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Intuitive Manifestation: Manifesting Abundance with Our Spiritual Gifts

by | Apr 24, 2015 | Manifestation

Manifesting Abundance with Our Spiritual Gifts
Intuitive Manifestation
Human beings have the ability to manifest for themselves on the planet Earth. This is part of our endowment. Manifestation is based on purity of intention and energy principles.  Your Higher Self is a crucial part of this manifestation process. It is an important guide and connection.  It is your authentic, all knowing, and complete self. Access to it resides within yourself, and you do have the ability to connect with it.  It speaks to you through your intuition, a wonderful spiritual gift.
About Your Higher Self
Your Higher Self is the real you, your total soul consciousness that transverses current, past, and future lifetimes.  The Higher Self knows your spiritual contract, which is the life plan you made for yourself and agreed to before you incarnated on this earthly plane. It has the guidelines for your unique life as well as all your other lives.  The you that is living here now on Earth is just a single expression, one of many, of the consciousness of your Higher Self.  It is one of many projections of the Higher Self.  You are a multi-dimensional being and exist on many other levels of frequency or dimensions as well.
Your Higher Self is the most complete, all knowing &  transcendental you. It has purity & clarity of vision.  It is not obstructed by the veil that shrouds us when we incarnate. This veil causes us to forget where we came from and what we agreed to do.
The most important guide is your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self works with your other guides, your Angels and your own levels of consciousness to align you with your life plan. There are many such guiding forces helping you daily.
Connecting to Your Higher Self for Intuitive Manifestation
To truly manifest requires a connection to your Higher Self and alignment with your life purpose.  This is done through a practice of meditation or inner stillness with intention to connect to your Higher Self.  It may require multiple sessions for you to consciously feel or sense this connection. Be patient and have faith in your efforts.  Trust that even if you do not feel it or are aware of it, your Higher Self is communicating with you.
Your Higher Self talks softs and gently and through your intuition and is not loud like the ego.  In order to hear it clearly, you mind must be very quiet, and you need to put your ego aside.
11 Steps to Intuitive Manifestation for Abundance 

  1. Create the intention for what you to manifest. Make sure it is aligned with your life plan, and NOT YOUR EGO,  by connecting to your Higher Self during meditation.  This is key to ultimate success and fulfillment of your manifestation.
  2. Make sure that what you desire is what you desire on a Higher Self level. Check to make sure it is not what your ego wants, or what others desire for you, like your family members, your spouse, significant people in your life, or society’s indoctrination and conditioning.
  3. Ask your Higher Self and the Universe for continual help, support & guidance throughout your entire manifestation process.  Do this with patience & without frustration.

Make sure that your ego has stepped aside during this exercise and that your intuition is fully engaged. If your ego does the manifestation, you will find that what you desire does not manifest or is disturbingly & surprisingly not what you expected. Or you may find that what you asked for turns out to be disappointing.  This is how you know your manifestation was not in line with your life purpose for this incarnation.

  1. Be specific in what you desire and what your intentions are.  Think big! Write it down in detail. Engage your creativity and make a vision board or sketch or draw it. Make sure your vision is clear so that the Universe can align with it and deliver it to you.
  2. Take your time and be flexible. You may find that you want to tweak or desire changes over time and that is OK!
  3. Visualize what you want to manifest. When you visualize, in as much sensory detail as possible what you desire, this creates its energetic blueprint. Visualize in 3-D using sounds, sights, smells and feelings.
  4. Take intuitive, inspired action & steps. Make your intentions a reality. Bring them into the physical plane. Don’t just be a dreamer.  This is important.  Your actions will help prime and grease the manifestation pump. It also shows to the Universe your commitment and initiative in achieving what you desire.
  5. Continue to tune in and check in daily with your Higher Self & the Universe. This can be done through a practice of meditation. Even short durations of five to 10 minutes a day will be beneficial to be guided to your next step.
  6. Be it, live it. You attract not what you desire but what you are. Because of physics of the way that energy works, you need to be at the level of frequency you desire. This is how the Law of Attraction works.  You attract what you radiate. Your daily & consistent thoughts, beliefs, intentions, words & actions will either help to manifest your desires, neutralize it or weaken it.  Become aware of your thoughts and choose more wisely & deliberately those that will make your manifestation a reality.
  7. Be open to receiving and open-minded in the manner in which the Universe sends it to you. The Universe uses creative and unusual ways at times to help you with your manifestation. Look for synchronicities, which are signs and guideposts for your life. Synchronicities can come in many forms including coincidences, messages from others, words on billboards & song lyrics.
  8. Be patient. It takes time for the energetic vibration of your intended manifestation to resonate throughout the Universe. The energies on the Earth are still relatively dense though this is changing quickly. Time may also be needed for the organizing energy to assimilate and coordinate the necessary people & sequence of events to make your manifestation happen. Depending on the complexity and level of your manifestation, this can be a giant production for the Universe to deliver.

The Vibration of Your Feelings Are Important
Feeling impatient and frustrated are lower vibrational energies and will only detract from strength of your manifestation and act like blocks.  You want to fuel, drive & strengthen your manifestation.  This is done through higher vibrational feelings such as gratitude, hope, faith and trust that your manifestation is well on its way and in the works. If you’re consistently genuinely optimistic & not in a hurry, you’ll manifest at a faster rate because your lower vibrational beliefs & negative daily self-talk aren’t creating resistance to the Universe’s response to fulfill your desires.

Please share with others who may be interested. I would love to hear your feedback and experience with intuitive manifestation.

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