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11/28/09 Spirit Crossing:Dream State: 4 yr old John Henry & Lauris Who Didn't Cross

by | Nov 29, 2009 | Dream Interpretation, Dream with Message, Dreams, Spirit Crossovers, Spirit Guide, Spiritual Realm

Welcome!! Love & Light to You All!!

Purpose:  To share the experience of spirit crossovers in my last night’s dreams.  I hope that by sharing this that others will learn & be aware and if this happens to them, they will know what to do to help those spirits that need to be released into the light.

To share the experience of my husband’s, Tom’s, growing awareness.   In the past month, he has been working on communicating with his spirit guides and angels.  He asked them to come to me for messages for him also.  The dream I had last night shows that  if one wants to open the door to such wondrous communications, it is possible!


I went to bed earlier than usual last night like 9:00 p.m.  When I do that, I tend to wake up at different times during the night and early a.m., which I did.  I also tend to remember my dreams with spirits.

Please see the Intro post to learn more about my psychic  & spiritual developments & spirit interactions to further understand the purpose of this blog, 

 PLEASE NOTE:  You may want to revisit this post at future dates as I may update it with additional info as I get it.



Dream of 11/28/09 Sat. Night Spirit Crossover: 4-year-old boy John Henry

In my dream I was laying in bed with my husband, Tom.  The setting of the bedroom was not my home bedroom.  There was a wooden bureau next to my side of the bed.  From behind it a young baby boy appeared.  He was on the larger side.  He was hefty. I tried to lift him but he was heavy.  He had red/brown hair and fair skin.  I ask Tom if he sees the baby boy. Tom says no.  I ask the baby if he needs to be crossed over.  He says he wants to go to heaven. He wants to be with his parents.  He says his name is John Henry.  He says he is four.  I think he appears much younger like he is a baby.   I don’t know why I ask him this but I ask him, if he wants to be with his brother.  He says that no, his brother is not there.   John Henry gets excited as he tells me this.  

In my dream I close my eyes and  I say “God, we are here right now, to release John Henry into the light.  I ask Archangel Michael to come and release him into the light for the highest good of all concerned.”  I waive my arms about with my eyes closed to create the white tunnel of light.  I open my eyes.  John Henry is gone.  

As I was saying my prayer to release John Henry into the light, I hear unknown male voices in the background.  Then when I am finished helping John Henry to cross over, I think I hear clapping and people saying “Yay!! He is crossed over”. 

Dream of 11/28/09 continued  My Husband’s Tom’s Spirit Interactions

After the crossover, I walk towards a part of the bedroom.  Tom is sitting in a chair with 5 older men like in their 50s  in a semicircle around him. These men came across as cronies to me.   Tom is talking to them about his father.   He is telling them how he helped his father with a bank mortgage issue, which Tom did in reality.  The 5 older men seem to be giving him some input and the month October or August is mentioned as a good month for something to happen.

Tom says that he sees every one of  them clearly, as if they were people. I tell Tom, “They are your spirit guides! Ask them their names!”.  I give Tom a piece of white paper that has doodles on it that I drew.   Tom writes the names down.  He then lies on the bed and says in disbelief that he cannot belief he saw them.  In reality, as I stated earlier he has been working on communicating with them.

 My daughter, Nikki, is scared of the spirits that have appeared.  She turns into her younger 6-year-old self. In reality she is a teenager.  I lift her up and hold her in my arms to comfort her  I ask her if she sees the spirits.  She says that she only sees some light.  

There are more spirits that come in on the other side of the bedroom.  They leave and walk across the hall to another room and close the door.  I am glad they close the door to muffle the noises that may come from there.   I decide to go into that room, still holding Nikki.  There are like 10-20 of them in there.  They are opening up the fridge and making food.  I sense it is a party.  I ask a male a question for advice for myself.  I ask what I can do when it appears that so many spirits are coming into my house.  I tell him it starts off with a  few and then many come.  He seems personally affronted.  He says that he travels in this pack and that he cannot just leave them.  I tell him, no, that is not what I mean.  Then I leave with Nicole in my arms.


Dream of 11/28/09  Spirit Lauris Who Doesn’t Crossover

After the above dream, I stay awake in bed for like 30 minutes.  Then I have the following dream. 

Tom, my husband,  and I are outside on a rooftop building. We decide to go inside.  When we go inside in the open foyer, I sense other people are there.  We go up a short flight of stairs off the foyer. There are a group of spirits 8-10 of them , various ages, male and female, sitting on a long white coach facing us.  Tom shakes people’s hands.  I was surprised by this.  Tom is very polite! 

A young attractive, slender girl in her early 20s with dark hair says that she is here to be crossed over.  I sense all the people there are there to support her in this. It is like an intervention. I ask her her name , and she says Lauris.  I ask if anyone else there needs to be crossed over.  They say no. Before I cross her over, I want to ask them a question to understand the spiritual realm. I ask how is it possible that a spirit that has not crossed over is able to hang out with spirits who crossed over. A young man in his twenties with long brown hair and glasses answers.  He says that there is so much love for Lauris.  They are not evil  that they would not just leave her by herself.

I see 2 cocker spaniel type dogs running around. I close my eyes and  I say “God, we are here right now, to release Lauris into the light.  I ask Archangel Michael to come and release him into the light for the highest good of all concerned.”  I waive my arms about with my eyes closed to create the white tunnel of light.  I open my eyes.    I see Lauris going thru a doorway in the adjoining room.  I follow her.  I sense the others following her in too. 

Lauris is kneeling at the foot of a queen sized bed.  She has a box of her memorabilia.  She is taking items out of the box and holding them and looking at them.  I say to her ” Lauris, you need to go into the light.  Everyone is waiting for you there”.  Lauris then says in a shrill, upset voice “Why didn’t you leave the key outside for me?”  .  A young woman with dark hair in her late teens or so, who is standing next to me, turns and says “She has problems”.

Then I wake up from my dream. I lay upset in my bed.  I feel I disappointed the spirits.  They came to me for help on crossing her over.  I ask Archangel Michael to leave the tunnel of white light open for her for when she is ready. Clairaudiently, I hear in my head to let it go.  I then ask Archangel Michael to give her some learning tools to help her cross into the light.  

Other Dreams of 11-28-09 With Spirit Interactions: Getting More Info on the Spiritual Realm

Later that night into the early a.m. hours of 11-29-09 I have other dreams with spirit interactions.  I am with 2 young black woman, possibly in their late teens or early 20s. I ask  if they are spirit guides. They say they are just hanging out.  I ask them if there were beings who greeted them at the end of the white tunnel when they passed.  They said, that, yes there was a white tunnel that they went thru.  The rest of the answer they gave was vague and I couldn’t make it out.


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