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I am a channeler of beings of light and love and a light worker.  I receive information clairvoyantly, clairaudiently and clairsentiently.  Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have been having amazing experiences such as participating in spirit crossovers, out of body experiences,  receving messages from light beings and those in spirit,  and other psychic phenomena.
I want to share this amazing experience to show you how etheric procedures can be performed by beings on your etheric body in an altered state of consciousness.  This one was a milestone because for the first time, they gave me forewarning, two weeks prior, that a procedure would be done.
Enjoy!  Please share with others who may be interested.


On 11/12/12 during the night I had a procedure performed.   I do not know what time it was performed because I did not look at the clock.  I went from a dream that I cannot remember to an out of body experience (OOB).   I found myself  in cantaloupe colored, viscous mist in my Third-Eye.
 (Note: I had another OOB experience in cantaloupe colored, viscous mist on 12/25/10 that I logged in my psychic log but did not blog about yet.)
My body was totally manipulated.  Its position was being altered.  I felt my body being turned so that my abdomen was facing down.  As soon as my body was pivoted this way, I knew I was going to have a procedure.  I recognized this type of body manipulation from another time before in my altered state of consciousness.
I did not know what kind of procedure was going to be performed or by what beings.  I sensed that there was more than one being involved, perhaps three.  I could not see them as they were behind me.  The thought of not accepting this procedure did not occur to me.   
(Note: As background about two weeks ago, either when I was either going to bed or waking up in the morning, clairaudiently I heard a procedure was going to be performed.  When I asked “Where”, I heard “back”.  When I asked “When?” I heard “altered state of consciousness.”  I requested that a nurse be available to comfort me and hold my hand.  In response I heard “technical assistants”.  I asked for a nurse because in the past I have had other procedures where the operators lacked a bedside manner.
I hope this explains to those people who would question my acquiescence to this procedure.  Some in the spiritual field would ask “Why did you allow this?  You don’t know who these beings are or what their intentions are.  You should have protected yourself.”  In defense of myself, I would say that during this OOB, I did have some recall that they did tell me a procedure was going to be done on my back.   I knew this was for my own good.  This is the first time that I had some foreshadowing to a procedure.)
I had some difficulty in breathing.  It was slightly labored because of the thickness of the air.  I had the thoughts that I was going to ask the beings involved in the procedure to give me more oxygen.  I calmed myself by telling myself “You are breathing just fine and have adequate air.”
I heard my back being unzipped.  Then I felt, what I would describe as a laser scanning my upper back from top to bottom, from left to right, slowly and in a methodical manner.  I heard the sound of the machine.  I felt a burning sensation.  I was slightly uncomfortable.  I had the thought that I should just fall back to sleep so that I would not experience this discomfort.  I did do just that, for about five seconds.  Then I woke up and told myself that I should be lucid during this procedure for observation.
I wondered where the “technical assistants” were that I heard them say would be comforting me during this procedure.  They needed to be there.  Telepathically, I asked for someone to comfort me and hold my hand.  A middle aged shorter man materialized to my right side.  He held my hand.
(Note: In looking back at this, I was slightly irritated.  Why did I have to ask for someone to comfort me?  I had requested this already for them two weeks ago when they told me a procedure was going to be performed on my back.  Did they forget???  It seemed to me that they broke their promise to me.  My spouse said that perhaps they did not realize, I would become lucid during the procedure. )
I heard a high whirring sound.  Then, I felt like this machine automatically drilled 3 screws in my lower back to “button myself back up. “
Then I was underwater in a body of water.   I went into another dream sequence.
(Note: In reality later that day after this OOB, I telepathically asked of no specific being “What was the purpose of that procedure?”  I heard “hips and muscles”.  I don’t know what that meant.  Currently, I don’t have any physical problems in that area.  They could have been working on correcting the burgeoning problems in those areas that were occurring in my energetic body.  From reading various materials on spiritual healings, I have learned that physical health problems first manifest in your energetic layers, before reaching your physical body.  Perhaps, they were doing some preventative medicine, nipping it in the bud, so to say.)


  1. CAROLYN King

    I have had similar several

    • Soul Evolution Center

      Thank-you for your comment. It is reassuring to hear that others have had similar experiences.

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