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Out of Body Experience: Adventures-Unusual Dimensional Boat

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Out of Body - Adventure, Out of Body - New or Unusual Plants/Animals/Machines/Vehicles

Welcome, I share an amazing lucid OBE I had on 3/27/18 to show how you can have a non-Earth dimensional adventure. Human beings love to take vacations as a break and reprieve from their day-to-day mundane life. The same occurs when you are in altered state of consciousness, whether it be during a deep meditation or during your sleep state. You want to experience some fun and joy. This OBE illustrates that perfectly. It falls under the category I created of OBEs for Adventure, Fun, Joy and Recreation in my OBE conceptual framework.
I have developed an OBE (out-of-body experience) conceptual framework, including definitions, to help others who are having similar experiences and for people in general to understand this topic and to introduce the concept of our human multidimensionality. Human beings exist on many levels of consciousness. It goes far beyond our conscious and subconscious state.  Within our subconscious state there are multiple tiers of consciousness.
We can experienced this in our altered states of consciousness like in deep meditations and our sleep time when we can retain our  lucidity levels.  We have past, present, concurrent and future lifetimes. We are quite complex. In states of deep relaxation as in meditation or sleep we can catch glimpses of these if we are lucid.
OBEs are not readily talked about. It is a new frontier of human consciousness. This blog post is fulfillment of my soul mission to teach others about OBEs.  I am a pioneer like Amelia Earhart was in females in aviation. And I did receive that clairvoyant vision of her, not just an image but a moving vision, of her!
My OBE conceptual framework is evolving which I tweak as I need to with each OBE I experience, including adding to and enhancing.  It is a work in process. I started developing this framework in the Spring of 2009 of my spiritual awakening when I started having numerous lucid OBEs. I wanted to understand what I was experiencing and see if there were any patterns. Hence, I created the framework. And now, nine years later of having numerous OBEs, I feel good about it. But I know, there is more I will be adding…
Please read this blog post below first  if you haven’t already to give you context and a basic foundation to help you understand OBEs from my theoretical construct. If you don’t read this, you may be confused with what I share below!
Many of my OBEs happen spontaneously and naturally when I am sleeping which is how this one occurred.
I share this OBE as an example from my conceptual OBE framework in the category of OBEs for Adventure, Fun, Joy and Recreation:
3/27/18 OBE Unusual Features of the Dimensional Boat. There is more to this OBE which I have not shared because it is not relevant.
Earthly foreshadowing: This past Friday 3/23/18 my husband, daughter and I were just talking about the Turkey Trip in 2016 we had. That is where I was born. My siblings, our children and I took the most amazing two-week sight-seeing trip together at that time.  We talked about the amazing gulet boat trip on  the Mediterranean. And then lo and behold, a few days later I had this OBE.
I became lucid to find myself in large personal boat. (Note: Upon waking from this OBE when I contemplated it, I kept hearing “gulet” telepathically to let me know what type of OBE boat it was, so I will use that term to describe this boat. A gulet is a traditional design of a two-masted or three-masted wooden sailing vessel .)
I am lucid. I am in the interior of a boat. The boat is wide perhaps 20 feet wide and 30 feet long. But the interior of this boat is above the water line like the gulet was.
I was sitting in the back of the inside of the boat. The boat was full. There were about fifteen small kids on front of the boat. They were running around and having fun. The female owner of the boat was sitting in front of me. She had a smile on her face and looked content. She was not a relative. I was just a welcome visitor on her dimensional boat.
Her Husband Driving the Boat. I wondered who was driving the boat if she was sitting there. I asked her. She said something like it was her husband and her son. Sure enough, I saw a corpulent older man with gray hair sitting in front of her in what looked like a white polo shirt. Next to him was their son, a husky young man in his early twenties or so.
I relaxed knowing the boat was being driven. I thought this man was incredibly patient to be on this boat with so many young’uns. I thought he must just love boating and wanted to be out on the water and didn’t care who else and how many were on the boat.
There was a very narrow pass through the boat had to go through. I thought it would be impossible to make it but we safely boated through. On the earth, a boat that size would have never made it through.
I walk toward the front of the inside of the boat. I see two small couches and comfy chair to my left. It is a cozy seating area. It looked like a small living room. I am surprised to see this in a boat. It was not a typical boating seating arrangement and looked like it belonged more in a house than a boat.
I notice the span of rectangular windows a few feet above the floor that run along the entire interior of the boat from the left to the right of the boat. I am impressed by all this. This boat gets a lot of interior light because of those windows. Sometimes, the insides of boats can be dark like caves. Not this one! I am naturally drawn to light infused areas so you can see why this was meaningful to me.
I walk toward the front of the boat. There is a small built-in pool about ten feet by ten feet! I am amazed. I tell the female owner I love her boat. She just smiles at me. I tell her I will probably use that pool.
There is more to this OBE which is irrelevant.
I loved this OBE! It was fun! I love when I am an invited guest in these OBEs and can just tag along for these amazing experiences without having any emotional conflict, etc… . I am thankful to the female boat owner who allowed me to be on her gulet boat!  She was a generous hostess!
Astral Traveler Exchange Program
Just think about that. It is like you on the Earth inviting someone into your house, car or boat without knowing them or being related to them. It is like a student exchange program ! Ha! Love it! But in this case it is an astral traveler exchange program! Awesome!


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