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All I have to say is “Wow!”. I want to share these numerous unique heightened experiences I had of psychic activity in different forms on 4/12/18 Wednesday before sleep at about 10:30 p.m. I wanted to blog quickly about this to share with others how you can receive psychic information. It is fascinating stuff!
I know what I share may be unbelievable. It is genuine and authentic. Ever since my spiritual awakening in 2009 what I thought was real many times was an Illusion (i.e. status, prestige, my ideas of success, etc…) and what I thought was fantasy turned out to be real (i.e. angels, other dimensions, extraterrestrials, communicating with Spirit, etc…).
After my awakening, my world turned upside down and inside out. It has been quite a journey. It led me to make a career change from accounting work, which I have in Master’s degree in and a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), to become a spiritual teacher, writer and founder of Soul Evolution Center, whose mission is to help you evolve into your best life. What a switcheroo!
This evening of 4/12/18 I received the full shebang of psychic experiences! Ha! Good thing I have had enough psychic phenomena over the past nine years to handle it.  What happened this night was a rare occurrence. This level of psychic intensity only happens to me maybe once or twice a year to give you an idea of how rare it is.
I know some may get totally turned off by what I share. Some may even think I am possessed by the devil and engaging in dark magic or witchcraft. I assure you, it is not that.
Astrological Age of Aquarius
It is this: In this current Age of Aquarius we are in, more and more people will be activating and tapping into their psychic senses as they spiritually awaken. So what I share below will be more common place for many as one raises their consciousness and therefore their inner vibration.
Telepathically, many times I have heard “You are an early riser” and “You are part of the New World.” I have heard this often enough clearly not to doubt it.  Therefore, what I am experiencing now with these psychic experiences  and attempting to understand, know and become more adept at, many others will be coming into this fold of their innate gifts in the upcoming years.
I share mine so you can learn and not freak out and be utterly confused like I was when it first happened to me and has continued on to this day. That is one of my roles on Earth, to share, disseminate and teach others to help pave the way for their understanding and hopefully to raise consciousnesses.
My first e-book Aristotle’s Teachings for the New Age, a Series of Channelings” is all about the Age of Aquarius and the changes to take place across the globe. These are actually realignments and rebalancings. You can download this book  for free in many reading formats at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/575068 .
Astrological Influence of the Moon That Night
I would love to have these type of strong psychic experiences that I experienced on 4/12/18 every night! I felt that the moon being in the astrological sign of Pisces may have helped promote my psychic receptivity that night. Pisces is a water sign and the most mystical and intuitive sign of the zodiac. I am a Cancer water sign. The planetary ruler of Cancer is the moon. So, I am especially sensitive to changes in the moon which may explain why I was in hyper psychic mode that night.
Please see the end of this blog post to learn more about me.
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4/12/18 10:35 p.m. Astrological Positions: Sun in Aries. Moon in Pisces. Waning Crescent Moon.
The following psychic activities I chronicle below all happened when my eyes were closed before going to sleep for the night.
Heightened Telepathy. I received enhanced telepathy, which is a form of clairaudiency, the psychic sense of hearing. 90% of the telepathy I usually receive is in my own thought voice. But this time some of the clairaudiency were real voices, with specific pitch, tones and speaking styles! As soon as I closed my eyes, this vivid clairaudiency kicked int. Immediately, I knew I was in a heightened state of psychic receptivity.
Clairvoyancy. Clairvoyancy is the psychic sense of seeing. It is associated with your Third Eye chakra. The clairvoyancy I received consisted of both static images and moving visions inside my head with my eyes closed.
To learn more about the Third Eye and activity within in it, please see my earlier blog post:
Straddling Alternate Dimensional Realms in Your Third Eye. In addition, this night the clairvoyancy took an accelerated form. I felt like I was straddling different dimensional realms, the earthly plane as I lay in bed and the dimensional realm with people I was seeing in my Third Eye chakra. If you ever had this experience, you will know how surreal it is.
Because I am very much alert and lucid in an awakened state though my eyes are closed, when I experience this, I truly know other dimensional planes outside of the Earthly plane exist. Who are these unfamiliar people I am seeing in my Third Eye who seem to be looking right at me, talking to me and engaging with me?
I would love to experience this in meditations but unfortunately, it has only occurred infrequently and only before sleeping for the night.
Mini Semi-Trance Channeling. And to top it off this night, a Being blended in my energy field in a quick, short attempt to express himself through me! I knew it was a male Being but I am not sure who exactly came through me. I know that may be surprising that I did not know what Being it was. Welcome to Katibe’s World!
Was it Mr. Edgar Cayce, the famous psychic in spirit who I have telepathically channeled before for clients’ readings in the past, or was it Dr. Marcel Vogel, a metaphysical inventor in-spirit, whose unique work on programming crystals my husband has used?
The semi-trance connection was too short for me to differentiate and I did not receive any other supporting psychic information to clarify who the Being was. Sigh!
Trance Channeling – Trance channeling is one of the most complex, intense types of channeling to receive psychic information from Beings in other dimensional frequencies. There are different levels of trance channeling as well, ranging from a light trance to a deep, full trance. In trance channeling the channeler goes into a deeper state of consciousness to directly channel a Light Being.
The Being blends with the energetic field of the channeler, using the physical system of the channeler including their larynx, vocal chords, voice box, diaphragm, and possibly other body areas as well like their fingers, arms, legs, head, and neck as well. In a deep trance, the channeler is unconscious during these proceedings.
With trance channeling, the Light Being is able to manipulate to control parts of the channeler’s physical system. It is more than just a telepathic form of channeling but may include this as well.
To learn more about trance channeling, please see my earlier blog post: http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/5415-important-info-about-trance-channeling/
I describe my night-time routine preceding as a lead in to the circumstances which may have contributed to the intensity of psychic information I received before sleep that night:
My Nighttime Routine
On 4/12/18 I went to bed at 10:30 p.m. I had gotten a few hours of writing in on my log and my second book on Emotional Healing through Spiritual Awakening. I also had worked out with weights that day, showered before bed and hunkered down with a good nonfiction read for the evening. This was my idea of a perfect night.
For 2.5 hours, I reread the first 50 pages of the eBook “How to Become Strong Enough to Love” by Margaret Paul, Ph.D. right before bed. I am getting a lot out of reading it the second time. I’m thinking I should read it a third time as well. So glad I am rereading it! Thank-you, Universe, for guiding me toward that!
How it Started
At 10:35 p.m. I went to bed. As soon as I closed my eyes, I started telepathically hearing three different people talking sequentially. One was a man. I could hear his voice tones. It wasn’t in my own thought voice like it usually is. I couldn’t retain what they were saying. It did not make any sense to me. It was like I was eavesdropping on a conversation.
I knew right way then this evening before bed was different. It was a rare occasion of heightened Third Eye chakra activity.
Asking the Universe for Help in Recall
I asked the Universe to help me remember everything I experienced so I could chronicle it the next day as accurately as possible. I did not want to journal at the time it was occurring because I would totally break the momentum and interrupt my psychic reception.
Retention of specific words and sentences was difficult because the clairaudiency was jumping and moving to the next statement or phrase very quickly.
Straddling Dimensions
Then I received a strong clairvoyant vision. It was not just an image but a vision because it was in motion. I saw a young man in my Third Eye about seventeen years old. He was with two other women. The woman was extending her hand out to me for me to shake it. I knew they could see me. I asked them telepathically who they were but received no response back. Then the scene stopped and jumped.
Hearing The View Cohosts Telepathically
I received some more strong telepathic words in actual voices. I heard Meghan McCain, a cohost from the daily weekday show “The View” that I watch and record. This is one of my favorite shows. I love it because I feel it is intellectually stimulating with discussions on current events and also funny.
I recognized Meghan’s voice immediately. I was like “Why am I hearing her so clearly?” I think the only thing I can recall her saying was something about being sick. I thought maybe a level of her consciousness wanted to tell me something which is why I was psychically connecting with her in this way but that wasn’t it.
Then I heard Whoopi Goldberg’s actual voice and then Joy Behar’s. These are the other two female co-hosts of the show. I didn’t see them clairvoyantly but distinctly heard them. I could not recall the exact topic of their conversation when I chronicled this in the late morning the next day.
I thought they must be having a panel discussion like they do on their show but this time it was on another dimensional plane. As above, so below, the well-known hermetic principle is applicable here.
The First Clairvoyant Image of a Friend, Lisa
Then, I telepathically heard the name of someone I reconnected with recently. I will call her Lisa. I heard “Grateful…”
Let me give you some background on this. Lisa had reached out to me through social media a few weeks ago because she was depressed and said she was all alone. She must have reached out to me because she was a little familiar with the type of spiritual of metaphysical work I do. Prior to this point we had no connection other than she had attended a lecture I gave in South Florida in January of 2016. Prior. Out of compassion for her, I invited her out in the last two weeks to social events to get her out of the house. I felt she needed to do that. We had a good time together.
I guess my good deed hit the Universe radar the night of 4/12/18 with me receiving the telepathic words that she was grateful.  I love when I receive validation. I know in my heart I did a good thing out of kindness by talking to her on the phone for an hour, inviting her out on two occasions including driving her to the venue at one occasion and picking up the tab for parking garage fees. I did this without expectation of anything from her in return. I felt guided to help her and so I did. I knew I was called to duty in this way.
Then I heard telepathically in my own thought voice “She is Jewish.” That is correct. Lisa is Jewish but that is inconsequential to me but whoever this Being was that was commenting on it telepathically to me wanted to stress that fact about her. Kind of strange!
I have no prejudices against Jewish people. People are people. I aspire to treat everyone with compassion and fairly regardless of color, creed, ethnicity or religion. It is always fascinating to see what the Universe chooses to impart to me psychically. Many times, I feel it is a giant riddle or puzzle for me to figure out! Sometimes, it is just plain odd!
Prior Telepathic Information About Me Being Jewish
I will share some correlating information about hearing telepathically the word “Jewish.” About a week ago, I heard “You are Jewish,” telepathically. Also, on Easter morning of this year, when I woke up I heard telepathically in my own thought voice “You are Jewish.”
I am not Jewish in this lifetime. I was born in Turkey to parents of Moslem background. Currently, I do not practice the Moslem faith and consider myself non-denominational and more New-Age than anything. I am definitely not practicing the Jewish faith in this lifetime!
In the past few years, I have received clairvoyant images and psychic sensingness I was with Jesus. Also, I have heard I walked in the desert. When I developed plantar fasciitis about three years ago, I telepathically  heard it was because I walked in the desert! I have not walked in any deserts in this lifetime yet. So, I feel that in past lifetime(s), I probably was Jewish and maybe was involved in the Exodus across the desert. I think that energetic imprint of me being Jewish in past lifetime(s) must be very strong for the Universe to bring it up to me again like a reminder now telepathically.
Honoring Telepathic Information
Each morsel of telepathic information I receive, I do attempt to decipher its import. I know it takes a lot of effort and “ingenuity” to send and receive telepathic information, so I want to value it.
About the Florida Town I Moved To
It’s a synchronicity because when my husband and I moved to South Florida about ten years ago from the Northeast, we settled in a town that has a high percentage of Jewish people. Now, with this recent information reiterated to me psychically about me being Jewish, I feel it was the Law of Attraction that bought my husband and I to this town. I love the town we live in. It is beautiful, well-maintained and very clean.
My Guest
I asked the Being who was delivering the telepathic information to me “Please identify yourself. Who are you?” I wanted to know who it was that was making these observations about my friend to me. I did not receive an answer. I asked twice during this entire psychic interaction that night before sleep for the Being to identify themselves. After a short delay, I did telepathically hear “Your guest.” This is the first time, a “guest” has ever come forth this way to me telepathically.
Let me explain this further. For the past few years, I have been telepathically hearing I have “guests” and that there are “8 many.” So over time, I have gleamed and developed this theory that I have eight other consciousnesses blended in my energy field who are observing human behavior on Earth right now through my eyes. I feel they are invisible scientists, sociologists, psychologists, etc… I’m telepathically hearing it was a “pre-arrangement,” probably pre-incarnation. The term “guest” is significant as it denotes they are not intruders or invaders. That provides me with some comfort! Phew! I know this sounds way out there.
Correlation to the Movie “Cloud Atlas”
I highly recommend you see the 2012 movie “Cloud Atlas” starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry. It showed how everything is connected, past, present and future. In one segment it showed how other high evolutionary beings go to primitive societies to help and observe them but not interfere.  I think this is exactly what it happening with my guests blending into my energy field to observe the behaviors, socieconomics, politics, etc… on Earth.
My Guests Followings Politics
With President Trump being elected in 2016, I started hearing these random words telepathically during the day about his presidency from time to time like “the investigation… Congress…Wiki leaks….” On 4/14/18 I  heard “Andrew McCabe” out of the blue during the day.  He is the Former FBI Deputy Director recently fired by the Justice Department’ two days before his retirement. It is because I receive such telepathic cues, spontaneously and randomly,  that I feel some of these Beings in my energy field are following current U.S. politics!
When I listen, watch or read the news, I sense “my guests” are very intrigued and curious by it in the background of my mind. Unusual, is it not?
Telepathic Information Jumping Around
This night it seemed like every other telepathic phrase I received was from another source. There was no continuity, coherence or logical streaming. It is like turning the station dial on a radio quickly and hearing quick snippets of random information every two or three seconds as the channels change. That is why it was hard for me to retain it and tell you exactly what I heard.
Challenges of Receiving Telepathy on Earth
As a human you can get frustrated with this when you are hearing telepathic information in this way. It is already a challenge to receive telepathy for the following reasons:
1) First of all, when you receive telepathic information you cannot see who is talking to you unless you receiving supporting clairvoyant images or visions at the same time of the Being who is expressing to you. Most of the time, I do not receive this type of supporting clairvoyancy. The words are is just coming into your head with no correlating pictures. For me as I stated earlier, 95% of the time, it is in my own thought voice, not in the Being’s voice. Receiving telepathy is just very different because this is not the way most human beings have been raised to communicate with each other!
I have gotten used to receiving telepathic information in the past nine years since my awakening. I had no choice. It was a spontaneous occurrence that initiated when I raised my consciousness in 2009.
2) Many times the telepathy does not come in a loud volume. Sometimes, it sounds like a soft whisper in your head.
At these times, I tell the Universe telepathically “Please turn up the volume. I cannot hear your clearly.” Then I will send the Universe a clairvoyant image of a giant human ear to let them know I can’t hear them. I also send them a volume meter and show them to turn the dial up! Ha! I figure if the Universe can send me clairvoyant images and visions, I could send them back such things as well. A picture is worth a thousand words!
To be honest, most of the time, the Universe does not honor my request to turn up the telepathy volume. Sigh!
Then I ask the Universe: “What can I do to receive this telepathy more clearly?” I want to be responsible for my part in all of this. At times, I have tried to raise my inner vibration by opening up my heart chakra in love and feeling peace. These are high vibrational feelings which I hope would raise my telepathy antenna for improved receptivity. But again, in honesty, the many times I have applied this, the telepathy stayed at the same low abysmal volume. In my book, I get a few points for trying these tactics! “A” for effort!
3) As I stated earlier another challenge with telepathy for me has been the telepathy jumps around. The analogy I used earlier with the radio is perfect and the best way for me to explain it. It is like turning the station dial on a radio quickly and hearing quick snippets of random information every two or three seconds as the radio channels change. That is why it was hard for me to retain the telepathy and tell you exactly what I heard.
How Humans Process Communication
Most human beings prefer linear, organized streams of language, sequenced properly for our mental comprehension and brain processing. This is how we write and how we speak to each other on Earth. We don’t say one sentence and then randomly flip the subject to a whole another topic and then say another sentence. Then flip to a whole other topic in the following sentence.
If we talked like that, we would be diagnosed with some sort of psychological disorder. But this is exactly the way I receive my telepathy at times. So you can see how it can be confusing! I am still experimenting with how to maneuver through this telepathy discombobulation!
The Practice of Increasing My Vibration
One of my ongoing practices is to consistently work on raising my inner vibration every day through emotional maturity, emotional balance and transcendence including forgiveness, nonjudgement, etc… I figure if I can raise my vibration in increments, I will develop the ability to receive clearer telepathy. But in addition, the bigger payoff, the True Goal in raising my vibration is that I am just happier, more at peace and emotionally resilient in my daily life. THAT IS A HUGE BENEFIT AND THAT IS MY SOUL EVOLVING! AMEN TO THAT!
Besides raising my inner vibration, there has to be another solution or a workaround to increasing my telepathic abilities! I just haven’t found it yet!
Any suggestions from my reading audience?
My Soul Lesson of Being a Test Subject in Psychic Training
In early 2018 I started receiving a type of psychic download, where I felt that learning how to navigate and handle myself in these type of hyperstimulating environments of psychic activity with the telepathy jumping around and not matching the clairvoyancy I was receiving was good training for me. The psychic downloads imparted to me that I needed to learn how to keep my emotional center to navigate in this type of heightened psychic environment
I am thankful the Universe downloaded this guidance to me as to how I should approach, perceive and maneuver effectively through the onslaught of discordant psychic information I receive from time to time. I am a lot more mature and calm in these type of circumstances, now. Instead of feeling sensory overwhelment, I attempt to learn how to adeptly maneuver through this psychic training ground. You can compare it to being a soldier in a war environment. You need to keep your focus on your objective even with the bombs, artillery fire and other physical and sound chaos going on around you.
Therefore, I have learned to release and detach from this expectation of wanting the telepathy spoon fed to me like a real-life conversation, perfectly neat, organized and coherent. I need to practice becoming more adept at managing the delivery of psychic information in this non-linear form.
I feel being a test subject could be one component of my soul contract. When I incarnated on Earth during this time, I must have agreed to voluntarily participant in this experiment as a human to see how a human being processes such psychic discordance when you receive it lucidly. The Universe is testing this bombardment of psychic activity on me  so when humanity is ready to receive their full-blown psychic senses they will be ready.
My OBEs that Substantiate I am a Test Subject of Sorts
I have had many out-of-body experiences since 2009 where I have been a test pilot or agent or a laboratory mouse of sorts undergoing experimental trials. At times during these OBEs, I can see the scientists in the background monitoring me in their white lab coats or even speaking to me through an ear piece and assessing my nervous system responses.
HELPFUL TIP FOR YOU: I would recommend the same tactics of keeping calm and doing your best to focus on one specific aspect of what you are viewing or hearing if you feeling overwhelmed with psychic information coming in different forms quickly, telepathically and visually and with the sound not matching the pictures. I want to save you the grief and struggles I had because I was ignorant and misunderstanding of these paranormal processes.
Back to the time before sleep when I was receiving heightened telepathic audio and clairvoyance:
Asking for Psychic Protection
I asked Archangel Michael and the Angel Sentinels to protect me and the space I was in because I felt like the telepathy was jumping or changing from every line. I did not want a dark entity to get access into my mind. I did not receive a response back from the Angels but I do trust they were there.
The Gatekeeper Guide
Then I asked my Gatekeeper guide “Gatekeeper, please do your job to ensure only high frequency Beings enter my telepathy range.” I did not receive a response back from my Gatekeeper on this. I know I have Gatekeeper(s). I don’t know their specific names and to date have not received clairvoyant images of them. However, I feel like there are a few of them, like three to four men sitting in a small control room and just monitoring the going ins and outs of my energy field on small screens in front of them. And now I am hearing telepathically as I write this they are “doing some vetting.”
The Gatekeeper guide is a known type of guide in the field of metaphysics we all are supposed to have for our security. In addition, as part of our etheric team of guides, metaphysics teaches we have a Master Teacher guide, Doctor guide, etc…
Importance of Detachment from Psychic Expectation
This is not unusual not to receive telepathic answers back to my questions or comments. I have gotten used to this since my spiritual awakening in 2009. But I keep trying and just detach emotionally if I don’t receive a conscious remark back.
It has been like this for years. I used to get so frustrated, angry and low vibrational that my Guides were not cooperating with me and not sending me clear, audible telepathic information to help me understand what I was hearing. I thought they were being mean and uncompassionate.
I am in year 9 of my spiritual awakening. At about year 5 or so, I started to calm down and just let go of expecting to receive any explanatory information back when I asked telepathically questions to the Universe. I am so glad I learned to do this. As I am typing this, I’m telepathically hearing I “adapted.”
The Second Clairvoyant Image of a Friend, Sandi
Back to the time before sleep when I was receiving heightened telepathic audio and clairvoyance:
Then I received a large headshot of one of my friends. I will call her Sandi. We are not close friends by any means. We see each other every few months and only in the last year have we renewed our friendship because I felt guided to do so. In the past five years I have known her, we have gotten together about five times. I always reach out to her first and it is always for a social outing. We do not email, text or communicate to each other in the interim. This is to give you an idea of the frequency of our contact and the superficial nature of our relationship. When we do see each other, I always have a good time and enjoy being with her. She has a spiritual practice she follows and which I resonate with.
The Importance of Being Impeccable with Your Word
I have been slightly concerned about her in the past three weeks because three times we made plans which I initiated to get together and last-minute. Each time, unexpectedly,  she backed out without a reason and last-minute.
Because of this, I have been pondering whether to change our friendship status because she does not have the same values as I do in regard to common courtesy.  At the same time I was having thoughts to reach out to her and ask her if she was okay because she was acting so erratically. As I stated earlier, this was not a deep friendship. Our relationship is still very new and is not a tried and true friendship.
In the past, I would have gotten angry at someone for inconsiderateness, especially a so-called “friend.” This time, I observed her behavior, accepted it, noted it and did not get angry or frustrated. If anything, I was confused about her actions. I could tell by the lack of my emotional reactivity, I have made great strides in the mastery of my emotions. In the  past, that would have been an emotional trigger for me.
The wonderful book “The Four Agreements” by Don Ruiz  has an agreement “Be impeccable with your word. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. I attempt to be impeccable and have integrity with my word. I was raised this way.  If I tell someone I will do something or go somewhere, I do my best to honor it or give them enough advance notice if I can’t. I My motto is to under promise and over deliver. That is always a nice surprise to the person on the receiving end.
I never over promise and under deliver as I have experienced that first hand. That is just feeling the air being release from your balloon. As much as possible, I do not commit to someone off the cuff. If I don’t think I can keep a promise, I don’t make it. I just keep quiet. I have witnessed too many people bluster, talk big, make plans and promise someone the moon and then not follow through. The ball would get dropped or the ball wouldn’t even be picked up to be dropped. In situations like this, the other party involved will just get hurt and disappointed. Also, after more occurrences of that, one may not believe anything you say.  That is just obvious to me. So then why do so many people not keep their word when they know they are going to be disappointing people?
Because I strive to have integrity with my word and have been like that for as long as I can remember, that is the way I am, I expect others to extend the same courtesy to me. I am not saying I did not have a few lapses over the years but those are far and few in between. Being reliable, dependable and considerate are all aspects of kindness and compassion. These are all high evolutionary divine traits and a marker of how spiritual evolved one is.  This is a major them of my upcoming second book on Emotional Healing through Spiritual Awakening.
I don’t feel it is asking for too much from people or being unreasonable to expect people to honor their words or promises and to give you timely notice when possible when extenuating circumstances came up or if they are running late.  That is good manners.
In the past I would have labeled such behavior from a friend disrespectful and even rude for late cancelling more than once if it were not an emergency. But because I aspire toward emotional mastery, I have been working daily on becoming more compassionate, less judgmental and viewing people events through another lens, the one of love and kindness. I am getting into the pattern of asking “How can I help them?” instead of judging them.
This time as I pondered my friend’s erratic behaviors and inability to keep her word recently, I felt she was sending out “a cry for love.”  That is a phrase from A Course in Miracles. She was not able to communicate to me clearly and honesty and just say “Look, Katibe. I am having some challenges in my life right now so I am unable to keep my commitments. ” Instead, she chooses these low vibrational behavioral responses of saying yes to an outing and then backtracking in silence.  Proper communications would alleviate so many of the misunderstandings human beings carry.
My Authentic Feelings
I haven’t reached out to her to help her but hope to in the near future. Maybe receiving this spontaneous, honking large clairvoyant image of her before bed in my Third Eye was a tickler for me to do so. Is it time for me to be the big person and extend my hand out to her? My ego would respond by saying she should be the one reaching out to me as she was the one who did not keep her word. I know that is just being petty on my part. I like to share authentically as I am an evolving soul like everyone else on this planet and am learning along side every one else to be more and more an expressed Being of Love.
It is so important not to deny your emotions, repress them and pretend you are not feeling them. That just leads to trouble including emotional eruptions at a future date. I am sharing how I process certain life events so you can learn alongside me.
It just seems like I am always the one making this endeavor forth for unity and understanding.  I know it is one of my roles to be that emotionally mature, that is part of my soul contract, but sometimes, I just get tired of it.
I will continue to tune into myself.  When I am in a better frame of mind and when I feel guided by the Universe, I will reach out to her with gentleness and compassion rather than being accusing and antagonizing. I am not there yet and I don’t sense the energy for these type of actions at this time. I don’t sense it is the right time. Maybe I will have an OBE, experience a related synchronicity or just intuitively know when the time is right to proceed.  Right now, I don’t feel a rush to action from the Universe. I can “abide” my time.
Chronological Age vs. Emotional Maturity
Many of my friends and people I know are older than me, in their sixties and seventies. Sometimes, I am like you haven’t learned that yet? You are still walking around your life with that specific emotionally immature attitude? This clearly show to me why these people are not in healthy, thriving relationships. It is understandable to me when people are in their teens, twenties and even thirties but at some point, you think they would have learned some important soul lessons. It is very evident to me that some people have not as they approach their senior years. Therein lies my work and the work of many other light workers. It is never too late to emotionally heal.
I know this may sound judgmental but it is an observation correlating the quality of people’s’ lives and relationships to their actions and behaviors and ultimately their underlying thoughts.
We are all children in the eyes of Source. But almost every week, I am surprised by some of the words and immature behaviors of those who are chronologically older than me. Then I see how much work the light workers on this planet have and how we cannot live in Utopia till many emotionally heal.
I know I have gone on at length about this but the clairvoyant image of Sandi I received out of the blue initiated this introspection. Maybe that was the intention behind it. The Universe delivered this purposefully for me to have this revelatory introspection and share it with the masses.
Receiving Images of Your Soul Tribe. I feel both these women, Lisa and Sandi, are in my soul tribe. That is why I received these clear clairvoyant images of them that night. It must be significant to me. Of all the images for the Universe to send me, I received these.
Feeling Like I Could Trance Channel. After receiving these clairvoyant images of my two friends, I felt a Being wanted to come through me in bed. I actually uttered a sound or two out loud and said “You could…”. Those were the Being’s words through my vocal chords.
My head spontaneously moved back and forth one time in a funny way. Also, my pointing finger on my right hand  lifted up spontaneously and then right back down. These are some of the cues for me that a Being is blending in my energy field.
(To learn more about trance channeling, please see my blog post: http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/5415-important-info-about-trance-channeling/)
The thing is the Being that was attempting to come through had nothing to do with the telepathy I was receiving at the time or the clairvoyance I was seeing. In addition, my body was twitching in a funny way, I felt energy at the throat and two strong energy waves around my head. Do you see how overwhelming this can be to someone? It is a lot for someone to handle. Seeing, hearing and sensing three different streams of psychic information at the same time and all of it not matching up.
In My Psychic Utopia World
In my psychic utopia world, I would receive an announcement telepathically first introducing a Being was coming through me i.e. “Mr. Edgar Cayce is going to come through you now.” Then I would receive a clear, clairvoyant image of him as support. Then he would express himself using my voice. See how smooth that would be? How loving and compassionate that would be to the channeler?
But instead I am hearing a random voice talking telepathically, then seeing other non-related clairvoyant images as my body is doing funny things!
Me, oh my! I signed up for this as part of my soul lesson to be a psychic test subject  so I need to pull up my big girl britches, roll up my sleeves and roll with it!
Helpful Tip On Receiving Psychic Information: I share this to show you all the forms and ways you may receive psychic information and how it may not be so clear-cut for some. Other psychics may share different guidance. I am speaking straight from my own direct experiences. I may be unique in what I receive psychically and the way I receive it due to my own unique soul contract.
Please share any relevant experiences by commenting below. I would love to read them!


Know I am the only editor of this post so please excuse any grammatical or editing errors. Because I gift this as a free resource for my readers as part of my soul’s service during this incarnation, I do not pay anyone to help me with the editing. Also, most of the time I just want to get this knowledge posted and out to the public so I do just a few editing passes. But gosh darn it even after proofing it a few times, there always seems to be some typos I overlooked! I know distribution of these sharings is important and my etheric Guides do not want me to spend excessive time and effort on being an editing perfectionist.
Thank-you in advance for your understanding and please forgive me for any errors you may encounter!


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I had a spiritual awakening in 2009.  I realized I was a spiritual being in a physical body for my highest spiritual evolution to becoming an expressed Divine Being in physical form.  Because of this increased level of consciousness, my psychic centers and specific chakras like my Third Eye and Crown Chakra were activated.  I developed heightened extrasensory perceptions such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and the ability to receive some information telepathically. Telepathy is a form of clairaudience, the psychic sense of hearing.
Because of my awakening my dream time also changed dramatically.  As a result I became a lucid dreamer. I have blogged about and shared videos of some of my more extraordinary OBEs.
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