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Welcome!! So glad that you are here!! Light & Love to You All!!
Purpose:  My purpose in this blog is to share other people’s messages and visions that they receive clairaudiently(hearing), clairvoyantly (seeing) or thru claircognizance (knowing).
in the hopes to open up your eyes and hearts to this amazing unseen world out there that we all have access to. 
I like to bring in other people’s experiences as they are different from mine.   For instance, Nina has gotten messages from her guinea pigs, Jeff & Barney, through visuals! I learn so much from these sharings.  
PLEASE NOTE:  You may want to revisit this post at future dates as I may update it with additional info as I get it.
Please see my blog on the Intro to further understand the purpose of this blog, to learn more about me, the author and my psychic developments.
About My Friend Nina
 My friend, Nina,  is a fellow light worker.  She & I have taken mediumship classes and spiritual healing classes together.  She has been experiencing visions all her life, since she was a young girl.  She is a medium-in-training like myself.  She has also crossed spirits over.  Like many of us, she has her “day” job and does these spiritual stuff in between, sometimes during and then after her physical job.   
Thank- you,  Nina for sharing your experiences!
These are Nina’s  experiences from 10/22/09 Thursday:
“Last night, I meditating at 9:15 pm.  This 1700s dressed gentleman, who I think is my gatekeeper approached me with a little girl.  He has a great sense of humor.  After I meditated and I was standing by my bed,  he gave me a very nice dainty old watch as I was about to go to bed.  He put it on my left wrist. I think his name is Harold. 
About two weeks ago, Jeff and Barney my two guinea pigs sent me a vision of themselves, a man dressed in black and my gargoyles, Brooklyn and Manhattan.  (Nina has 2 small statues of gargoyles in her room for spiritual protection).  I sensed that Brooklyn and Manhattan were fighting with this man.  I sensed that the man wanted to stay in my condo and Brooklyn and Manhattan didn’t want him to stay.  Brooklyn’s and Manhattan’s job is to protect the condo and not allow any negative energy in.”
Nina feels that the watch given to her represents something about being patient or taking her time. 


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