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5/30/13 Healing: Energy Work: Lucid State: Guided by the Angels for Human Remote Healing

by | May 30, 2013 | Energy Work, Healing Energy


Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have had some amazing psychic experiences in regards to healings.  I started this blog as I was guided to share my experiences with others.   I am a Reiki Master, have taken classes in Theta-healing and am certified in basic Neuro-linguistic programming.  I participate in healing circles, give private healing sessions and do remote healings on both animals and humans.  Since February 2013 I have telepathically heard that I am a fifth dimensional being.   I also have heard that I am a star seed.   

I want to share the following recent amazing experience, where I was guided to perform remote healing session to someone I met in a class.

I want to share this to teach the following:

-How our guides, including angels are working with light workers to perform “service” and act as a conduit for healing energies & that we may not even be aware of how it all works on a conscious level!

– To be aware of yourself during the day and when you experience empathic sensations and feel other people’s physical discomfort, that this may be there for you to help others, energetically

– The ability to receiving telepathic information through clairvoyant images or telepathic communication if you are in an open, receptive state

– The power of energy with intention and to able to use it in healings, including remote healings

Please know that I act only as healing conduit for the universal healing energies to flow through me.   Ultimately, all healing is self-healing.

Please note when I refer to 3-D below, I mean life in the third dimension, which means Earth.  Because I travel interdimensionally frequently in out-of-body experiences in an altered state of consciousness and also in a lucid, active state during the day, I make this differentiation.

Please read the commentary at the end as it provides supplemental information for understanding.

Please share your own healing experiences.  I would love to hear about it.

Please share with others who may be interested!




In May 2013, I went to a study group I regularly attend.  We had a guest instructor visiting from out-of-state.  For purposes of this sharing, I will refer to him as Ted, to preserve his anonymity.  He was a man in his 50s and a slender build.  He sat down in a chair in the circle.  He was wearing knee length shorts.  Immediately, I noticed that his ankles and feet were a different color than the rest of his legs.  They looked purplish.  The rest of his legs were very fair.  I thought that maybe the dim lighting in the room was creating this color difference.  I don’t think it was. 

I don’t know why but this color difference really bothered me.  I was getting agitated.  This was unusual for me.  I also felt like I was him, sitting in the chair and had the sensation that I had hemorrhoids, which I don’t have.  It was almost like I was feeling his bodily sensations!  For most of the class, I was agitated and could not stop looking at his ankles and feet.  For some reason, I was getting very disconcerted by this part of his physical anatomy.  At one point during the class, I did send him some light and love but it wasn’t well-focused, and I was distracted.

I used my mind “self-talk” to attempt to draw my attention away and tried to focus on the inspirational course content.   The class content was very good, and Ted was a good speaker. I told myself that I could rise above this, that there was no need for me to be this sensitive.   I believe I have the power to overcome this.  This was the first time, I have been this aware of another person’s physical body.  Maybe, it was the extended amount of time –about two hours, that I was sitting in that space in close proximity to him, that exasperated my feelings.

On the way home, driving in the car, the word “purpora” drifted in my mind.  I found out later through Google research that it is a medical condition, which means hemorrhage (bleeding) into the surface of the skin.

The next night at about 10:20 p.m., I lay in bed, reading a spiritual book.  It was a quiet night, and I was very relaxed.  I was very happy to be enjoying this peaceful time in reading a book.  Out of nowhere, flashed a clairvoyant image of my instructor, Ted, from the day before.  I saw it immediately.  I put down the book.  Telepathically, I said “Ok, you have my attention.  I know this image came in for a reason.”  I asked my angels “ Does he need healing?  Do you want me to send him light and love?”  I received a cognitive knowingness that was the case.  (Note: I have done this type of healing exercise where I  send someone energy based on receiving an image of them before sleep.  I always verify with the angels or their higher self that indeed, healing is asked for.  I do not want to invade any one’s privacy, interfere with any one’s karma,  and I respect the laws of cause and effect.   These type of cases, which are I am sent images or names of people to heal or spirits to crossover occurs infrequently, a few times a month, but nevertheless, does happen.  You can say these are my light worker assignments!  In the 3-D I am a Reiki Master and often send my loved ones and friends energy for healing remotely if they ask me to do this or I know they are not feeling well).

Creating the Energetic Blueprint for Healing

After realizing what I needed to do, I kicked into gear.  I opened my heart chakra in love for Ted.  I sent love to Ted my heart and imagined him, bathed in white light, with him wearing a beautiful smile.    I asked for this healing to be done for his highest good and the highest good of all concerned.  I held this image of him bathed in the white light and him smiling for a few seconds.  This is a very common technique that I use to send energy for healing.  It developed it intuitively over a few remote healing sessions.  When I would start healing sessions, automatically a clairvoyant image of the client would come in bathed in a bright white light and with them smiling from cheek to cheek.  Sometimes, the client appears when they were younger,  when they were were a happy child.  I call it healing through the creation of an energetic blueprint for energetic wellness.

I sensed a paternal energy around him.  Clairvoyantly, I saw a male father figure standing behind him with both his hands on Ted’s shoulders.  I heard his name.  I sensed it was Ted’s father in spirit.  In my experiences, this was not unusual for the client’s loved one in spirit to make an appearance during a remote healing session.

The word “purpora” floated in and out of mind a few times.  Then, automatically & spontaneously, using my visualization and clairsentience, I started energetically scanning Ted,  from his head down to his feet.  To be honest, I don’t even know why I did this!  This was not my usual healing technique.  Looking back at this, I feel the Angels were guiding me, intuitively. 

 Making Energetic Passes

As I scanned Ted from his head down to his calves in my mind, I felt strong energy flow.  However when I approached his ankles, it was like the energy disappeared!  In both of his legs it was like that!  There was no energy flow from his ankles to his feet.  This took me by surprise, since his energy flow was strong up until his ankles.

Again, I started back from his head and scanned him to his feet.  I again, felt like the energy flow was stopped at his ankles.  I did this again one more time from head to his ankles.  For some reason, I was persistent.  I knew I had to reconnect the energy flow to his feet.  Starting from his head, I again made an energetic pass from his head and then when I came to his ankles, this time I used some force at both his ankles to break the “obstruction” and felt a trickle of energy now flowing to his feet.

 I went back to his head, and made another energetic pass down to his ankles.  Again, using some force with my intention at his ankles, I created a bigger opening.  I sensed the energy flowing into his ankles, now in a stream.  I did these passes two more times and with each pass, I sensed stronger energetic flow to his feet.  The last pass, I felt it was a fluid, healthy flow.  Telepathically, I heard “He feels better now.”

Commentary:  Know that I had a very vague idea of what “purpora” meant before this event, but I did have to Google it after this healing to verify its definition.

 I did not attempt to make contact with Ted after this remote healing to verify any of this.  He has only met me once as a student in the one class.  I did not feel comfortable tracking down his email address and sharing what I had experienced.   It could be potentially embarrassing to him.  In fact, it was not important to me to receive validation. Receiving validation is an ego-based mechanism and implies insecurity and questioning.  In addition, energy work is often done on the etheric energetic layers of the person, and the person may not be cognizant of his/her conditions or not yet have physical manifestations of their health condition yet.  It is important for light workers to have faith and conviction in their efforts, especially when it is delivered by the Angels, or other divine guidance.   Maybe in the future, if Ted and I meet in the physical again, I will ask him if he happens to know someone by the name, which I heard telepathically and which I understood to be that of his father in spirit.


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