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Soul Evolution Center Show Epis. #3: About Channeling & Aristotle's Teachings #3 & #4

by | Jul 2, 2015 | Soul Evolution Center Show

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I am so glad that you are here. I am so happy to be spending this time with you.   That you are here, listening, is a sign that you are following your soul’s calling.
I am Katy Simmone from Soul Evolution Center.com.   The Center’s mission is to help you evolve into your best life.  I am a psychic life adviser and an advanced channeler of beings of light and love.  I provide life wisdom from beyond.
Everyone is Psychic & Channels         
Everyone is psychic & channels in different ways and on different levels.  We were born this way.   Everyone has the ability to channel and to receive psychic information not obtained from our six physical senses.   It comes in different ways for each person according to many factors, including each person’s life plan, their energetic health & energetic blueprint when they were born.
Developing Psychic Skills
You can develop your psychic awareness through awareness, meditation and practice.  Also, a daily practice of using your intuition when making decisions or to guide you throughout your day will help strengthen your intuition.
Intuition – a Psychic Skill
Intuition is a type of psychic awareness.  This usually come in as clairsentience, the psychic sense of sensing, or claircognizance, the psychic sense of knowing.
I teach a Psychic & Intuition Development Basic certifications live at Soul Evolution Center.  This is available to everyone privately or for custom small groups by computer, phone or Skype.
You can also receive a free gift “6 Ways to Connect to Your Intuition”  when you subscribe to my email list on my website.  This is an article that I authored.
My Purpose in Sharing My Experiences
I share my experiences about how I channel so that you can learn and hopefully expand your consciousness to not only know that there are other beings, who are here to help us, but the possibilities of being able to communicate with them.
My Gift
I am happy to take what is gifted to me.  I understand that when I channel it is a mutual partnership or association between me and the beings that I channel that extends beyond the third dimension, which is the Earthly dimension.
I have heard telepathically that when you receive a gift, you must give back.  The gift that I have received is to be a herald.  I have telepathically heard many times that I “operate on multiple frequencies”, which allows me to receive these telepathic communications form ultra-frequency beings.
I also have heard telepathically that this was a promise I made before I incarnated to do this type of service, and it is my “prime directive” (those are channeled words) to be a herald. After almost six-year of resisting this, I have finally surrendered and embraced this as my new job function. It hasn’t been the easiest road but an important part of my journey.
About Clairaudiency – A Psychic Sense
I receive much of my information, telepathically.  I hear it in my head in my own thought voice.  This is called the extrasensory sense of clairaudiency. This is the main way that I receive information when I channel beings that exist in other frequencies that we cannot readily discern with our physical senses.   I also channel specific beings to provide life guidance to client’s questions during sessions.
My Life Purpose
I have received telepathically many times clearly that my major life purpose is to be a messenger of hope and inspiration from beings from beyond.  I have heard numerous times telepathically, especially in May and June of 2015 that I am an oracle.
To date since 2009 when I spiritually awakened,  I have channeled, written messages from over forty different beings, humans-in-spirit including Mr. Edgar Cayce, Aristotle, Gandhi, Mr. Benjamin Franklin as well as the Angelic realm and many Archangels. Again, these are beings that exist in other dimensional frequencies than the Third dimension, or Earth dimension that we are in.
My Channeling Process
I am going to share my channeling process. I usually start these channelings by sitting behind my computer at my desk or the kitchen table in a relaxed state. I like to channel when I am physically alert and not overly tired.  Sometimes I have relaxing music playing in the background.  Sometimes I have an aromatherapy diffuser on that is dispersing essential grade aromatherapy oils into the space that I am in. These could be frankincense, sandalwood or lavender. My dish of assorted crystals, that are cleared and charged with love and light are right, by my computer when I channel.
I take a deep breath.  I have an invocation that I use to start the channelings. I, then, type the message into my computer as I hear the message coming in telepathically after my invocation.
My Invocation to Start the Channeling
This is invocation that I usually use to start a channeling:
“Dear Loved Ones, or the specific name of the being I want to channel, I am here to receive the highest & best guidance at this time for humanity.  Thank you for your earlier messages, which I have shared on FB & my blog.
Please be clear, understandable, accurate and specific. Please help me to receive your words easily. Thank-you. Namaste. ”
That is my invocation I usually use to start a channeling session.
With my eyes closed, I listen very closely but without force to what I may hear inside of my head in my own thought voice but that was not generated by me.   Again, this is the psychic sense of clairaudiency.  It is the main way that I receive information for channeled messages and clients’ reading sessions.
Sometimes, after I state my invocation, telepathically, it will take 3-5 minutes for the telepathic feed to come in to my mind. During this time before the message comes in I  stay relaxed, I breathe deeply, my eyes are closed  and I also attempt to tune into the being’s energy  I use my clairsentience, the psychic sense of sensing, to feel the connection to the being.
Sometimes, I will receive a clairvoyant image of the being inside my mind.  It pops in like a memory. Clairvoyancy is another psychic sense.  That is when you receive images or visions inside your mind’s eye.
When I receive an image of the being, it is very validating to me as the channeler because I actually have a picture inside of my mind.
Questions Some People have Asked Me About My Channeling
I am going to share some common questions that some people have asked in regards to how I channel these beings.
1. How Do I Know if I have Connected with the Specific Being?
Some people have asked me how I know that the specific being that I requested is responding to my invocation.  My reply is that I have trust and faith in my invocation and that what I am asking for with pure intention is being provided.  The Universe has heard of my request and delivers it. Of course, when I receive validating clairvoyant images of the being in my mind, that is also very helpful and always much appreciated.
As I shared earlier, I may sense a subtle or dramatic energy change within my physical body as another indicator that I have connected with a being.
At times I have found that the Angels have a distinctive vibration, and they usually connect with me to share their inspirational words with love & gentleness.  Their energy is very soothing.
2. How Do I Know If I Am Not Channeling Dark Entities?
Some people have asked me how I know if I am not channeling some dark entity or force or a demon or the devil.  My reply is that it is in the quality of the channeled message that you can make this discernment.  The messages I channel are high vibrational and uplifting.
I encourage you read them on my blog that is part of my website SoulEvolutionCenter.com and assess for yourself the quality of the channeling.  If the message content was negative, critical, mean, dark, and/or paranoid that would be evidence of a connection to a lower vibrational being.
I also feel that if I channeled a dark being, of course, not intentionally, that I would sense a subtle or dramatic change in the energy of the space that I was in and a lowering of the vibration.
3.  How Do I Know If What I am Channeling Is Not My Imagination?
Another question that I am asked commonly is how do I know if it is not my imagination or just me creating this messages?  My reply is I know because the type of speech and vernacular these beings use is different from the way I normally speak.  It is more formal and educated and with a higher vocabulary.  Even the sentence construction of the channeled messages is different from the way I write casually and naturally.   For example, there may be unusual qualifying clauses in the sentences or phrases that start the sentence.
Channeling Unfamiliar Words as Validation
Sometimes, I channel words that I am not familiar with or they are words from another era.
Quite a few times, I had to do look up in the dictionary or research specifics that I channeled that I did not even know what they meant on a conscious level.   For example, I telepathically kept hearing “Al Tunhans.”  I didn’t know what it meant and never heard it before.  When I googled that term I found it, it was an ancient Mayan civilization.
Sometimes, I channel on topics or ideas, that on a conscious level I do not recognize or never paid mind to.  For example, I channeled a message from the Thought Providers, a group of high level beings, on the subject of temperance.  I would say that temperance is an older style word.  Another example of an older style word is the word “academia” which I channeled from Aristotle in one of his messages.
I also channeled a technical message from Archangel Uriel on Group Karma.  If you get an opportunity to read this message, please do.  Some of my friends that read the channelings notice that the style is very different from how I speak or write casually.   These are all signs that I am channeling high frequency beings.  I am simply the conduit for their words.
I hope you find this helpful and learned more about channeling even for yourself.
Channeling Basics Certification
That was some general information about how I channel and my channeling process for your understanding.  I facilitate workshops and provide Channeling Basics Certifications by computer and live at the Center.  These can also be taken as a private Channeling Basics Certification or customized for small groups.  Please see SoulEvolutionCenter.com  for more information.
That was background on my channeling process.
How I Connected with Aristotle
In April 2015, Aristotle connected to me telepathically and told me the following, which is directly channeled and excerpted:
“I am Aristotle… There have been many different prophets… You are one of them. I want you to share my words with others, who can hear me.  I am like you. I come from Earth … I want you to write a book. I want to help you. I will talk to you from my time to time. You will write it down and put it out there for others to read and learn about my work.  I have many things I am working on right now…”
Following this message, in April & May 2015, I sat down during the week and received about 21 messages, mainly from Aristotle but also a few other beings.  I called this channeling series “Teachings for the New Age”.  I shared these messages here on BlogTalkRadio here, my blog and on Soul Evolution Center Facebook page. I also have shared messages on YouTube.
Aristotle was a famous Greek philosopher and scientist, who lived from 384 – 322 B.C..  If you want to learn more about my background with Aristotle and how he connected with me, please see my blog at SoulEvolutionCenter.com and choose the blog category Channeled-in-Spirit-Aristotle.
Today’s Show
I am going to share 2 inspirational messages that I recently channeled from Aristotle on the topics of
dream time, multi-dimensionality, the New Age, power of prayer & heart space.
I highly recommend that you use these messages as meditations and replay them to be absorbed and assimilated into your cellular consciousness for your growth, development & understanding.
Now, make sure you are in a safe space to participate in these channeled meditational messages, where you can totally relax and be in this special moment that is being created just for you and your well-being.  If you have relaxing music that you enjoy, have it playing softly in the background.
I share these messages as my gift to you, freely as it is part of my divine purpose to do so.   I am the dutiful messenger and do my work with the utmost integrity & care.
Preparing for the Meditational Messages
Now, please just relax.
Take a deep breath now, fully inhaling and fully exhaling (Pause).
If you are able to do so, please close your eyes, just follow my voice.
Take another deep breath, fully inhaling and fully exhaling (Pause).
This is channeled message #3 from Aristotle received on 4/27/15 on Dream Time & Multi-dimensionality.
 The following are Aristotle’s words:
 Aristotle: I am here for another valuable session. Today’s topic will be on your dream state.
When you dream, this is an opportunity for you to experience your many lives. This is a time for you to have adventures. In this state, you can become more lucid and retain high level information for you to bring back consciously. In your altered state of consciousness, you can travel through the portals of time and visit other alternate dimensions. This is part of your wiring and who you are.
 Our Multi-Dimensionality
You are all naturally multi-dimensional. This is a large concept. Principles of dimensional travel are based on energy and vibration. Therefore, what you are vibrating at currently determines the type of travel and destination points that you will experience.
Feeling Your Own Vibration
You can feel your own vibration and become familiar with it. This type of sensing is part of the New Age, and many shall become more aware of their energetic state.   In doing so, you can better manage your relationships and your communications with each other.
Your Dream Time
Your dream time is a time for your consciousness to naturally exit your body and to return again. You can feel this lift if you are aware. However, many do not feel the exit and entrance back into their physical system. Others do. There is quite a range. In time, all shall become more aware of their concurrent lifetimes as part of their evolutionary growth.
As you learn more about yourself, you will be able to feel the vibration of all that is around you. As you understand yourself and your motivations, you can better navigate your destiny. It takes time and a constant practice. There are many teachers in physical form on the Earth today who can help you. Take the time to learn who you really are.
I am Aristotle, come to share teachings for the New Age. Thank-you for allowing me the opportunity for this dialogue.
This is channeled message #4 from Aristotle that I received on 4/28/15 from Aristotle on the New Age, Power of Prayer & Heart Space
The following are Aristotle’s words:
Aristotle: I am Aristotle…I am present. I am here to share knowledge…I have come on your request…(pause)…I want to share some new information… to help you and others understand themselves better in this new Age of Time and… Reason.
I am here to provide this to you … Many are experiencing major changes in their lives as the energy of the earth is rising. There is much volatility and change, disruptions in people’s lives, causing them to question and doubt. I am here to let you know that this is part … (pause)…of the process.
As the Earth moves through its stages of growth, all on its surface will experience these changes. Have faith and know you shall come through this with strength, fortitude and resilience.
Those that can, please, help those that need their support and guidance. There are many high vibrational humans on the earth today to serve in this way. The light workers have much work at hand and should rally to their posts of service and charity to their fellow human beings.
This is a time of compassion and kindness to extend to one another during these tumultuous times.  There are difficulties, especially for those who are not as aware and mindful of the Truth, in these situations. This is not punishment. This is not an evil. This is a type of cleansing and recalibration and attuning for many human beings. This is a time to go within and connect with your Higher Selves, the True Essence of who you are and your divine nature.
I have come to share these words to you to provide you with hope and trust. Inspiration is a very important vibration at this time. It will help lift many out of their doubts, fears and anxiety. It will provide a strong foundation to rise above and transcend. Have faith and be deserving. Many shall come through this with strength, fortitude and resilience.  Those that can, please, help those that need their support and guidance.
Power of Inspiration
Inspiration is a very important vibration at this time. It will help lift many out of their doubts, fear and anxiety. It will provide a strong foundation to rise above and transcend. Have faith, and know that each one of you is deserving of many fine gifts.
You have all come to this planet at this time. You have chosen this for yourselves. This is your time now, to rise, to ascend through these hard times.
Power of Prayer
The power of prayer is important. This is your special communication to the Divine. It is a powerful pipeline and conduit of your desires. Prayer shows a willingness for help and support for those who seek it.
You are Not Alone
You are not alone. You have many, divine beings in your energetic field, who have combined with yourself, to provide you with key guidance during this time for aid and assistance. Look for the signs. When you are mindful, you shall see and know then what it is that you are meant to do.
This is a time of awakening for many. Many are needed to carry the torch. Help light the way for others, and you shall be blessed in many ways for you are all divine. Feel this vibration and know that this is you, the most important aspect of yourself. This is the Truth.
Fear & Heart Space
I have come to tell you, to reassure you and to let you know that fear, that fear is very powerful and will debilitate your inner sanctum, your heart space. The power of your heart is very strong and has a magnitude that radiates quite a distance from your physical form. Your heart is your True Nature. From within this space, much creativity is available to you. It is important to vibrate from this area.
Your Mind as a Tool
Have knowledge of this and remember that the mind, your mental capacities, are a tool for your heart. The heart is the pilot, the captain of your ship, the most important part of you.
When you are in fear, this creates obstructions in this space. It needs to be clear, pure, and vibrating at a high level. This will allow you to access much new information about yourself to understand your purpose and your divine nature. The heart is a fulcrum point. It is the base. Use this wisely and to separate and discern aspects of your nature that do not vibrate within your heart space area.
Your Mind
Your mind is very powerful and quick to create illusions of perceptions. This is part of your learning and the Grand Design. To learn how to differentiate between the heart space and the mind is crucial now at this time inflection point.
Time for Stillness
Take time to be still. In your stillness, much will be revealed. In addition, this is an important time for your guides and teachers to help attune your vibration and prepare you for your next state of advancement.
You have heard my words. Take the time to absorb it. Be still. Take time for inner reflection, and you shall see the light, the light within each and every one of you that shines so bright. This is who you are. The light is strong and all-knowing. When you can rest in its vibration, you shall feel anew. You will be replenished and rejuvenated. This is the power of the light that is within you.
Now, it is time for me to go. I shall come again as I have promised to share other information for the New Age. I look forward to these times when I can express myself, fully and directly, through my charge.
Thank-you for giving me this amazing opportunity. Thank-you. And I send to each and every one of you, the love from my heart and blessings from many, who are committed to help you during this time.
Thank-you, Aristotle.
If you noticed that when I started reciting Aristotle’s message #3 that Aristotle was indeed here.
When your voice tone changes, it is a marker of true pure channeling.
I wish you well in all your endeavors, all of you spiritual beings in our physical form.
I look forward to our next time.

Katy Simmone, Psychic Life Adviser, Life Wisdom from Beyond

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