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3/3/14 Psychic Experience: Angels: Connecting with Archangel Michael During a Mediumship Exercise

by | Mar 3, 2014 | Mediumship, Psychic Developments & Experiences


Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have had some amazing psychic experiences, including lucid out-of-body experiences (OOBs).   I have telepathically heard that I am a fifth dimensional being.   I also have heard that I am a star seed.  This combination of factors and my “alien nature” explains the psychic activity I have experienced in my day –to-day life and during my sleep state and in altered states of consciousness.   I have been guided to share my experiences, which I do here in this blog.  I also am a channeler, and I have received channeled information from various beings of light of love, who exist in other dimensions, on various topics to help humanity, that I share on this blog as well.  To learn more about my background, please see:


I shared below an experience of connecting to Archangel Michael during a partnering exercise at a recent mediumship class at the Metaphysical Chapel in the South Florida area.  This three hour class taught the basics of mediumship.  It was facilitated by a visiting medium from New Zealand.  I have taken other mediumship classes and like to learn from various teachers.

I shared this experience to show the following:

– how one can receive information telepathically, which is also called clairaudiently, and clairvoyantly.  Sometimes, it may only be words or phrases and their meanings may be revealed at a later time if it is unclear to you.  This is the main way that I receive information.  

– how you can receive images and messages in an altered state of consciousness like your dream state that impart revealing information to you.  In this post, I share how I was shown the special relationship that Archangel Michael had with the Reverend.

– the importance of being open-minded to let messages from beyond the veil through.  In this post, I shared that despite some of my own judgments like being uncomfortable with armor and the concept of the Archangel Michael’s sword, I was still able to receive information.

– the beauty and incredible design of the Universe in that there is the existence of Archangel Michael and how he works with some human beings directly on the earthly plane. How awesome!

– how one may connect to the angelic realm during a lucid state of consciousness and receive information to help guide others

– the importance of being in the flow and letting go of expectation.  In this experience, the class objective was to connect with Spirit.  Instead, I connected with the angelic realm because their message is what needed to be delivered to the person receiving it.

– what may go on behind the scenes, the thought processes in the psychic’s or reader’s mind, as the images or words are being delivered to them.  This reveals the psychic’s humanness.  

Please note that when I refer to The Guides below, this is who I refer to as sending me telepathic information during the day.  When I receive telepathic information, it comes in as my own thought-voice in my head, though they are not my own thoughts.  Therefore, it is difficult for me to distinguish what being is sending me the information.  Unfortunately, The Guides don’t give me their names or identify themselves along with the message.  For ease, I just refer to them as The Guides, below as the source of telepathic information I received.  

I hope this is helpful to you.

Please see the rest of my blog for messages I have channeled from various beings of light and love, my other OOBs and other psychic experiences.

Please share with others who may be interested.  I would love to hear if you have had any similar experiences or communications with the angels.




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Channeling Vs Mediumship

I consider myself more a channeler of beings of light and love, rather than a medium.  The beings I channel have not necessarily walked the earth plane.  They identify themselves as beings with other nomenclature.  They exist on different levels of frequency of vibration and sound.  I know this because this is what I telepathically hear and what I have received from them in channeled messages.  I have heard numerous times “Because of your alien nature, you operate on different frequencies.”  Mediumship is the ability to connect with Spirit.  Spirit is a reference to humans, loved ones like relatives or others, who have had a physical passing on this Earth and are now existing on another plane of existence, located in a different dimension in a different frequency, on the other side of the veil.  They operate in different frequencies than the beings I channel. 

I have noticed that when I do direct voice, channeled readings from The Guides for clients and when the clients ask about loved ones on the other side, The Guides have difficulty making a connection with them.  The channeling becomes fragmented and less smooth.  So I have experienced, first-hand, that there is a difference in frequency.  I want to learn how to communicate and receive information with Spirit effectively, which is why I took this class.


Prior to this mediumship class, I have telepathically been hearing the words “New Zealand” this past week at random times.  I also heard “Auckland” as well, which I later found out was a city in New Zealand.  I wondered why I was receiving these words.  Perhaps, I was going to travel there or that there was some sort of major event or happening that would happen there in the near future.  I did not try to get more supporting information from The Guides.  This is because I have found it draining to do so, to play investigator and ask ten questions to The Guides to gleam more information.  Because I receive many words or phrases telepathically during the day that I don’t have a conscious understanding of, if I were to research these words through communication with the guides, that’s all I would be doing all day long!  I have the attitude that if The Guides want me to know more, they will deliver more.  I have released and detached in this way.  In the past, when I attempted to gain more information, I ended up frustrated as most of the time, when I asked The Guides, I did not consciously receive information back.

My Frustration with The Guides

When I was sitting in the class, the instructor shared that he was from Auckland, New Zealand.  The bells went off in my head, and I knew that this was related to what I have been hearing telepathically the week before.  Now, why couldn’t The Guides just send me telepathically “New Zealand…Mediumship class…” or something more clear ??  These are all words I am familiar with so I should be able to receive these with ease.  Sometimes, The Guides make it unnecessarily cryptic for me! They must have rules of engagement or something!  I hope by writing this out, they get my message that I would like clearer communication so I don’t have to play the guessing game!  I know that they are learning as well so I like to give them feedback to improve their communication process with me.  I know I probably sound frustrated.  I have dealing with these for almost five years now.

Class Exercise-About My Partner-The Reverend

We did a class exercise, where we sat across from each other in two lines of chairs facing each other.  We were to receive information, through taste and smell from Spirit for our partner, across from us.  During the second round of the exercise, when we switched partners, I sat across from the Reverend of the Chapel.  I felt slightly nervous as I was very familiar with him and knew him because of all his activities at the Chapel.  This Reverend has beautiful energy and has done wonderful work and service for the Chapel and helped bought forth many classes to help his congregation learn about spirituality.  I felt that this prior knowledge I had of him could potentially color my reading for him, and I would not be as objective, which is important during mediumship.  I feel it is easier to do readings for people you don’t know.  In fact, I had done other practice mediumship exercises with him before in the past two-three years.  I told myself to just hunker down and focus on the task to do, that this would be good practice for me and that it would help me with my discipline.  All of this was happening like this for a reason, including us being partnered up specifically together.  There were twelve others in the class I could have been partnered with.  Fate has made its decision.

Receiving a Flashback of the Reverend with Archangel Michael

Before we held hands, as required to do as part of the exercise to increase our energetic connection with each other, I received a flash black, a strong memory of an experience I had in 2013 in between my dreams during my sleep state.  In this experience, I had an awareness that this Reverend was talking and communicating to Archangel Michael.  I was shown a clairvoyant image of two indistinct human forms, one was the Reverend and the other was Archangel Michael.  They were standing very close to each other physically, and their heads were almost butting.  They were immersed in a deep conversation.  I could almost hear their conversation and had the knowingness, which is claircognizance, that this was indeed Archangel Michael with the Reverend.  I knew that Archangel Michael and this Reverend worked very closely together and that he was advising the Reverend. 

The next day I emailed the Reverend to share this beautiful experience I witnessed in between my dreams as he would probably find it very uplifting and inspirational.  The Reverend was very open and receptive to this and has told me previously in the past that many psychics do see Archangel Michael close to him.  To me, after having this experience in my sleep state, I knew it to be a fact that Archangel Michael was guiding closely the Reverend.

In mediumship classes, I have been told that any images or sensations that come up during a reading are for a reason and significant.  So to receive this flashback memory of the Reverend with Archangel Michael was not accidental. 

Back to our mediumship exercise:  Visions of Heaven & Archangel Michael in his Armor & His Message 

After receiving this flashback, I closed my eyes and held the Reverend’s hand, who was sitting directly across from me.  In my mind, I saw the most beautiful light blue.  This is my favorite color.  It is the light blue color of the sky and to me is evocative of the heavenly realm.  Around the light blue, big white fluffy clouds appeared.  I saw a pair of large, white fluffy angel wings set on a cloud.  They must have been ten feet high and just as wide.  I thought to myself “Oh, no. I am supposed to be connecting with Spirit as this was the exercise and here I am connecting to other beings again!” Then I thought to myself, to just let it go and go with what I am receiving.  It must be coming in for a reason for the Reverend.

Tasting and Smelling

The facilitator of our class was telling us, the students, to share what tastes and smells we were receiving. He didn’t want us to our clairvoyance.  To be honest, I wasn’t receiving any tastes or smells.  I was receiving clairvoyant images and a sensingness, which is known as clairsentience.   The feeling I experienced was one of pureness, pristineness & heaven.  Just to stay true to the class exercise, I came up with the taste of clear, pristine water and the smell of fresh air and wind as the only way to describe through smell and taste what I was being shown. 

Seeing Archangel Michael in His Full Glory

My eyes were still closed to focus on what I was receiving in my mind’s eye.  I saw a large, magnificent white horse in the clouds.  I wondered if it was Pegasus, the winged horse, but I did not see wings on the horse.  I heard the facilitator tell us that Spirit should show us what it has in its hands.  It was supposed to be an object that is still in existence on Earth or that a person still has.  A shining, gleaming,  thick, tall sword appeared in the blue sky.   It was floating.  The blade was radiating light.  I knew it had to be Archangel Michael’s sword.  (Note: I was surprised to see the sword.  I know the sword was a symbol for Archangel Michael.  He is often shown in image and sculptural representations wielding his sword.  I have some psychic friends that really get excited and “buy” into how powerful he is and how he has that sword.  To be honest with you, I did not carry their excitement or enthusiasm about that. I wasn’t a nay sayer.  I did not disbelieve it.  I was just more neutral about it.  I tend to associate the sword with violence, and I know that is not what it represents when it is with Archangel Michael. It represents brandishing of Truth and justice.   Nevertheless, to actually see the sword come in like that, clairvoyantly, surprised me because of my reservations.  This is how I knew I was getting true visions because what I received bypassed even my own conscious thoughts & judgment and surprised me! It takes a certain amount of open-mindedness to not block what is coming in and to allow it, especially when it may conflict with your own beliefs or thoughts.)

Archangel Michael started to materialize behind the sword he was wielding.  He looked solid and well-built.  He had thick,brown hair. He was dressed in his full armor. What I mean by that is that it was the metal, material tunic and narrow pantswear, almost like leggings, that the knights wear under their metal armor.  The tunic was very detailed and as beautiful as could be.  It was mainly navy blue & had gold trim and embellishes, and there were what looked like tassels hanging from the bottom of his tunic. 

I was very surprised to see him in his armor.  To be honest, I don’t like the implication of armor because it represents battle and fighting.  I know Archangel Michael battles for the good and the Light. (Note: This is another validation to the authenticity of this vision because I received this vision despite my own judgments about armor, battle and what that represents to me).  

Archangel Michael’s Message

Archangel Michael told the Reverend to be valiant, to be just, to be courageous, to go forth, and to not doubt himself.  He also wanted to reassure him that he was supporting the Reverend and that the Reverend was working very closely with the angelic realm.   I delivered this to the Reverend.  The exercise didn’t require we give a message but I knew this was an important message to give, and it was coming in strong.  The Reverend thanked me for the message and said that he saw clairvoyantly, an army of horses and other angels there in the scene as well.  

Uniqueness of This Experience & My Hopes for Further Angelic Communication

This was the first time I received such a clear, sharp image and vision of Archangel Michael and even any angel during the day in such a lucid, conscious state.  I was very pleased and honored to receive this.  I hope this is a sign that my vibration has risen.  I have sensed that the angelic realm wants to work more closely with me and has technical information to deliver to me for me to share with others.  I received that clearly one time in a recent channeled message.  Hopefully, this experience is a sign of what is to come.

In the past I have channeled one message about the Planetary Angels from the Lanternians, beings of a different dimension, that I have shared on this blog.  This provided technical information about the Planetary Angels’ function.  Please see below for this message:


Also, in the past I have channeled an inspirational message from the Sisterhood of Angels.  Please see below for this message.


Authenticity of the Experience

I am sure some would doubt the veracity of my experience.  I understand and cannot blame those at all.  If I was hearing this story from someone else, I may have the same views.  I, sometimes, doubt myself as some of it what I receive and experience is so fantastical.  All this is received telepathically, so it is impossible to verify with quantitative methods.  However, because of the clarity of the images I received, despite my own reservations which I shared above, I have no doubt as to the validity of this experience.    

In terms of meeting the objectives of the class exercise, I did not connect to Spirit but to a divine being.  I sensed that Archangel Michael really wanted to deliver this message to the Reverend at this time and so I was the messenger.  I don’t think Archangel Michael cared that I didn’t meet the class objective. Ha!   There were other priorities at hand this day!


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