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10/23/09 Spirit Crossing: Sleep State: Crossing Tricksters Danielle and Dee Over

by | Oct 23, 2009 | Light Worker, Spirit Crossovers | 1 comment

So happy that you are here! Love & Light to You ALL!
Purpose:  My purpose in writing this blog is to share my experience in crossing spirits over in my sleep state so that if you are ever called upon to do this, you will know what to do or at least not be scared and maybe be slightly aware of what is going on!
Based on my  limited experience to date, many of my crossovers have been children.    Possibly especially because of their young age, children  don’t know what to do and get “stuck” and cannot transition to the other side.
As one of my spiritual  friends, Julie,  said, some of these children appear to be “bratty” children or like these 2 that I just crossed over, jokester types.
Bless them all!
10-23-09 Sleep Crossover Dream Early A.M. Today
During my dream  I was laying in my real life bed.   There were  no bed covers on.  I was wearing shorts pjs.  I looked down on my bare legs.  Both of my thighs had expanded to be like a foot and half in diameter each.  A woman’s nightmare right there, to see her thighs grows like that (LOL)!!
There is a wind rippling through my thighs under the skin.  My leg skin is rippling.  I get up in my dream and looked in the mirror.  Ok, it gets a little graphic and disgusting here.   My left eye is encrusted shut, swollen and the corners are filled with sleep guk.
Then I look at my face. Surprise!  There are like 4 circular skin eruptions on different parts of my face.  They are like large concentric holes in my face that go thru layers of skin.  There are small circular yellow peas inside these eruptions.  I put my finger in one of them, trying to take a pea out! LOL!!  I was thinking I could plant it and something beautiful may grow. LOL!!  (To date I do not remember having a dream where my face was disfigured like this except for the Vendetta Dream which I haven’t blogged about yet.)
Then  I took a look at my cheeks. They are all stretched out, stretched down. I am like totally jowley.  Then I look closely. I see why my cheeks look like that.   I see two hot water rubber compresses taped to the sides of my chin.  These are the hot water bottles used for injuries.  You know, the kind with a lid that you pour water into it?  I feel the hot water bottles, and they are still warm.  “Aha!” I say to myself.  The culprits are still around. I had an inkling there were some pranksters around.
Meeting the Young Tricksters
In my dream I then walk into another adjacent room to my bedroom.  I go into this room that is still my house but not a room in my house in real life.  I stand in the middle of the room and say very, very loudly ” Ok, who did this to my face?!”  I wait like 10 seconds, no response.  Then I say again, very, very loudly ” ” Ok, who did this to my face?!”   I wait like 15 seconds and these 2 giggly girls run out from the closet into the middle of the room.  One of them was like a miniature girl, another looked like she was 11 or so.  The taller one was like 2 feet taller than the small one.
I don’t know why but  I said “First of all, what are you  names?”.  (In the past, i haven’t thought to ask the spirits that I cross over their names). The little girl said Danielle, the older girl said  to just call her Dee.  I said to them, “Look what you did to my face!!!  You stretched out my cheeks!!  I don’t ever want you to do that again to me!!”.  As I was saying that to them, I was thinking that I was going to cross them over right away so why am I even telling them this?
Creating the White Light Column & Almost Being Pulled Up By It
As I was speaking to them, I was created a white light to the left side of me and callws Archangel Michael for his help in my thoughts.  The girls  said “Ok, we won’t do that again.”  I thought I must hurry because usually in other dreams when there are just one or two spirits, then many start piling into my house.   More and more and more come in.
I said you need to go into the light.  Danielle said she didn’t want to go.  I am following them around the room. The light column is following along right next to me!  Somehow I take a step back and I fall.  I am on my back on the floor  in the white light!  I am on my back looking up at the cloudy white light above me.  I could feel its suction and its pull on my body.  I am thinking “Hey, wait a minute, I am not supposed to be in the white light !”.  I use alot of  physical force and push the white light column past me. (LOL, I guess I am still a novice at this stuff!!  The angels and guides must get some laughs from the work I do.  They probably sit up there in the heavens and just laugh at me.  I must provide some comic relief to them!  The crosser over somehow gets crossed over! )
Crossing Dee and Danielle Over
Now that I was safe from the white light, I saw  Dee was behind me.  I can sense her thinking and slightly yearning to go into the light.   Then without saying a word she walks  into the light, and she disappears.  Danielle, the little one, still did not go in.  I say to her “All your relatives are waiting for you.  Dee is there now.  Don’t you want to be with Dee?”.  Then she goes in. Thank God!! I see her shoes and her briefs under her skirt as she is lifted up and away.
Wrapping it Up
I wake up from this dream.   I am so relieved they both crossed over.  I had one dream about a week ago where the young daughter crossed over, and the mother just didn’t want to go.    I ask Archangel Michael to tidy up the work that I did and make sure all is as it is supposed to be for the highest good of all concerned.  I ask him to make sure the girls are where they need to be .   Then, I say a prayer for Dee and Danielle.  I wish them much happiness in their new lives.  As I say this, I get a clairvoyant image in my head of like 20-30 people of all sizes in the distance. They are waving to me ,and they all have big smiles on their faces.  From this, I sense all is well.   I ask Dee and Danielle to visit me after they are all settled in.  I ask them to come gently to me like in a dream and let me know how they are doing.  I ask them to use their names so I know  who they are.
I thank the Universe for giving me the opportunity to serve in this way. It is an honor and with great pleasure that I do this work.
Comments:  This sleep state crossover was different from my other few crossovers to date in the following ways:
– It was a cloudy white column of  light that appeared as the light tunnel and not the green shimmery light column that appeared 3x before in my previous dreams
– Also during this dream the white light moved with me.  It was like following me!
– I somehow got stuck in the white column for a few seconds.  This was a first!  I hope I got some good spiritual healing from that!
– These spirits were young  tricksters and were playing tricks with my face & transforming it ! No other spirits that I have crossed over have affected my physical appearance like that before.
What I learned
I learned that there are different ways to cross spirits over in the dream state.   It could be a green light or white light or a closet light.  The process is not standardized.
Also, I give myself a pat on the back that I kept my cool to cross them over, even after they transfigured my face!  I didn’t freak out.  I am working on becoming fearless and getting past all that to just get the job done.   My spiritual teacher, Pam, in real life taught me always to be fearless.  The more I  see, the more fearless I will become.  And she said, I will see alot.  She ain’t kidding!  But once you have seen and experienced really bad, dark dream occurences, the other stuff  is not  so bad  &  scary at all in comparison. It moves your perspective threshold.

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  1. Carol

    I love reading your dreams…so interesting!

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