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12/12/12 Channeled Message: Inspirational: Thought Adjustors: Raising Consciousness

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I am a channeler of beings of light and love and a light worker. Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have been receiving information clairvoyantly, clairaudiently and clairsentiently. Also, I have been having amazing experiences such as participating in spirit crossovers, out of body (OOB) experiences, receiving messages from light beings and those in spirit, and other psychic phenomena.

I started this blog as I was guided to teach what I know and to record my experiences in an expository fashion with detail and dates. Some of what I share is very fantastical and hard to believe, I know. Yet, this is what I have been experiencing. Since my spiritual awakening, this has been my new reality for the past three years.

I am sharing the following beautiful inspirational message I channeled today on raising consciousness. This was a personal message to me but I felt that it applicable to everyone to embrace that you are a divine, immortal being.

I have shared other channeled messages on this blog. Some are inspirational and some are technical.

Please also see my commentary at the end of the message for helpful background information.

Enjoy! Thank you for reading. Please share with others who may be interested.


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2:02 p.m.

Thought Adjustors: Katy, find ways to prepare yourself. It is not easy. Surely, you can find some time to take others on your journey. Mastery for you. Take care not to inundate yourself with superficialness. Spend time learning the true nature of your ultimate self. Seek out the wisdom from other times. We cannot tell you how to share your innate knowledge. Simply know you have found the way to the beginning of space. Secure your space into the higher spaces to evolve continually. (Note: I saw a very bright spark to my right a few feet away with my physical eyes, not my clairvoyant vision).

Since you have come to the understanding and realization of other ways including introspection into your divine immortality, to teach others is to teach the innermost knowledge and grace of your true essence. Conditioning plays a part. Allowances are made for those who cannot see the vibration of conscious development.

The Commander (1) has engineered new specific techniques of conscious awareness. Concern arises as to what is the true dilemma (2).. Save time to tell others that they can create so much to share, learn and grow. Christ came to show man that there are other ways, diverse, to give yourselves speed and depth of illumination. Continue to get clarity for therein are some aspects of love & supreme consciousness.   You have been created to show to yourself and others the carefulness with which the divine, immortal soul desires reprieve and chastity of love. Included in this is the effervescent glow of the sublime and the reality of divine consciousness. Cherish yourselves and the divine creation that you are. Hold your head high with the thoughts, hopes and dreams of Aphrodite. The fantasy becomes the new reality.

Reverberate your language of upliftment, kindness and soul care. Fortify yourself with nurture, care and the ineffable. We speak to you because you can hear us. Within you is a small, soft place of warmth, gratitude and ease of living. You create no monsters within yourself. You spend time to relax and replenish. Your spirit is kind, flowing and moves with eternal grace (Note: I am feeling a light throbbing plan at the top of my head, highly unusual).

You change to grow. You relax to allow yourself to move more fluidly. Your internal structure is being thoughtfully reintegrated for additional experiences of life and the possibilities for further inquiries to the higher dimensions. Spare no fanciful illusions. We find you have touched others with your soft spoken answers.

Convince yourself to better learn. You tire of older teachings for the answers they provided were not, as you perceived, the change you wanted to create. Condition yourself so that you can easily explain the new truth, the updated reality, the new creation. In these times, the answers are not easy to decipher. Fortunately, the times are moving rapidly, creating a stir, a giant ripple to sway others who on the precipice and desire and yearn for more advanced acceleration of their spirit and divine consciousness.

Turn to the west. Look up. See the sun, moon and stars. For Father has allowed all creation to be true, immortal and divine. Dance to the stars. Create movement with your vibration. Your dance changes things. It allows easy penetration of thought forms of advanced learning and technology. So much to share, to teach. Join us now in this perpetual journey of understanding and knowledge of the truth. The ancient soothsayers have prophesized that understanding is a constant finding of alternate sources of inspiration and soul desires.

Challenge yourself. Keep wondering. Follow your internal light to guide you to new adventures of thought. We want to remind you that you chose this for yourself, a reminder that you are capable of dancing to the music of the heavens and celestial bodies.

We are those who have come, to remind you of your true, eternal nature. We are the ones known as gentle purveyors of the solar system. We are the chosen ones come to guide you on your spiritual journey. We are known as your Thought Adjustors by some names. To others we are simply those that watch and care for you. We cannot put it any more simpler. We have been training for this moment to make you aware of other divine consciousness, who endeavor to assist our fellow inspirators.

We teach what we know. We are not allowed to change your ways of thought. We show you with our words the understanding of which you have access to within yourselves if you so choose, allow yourself and desire to acknowledge. To succumb to these wonderful teachings is to allow yourself the full force and totality of your entire self to be energized, heightened to new levels and for the emergence of spectacular velocities of light and ancillary energetic displays. (Note: I see a clairvoyant image of a human body engulfed in lights, energy and color that radiates outward to some distance beyond the physical body.)

Katy:  I thanked them.

2:48 p.m.

Commentary: (1) The Commander, whom is referred to is a word I have heard telepathically many times before in the past 6 months. I sense that he is some high level guide. I have not edited the below channeled messages.

(2) I am unsure what is meant here by “true dilemma.” Perhaps, something to contemplate.

There are three places in the message that I bolded in which I was not able to receive the message coherently. I left this in the message to show you the technical difficulties involved with channeling at times.

It was a beautiful message. I wish it would have come in more fluidly. There were times when I would be pausing for the next word to come in. There were only about 3 sentences, where the words just “gushed”.


  1. Katy Standen, RP-CRA

    What a wonderful message.
    I came across your site by accident and was intrigued by the intro to your post, and was a bit shocked to see we share a name! I have been developing my psychic abilities since I was a teenager, mainly through reading Tarot, but over the last few months my abilities have improved greatly to the point where I am able to channel messages from spirit and from those who have already crossed over. I look forward to reading more of your blog!

    • word575

      Hi Katy,
      Thank you for your comment. I apologize in the delay in responding. I was out of the country without access to the Internet. That is wonderful that you are developing. I love to share with fellow channelers. I am planning to start a channeling support group in the near future, either through teleconferencing or Skype to share our experiences & techniques.
      I would love to hear more of your experiences. Please feel free to comment on the blog posts. I would love to get your feedback.

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