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Evolution Coaching: Importance of Energetic Hygiene for the Aura & Chakras

by | Mar 27, 2015 | Chakras, Crystals, Evolution Coaching


Recently, I shared to a client the importance of energetic hygiene of one’s aura and chakras during an evolution coaching session by phone.   This session was also recorded for free for the client so that he could refer to the sound file at future times. This client wanted some tips on how to prepare for his first time in being a psychic reader for a  psychic fair.   This information is valuable and universal to others as well and  not only when you are doing readings.

Your energetic anatomy and the proper care and maintenance of it is very important.  It is just as important as your physical health.  Good energetic health correlates to good physical health and well-being.   You should integrate a daily cleaning and sealing of your energetic field,  also known as your aura, as well as a daily vitalization, balancing and alignment of your major chakras.

Please share with others who may be interested. I would love to hear your feedback about how you maintain your energetic health.

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The Importance of Your Energetic Health

Our entire physical body, our thoughts, our feelings and emotions are all different forms of energy vibrating at different levels or frequencies.  This energy is information, and it is the blueprint of who we are-body, mind, and spirit.
Your energetic field and major chakras are vital energetic structures.  They are dynamic and constantly reacting to everything around you and within you. They exist on higher dimensional frequencies that are not readily visible to most people with the human eye.  Those with clairvoyant sight may be able to see them.  Other who are psychically acute may be able to sense them through clairsentience.
About Your Energetic Field
Everyone & everything has an energy field.  It is a radiation that surrounds, penetrates and extends out beyond the physical body, that is electromagnetic and made up of varying types of  vibrations or frequencies. It is a distinctive and intangible, surrounding the body of living creatures, places and  inanimate objects. It is subtle and luminous.
It is a energetic shield that keeps you healthy and protects you.  Many factors listed below can adversely affect it.  When something blocks the energy flow,  the shield weakens and may make you afffect you emotionally, causing you to be to be unhappy, depressed, tired or sick depending on the intensity  and level of the blockage. The energetic field indicates a person’s emotional state & energetic health of the physical body.
About Your 7 Major Chakras
You have many minor chakras located in your energetic body.  There are  7 major chakras located along the midline of your body. Each chakra is associated with a different color, a characteristic or attribute, and various glands, organs and organ systems.
Chakra is a Sanskrit word, meaning, “wheel.” The human chakras are “wheel-like” funnels or energy vortices that exist in the etheric level of the  human body. Chakras are energy centers. The chakras take in vital subtle energy, store it  and transform it into the frequencies needed by the various areas of the physical bodies for sustenance and development.  Five of the seven major chakras have a front and back.  These are the sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat and Third-Eye chakras.   Two of the major chakras, the base chakra and crown chakra, do not.  The major chakras should be in alignment with each other along the midline of the body and in balanced sizes to each other.
Chakra Systems. In western civilization the 7 major chakra system is commonly used. However, there are other chakra systems, including the 9 and 12  chakra system.  Whichever system, you are using, the following apply.
Influences on Your Energetic Field & Chakras
The following are some influences that can adversely affect your energetic field & chakras:

  1. the quality of your thoughts
  2. other people’s energy
  3. your environment (i.e. pollution, toxins, electromagnetic waves from electronics)
  4. the quality of the food & liquids you ingest
  5. the state of your physical condition (i.e. illness)
  6. karmic debris from our current lifetimet & past lifetimes, ancestral karma, culture karma
  7. negative influences from the spirit realm

The following are ways that your energetic structures can be negatively affected:

  1. energy blockages & debris
  2. weakness in energetic flow
  3. depletion of energetic flow
  4. imbalance of energetic flow
  5. misalignment of the chakras

You can see how important it is cleanse your energetic structures, DAILY. Your energetic anatomy reacts instantly to every thought you have.  Just think how many times a day your mood changes.  Therefore, the following regimens are very important.
Cleanse and insulate your energetic field.  There are many meditation techniques for this using visualization and intention. Find one that you resonate with. It may be helpful to do a guided meditation until you are comfortable guiding yourself.   Two common examples of aura meditations are a visualization of white light or a visualization of standing under a clear, pristine waterfall and being cleansed thoroughly.

Make sure that you visually see or sense that the seam around your energetic field is integral, closed &  intact around your physical body.  Holes, weaknesses, breaks, and tears  in your aura and energetic lining make you vulnerable to detrimental energies  This is important! You may want to leave the area around your crown chakra, which is located a few inches above your head,  open to continue to receive messages from the divine and the Universal Mind.

Using the Reiki Emotional Symbol for Cleansing, Clearing and Protection.  If you have been certified in the use of the Reiki symbols, you can energetically draw in white or violet light this symbol into your energetic field or your palms. Or imagine a large Reiki emotional symbol being injected into your energetic field. I like to see it rotate around my entire body from front to back,  from above the top of my head down to past my feet, and then go through my physical body as well.

Please click here to learn more about the aura from our free online library.

Vitalize, Align  & Balance Your 7 Major Chakras.   There are many meditation techniques for the chakras using visualization and intention. Many of these are color meditations because each major chakra is associated with a different color.

Do not forget for  the chakras that have a front and back to  visualize or sense the below for both the front and back aspects.

For Chakra Vitality. Visualize or sense each chakra as healthy, open, vibrant, rotating and its pure essential color without any dark colors or mottling.

For Chakra Balance. Visualize or sense that each of the 7 major chakras are the same healthy size, open, balanced and working in harmony with each other.  When one chakra is much bigger than another, it shows an imbalance, overactiveness and the taking in, storing and transmitting of too much subtle energy.  By the same token, a smaller chakra is underactive and not taking in, storing or transmitting enough subtle energy.

For Chakra Alignment. Make sure you do a meditation that vitalizes as well as aligns the chakras.  If chakras are imbalanced, they may drift over to the left or right side of one’s body.  Sometimes this is due to past,  present or potential future issues or imbalances with yin (female)  and yang (male) energy. Proper alignment of the 7 major chakras is right down the midline of the body. And again, make sure you see this alignment for the front and back aspects of the chakras that have a front and back.

Please click here to learn more about the chakras in our free online library.

Other Techniques to Maintain Your Energetic Health Throughout the Day.  It would be beneficial and enhance the quality of your life to incorporate the following into your daily life:

Have high vibrational thoughts .  This requires awareness of your thoughts and self talk.  Keep your thoughts and emotions high vibrational.  Be in the following states as much as possible but be authentic.  Do not pretend.

—Love               Gratitude               Peace
—Joy                 Non-judgment       Compassion
—Playfulness    Forgiveness (including self-forgivenss)             Etc., etc., etc.

Minimize low vibrational  thoughts.  Do not repress these but do become aware of when  you feel the following emotions and work on decreasing their intensity and duration.  Lower vibrational thoughts  include the following:

—Fear            Anger                    Anxiety —               Hatred           Jealousy/Competitiveness

Resentment    —                         Guilt                    Sadness          Judgment

—Self Pity                                   Not forgiving yourself or others    —tc., etc., etc.

Please click here to learn more about high vibrational thoughts in our free online library.

A Daily Practice of Meditation – Even short durations of 5 minutes per day will be helpful to your energetic field.  Natural realignment and replenishment happens during meditation. This time of inner stillness is essential.

Please click here to learn more about meditation in our free online library.

Crystals & Medical Grade Essential  oils – These can help maintain your energetic field and chakras and work on subtle energy levels.   Make sure that your crystals have been cleared and remember to clear them regularly. Colored crystals vibrate to the same frequency of certain chakras. Keep the crystals close to you, in your pocket or pocket-book , around your work space,  and wear as jewelry.

Please click here to learn more about crystals in our free online library.

The oils can be applied to key points on one’s body in a carrier oil such as on the specific chakra, on wrist points or behind the ears.  The oils can also be diffused into your space with a diffuser.

Nurture your physical body.  This can be done through regular exercise, time outside in nature, a healthy, organic wholesome diet and plenty of water.

Please click here to learn more about nurturing your physical body in our free online library.


Katy’s Background

Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have had some amazing psychic experiences, including weekly lucid out-of-body experiences (OOBs), participating in spirit cross-overs and channeling messages from beings that exist in other dimensions.  A spiritual awakening occurs when you start to raise you consciousness.  You begin to look at the world around you and your own life differently.  You realize that you are spiritual being having a physical existence for your own evolution.

Also, since my spiritual awakening, I found that I could receive information telepathically from beings of light and love. I have telepathically heard that I am a fifth dimensional being.  I also heard that I was in the third level of the 16th level of the fifth dimension up until mid-January 2015.  Then starting in mid-January 2015 I telepathically heard numerous times that I was on the 16th level after making some extraordinary shifts in accepting my life purpose from mid December 2014 to mid-January 2015. I also have heard that I am a star seed, an Arcturian, a “hybrid”, ”genetically modified” and a transient.  I heard that I had been “rescued” and “restored”, and that I am in the “witness protection program.”  In 2014 I received about four clairvoyant images of the fictional character Frankenstein, where he was laying on the treatment table while the eccentric scientist was rebuilding him.  It was my Guides’ way of providing me this literary allusion, showing me that I had been rebuilt like Frankenstein.  I heard telepathically that I operate on multiple frequencies.”   This combination of factors and my “alien nature” explains the psychic activity I have experienced in my day–to-day life and during my sleep state and in altered states of consciousness.

I have been guided to share my experiences, which I do here in this blog.  I am a psychic life adviser, providing life wisdom from beyond.  I do this through direct voice, Tarot and oracle card readings.  I have received channeled information from various beings of light of love, who exist in other dimensions, on various topics to help humanity, that I share on this blog as well.

To learn more about my background, please see:

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