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I am Katy Simmone from Soul Evolution Center.com.   The Center’s mission is to help you evolve into your best life.  I am a psychic life adviser and an advanced channeler of beings of light and love.  I provide life wisdom from beyond.
This is a weekly show.  I share various metaphysical and spiritual topics to help you evolve into your best life.   I also share different channeled messages from beings of light and love, who like to refer to themselves as “ultra-high frequency” beings.  These channeled messages can be used as meditations for your healing and to raise your consciousness and vibration. Many of the transcripts for the episodes are shared on my blog at SoulEvolutionCenter.com for your reference as well and as a gift from me to you. So please feel free to check that out.
I also share many of my own personal experiences to bring the subjects back into the area of practicality and integration into the Third Dimension, the Earthly plane, that we are existing in.
In this episode I am going to share my spiritual awakening and what led me to become a channeler , Divine Destiny and my channeling process. If you are interested in developing your own channeling talents, this will serve as a helpful guide.
I am so glad that you are here. I am so happy to be spending this time with you.   That you are here, listening, is a sign that you are following your soul’s calling and have been guided here.
The Purpose of My Sharing
I share my own experiences and psychic activities so that you know that this is possible.  I also share about how I channel so that you can learn and hopefully expand your consciousness to not only know that there are other beings, who are here to help us, but the possibilities of being able to communicate with them and your Higher Self.
Everyone is Psychic & Channels         
Everyone is psychic & channels in different ways and on different levels.  We were born this way.  This is our endowment.  A helpful analogy would be to say that we are all wired for this.  It is that some of us never turned the power on!
Everyone has the ability to channel and to receive psychic information not obtained from our six physical senses.   It comes in different ways for each person according to many factors, including each person’s life plan, their energetic health & energetic blueprint when they were born.   My ability to channel is directly related and correlating my Divine Destiny during this earthly incarnation.
Spontaneous Channeling
Many people spontaneously channel throughout the day, without even knowing it!  It takes a certain amount of awareness and “keenness” to recognize consciously when you are channeling.  I have learned to develop and hone this awareness over the past six years since my awakening.  I work on it daily.
When I read some people’s writings, I can recognize when it is channeled.  Many times, these people are not even aware that they are the conduit!  I especially realize it when people write differently than the way they talk. The writing vernacular and style is different from their verbal style.   I have recognized this in some of my friend’s emails!
Another example of being a spontaneous channel is when you share a resource or a recommendation to a friend, and your friend says to you ” I was just looking for it!”  Or a friend mentions seeing a certain movie that you wanted to see but hadn’t taken action on yet.  Or you decide to contact someone out of the blue and that person says to you “I was just thinking of you?” How many times have you experienced these type of incidences in your life.  See these are all valid and real forms of channeling and should not be discounted or taken for granted.  These are amazing incidences and gifts!
My Unique Channeling Style
I may be slightly unique in that I recognize many of the times when I am channeling spoken words or written words because of my increased awareness but sometimes I don’t. I am just a natural and spontaneous channel.
Sometimes, I will channel automatically when I am writing an email to console a friend or even when I am writing a Facebook post or comment.  It will just come in telepathically and due to its more eloquent, gracious and formal style of communication, I recognize it immediately.  Start noticing now if this happens to you when you write and send out emails.
I also may be unique in that I channel complete written words in paragraph forms where some people may only receive single words, phrases or feelings.  But you see my uniqueness in having this ability is all directly related to it being my Divine Purpose. And so it has been accelerated so that I can carry out my “Divine Function”.
Spiritual Awakening & Psychic Ability
Sometimes psychic abilities may be activated or enhanced because of a spiritual awakening.  That was my case.  It was then that I started to realize consciously that I am a spiritual being having a physical existence for my well-being. My psychic abilities were activated and accelerated during my spiritual awakening in 2009.  I developed clairaudience, telepathy, and the ability to see light form flashes in my environment.  To learn more about my spiritual awakening, please see SoulEvolutionCenter.com and the tab named “Meet Katy”.
My Spiritual Awakening of 2009

I experienced extraordinary psychic developments in the Spring of 2009. This was my making a personal decision to commit to a plan of self-development and improvement.  This, then, turned unexpectedly into a spiritual awakening.  For the first time in my life, I began to understand that I was a spiritual being having a physical existence for my evolution.
Prior to 2009 I led a normal life and had not experienced any unusual psychic development.   The only psychic indicators I had prior was experiencing some clairaudiency, hearing voices in my head, as a child before drifting off to sleep at night. At the time, I thought it was my mother and father talking in the kitchen. I also continued to hear these voices as well as an adult.  I would actually hear human voices.  It was not in my own thought voice.  In this altered state of consciousnesses right before drifting to sleep, I was able to pick up activity in other frequencies.   Also, I had about three lucid dreams in 2008.
After my awakening, I  realized I have EXPERIENTIAL knowledge, having experienced and seen it first hand, of the spiritual realm.  My spiritual awakening began with me diligently saying many positive affirmations, repeatedly on a daily basis, to improve, what I thought of, as personality flaws.  I would say up to eighty affirmations a day to give you an idea of how immersed I was in it.
I started meditating, doing spiritual yoga  and released emotional burdens that I had been carrying around, consciously and unconsciously, for years in regards to my family.  I  also asked telepathically many times with much heartfelt intensity “How can I serve humanity?”.   From that, my inner frequency was raised to a higher, vibrational level and the following occurred as a result.
Extrasensory Perception & Light Forms 
I developed  the six “clairs” – clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairalience, clairgustance, claircognizance and clairsentience.  I also started seeing light forms, like auras,orbs, bands of light & energy with my physical eyes in the physical space that I was in.

How I Learned How I Could Channel
I attending my first angel messenger class in 2009 to learn to connect with the angelic realm.  We did an exercise to channel Ascended Masters.  These are high level spiritual beings who once lived on the Earthly plane.  Their mission know is to help humanity.  My first Ascended Master I channeled a written message was from Master Kuthumi.
This is how I learned I had the ability to channel, to receive messages from beings that did not exist in the physical world.  In 2014 and 2015 I heard multiple times that I “operate on multiple frequencies.” I share the messages I have channeled here on my blog, on my show Soul Evolution Center on BlogTalkRadio and also on YouTube.  Please follow me on these social media platforms to receive more channeled messages.
I receive much of my information, telepathically.  I hear it in my head in my own thought voice inside of my head.  This ability to hear words in your head telepathically is the psychic sense of clairaudiency. This is the main way that I receive information when I channel beings that exist in other frequencies that we cannot readily discern with our physical senses.   This is my strongest psychic sense.
Channeling for Clients
I also channel specific beings to provide life guidance to client’s questions during sessions.  It is as if they are talking directly through me, word for word, to the client.   You can learn more about these reading services on my website SoulEvolutionCenter.com.
Telepathy for Myself
I also received information telepathically or clairaudiently in my own thought voice not only for clients but for myself regularly during the day. It comes in spontaneously and randomly throughout the entire day and evening.  If I quiet my mind just a little and slow down my own self-talk, I almost always hear a mumbling in the background. It may not be readily discernible but I can hear it.  It is like the Guides are always there.  That is the way it is.  They & your Angels are always there.  It is just a matter of tuning in and connecting with them clearly.
Being “On” All Day
I know that some psychics believe you should be “closed” psychically during the day.  However, I feel as evolving beings as we raise our consciousness, we are all going to be become telepathic, as a natural progression of evolution.  Plus, I want to receive guidance for myself during the day, so I do attempt to “tune in” as much as possible.
Protection for Myself
I regularly cleanse my aura at least once a day. I usually do this when I am taking my daily shower and integrate it this way.  Also, whenever I wash my hands, it is a reminder to me to wash my aura also with attention and visualization, even if its only for 10 seconds.  “That does help dispel and prevent accumulation of energetic debris. ” (That was directly channeled) .   I also do white light or color aura meditations almost daily from anywhere from 5-10 minutes a day.  I feel I take adequate precautionary measures daily for energetic cleanliness and protection. I may also from time to time inject the Reiki emotional symbol for emotional clearing, purification and protection into my energetic field and visualize my entire energy field and physical body immersed in it.
Please listen to my free channeled chakra and aura meditation on episode 1 of the Soul Evolution Center show on BlogTalkRadio. It is available for free On-Demand for your use.  It will  vitalize, align and balance your 7 major chakras.  It will also cleanse, protect and seal your aura
Listening to Your Thoughts
I have increased my ability to channel but becoming more aware of what is in my mind.  I spend quite a bit of the day in listening mode.  I listen to the thoughts coming inside my head that are not my own, though they are in my own thought voice.  I recognize them as coming from another source as the information is new or not related to what I was consciously thinking.
Slow Down Your Self-Talk
Therefore, when you go into listening mode of your thoughts, you are not creating your own thoughts.  Your self-talk is minimized and slowed down.  This allows larger gaps in your thought stream for other beings or your Higher Self to communicate with you.  This is VERY important!  To slow your self-talk and mind-chatter.
Your Self-Talk May Be Surprising
You may be surprised as well when you go into listening mode, when you hear your own self-talk.  You may be surprised what you are telling yourself every day, many times a day, like a record in your mind.  You may realize that your self-talk is not self-empowering, that it is hypercritical, judgmental and derogatory.  This is an incredible revelatory process and will contribute to your own spiritual awakening.
Listening Mode Exercise
This is a wonderful practice to get used to stimulate your clairaudiency or telepathy-listening to the thoughts that come inside your head.  Practice that from now on now that you have learned about it.  I would love to hear your experiences from that and if you were able to receive guidance from beyond.  Please share your comments online on this episode.
Who Do I Hear Inside of My Head-Guides Names
Now who do I hear inside of my head if these are not my own thoughts? Hmmm.   A very interesting question.  I refer to them collectively as “My Guides”.  Though to be honest, I am not exactly sure.  Since the telepathy comes in my own thought voice, I cannot differentiate “their voice”.  Once in a while, I will get a name qualifier. The majority of the time, however, I don’t know.
When I am sitting behind the computer to do a formal channeling session to receive information from beings, that is a completely different story.  They almost always give me their names, which I sincerely appreciate!
However, when I receive telepathic information inside of my head, it’s a different story.  I think of that as a different modality.  I sense that it is higher level information because of the content and my feelings of sensing, also known as clairsentience.
When you receive information inside of your head from beings, they may not necessarily ring the doorbell and introduce themselves.  I wish they would ! That would be very helpful to me!  That has been my experience with spontaneous telepathy over the past six years but others may have different experiences.
Asking for Identification
From time to time I will ask telepathically after I receive a phrase or word “Who is this? Please identify yourself.” More often than not unfortunately I do not receive a response back consciously.  I still attempt to find out from time to time. However,  I have learned to release from this expectation and not get angry and upset about this as this is lower vibrational and acts as a block to the telepathy.  I would advise you to do the same but you can still keep trying to ask, just detach from the result.
About Names of Guides
It is not unusual for psychics to not now what specific beings they are connecting with.  In addition, I sense that these beings are not as caught up in the naming or labeling as we are for identifications.  Sometimes,  I feel the beings just assign themselves a name for my benefit so I can tune into this if I want to channel them directly.
Some psychics do know exactly what being they are channeling.  They know their names and maybe even their backgrounds.  Many times, psychics only channel a single being and develop a relationship and ongoing relationship with that being.  I, on the other side, have channeled over 40 different beings, making it more challenging for me to become familiar with each one.
Feeling Vibration by Clairsentience
Some of the beings that I channel have said to me, telepathically, of course, that they want me to become familiar with their vibration.  I interpret this to mean for me to use my clairsentience, another psychic sense of sensing.
The Telepathic Flow
Often during the day the telepathic information that I receive is parsed and in phrases.  It can be single words.  It can be on the first few words of a sentence and the rest of it is dropped.  This has been happening consistently over the past six years.
You may not clearly understand or receive complete information with these telepathic messages. I am a professional psychic  and at times I still receive information like this rather than in a streaming, complete flow. Some other professional psychics and mediums receive information in this parsed fashion as well.  Also, since psychics have their own life lessons to learn, we are at times, not spoon fed information in regards to our own lives.  I have learned to accept this over time.
When I am in a channeling session with a client, the telepathic flow is markedly different, with much more even flow and completeness.  I consider this a different channeling modality. I am sensing that when two people come together for a channeling, the reader and the client, their energies amplify the quality, allowing for a more efficient and effective channeling.
My Channelings To-Date
To date since 2009 when I spiritually awakened,  I have channeled, written messages from over forty different beings, humans-in-spirit including Mr. Edgar Cayce, renowned American psychic in spirit, Aristotle, Gandhi, Mr. Benjamin Franklin as well as the Angelic realm and many Archangels. Again, these are beings that exist in other dimensional frequencies than the Third dimension, or Earth dimension that we are in.
Ultra-High Frequency Beings
In April 2015 I heard telepathically that the term “ultra-high frequency” should be used to refer to these beings.  I sensed then that the beings preferred this nomenclature, rather than the term “beings of light and love. That to them, “ultra-high frequency” this was more accurate. I started using this term “ultra-high frequency”  to refer to them on 6/22/15 and following.
My Gift
I am happy to take these psychic abilities gifted to me.  I understand that when I channel beings of ultra-frequency it is a mutual partnership or association between me and the beings that I channel that extends beyond the third dimension, which is the Earthly dimension.
I have heard telepathically that when you receive a gift, you must give back. In 2009 during my spiritual awakening I had a lucid dream in which I also heard that when you receive a gift, you must give back.  The gift that I have received is to be a herald.
I share these beings’ messages of inspiration to help humanity and to provide hope and upliftment.  I also had a dream in 2013 where a female told me outright that I am a messenger of hope. So now, it is very clear to me what my divine destiny is.
I have telepathically heard many times that I “operate on multiple frequencies”, which allows me to receive these telepathic communications form ultra-frequency beings.
My Divine Destiny as Herald & Orator
In addition, telepathically, especially in May and June of 2015 for the first time I heard directly repeated “You are oracle” numerous times in.    Whenever my mind was quiet during the day.  I heard “You are an oracle” in my own thought voice inside of my head.  I would hear it at random times during the day, in the early mornings before waking and in the evenings before sleep.   It became quite repetitive.
It was like the phrase “You are an oracle” was on auto-repeat and would be repeated over and over again inside my head, like a form of subliminal programming
Also telepathically and sporadically I have heard “You are an orator” in 2014 & 2015.  Orator is a term from another era and not one commonly used in the mainstream.  This is another way I know that I am receiving information from beyond by the type of words I receive.  An orator is one who speaks to large audiences.   This is another message to myself that I am meant to share and speak on what I have experienced and my teachings.
In mid June 2015 after I release completely to my purpose of being a herald and orator, I started hearing telepathically the specific term “your divine destiny” so this is the term My Guides use for life purpose-divine destiny.
Discovering Your Divine Destiny
You also have a Divine Destiny.  It may be different from my specific one of being a herald of ultra-frequency beings.  Yours may be more general or not.  Do not compare yourself to me or others for you have been uniquely created.   You may not hear it telepathically and clearly as I have but know it will be revealed to you in the form you are ready to receive it when you are ready.  This will especially happen if you desire to learn what it is and are ready to receive it consciously.  A daily practice of meditation will help align you to your Divine Destiny.
Know it may take some time for your Divine Destiny to be revealed to you as there may be some other life lessons for you to attend to and that take priority. In good, due time, it shall be shown to you.  Be patient and don’t get frustrated that you are not doing your Divine Destiny.  It wasn’t until in my middle years that mine was revealed to me.  Some may say I was a late bloomer but I know now the Universe knows exactly what it is doing and when.  All is in Divine Timing.  It is only our ego that wants to rush things.
My Promise
I also have heard telepathically serving in this way as a teacher, herald and orator was a promise I made before I incarnated to do this type of service, and that it is my “prime directive” to be a herald.  Also, I heard numerous times, telepathically, that I “fought” to come here (to Earth) and that I had to “convince the elders”.
After almost six-year of resisting this since my awakening in 2009, I have finally released, surrendered and embraced this as my new job function.
Now, let me speak on my channeling process and how I actually channel.
My Physical Environment When I Channel
I usually start the channelings sessions where I receive messages from beings by sitting behind my computer at my desk or the kitchen table in a relaxed state.  Sometimes I have relaxing music playing in the background.  Sometimes I have an aromatherapy diffuser on that is dispersing essential grade aromatherapy oils into the space that I am in. These could be frankincense, sandalwood or lavender. My dish of assorted crystals, that are cleared and charged with love and light are right, by my computer when I channel.
My Emotional State When I Channel
I like to channel when I am physically alert and not overly tired.  The best time for me to channel are between 9 am. – 3:30 pm.  Then I find my energy levels waning in the very late afternoon and evening.
I only channel when I am in good mood or in a high vibrational state.  I channel only when I feel peaceful and don’t have anything pressing on my mind.  I don’t bother to channel if I am cranky or upset as these act as blocks to the transmission state, and I may end allowing myself to feel frustrated.
The Guides have reminded me a few times telepathically how important my state of mind was when I channel.
Putting Your Ego Aside During the Channeling
When I start a channeling session, whether it be written or a verbal session for a reading for a client, I always put my ego aside.  I don’t have any expectation or pre-conceived notion of what I am to receive.  I am an open slate for the Universe to imprint on my consciousness.
Open-Mindedness for Channeling Success
Being open-minded is absolutely key to being able to channel in the best way.  The beings work your thought systems and belief systems.  If you have rigid, set beliefs they will not channel to you information to the contrary. Your belief system acts like a filter. It controls the content that are allowed in.
The beings can send higher quality, on broader subject, more accurate, specific information if you mind is open, fertile and receptive.
For example if you are misogynist or discriminate against certain classes of people, you will be more limited as to what you receive.  The very high vibrational beings work with those channelers who are of the same vibration. It is a type of resonance and “harmony”.
I have to say that is one of my stronger personality traits-open mindedness, which I feel has contributed to my channeling success.
The Quality of Your Education
Your vocabulary and level of education have an impact on your channeling. I have notices with other channelers that the beings work within their vocabulary.  If you are well-read, educated and have an extended vocabulary, they have more choices for word selection when you channel them.  If you have a limited vocabulary, they will also be limited.  They usually do not use words that you do not have a conscious familiarity with as this causes disharmony within the channeler and therefore acts as a cloud to block the channeled flow.  “This is a natural and normal response”.
I was a voracious reader when I was young, reading book after book.  I sense that my vocabulary was extended because of that.  Though I was born in a foreign country and came to the United States when I was three, I scored in the very high percentile for English and Reading on the standard testing in elementary school.
I can tell when I channel that the beings may use an archaic term or a word from another generation that had been stored in my memory cells.  They pull and pluck these words from there.
I have found this to be the case in my experiences.  However, I am sure that there are prodigy channelers who are able to channel on topics that are completely foreign to them on conscious levels, though this is  rare.
Your Conscious Knowledge Base
For example, I noticed that I strain when I channel information about the scientific fields such as electrical or mechanical.  I have a few clients ask for channeled guidance in these areas.  That is how I learned that this was a weakness in channeling in this area.  In this lifetime, I have had not any practical experiences in these scientific fields. My knowledge is limited. However, an engineer by education and/or by trade, may be able to channel such technical information with much more ease and dexterity.
My Physical State When I Channel
I channel when my stomach is pleasantly satiated and not overly hungry.  In fact, about two times in the past two to three years, I was contemplating going on a low carbohydrate diet for weight reduction.  I reduced my carb gram level for a day or two.  After day two, I started receiving clairvoyant images of starchy foods and traditional Turkish dishes, such as rice and potatoes that I had growing up.  I sensed that it was my father in spirit or my Turkish relatives sending me these images to get me to ingest more carbs for my own well-being!
Once, telepathically, after being on low carbohydrate diet I heard “You will not be able to channel.” After that, I knew My Guides did not support me being on a low carbohydrate diet.   That is true.  When I lower my carb intake, I usually become lethargic, tired and cranky.  I have difficulty focusing and working on projects because I am craving carbs.   These are not conductive traits or vibrations to have when you are attempting to connect to other realms!  I even had a dream in 2013 or so when I was in an elevator with a medical doctor, and he told that I did not have to give up bread!
Also, I only channel when I have an appropriate block of uninterrupted time, free of distractions and without any hurry.  I have found a forty-five minute time block to be adequate to the length of the channelings I usually receive.
In this optimal state the ultra-frequency beings can more readily connect with me and the communication flow will be flowing and stronger, with less strain on my part.
So you see, the type of things that can act as disruptive distractions like your mood, time of day and quality of your environment. These can detrimentally affect your ability to receive channeled.  It is important to be aware of these conditions and to consciously work to optimize all factors.
My Invocation for Channeling
It is important to have a well thought out, intuitively guided invocation to start your channeling and set the vibrational tone for the channeling.  “This acts as an energetic catalyst.  It prepared the space.”   It should be written out as it shows to the Universe your pure intention. When you write your invocation out, it is more focused.  Take the time to pause and feel or hear what the Universe wants to deliver to you as your invocation.
The Universe appreciates this effort you have taken the time to contemplate and prepare your invocation!  After you make sure you have an optimal environment and state of  mind as I shared earlier, it is important to state the invocation to start the channeling.
If you have a specific being in mind that you want to connect with you can invite that being by name.  It can be a specific Archangel if want to channel the Archangel realm. I occasionally ask for a specific being and also just ask for the highest and best guidance for this time from any high level being that wants to communicate.   Sometimes the beings came directly to me as Aristotle and Mr. Benjamin Franklin did.
I type the invocation into my Word document on my computer at the beginning of every channeling session and then also telepathically send it as well.
This is my invocation that I usually use to start a channeling to start a channeling session.  You are welcome to use it as your own or as a starting point for your own invocation.
“Dear Loved Ones, or the specific name of the being I want to channel, I am here to receive the highest & best guidance at this time for humanity.  Thank you for your earlier messages, which I have shared on FB & my blog.
Please be clear, understandable, accurate and specific. Please help and support me to receive your words easily. Thank-you. Namaste. “
An important note: In April 2015 I heard telepathically that I should include the phrase “highest and the best” in my invocation.  So now, I make sure that I do that.
After My Invocation-My Channeling Process
After typing my invocation into the computer and stating it telepathically, I do the following.   With my eyes closed, I take a deep breath. I clear my mind and become totally present in the moment.  This is absolutely essential to do.  If you have mind chatter, you will not hear the telepathic information coming in.  Your mind chatter and self-talk will act as barriers.   Your mind needs to be open, quiet, still and relaxed.
I listen very closely but without force to what I may hear inside of my head in my own thought voice but that was not generated by me.   Again, this is the psychic sense of clairaudiency.  It is the main way that I receive information for channeled messages and clients’ reading sessions.
After I state and type my invocation into the computer, it may take 3-5 minutes for the telepathic feed to come in to my mind. During this entire time before the message comes in, I stay relaxed, I breathe deeply, and my eyes are closed.  I also attempt to tune into the being’s energy.  I use my clairsentience, the psychic sense of sensing, to feel the connection to the being.
Clairvoyancy During the Channeling
Sometimes, I will receive a clairvoyant image of the being inside my mind.  It pops in like a memory. Clairvoyancy is another psychic sense.  That is when you receive images or visions inside your mind’s eye.
When I receive an image of the being that I am to channel, it is very validating to me as the channeler because I actually have a picture inside of my mind.
As soon as I hear the telepathic message coming in, I transcribe it into my computer.  That is my channeling process and how I received the three channeled messages I am going to share with you now.
Additional Information on Soul Evolution Center Show 
To learn more about how I channel, including the specifics and common questions people like how do I know if when I channel, it is just not my imagination and how do I know if I am not channeling dark entities, please refer to the on-demand episode #3 of the Soul Evolution Center Show on BlogTalkRadio. I think you will find that very interesting!
If the Channeling is Slow
If I find that the channeling is going slow and not a strong, streaming telepathic stream, I may take some additional breaths. I will also relax more.  I attempt to raise my vibration to a higher level. With my intention and visualization, I open up my heart chakra and radiate love.
I telepathically ask for help and support. I telepathically tell the Guides I am having trouble hearing them and can they please send it to me louder and clearer.  It’s important to stay calm.  Frustration and anger will only further block the transmission.
Sometimes, I will send them a clairvoyant image of a volume meter to let them know to turn it up. Or I will clairvoyantly send them an image of a giant human ear to let them know I am having difficulty receiving their message. I may take my amethyst crystal, that has been cleared and charged with light and love, and hold it directly on my Third Eye for a few seconds to stimulate my Third Eye more.
If after all that, the transmission is still coming in stutters or with pauses in between, I just stop channeling, thank them and let them know that I will attempt it again on another day.  I usually don’t even reattempt on the same day.
WWII Impacts on Air Quality
One time in 2014 when I was sitting outside on our patio during a channeling session and the telepathy was parsed, I kept asking for help and an increase in volume.  Then, telepathically I heard “Since WW II, the air quality….” I understood this to mean that the quality of the air quality had been impeded as a result of  air contamination from WW II and this was one of the reasons, the telepathic flow was weak.
This is sad and another reason why war should be avoided at all costs.  The long-term effects are still lingering.
My Channeling Transmission Scale
I created my own rating system to help myself assess the quality of the channeling transmission flow from 0-5 with five being the highest in terms of clarity, strength and flow.  I love when I receive messages that I rated a 4 or 5.  The telepathy just flows like butter.  When I receive these type of strong messages, I have more faith and confidence in the information delivered.
When the transmission is a three or less, that is when the quality of telepathy is degradated.
Weak Channeled Messages
There are many messages I have received in my channeling log  over the past six years that I have not shared for this reason.   I am very honest and upfront about this.  It comes with the territory. Sometimes, I will go back to these old messages and see if I can pull out clear, concise nuggets of channeled information to share.
Quality of the Channeler’s Vibration
The quality of the channeler’s vibration is very important. It is important not to get depressed or upset if you are unhappy with the quality or strength of your channeling.  As I stated earlier, these only serve as blocks.  Just keep at it!
Ongoing Practices to Be a Clear Channel
Below are recommended ongoing practices to integrate into your life consistently to be a clear channel.   I do the following regularly.  These have helped to become a clear conduit for messages from beyond and contributed to my overall energetic health, necessary as well for channeling.

  1. —Raise your consciousness, which correlates to raising your internal vibration. This is the most important teaching of all.

How do you raise your vibration? By integrating the following into your life:
Love   Self-Love  Peace   Forgiveness    Compassion   Joy
Non-judgement   Happiness  Gratitude  Generosity
Open-mindedness  Harmony   Balance     Acceptance
and other types of  similar emotions
2. The following types of emotions lower your vibration:
—                 Hate          Fear              Anxiety                Anger      Judgment
Sadness     Envy        Resentment           Doubt
—                 Shame       Guilt       Impatience              Greed
—                 Frustration                Arrogance              Contempt            Close-mindedness
—                 Regret                       Apathy                      Vengefulness
and other types of similar emotions
Learn to become more aware of when you are feeling these and minimize the amount of time you feel this by fully acknowledging them and not repressing or suppressing.  We are only human and it is to be expected that we will experience some of this as part of our humanity. After acknowledgement, it is important to fully release them through a practice of forgiveness for yourself or others or a practice of gratitude.
My Personal Experiences with Raising My Vibration


I will share my own experiences with raising my vibration.  Every day I do consciously work on transcending my base, reactive emotions and rising to feelings of love, gratitude and compassion for myself and those humans that I interact with.  I have made this my practice as much as possible.  I feel that I have much more work to do as I still dip into lower vibrational reactions at times.  Others in my life  can attest to my episodic moments of these.

I am by no means “perfect”.   However, the intensity and duration of these emotional episodes has been greatly shortened. I am so thankful for this.  And most importantly, I have a higher quality of life.  I am and feel liberated from some of my earlier emotional disruptive reactions.   I have made much progress since 2009 with my intention and commitment to do so.  You can as well with your commitment, vigilance and practice to do so.  I guarantee you that you will be very happy that you did this for yourself.  And in addition, you will have more amazing spiritual moments!

  1. Study spiritual teachings, those that resonate with you.  They can be New Age teachings, Buddhism, A Course in Miracles or whatever your intuition is drawn to
  2. Practice of daily meditation-at regular times
  3. Regular energy work i.e. Reiki, Chi-gong, Tai-Chi, Yoga, etc..
  4. Living a healthy life style
  5. Proper sleep & regular weekly exercise
  6. Balance in life
  7. A healthy diet i.e. organic, natural foods, unprocessed foods, avoidance of refined foods
  8. Proper hydration – clear water
  9. Spend time in nature

Thank-you for spending this time with me. I hope you find it helpful.  I hope that your consciousness has been expanded.  Please remember to do the exercises I recommended to create awareness by slowing down your self-talk, becoming more aware of what is in your mind by listening instead of creating thoughts.  Please share your experiences here on the Soul Evolution Center Show.
The transcript to this episode is shared on my blog as well that is part of my website SoulEvolutionCenter. com.   Please refer to that as well as I like to provide these resources to you as my gift to you.
Stay well and remember that the power is always within you.
Katy Simmone, Psychic Life Adviser, Life Wisdom from Beyond
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