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10-25-09 Dream: My Rebirth Thru Water in My Bedroom- Resurrection – Phoenix

by | Oct 26, 2009 | Dream Scene - Rebirth Thru Water, Dreams, My Family - Tom, My Spouse, Phoenix, Resurrection | 1 comment

Welcome!!  So happy that you are here!! Light and Love to you all!!

Purpose:  – By sharing my  own experiences,  I hope to help  raise your consciousness that dreams and messages have important meanings and may include interactions with spirits or other aspects of consciousness of yourself or those around you.


PLEASE NOTE:  You may want to revisit this post at future dates as I may update it with additional info as I get it.

Please see my blog on the Intro to further understand the purpose of this blog, to learn more about me, the author and my psychic developments.


10-25-09 Sunday Dream: My Rebirth  Thru Water in My Bedroom – Resurrection

In in my bedroom with my husband, Tom.  I see a big tropical green body of water beyond the doors to the patio from the street.  There are like swimmers bobbing around in there.  I ask Tom if he sees it.  He says no.  Then the wave comes thru the doors, over the patio, into the bedroom.  It washes over me a few times. I feel I am almost drowning.  I start to sputter.  I can’t believe that I may almost drown in my very own bedroom with my husband right next to me, who stayed as dry as bone. I say “This is only a vision.  This is only a vision.” I literally somehow rip & slice thru the wave with my arms. I surface.  Now I see land that is blanketed in white snow thru the doors of the patio that leads to the street. 

 Comment:  I recognized this dream as a rebirth dream because of what I saw in my dream on the following day on 10/26/09 Monday.  In that dream I had rec’d birthday cards from my two sisters.   In real life, my birthday is in June so it has already passed.   10-25 is also Tom’s birthday in real life.   Now we both have the same birthday!

 I have never had a dream vision like this before with the water coming over me while I was in my bedroom.  I have had other dreams with water coming over me in different scenes.

Clairaudient Messages  on the Phoenix,  Captain & Animals

Sometime after this dream while laying in my bed  in the early a.m. hours, I heard Tom’s voice clairaudiently in my voice.  He asked ” Did you find the Phoenix?”.  Then I think he said “Good.”

Then I heard clairaudiently ” I visit the Captain… The Captain congratulates me”. 

Then I hear ”  There are no animals in the Kingdom“.


 Interpretation of Phoenix and Captain Message

Awake now, I reached for my notepad and pencil by the bed and scribbled this message down.  

Later that morning, I research the term phoenix.  All is I know is that it is some sort of large mythical bird.  According to Wikipedia,

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoenix _(mythology)  it states:

A phoenix  is a mythical sacred firebird which originated in the ancient mythologies mentioned in the Phoenician Mythology and the Egyptian and later the Greek Mythology.

The Egyptian phoenix (Bennu bird) became popular in early Catholic art, literature and Catholic symbolism, as a symbol of Christ representing his resurrection, immortality, and life-after-death.

Maybe this dream represents  resurrection?

According to Wikipedia, the phoenix is closely associated with the rising sun and the Egyptian sun-god Ra. 

I have had  the words rising sun and rising star come up before a few times in my sleepy/wakey state in bed or during closed eye meditations.

I can’t believe this,  as I read further in Wikipedia it states:

The phoenix was featured in the flags of Alexander Ypsilantis and of many other captains during the Greek Revolution, symbolizing Greece’s rebirth, and was chosen by John Capodistria (1828-1832).

I am definitely picking ups some messages on the phoenix and related captain!


Another Wave of Water Coming Over Me Dream

About a week ago I did have a dream where I was scaling a small cliff and there was a body of water under me.  I was reaching for the hand holds on the cliff.  As soon as I made it to the top, a huge wave come over.   I was surprised that this happened as the body of water was under me.  How did the water get above me? I, then,  found myself floating downstream in  river with my daughter and an unknown young girl like 2 or 3 years old.


Interpretation of   Message of ” There are No Animals in the Kingdom”

Yesterday during the day, I wondered where animals like pets went to after they passed.   I wondered about this because my dog that had passed on  years ago came to visit me in my dream yesterday.  See my blog on this dream.   So I think I was receiving a message that there are no animals in the heavanly kingdom.

Wow, they, the ones above, or as some people say “spirit”  are/is really listening to all my thoughts and helping me  with my questions!


Note on Winter Scenes in Dreams

 Land blanketed in snow and winter scenes seem to be a reoccurring scene in my dreams. I feel this symbolizes purity. 

 For another winter scene dream, see my blog that motivated me to start this blog on Asian Man Passing.

For a better understanding of this blog,  background of me, the author,  and my spiritual developments, please see my blog on the Introduction.


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  1. Helena

    Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, Kay!
    I always find them really amazing & fascinating!

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