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Out-of-Body Experience to Affirm Safe & Secure Travels

by | Apr 18, 2018 | Out of Body - Interdimensional Travel, Out of Body - Reassurance

Welcome, I share an amazing lucid OBE (out-of-body experience) I had on 4/16/18 to show how you can have a non-Earth dimensional adventure in an altered state of consciousness   This OBE  falls under one of the categories I created for OBEs as laid out in my OBE conceptual framework, OBEs as dimensional platforms to receive reassurance. This can be for some upcoming event you may be having or attending or in regard to a problem you are having on the Earthly plane. By what you witness and/or the nature of your interaction in this type of OBE  will help to relieve any anxiety or worry you have been carrying about it.
We all have out of body experiences naturally in our sleep state because we are multi-dimensional beings. The Universe never misses an opportunity for soul expansion. It is efficient and will use whatever means including OBEs to help you learn. Important timely guidance or affirmation to reassure or comfort you during your Earthly life can be imparted.  Your Spirit may intentionally take you to another dimensional realm to receive this at this specific time juncture in your life.
An altered state of consciousness can be during a deep meditation, your sleep state or in your hypnogogic (right before sleep) or hypnopompic state (right after waking up from sleep). Your spirit wants to have these experiences so it acts as the navigator to dimensional destinations.
I have developed an OBE conceptual framework, including definitions, to help others who are having similar experiences and for people in general to understand this topic and to introduce the concept of our human multidimensionality.  Please read it at: http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/out-of-body-experiences-conceptual-framework/
Human beings exist on many levels of consciousness which allows them to travel to and exist on other non Earth dimensional realms. Our consciousness is complex and goes far beyond then just our conscious and subconscious states.  Within our subconscious state there are multiple tiers of consciousness.
We can lucidly visit these alternate dimensions in our altered states of consciousness. We have past, present, concurrent and future lifetimes in these other dimensional frequencies. I know this because I have experienced these in OBEs and received telepathic information on these since my spiritual awakening in 2009.
In states of deep relaxation as in meditation or sleep we can catch glimpses of these and recall our dimensional travels. Many of my OBEs happen spontaneously and naturally when I am sleeping which is how this one occurred.
OBEs are not readily talked about. It is a new frontier of human consciousness. This blog post is fulfillment of my soul mission to teach others about OBEs.  I am a pioneer like Amelia Earhart was in females in aviation. And I did receive an affirming clairvoyant vision of her, not just an image but a moving vision, of her.
My OBE conceptual framework is evolving which I tweak, including adding to and enhancing, as I need to with each OBE I experience.  It is an evolving work in process. I started developing this framework in the Spring of 2009 of my spiritual awakening when I started having numerous lucid OBEs. I wanted to understand what I was experiencing and to see if there were any patterns. Hence, I created the framework.
Now, nine years later of having numerous OBEs, I feel good about this framework. I also received a telepathic validating message in my own thought voice in 2018 that I am beginning to understand the nature of OBEs.  But I know, there is more. I will be adding to it as I learn and acquire the information through my experiences.
Please read the blog post below first  if you haven’t already to give you context and a basic foundation to help you understand OBEs from my theoretical construct. I highly advise you to do this supplemental reading. If you don’t, you may be confused with what I share below.
Psychological Interpretation
Because the Universe is so creative and unconventional with its infinite organizing power, it is important to do a traditional psychological interpretation of any OBE you experience, besides taking it at face value. There may be important symbology embedded within it you can use almost immediately to help you in your Earthly life. Don’t ignore this valuable modality of guidance.
Please see the end of this blog post to learn more about me.
Resources for this post:
To learn more about out of body experiences and my OBE conceptual framework, please see my earlier blog post:
4/16/18 OBE Sequence #1 Helpful Delta Attendant: This is the only OBE segment I lucidly remember from this evening. I did have a few others but I cannot recall those details.
I was at an airport terminal at a layover. I was standing in a line outside during the day. There was a tall man with dark hair and a mustache in front of me. He had a blue collared long sleeve shirt on, a red vest and navy-blue pants. He stepped out from the line. He put a long thin pin on his lapel. It looked like a Delta Airline pin. Then I know he was a Delta airline attendant. That is the airline that my husband usually business travels on.
Psychic download. I also got a psychic download that Delta gave their employees a few choices for uniform selection and this attendant had selected the one he was wearing, which is why it didn’t look the usual Delta uniform on the Earthly plane.
He took my green small carry on that I have on the Earthly plane and put it on the narrow three feet long table in front of him.
Now I am following him. He is wheeling my suitcase. We came to a room. It was a holding room before boarding the plane. He goes in front of me and disappears.
There is an Asian woman standing in line in front of me.  Passengers are coming into the room and standing in line. I realize I don’t have my carry on suitcase.
I say something out loud about not having my suitcase in a worried tone. The Asian woman helps me. I worry about losing my place in line because more and more people are coming in to stand in line.
We walk to the back wall where the uniformed black female airline attendant is. I tell her I don’t have my carry on. She has a paper in front of her. I knew she had the airline tickets or some sort of paperwork for the male Delta attendant and my suitcase.
The male attendant had already taken care of my suitcase for me and it was on the plane! He even made sure he left the appropriate paperwork to document that with this female attendant. I was relieved.
The OBE dissipated.
OBE Sequence #1 Analysis:  This OBE was significant because I felt this was validation in the form of reassurance from the Universe to not fret and worry about my upcoming air travels to the Carolinas for a spiritual retreat I will be attending at the end of the month. I will be taken care of and I will have support from the Universe to help get me there safely. These helpers can be human helpers or invisible guides.
In reality, I have been concerned because I am flying alone and renting a car to drive over an hour and a half to get to the retreat in the mountains.  I have never been to this retreat before. I fly infrequently and when I do, I usually fly with my family. I am not used to being a solo airline traveler.
I have been using my spiritual tools to calm myself and affirm to myself I am capable and put out high vibrational energy for safe, timely and joyful travels for myself. I practice living in the present and don’t worry my mind about it. In addition, I have been praying and asking my Angels for help and support during my travels. Because of a few incidences in the past when I have travelled alone or with others, I am insecure about my ability to follow the GPS or a map in unfamiliar terrain.
Beside doing spiritual work, I will also take prudent physical actions like printing out paper directions before I leave as a backup to my phone GPS if there is poor reception in the mountains or my phone battery is not properly charged. I have already left plenty of time cushions to allow me ample time in case I do get lost driving.
I was very happy and relieved when I woke up and analyzed this OBE. I appreciated this comforting message to alleviate my worries. I do feel better about my approaching travels as a result. Thank-you, Universe! I appreciate this!
Know I am the only editor of this post so please excuse any grammatical or editing errors. Because I gift this as a free resource for my readers as part of my soul’s service during this incarnation, I do not pay anyone to help me with the editing. Also, most of the time I just want to get this knowledge posted and out to the public so I do just a few editing passes. But gosh darn it even after proofing it a few times, there always seems to be some typos I overlooked! I know distribution of these sharings is important and my etheric Guides do not want me to spend excessive time and effort on being an editing perfectionist.
Thank-you in advance for your understanding and please forgive me for any errors you may encounter!
Copyright © Katibe Simmone. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material, including excerpts as long as you do not alter it in any way, and the content remains accurate, is distributed freely, and you include this copyright notice and link: http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/ .
I am an advanced channeler of Light Beings.  I provide guidance from many different Light Beings and shares their wisdom on my Facebook, blog, videos and in my free eBook.  I am unique in that I channel these Beings word for word through telepathic means.  They act as high level guides and teachers to help and inspire you on your life journey.
I had a spiritual awakening in 2009.  I realized I was a spiritual being in a physical body for my highest spiritual evolution to becoming an expressed Divine Being in physical form.  Because of this increased level of consciousness, my psychic centers and specific chakras like my Third Eye and Crown Chakra were activated.  I developed heightened extrasensory perceptions such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and the ability to receive some information telepathically. Telepathy is a form of clairaudience, the psychic sense of hearing.
Because of my awakening my dream time also changed dramatically.  As a result I became a lucid dreamer. I have blogged about and shared videos of some of my more extraordinary OBEs.
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