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11/18/12 Messages: Guidance in the Early A.m.

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I am a channeler of beings of light and love and a light worker.  I receive information clairvoyantly, clairaudiently and clairsentiently.  Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have been having amazing experiences such as participating in spirit crossovers, out-of-body experiences, receiving messages from light beings and those in spirit, and other psychic phenomena.

I want to share this experience of telepathic communication from my guides to show the following:

–      How they may communicate telepathically in the early a.m. while you are still in bed. 

–      How there are differences in quality, in terms of sound clarity and completeness in communications, in various messages

–      There is the ability to have a clear back and forth telepathic communication

–      Messages are often repeated over time.  Sometimes, the same wording is used and other times, it is different words but similar intentions.

–      At times, one may not consciously fully comprehend the meaning of the messages and therefore, question it

 I will keep you posted on any further developments based on the messages I received.

 Enjoy!  Please share with others who may be interested.



On 11/18/12 Sunday I woke up from sleeping at 4:04 a.m. after having some interesting dreams.  Between 4:04 am and 4:33 am while lying in bed with my eyes closed, I heard sentences telepathically in my own thought voice.  I was perfectly lucid at this time and not in an altered state of consciousness. 

Some people may question why I participate in this type of communication, when I should be sleeping.  There are those who may consider this disruptive to my sleeping patterns.  I did not mind.  During these times in the early morning, the messages I receive telepathically are often more clear and complete.  I have learned to appreciate the value of this.  Having received various messages in various ways over the past three years, I can attest to the difficulty at times in hearing the messages clearly, at proper volume and with completeness.   

Instead of hearing partial sentences like I do during the day, the messages received in the early a.m. while still in bed are whole sentences.  There also seems to be the ability to communicate back and forth in real-time.  To further explain, after I hear the message, I can ask a follow-up question and usually hear the response immediately.  This is a GREAT benefit.

These type of communications in the early a.m. do not occur regularly.  I would estimate the frequency of them occurring may be one time every two months. 

I don’t espouse this early a.m. communication time for everyone, but there are those like myself whose schedule allows them to participate in this with little detriment to their sleep.  

In addition, in being a Sunday morning having no big plans for the day, I could always wake up later in the morning if I was still tired.  Furthermore because of my disappointment in achieving an out-of-body experience in the a.m. the three times I attempted to this week, I needed a psychic ego booster.  I was thankful to receive these clear and complete communications.   

I do not know what specific guide(s) were giving me these messages.  I forgot to ask for this information.  From the past in these type of situations, I have learned that even when I ask for this information, I do not receive it.  That’s not to say, I shouldn’t keep trying. 

This is what I heard:

      Message 1) “Exercise your determination.”

Commentary: As I am typing this, I asked “In regards to what?” I heard “In completing your assigned writing project.”  I am in the process of compiling and getting my writings together to write a book on my experiences.  Because I have been receiving guidance to do this over the past few months, I decided to take them up on it.

      Message 2) “You see further.” 

This was repeated more than twice.  

Commentary:  In the past two weeks, I have heard the following similarly, related messages or same message:

      -I have heard that I have been given the gift of sight and have heard something to the effect of, my telephoto and zoom lens have been repaired or updated.

      -I have heard the “Curtain is rising” and “You will see many things.”  As I shared in an earlier blog post I have heard “You are in advanced studies .”  I think all this is related.  

      Message 3) “You will meet others like yourself.”

Commentary: I think this is related to the previous message “You see further.”  I am not sure what “like yourself” means.  I have heard on numerous occasions “Your alien nature “and words to the effect that I am not from Earth.  Perhaps, other aliens like myself are what they are referring to.  Or perhaps, they are referring to humans who have heightened extrasensory perceptions and are lucid astral travelers like myself.

     Message 4) “Remove your stumbling blocks.”

Commentary: This is a validation to some release work I work on in a daily practice.  While driving in the car, I will often say affirmations to myself to rewire my mind circuitry and reprogram myself for my highest good.  Often, I repeat “I release all anxiety, fear and frustration to align myself with my soul purpose.  It is to be transmuted by Mother Earth”.  Depending on what words pop into my mind to release, I may say this affirmation slightly differently every time.  Sometimes I release insecurity and resentment.  Other times it is anger.

      Message 5) “You will receive predictions.” 

I asked “About what?”

I heard “About unusual world events.”

I told them that was fine, but that I wanted the predictions to come in accurately, with a time frame and a specific geographical location.  If possible, I told them that I wanted to be able to send energy to help alleviate or nullify the event.  I also told them that I wanted to be at my computer when this information comes in so that I can accurately type in the information as I receive it.  I don’t remember exactly what words transpired but I was sharing with them what days and times in the afternoon that I would be available to channel the predictions on my computers.  

Commentary: This is not the first time I heard this message.  About three weeks ago I heard one time that I would be receiving predictions.

I have heard the following messages in regards to me setting aside time to be available:

      Last week I heard the word “punctuality” during the day.  Perhaps, this was in regards to being at our assigned rendezvous so that I can channel.

      -Last week I heard that I should meditate at work.  Perhaps, this is to give them an opportunity to channel a message to me at this time.  If I meditated at my computer during lunch, I could channel a message directly onto my work computer.

      Message 6) “You need to study about the heavenly bodies. … About the development of the planets… tertiary…” 

 I asked “What specific books I should study”. 

I heard “Eckhardt Tolle has a new book.”  

 Then I heard “dictionary”. 

 Commentary: They must want me to study the heavenly bodies to be familiar with terms relevant to that subject matter for when they channel information to me.   In the past I have heard I am to write a book about the sun, stars and moon.   In reality, I have not studied this at all.

 In regards to Eckhardt Tolle over the past three months I must of heard the name Eckhardt Tolle at least once a day.  The guides seem to love saying his name to me.  I don’t know the significance of this.  Are they telling me to write books like he does?  I have read three of his books and absolutely loved them. 

I googled Eckhard Tolle books and did not see any book for heavenly bodies.  Perhaps, it is still under wraps, or I just misunderstood this message.  

          Message 7) “You will be born again.”

 Commentary: I have no idea what this means yet.  When I asked follow-up questions, I received no response.  I am not sure if they meant I will be born again concurrent to this life on the earthly plane. Or if they meant I will be reincarnated again in my next life.  Or if I will be born again in a parallel life or another dimension.

      Message 8) “You can write prose and poetry.”   

I asked “Write or channel?”

I did not receive a direct answer.  Instead, I received a quick, clairvoyant image of young slender man in his twenties with very fair skin and dark brown hair.  I heard the name “Walt Whitman”. 

I asked “What do you want me to focus on?  Writing the book, reading about heavenly bodies or writing prose and poetry?  There is only so much time in the physical plane.  Maybe, I can read the book on heavenly bodies in another plane as I am sleeping?  I don’t want to give up my weekly A Course in Miracles (ACIM) studies & Urantia book study.  I love these group classes, and they help me to stay on my evolutionary path.  They nourish my soul.  I don’t know where I can cut my nonessential activities to make time for all of this. ”

Commentary: I wanted to confirm that the image I received was that of Walt Whitman. Walt Whitman is a famous poet in spirit. I googled images of him.  The images I found were mainly of him in his later years with gray hair and facial hair.  I was not able to find images of him in his twenties.  He did have dark hair in his thirties or forties.  In one these photos, if you removed his mustache and beard, he would look similar to the image I received of him.

I have heard “You can write prose and poetry.” a few times in the past 3 weeks.

In reality I do no write poetry.  Last time I wrote any poetry was for an English assignment, I think in middle school.   For this reason, I am slightly unbelieving that I can write poetry.  I don’t consider myself the “poetic type”, whatever that may mean.

To me, writing poetry would be a stretch goal and out of my comfort zone.  I would much rather channel it.  Perhaps, I had a past life in which I was a poet.   In the past few months, I have heard “You were a haiku writer”.

I did not receive a response to this.  Also, regularly logging my detailed entries of psychic experiences does take substantial time also.  Over time I have developed a joy in writing these entries as form of uninterrupted self-expression and an opportunity to review and further learn from them. 

Overall Commentary:  I am going to stay in a positive, open-minded attitude in regards to the above messages I received yet detach from the results.   As the guides wanted me to “Exercise my determination” in Message 1), I will manifest positively versus taking a neutral, “let’s see” approach, which is what I have been doing in the past.  This is because I have heard messages before and what they were purporting  did not transpire on a level conscious to me.  This was disappointing.  I know the past no longer exists, so I should not be creating my future based on perceived past outcomes.  I am sensing the guides don’t want me to sit on the sidelines.  By using my determination, they want me to take a more active approach  in determining my fate.                                                                `


  1. starrystez

    Really interesting thanks for posting. I get a lot of visions and lucid dreams but I don’t often hear messages like you describe. I hope this does start to happen. Your blog is very informative it’s great to see ones by like minded people.

    • word575

      Thank you for your comment.
      Yes, I share my experiences so that if others
      are having similar experiences, they know they are
      not alone & not to feel “weird” or “freaky”.I feel that many are being “activated” & they are those who are becoming more & more conscious in this time.

    • word575

      Thank you for your comment.
      Yes, I share my experiences so that if others
      are having similar experiences, they know they are
      not alone & not to feel “weird” or “freaky”.I feel that many are being “activated” & they are those who are becoming more & more conscious in this time.
      In response to your comment about receiving messages:
      I constantly work on quieting my mind & having less mind chatter during the day. It’s a lot more peaceful for me and then I am able to receive more telepathic messages from guides & light beings that way. The messages come in very quietly so muting my background thoughts helps me to hear them.
      In addition,almost daily, I ask them for help in hearing them better & more clearly for my highest good.

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