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Women and Gender Equality in the Aquarian Age

by | Jan 10, 2018 | Age of Aquarius, Divine Feminine, Gender Equality

Expression of the Divine Feminine
https://soulevolutioncenter.com *I love this video of Meghan Markle speaking about gender equality at the United Nations Women! Thank-you, Meghan! It touched something deep within me. Women are equal and we are not defined by our domestic duties. I felt guided to share my below story to help my fellow sisters who also may be struggling with this and to help you gain an understanding of the times we are in so you can better navigate through your life with flow and ease.
I hope this to be a thoughtful reflection, integrating my own life experiences and observances for further perspective. Some of this is directly channeled from beyond. I received some of the words and concepts below telepathically. I initially posted this on my Facebook on 12/1/17 and then in the days following, I felt guided to add additional content which I did.
My Turkish Background
Being born in Turkey and coming from a middle eastern background where women have had traditional feminine roles since ancient history as in most cultures, I struggled with being a “modern woman” in America. Those that are familiar with human energy systems and epigenetics know the strong influence your heritage has and the energetic imprints you are born with that affect how you may express yourself during an Earthly incarnation. This is especially relevant when you are actually born in a foreign country as I was from conception to birth and after.
I’m so thankful that my father (may he Rest In Peace) had the courage to come to America from Turkey with nothing on his back and not knowing the language to give his children a better life, which allowed me to have the choices to be a modern woman. This, I sense, would not have been as readily available if I had been raised in Turkey during those times. I am also thankful to my mother who had the bravery and trust to follow him here with her two toddler girls, me and my older sister, and leave her beloved family behind. This is not an unusual immigrant story.
Throughout my life including early years, I wanted to work outside the home even when I became a mother. It gave me satisfaction to attain higher education and be part of the workforce. It was very important for my well-being to do so. It is an interesting sychronicity that my maiden name of Turkish origin is “Caliskan.” In Turkish this means working people and I did get a lot of satisfaction from working outside the home.
Making Conscious Decisions for My Well-Being
I was in fact very efficient and intentional with the choices I made for my life. They were conscious decisions on how to spend my time. I remember thinking when I had a decision to make with my time allocation “What would a man do?“ Then I would make that choice. Interesting, is it not?
I would much rather get my Masters of Science in accounting then spend an hour and a half every night preparing and cleaning up a meal. I chose to study and pass the first two actuarial exams and the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exam. To me, these had a more desirous pay off. I would be able to get a higher paying job and hopefully faster promotions which would allow me to be a financially independent woman and support my family. This was an investment in my future whereas spending more time than necessary in the kitchen and on household chores seemed to me to be unproductive.
Shoring Up My Base Chakra
I am thankful I acquired the educational and professional credentials through more effort and discipline to fall back on. Currently, I am devoting myself to my spiritual profession and writing due to my spiritual awakening in 2009. However, it gives me great security to know I can resume work in the world of conventionality if need be.
My base chakra in regard to my career sector is stable because I shored it up with higher education and professional designations. . The base chakra is a primary energy center in another dimensional frequency located at the base of your spine. It vibrates to the color red. It is associated with survival, safety and security.
Numerological Influences
My tendencies to work outside the home are explained in the major numbers of my numerology. I have an “8” Soul Urge number which is the most ambitious number from 0-9 and besides the number 1, which is my Soul Expression number, the number of achievement. My Soul Expression number of “1” explains my  independence, drive and ability to stand alone which I needed to live my authentic, modern female life.
Cancer Zodiac Influence
Besides numerological influences, astrological influence were also at hand in guiding my life. My non-domestic nature can also be chalked up to my zodiac sun sign of Cancer, a water sign. In general, Earth signs such as Virgos, Tauruses and Capricorns tend to be more connected to the household and earthly, grounded duties. Also, Cancer is the cardinal sign of the water signs. Cardinal signs show independence, initiative, pioneering and drive.
Parents as Factory Workers Influences
To give you further background as to why I am a non conventional female in terms of my household role: My mother worked in a sewing factory as a seamstress since I was about 13 years old for quite a few years. Blessings to her! I saw how physically tired she was when she got home. After walking home from work, she would come home and immediately lie on the living room couch to replenish her energy. She would let us know emphatically she needed to rest and had a short temper as a result. Understandably, she was exhausted.
My father had also worked as a factory worker throughout his life in America. We always brought used furniture and used cars, always a few years old. Throughout my life my family of six lived in rented apartments with one bathroom and up to three sisters in one bedroom. I am thankful for my parents’ efforts to keep me safe and provide for the family. They taught me the value of good, honest work ethic.  I had a wonderful, secure childhood; However, as an adult I made myself a promise to garner higher education to avoid the financial burden of supporting a family on factory wages.
From having both parents work in factories, I learned the importance of an education as a stepping stone to financial security. I wanted a white collar job for myself for financial independence and to be able to support my family as well. In order to do that I needed to make some firm, clear choices on what I devoted my time to during my life.
Choosing My Health as a Priority
In addition, throughout my life back to when I was 12 years old I have been guided to pay attention to my physical health. It was a strong driving force innate within me.
This was validated by an aura scan done a few years ago at Lisa’s Healing Center, http://lisashealingcenter.com. It showed the dominant colors in my aura as blue and green. The description stated I loved nature and was very vested in physical activities. So true! I would much rather spend 45 minutes jogging outside getting my nature fix then that time in the kitchen preparing a meal.
Since I was a child, I always had an affinity to commune in nature. Looking back at it now having an understanding of human energy, I sense it was because I can subtly feel the healing energy of nature and knew on deeper levels, it was important for me to spend regular time outdoors for energy clearing, restoration and balancing. Nature is a prescription for good health.
I always knew I had to take care of my physical body through proper and consistent exercise. This drive became even more important when my father had serious heart conditions in his fifties, relatively young. He had a pacemaker, partial leg amputation below the knee and high cholesterol. He was a smoker and did not live a healthy lifestyle. As a result he transitioned to the afterlife in his sixties.
I learned from this and based on my genetic health risk factors, I vowed to make physical care, including doing cardio for my heart due to my father’s heart disease, a top priority. We should all have this awareness of our family health, be proactive accordingly and take the appropriate measures now to alleviate and prevent such health conditions within ourselves.
Time Allocation Decision Making
With only so many hours in the day between working two to three jobs to put myself through college, then working in my career, continuing my higher education, studying for the actuarial and CPA exams, starting and building a business, commuting, daily hygiene, etc… I often made decisions to spend my time on exercise and do minimal cooking, choosing simple, easy fare and doing minimal household chores. I was prudent in this way and very conscious of time allotment.
I share this to show that life is all about choices. As a woman in America I made choices about how I chose to spend my time. I chose what was more empowering and the best for me emotionally and physically. More often than not, it was not domestic in nature. With only so much hours in a day, one needs to prioritize.
Feeling Judgement Energy as an Empath
Despite my independent nature and being authentic to my nature, there was subtle pressure and disapproval from those around me, mainly women, that I was being selfish in my lifestyle. I am thankful this was not blatant. However, being a sensitive water sign of Cancer and an empath, I could feel their judgement energy. This was during the late nineties and years following when more women were entering the work force.
Looking back at this now, I can understand why some projected judgment toward me. They were a product of their generation and carried deep-seated societal, including family and cultural conditioning. They have been judged themselves on their domestic contributions like the level and quality of their house cleaning and cooking skills. Their self-worth and value was based on this. Therefore, this is how they judged me as well. And because I was choosing to spend my time on other matters, more important to me, I was very lacking in some female’s eyes.
By me being a non-conformist with the traditional feminine role as I was following my inner direction to live my life, it upset their sense of identity. Their egos could not reconcile this. If I was right living my unique life, they must be wrong. Or vice versa. This is errant thinking and based on the low vibrational ego that is still in play in many people.
Even now, I still receive judgment energy from some females. In 2017 I met a new friend who is in her sixties. When I told her I didn’t cook, her mouth dropped. She said in a surprising, accusing tone “Your don’t cook?!? How can you not cook?!” I chalked the nature of her response to her age, a generational gap.
After that, I decide to have a short, direct nonconfrontational response ready for the future in case others reacted like that in order to teach them. Being a spiritual teacher is one of my life purposes as I telepathically heard many times. I came up with this if people ask me how I cannot cook being at the age I am: “Throughout my life I decided to spend my time on other priorities like education, career and the care of my physical body. There is only so many hours in a day.”
The bottom line is as we evolve into an egalitarian society, we will learn to accept everyone’s life: single, married, biracial marriages, LGBT and their relationships, working outside of home, working inside of the home, etc…
Know Thyself
“Know thyself” is an important precept I followed. I always lived my authentic life being true to myself in this way and not getting into domestic duties also because I had no interest in it and did not find it fulfilling. I would rather spend my time on other things like educating myself, taking care of my physical body, etc…. Of course, just by the nature of living in this world, out of practicality there is always some minimal domestic duties you need to engage in. No one is exempt from that.
I am so thankful I had the courage and initiative to listen to my inner yearnings & not be indoctrinated by society’s distorted role definitions of females. Again the strong numerological influences of “1” energy in my numerology helped buoy me. It was not easy. Some times I did not feel validated by those that were most important and closest to me. Because this was way before my spiritual awakening in the Spring of 2009 when I did not have all the spiritual tools and techniques I do to shift my perceptions, I allowed myself to be hurt by this. I use the word “allow” because we all have power over how we choose to feel. Thankfully, my spouse has always been supportive of my desires.
A Major Life Lesson For Me
Alas, that was part of my life journey. A big life lesson was for me to go within for all of my validation and to stop looking outside for it. I have learned that lesson, not easily, after many years and struggles. Now, I am a much stronger person as a result.
I acknowledge other people have had much more difficult challenges in their life. Nevertheless the emotional struggles I had because of being a non traditional female is one of my major, defining life lessons. Each one of us has unique life lessons depending on our karma and what specific traits our soul wanted to develop during this lifetime.
Influences of Psychic Awareness of a Future Life
In 2016 and 2017 I started to receiving fleeting feeling of knowingnesses, which is the psychic sense of claircognizance of coming from a another dimension. Future World, I dubbed it. I felt like I had a lifetime or possibly still even have a concurrent lifetime where technology had accelerated to such an extent, that many human beings were liberated from day-to-day menial, mundane physical tasks. This left its citizens free to focus on higher thought, philosophy, education, etc…
You can say these feelings I had were a form of deja vu. This explains my dispositions throughout my life to higher ideals and lack of motivation to engage in the tediousness of domesticity I felt. I admit, I am waiting for the domestic android to be available to the mass consumers! I hope it happens in this lifetime! Ha! I would love to have a Rosie the robot maid like in the futuristic cartoon series “The Jetsons” from the seventies. So not be sexist, I would also welcome a Ron, the robot household helper.
Balancing of Male and Female Energy in the Aquarian Age
The astrological age of Aquarius we are currently in is one of rebalancing of female & male energies. Women are learning to be stronger, independent, not subservient and becoming empowered. Part of being independent is having the will and resolve to be financially stable on your own which usually means working outside of the home and not being financially dependent on men. Men are learning to become more sensitive and nurturing, less dominating and aggressive.
I write about this in my first e-book “Aristotle’s Teachings for the New Age, a Series of Channelings.” (It is available as a FREE download in many reading formats at http: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/575068.) Please also read the below blog post where I channeled a message from the Thought Providers, Light Beings of another dimension on how women will be shifting in the New Age:
This rebalancing of male and female energy has played out in recent American society with so many single-family home households. Women are becoming the major breadwinners now and the traditional roles are being blurred. This is a positive ramification.
As there are more single fathers and single and married mothers now who are working, men are learning to take an active role in child rearing and participating in household chores. Fathers are watching their children while the mothers work. Divorced men are taking care of their children, i.e. feeding them, clothing them, tucking them in at night, etc… when they have them as part of their child custody arrangements. This is all part of the rebalancing in the Age of Aquarius.
The men who are married to working women have learned to contribute to the domestic duties. Many times this is out of plain necessity. There is just not enough time in the day for one person to do it all, bring home the bacon and then do all the domestic duties. This is especially relevant when there are not available funds to pay for help like a cleaning person, nanny, etc…
Women’s Life Lessons as a Collective
I know having to work outside the home is difficult for some women. I know this because I have heard these lamentations time and time again from some of my friends, relatives and other females for having to be the primary supporter and income generator. Traditionally across almost all cultures that has been a man’s role. Some women would prefer having a man bring home the bacon to support them and their family. That would be much easier for them.
Some women after working for so many years are just plain tired of having sole responsibility for their finances. They have told me so. They want this responsibility off their plates. They are tired of working to make ends meet. They are tired of balancing their household budgets. They have expressed that they want to be taken care of by a man even when they have the education and earning power to do it themselves.
I know it is not easy but working outside of the home is a major part of many women’s life lessons. It is what their soul wanted to experience in this lifetime, to develop strength, independence and resilience through financial self-sufficiency. Sometimes our life lessons can be very hard but through them we triumph and obtain essential soul growth. Sometimes our souls have these experiences for inner development that our egoic consciousness resists because the ego wants “easy street.”
Welcome to the Planet Earth! It is a learning paradigm, which we all signed up for voluntarily.
Women Realizing Their Limits
Most women have learned that they cannot be superwoman and work outside the home full-time and take care of their traditional domestic duties themselves. They need help. There are some woman who still need to learn to ask for help from their partner, hire services to help them or simplify their lives. This is part of their learning of communication and empowerment of the divine feminine.
Expression of the Divine Feminine
This rebalancing of male and female energy is playing out in the current media with all the sexual harassment cases. Women are speaking out against very powerful men of wealth and stature. This is indeed another sign of the New Age and a realignment. The old ways of mistreatment and sexualizing of women in the workforce are being demolished. Amen!
Women are needed in the workforce and other arenas to be key players in decisions that affect them. They need to be represented at the table in business, government, religion and other institutions. How else can we get our feminine voices and views heard?
Progress has been made in the equalization of the male and female races but still more needs to be done. It is up to each one of us individually and how we act, how we carry ourselves and out attitudes in our day-to-day life to accelerate this equalization. The responsibility lies within each and every one of us.
Words of Wisdom for the Sisters
Sisters, remember, when you use your sexuality and feminine wiles to get ahead rather than your skills and talents, you do all your sisters wrong. When you experience sexual mistreatment from a man, report it immediately. This takes great strength but wrong is wrong. Have faith. You will be rewarded by the Universe. The rewards may not be immediate or tangible but on a soul level, they will be profound. Please do your part to prevent if from happening to the next sister. That is wise and benevolent.
Sisters, when you sexualize yourself and debase your beautiful inner gifts by objectifying yourself, you help perpetuate the old outdated model. In addition, it is detrimental to your daughters and other future generations of females. Teach your daughters and granddaughters this, to use their talents and not their looks to succeed in life.
Sisters, also teach your sons, grandsons, brothers, fathers and partners to respect women and to help shoulder the responsibility of household duties. When you don’t raise males this way and over mother them, neglecting to teach them how to live independently, like how do their own laundry, wash and put away their own dishes and other basic household chores, and/or you enable them by doing these for them yourself, you make it harder for their future love partnerships and all relationships with the opposite sex.
Words of Wisdom for the Brothers
Brothers, remember, when you sexualize, harass, disparage, exhibit lewd and lascivious behavior and discriminate in other ways against women as a race, you hurt your mothers, daughters and sisters. Even if you do it in with what you think are private spaces, with the guys or if it’s “locker room talk,” this detrimental energy is created, continues, travels and has ramifications. You are complicit by saying or doing nothing and being passive when your brothers exhibit this in front of you. We are learning this now with these high-profile sexual allegations coming out in the business and government sectors.
Brothers, you can be a gentleman in all ways. It is already within you, waiting to be revealed. Teach your sons and grandsons this. Demonstrate this in your daily lives.
Brothers and sisters, all is interconnected. Nothing is hidden from the Universe. Remember, you have the capacity to be bigger and rise above your base natures. Let us carry ourselves with grace and class in all of our interactions, private and public. Let us look at the horizon and hold a beautiful, inspiring vision for the future that serves both men and women, harmonious in nature. Let us not turn a blind eye on wrong doings such because it doesn’t impact us directly. This is a vital part of all of our evolutions in the Age of Aquarius.
Know Thyself
Please note, I do acknowledge that there are women who love engaging in traditional female roles and duties. For example, some love to cook. It gives them satisfaction and want to do that for their family. They find it enjoyable. I have met more than one female who has explicitly expressed this to me.
Others find it a burden especially having to it daily for their families for years.  It can become a grind when you have to do it for every meal. Whichever place you are in, that is fine if that is what truly makes you happy and you are at peace with it. It is all about the quality and manner in which you do it and how you feel about it.
Become aware of your emotional state throughout the day. Tune into yourself and how you are feeling. Know that if you are feeling angry, frustrated, resentful, drained and unappreciated when you engage in your domestic duties these are indicators there is a problem, that something is not right. You are not at peace. You are at unease. This requires emotional healing either through a shift in perception and/or a change in your actions.
It is prudent to always ask the question in whatever you do in life “Is this what I really want or am I doing this because it is the way I have been raised or indoctrinated?” A practice of meditation, creating moments of stillness, self introspection and journaling will help you attain clarity on the true influences of your choices.
It also important to remember that we should not judge others by the choices that they make for themselves and for their families. There are no wrongs in how people choose to live their lives. We are all right. We should aspire to respect each other. When you judge others, you judge yourself. That is the universal law of Karma and Cause and Effect.
Accepting the Decisions of Other Women
So sisters, let us support each other, let us be the sisterhood and not compare or compete with each other or the decisions we make to be a stay at home mother verses a working mother. The decisions one makes in this regard is individual and based on each person’s unique life, including their karma, past, concurrent & future lifetimes, DNA and their soul purpose for this lifetime.
This post is one of my contributions toward creating awareness in moving the Divine Feminine and Male consciousness to higher vibrations.
I hope this writing was helpful to you or least helpful in expanding your mind to look behind traditional female roles. Please share your relevant comments. Thank you. 12/1/17
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