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10/9/09 Dream-Painters & Sleep State-Spirit Crossover in Astral Plane

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These are today’s significant dreams and dream interpretations.

10/9/09  Early A.M. Dream: Unwanted Painters in the House

I was outside. My garage door was open.  I saw the 2 painters unloading their equipment from the truck.  They were going to come into the house to continue their painting.  I ran upstairs.  Let me say, that I was in my house but it was not the house that I have in reality.  I found the clicker for the garage door. I closed it.  I hoped the painters had not seen me outside so that they knew I was home.  I was just not going to answer the door when they came to the door.  I just didn’t want them in the house today.  They have been there for so long painting. I wanted a day off from them where I could just walk around the house without them there.  I knew I should have given them advance notice so they didn’t have to show up today.  But I didn’t care.  They could come to the door and I just wasn’t going to answer it.  The doorbell could ring and ring for all I care. Plus I needed to clean the house and didn’t want them there when I did it.

 I couldn’t believe it. The painters somehow got into the house thru the garage, though I had closed it!  Then I realized what happened. The little boy, who I think was my son in the dream (I don’t have a son in real life), had a garage opener too, and he had let them in!  The 2 painters were dressed in white paint spotted clothing.  The painters were unloading their painting benches in the room of my house.  The room they were painting in was bare and devoid of any furniture. 

 There was a paint cloth over one of their long narrow benches.  I stepped up on the bench.  I went up to one of them & asked them to leave.  I said that I needed a break and had to clean and didn’t want them there that day.  The painter simply was not going to leave. He was like totally ignoring me.  He was saying something about the contract. He went into a long explanation, which I could not understand.  He said something like it was better to have the painting done now because it will be less expensive and more useful.  If it wasn’t done now, there would be some sort of problems later on.  He said he was going to call his boss.  I said I did not care about the $$. I just didn’t care.  The idea came to me that they could work ½ a day.  But the thought that they would be working even only till 12:00 p.m was distasteful to me.  After some back and forth, I frustratedly and angrily said “oh, ok you can stay but I don’t want you in any of the other rooms.  You have to stay in the room that you are painting in only!!!” I just wanted my privacy.  I didn’t care that I was not polite.  I didn’t care that they saw this side of my personality. 

 I hurriedly went about the room they were painting in and closed and locked all the doorways that let to the other rooms.  Then after some time from where I was working, I could see the painters popping into the other rooms or out into hallway.  I would then run up to them and yell at them to stay in the painting room and closed the door(s) again.

 Dream Interpretation:  The garage door represents my own internal portal access point to my consciousness or self.  I was closing it off to them, the painters.  The stepping up onto the paint bench represents me raising my vibration or frequency to communicate with them.  This stepping on a table or being under a table is a new symbolism that has occurred more and more frequently in my dream state in only the last few days.  I think these painters are actually doing something positive to my environment to prepare or protect or get me ready for future events.  It is some sort of prep work.  I think they were spirit workers or guides of some sort and that this was one of their jobs that they “contracted” to do. 

 I, being in my sleep state, just misinterpreted and misunderstand them and the meaning at the time. My human side and emotions just kicked in.

 1st Spirit Crossover in the Astral Plane in my Sleep State

Again, still in the same dream, I walked into another room of the house.  There was a quiet woman with bob hair style above the shoulders. Her back was to me.  She looked lonely, out of place, like she did not belong there.  Maybe it was her posture with her back toward me.  I don’t really know why but I said “I ask Archangel Michael and my angels to take her” and then I changed it to” to release her.”  I remembered from my real life channeling session on 10/8/09 at the New Age gift shop, that I should be compassionate to these lost spirits.  So I put out a compassionate vibe.  She was gone.  I am surprised I was able to be lucid & aware to say this!

 I hope I crossed the woman over and she is in the light now.  I hope she is in the next step of her journey. 

 Dream Interpretation: Differences between Spirit Visitations and Astral Plane Interactions in my Sleep State:

Psychic Milestone 

This is the 1st time, I think, that I crossed over a spirit in my sleep state in the astral plane and was aware of it.  The other 2 times I crossed spirits over in my sleep state, they were spirit visitation to my actual house (that I own in reality).   When spirits come (visit) to the house, the scene has a totally different feel than when I am in a scene in the astral plane.  I even have a different awareness level.  In the astral plane, it feels more like a dream because the scenery is totally different.  In the astral plane, I have less awareness of my actions and emotions get way more amplified.  When it is a visitation at my house, I KNOW I am at my house because I am in my actual bedroom, kitchen, etc…  I have more awareness and consciousness when it is a visitation.

As the highly evolved light beings (to be referred to as LB) who are channeled thru a local woman said that many of us cross spirits over  in our dream state and elsewhere and are just not aware of it.  Just think many of you may be doing this, unaware!

Question for the readers)  Are any of you aware of doing this? Please share!

Crossing over Spirits is So Important For Humanity – We can Participate

It is so important to get them crossed over into the light if it is in highest and best interest of all concerned.  Than they can move on with their learning.   So if we can aid in this endeavor, it is a huge service to humanity.  It is not good when lost spirits are just roaming the earth.  The lower energy that they emit as spirits not crossed over is not good and healthy for those humans & pets around them. And you know what, it is just sad to even think that this is happening.  Isn’t it? Just think about that for a moment.  This is a subject that many of us do not think about.  All these lost spirits who haven’t gone into the light, not good and very sad : (.  And you know what, we can help them  if the opportunity arises.   Who knew that we could do this?  I didn’t.  I am amazed  at this discovery.  No one talks about this.   I am not saying call them forth, at all. Some of them can be very angry and disturbed, which is why they haven’t crossed over.  The portal to the heavanly region does not open when they are like that.   But if somehow you meet a lost spirit  naturally in your dream state or whatever, be compassionate and ask Archangel Michael  or another divine being to help and release them for the highest and best interest of all concerned.

Have compassion for them, be compassionate to them, do not be fearful LB stated this to me when I asked about these goings on in my sleep state.  LB stated that of you are compassionate to them, you may be able to release them directly without asking for an archangel to help you.   But you would have to be the true. pure essence of compassion at the moment of interaction.  I am working on that.  I believe that is a wonderful trait to have always in your life anyway.  I would like to release  these lost spirits directly when they come to me.   

 Further Questions

We will see what happens with these spirit crossovers.  Is this going to be the way I cross them over now, in my sleep state on the astral plane, instead of as spirit visitations in my sleep state?  This was definitely less harried & the most comfortable, emotion wise, spirit crossover for me.  Maybe the ones who guide me are just showing me other methods of crossover?

 I will let you know of future developments.

Question for the readers) Any comments or similar dream experiences? Please share!



  1. Emmanuel Adam Kadmon

    Thank You, Dear Kay…
    for access to this blog and a deeper you-
    I look forward to the continuity of SoulFull expressions and experiences
    while here in this aspect of Creation..the form realm-body/mind.
    NAMASTE’ ( check spelling on your blog)
    Always In The Heart of Grace
    Healing Peace and Great Love,

    • word575

      Thank you for your words, so poetic. Thank you also for the info on the spelling.
      Love you,

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