is done remotely, and then the emotional Reiki symbol. If you are at your property, no need to use the long distance symbol or if the person or pet is directly there in the space with you.

The emotional Reiki symbol is for protection, clearing and purification.

Then lastly send the Reiki power symbol to add power, vitality and strength to the person, property or area. Strength will be needed to withstand this major hurricane.
I like to send the symbols in ultra-violet light but you can use whatever light color pops into your mind or you intuitively feel. Some light workers use green for healing.
5) I imagine the person or object immersed in the giant symbol, from front to back to a few feet above their heads to a few feet below their feet, 360 degrees around their body and a few feet out to account for receiver’s energy field. Sometimes, with my imagination I place a giant symbol smack dab in the center of the receiver and have it rotating slowly, radiating its power.
If it is a property, I imagine the symbol giant sized covering the house and even going under the house 15 feet and above the house 15 feet, and all sides of the house as well.
If you have a photo, picture or map of what you want protected and strengthened, you can even draw the symbols over those images and send or inject the symbols that way I have been doing that with the weather maps on TV. I’ll draw the symbols in the air from my couch with my hand and push it to the map on the TV with the intention of protection.
Hold this visualization with the symbols immersing and saturating the person, pet, object or area for at least 10 or more seconds to have it set in. No need to do it for a prolonged time like 10 minutes because most people will not be able to keep their attention that long and that dilutes the process.
Stay focused and present in what you are doing. Do a good job and don’t let your mind wander!
6) Give thanks at the end.
7) Repeat this exercise regularly, daily or every few hours. But don’t get neurotic about it. That is low vibrational energy that you don’t need to have! You only want to radiate to the Universe your highest, best, most stable energy.
I do repeat these type of exercises because I feel this creates a powerful energetic layering effect. Other light workers may not feel this necessary. If you did it once and did a thorough job, that is adequate. But I have been guided otherwise. Use your intuition to determine the frequency and if a repeat is needed.
Energy Technique of Divine White Light for Protection and Strength

For those who are not attuned in Reiki and do not know the Reiki symbols:
1) Of course you can send your own prayers of protection to people, pets and areas.
2) If you believe in Angels, ask Archangel Michael, the Angel of Protection, to protect your home, etc…
3) Start with the invocation .” I am sending white light from Divine Source for protection and strength of x for their (its) highest good and the highest good of all concerned. Thank-you.”
4) Imagine the light coming from high above you, high above the clouds, from the celestial realms.
5) All the others steps above for sending Reiki symbols apply except the getting of permission from a person. Now, instead of imagining the Reiki symbols, imagine the white light from divine source, immersing and saturating the receiver.


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