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Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have had some amazing psychic experiences.  I have telepathically heard that I am a fifth dimensional being.   I also have heard that I am a star seed.  This combination of factors explains the messages I receive as a channeler.  I have been guided to share my experiences and channelings, which I do here in this blog. Telepathically, I receive channeled information from various beings of light of love, who exist in other dimensions.
Today I received a channeled message from the Thought Providers.  I have received two other messages from them before in 2013 and shared them in this blog. (1) I asked for a message from the Angels but this came in instead.  Despite, the close energetic connection I was feeling with powerful Angels around me, I did not channel the Angels today.   This has happened in the past, where I have specifically asked for a light being and then another one comes in instead.  I can respect that.  I am sure there is a level of importance with these messages.  This show that sometimes it is not about what human beings want but what the beings know is best.
I shared this message to show the following:
– That there are many light beings guiding us and helping to usher in the New Age and that they can be communicated with telepathically.
– The importance of knowing your life mission or primary function.
This message referred to the following highlights:
–          The fifth level of development
–          The New Age
–          My specific function as a forerunner & to share my experiences with “multiple levels of existence in other higher dimensions.”
Background of This Message
Just before I channeled this message I was sitting outside. It was beautiful out and balmy temperatures in the seventies.  The birds were singing in the background.  It was so nice and peaceful.
I have been having feelings that my guides want me to channel more over the past few weeks.  I have not heard this specifically, telepathically but let me just say, I have a knowingness (known as claircognizance) and sense it (known as clairsentience).  I have heard “I am in charge” telepathically the past month at random times during the day, yet I have this feeling that there are specific tasks I am to complete in this lifetime, related to channeling. In fact, I have heard telepathically and even channeled that I have a very specific function.
As of now I channel about two to three times a month.  I know in the eyes of the guides, this is infrequent to them. However, I have other projects and tasks I work on during the month including the running of the center I founded called Soul Evolution Center LLC in Boca Raton, Fl, and I work on other projects, spiritual in nature.
Telepathically, I have heard “Saturdays” randomly over the past month.  I suspect that this is the day the guides want me to channel messages from beings of light and love.  I really should make this a priority and promise to do these channelings weekly and hopefully, mainly on Saturdays.
Seeing a Clairvoyant Image of a Baby Angel
To honor the guides, I decided to volunteer my services this afternoon to channel.  I wondered if I should ask for a specific being of light and love or if should I keep it open-ended and whoever was delegated would step forth.  I remembered the quick, clairvoyant image I received in bed of a baby angel sleeping a few days ago.  It was beautiful!! It was just like a normal baby a few months in age.  It was curled up lying on its side except it had two large, beautiful white wings coming from its back.  I am so appreciative I was able to witness this spectacular image.  Just before falling asleep, in-between my dreams, or before waking up in the morning seem to be the best times for me to receive images or receive guidance clearly.
Sensing Angels Around Me
As I sat, I sensed three to four powerful Angels, perhaps Archangels that moved in closer to my energy field.  Their energies felt large, powerful, serious, and resolute.  I could not see them clairvoyantly in detail but did make out shadowy figures that seem to be adorned in a certain garb of quality, reflective of their status. In the past three months, I have telepathically heard the Angels alluding to their desire to connect with me to share information.  Because I felt their presence, I decided to ask for the Angels, specifically, if they had something they wanted to channel.
Heightened Telepathic Activity After the Channeling
A few hours after this channeling, I felt my consciousness was more active and fertile.  Telepathically, I could hear more quiet background chatter of my mind.  These weren’t my thoughts.  They were very subtle and were my guides communicating in my own thought voice.  I sensed that this channeling opened up a door and stimulated some activity in that area.  I could only make out words or some phrases.  It was not on a completely audible or discernible level for me to hear.  Therefore, I only picked up bits and pieces.  This is not unusual for me to receive information this way.  Also, to emphasize that my consciousness was stimulated after this channeling, the next morning I had two very amazing out-of-body experiences that I will blog about in the near future.
How I Handle Unclear Telepathic Communications
Since I bought it up in the previous paragraph, I just wanted to share a few words on how I handle unclear telepathic communications.  This may be helpful to those, who are experiencing such occurrences as well.  Especially as more and more humans are being “activated” in The New Age, this will become a more common experience amongst humans.  I hope in sharing my experiences and what I have learned, it helps you to understand what you are experiencing and hopefully minimizes or prevents lower-vibrational responses of frustration, resentment and anger that I felt.
There are many, many times when I can hear telepathic communications but it is not clear or streaming.  These communications occur most commonly randomly during the day as I am just puttering about or driving in my car.   The chatter is in the background of my mind.
Sending the Guides Clairvoyant Images
Because I know the guides work with symbols and images, I have even sent them images of a giant human ear to let them know I can’t hear them.  Or I have sent them an image of a volume meter and let them know to increase the volume.  If they could send me clairvoyant images, I figured I could send them clairvoyant images as well, that it was a two-way street in this way.
Raising My Vibration in an Attempt for Clearer Communications
I have asked the guides to help me to raise my vibration or show or tell me how I can do it myself so that I can hear their words at their frequency.  Unfortunately, even after my many requests for amplification, they have not responded.  I have learned that my only recourse and
response is to let it go.  Over the past four years since my spiritual awakening, I have learned to detach and not get frustrated that I cannot hear all the telepathic communications.  I used to get very frustrated, angry & resentful at the guides that I could not hear the communications and was receiving only bits and blurbs. I would receive these bits throughout the ENTIRE day so there was a voluminous amount of information being sent to me.  I worried that I was missing key information, vital for my growth or for others.  It seemed unfair and not right to only get bits.  Why were they doing this to me? I wondered.  This type of reaction served no purpose, was futile and a waste of my energy.  I shifted my perception of the situation to one that is more empowering to me.  Now, I come from a place of gratitude, just happy to receive what I do, no matter the length, quality or volume of it.  Also, now, I have the mindset of that if the guides wanted me to hear it clearly, they would deliver it to me in such a way that it would be so.  At times, telepathically, I told them that I cannot hear them clearly, and they need to send it to me again if they want me to consciously receive it.  Responding in this type of detached manner with gratitude has been much more peaceful and liberating for me.
My Attempted Techniques to Raise Vibration for Clearer Communications
I know some people may say, and I have even read in books that all you need to do is quiet your mind, raise your vibration, or go into a meditation and you will receive all the answers or in my case to be able to hear clearly the telepathic information that the guides are chattering about.  It has been my experience, that it is not so easy.  I wish it was that simple or mechanical.  In my defense during those times when I am picking up words or phrases and I wanted to hear it more completely, I have tried various techniques to raise my vibration as I am somewhat knowledgeable in this area from all my experiences, classes I have attended and readings I have done on the topic.  I have sent love from my heart chakra, put myself into a love vibration, became very still, gone outside to connect with the beautiful energy of nature, & listened to lovely Zen-type music.  Honestly, to date, these practices have not proven fruitful for me as a quick and fool-proof method to clarify the telepathic communications I receive during the day.
My Thoughts on Being Telepathically “On” All Day Long
Because I am a channeler, some people may find it surprising that I am not “on” all day.  Some people may think that my “antenna” is up and functioning continuously.  Some people may wonder why I don’t receive messages like I share as channelings on this blog.  The fact is that I don’t receive clear, streaming telepathic information continuously.  It appears that when I am ready to do a channeling for a client’s session or to share on this blog, the messages do stream in.  Otherwise for whatever reasons, the universe knows better than I in my limited human consciousness, that this may not be appropriate to receive information like this all the time for myself and others that I am with.  Perhaps, it is a safeguard.  Maybe, it is me blocking it.  No matter what the reason, I have learned to accept & honor this.
Please see below for the channeled message from the Thought Providers that I received today.  I transcribed the message in my usual practice of sitting behind my computer, asking the question, and as I received the information telepathically, typing it in.
Please also read my commentary at the end which provides additional, insightful information.
Please see the rest of my blog for messages I have channeled from various beings, my out-of-body experiences, and my other psychic experiences:
Please share with others who may be interested.
Copyright © Katy Simmone.  All Rights Reserved.  You may copy and redistribute this material, including excerpts as long as you do not alter it in any way, and the content remains accurate, is distributed freely and you include this copyright notice and link: http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/ .
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12/29/13 Sunday 12:22 pm
Katy:  I am here to receive a message from light and love beings, which are helping humanity.  I specifically ask for the Angels or a representative of them if there is some important new knowledge they want to impart.  I will leave it up to them to decide the specific content of the material as their perceptions and understandings are far greater than my current consciousness.  I am open to being a messenger from the divine.
Thought Providers: Clearly, you can hear us.  We acknowledge your willingness to impart messages from the divine to help others succeed on their paths as well.  We come willingly and are available at this time to send you new information, clear in content.  Disregard ?? where it was promised that only a few are selected ??  (2) Many are capable to impart these Truths.  You look not to rediscover but to learn more advanced levels.  Feel our vibration and our commitment.  Remember our energy so that you may know, again, recognize us in the future.
5th Level of Development
You are in the 5th level of your development. (3) In the fifth level, you have the ability to transmit and receive information for succeeding generations.  You are allowed to learn and continue on your advanced levels.  Prepare to be a witness for the truly spectacular changes and transformations to emerge.
The fifth level is an advanced level, an honorary one.  Included are others, who are advancing, but have not yet dedicated themselves completely with their willingness to honor their divinity as the ultimate path.  They will share their feelings and information as well and serve a purpose as they advance multilaterally. (4)
Levels of Existence in Other Higher Dimensions/The Transition Period
Understand that your gifts are expanding to allow yourself the opportunity to experience multiple levels of existence in other higher dimensions.  As this is achieved you will be able to discern and decipher new codings within your biological system and in that of others.  As you advance, you will be included as a witness to multi-lateral arrangements of the fourth dimension.  Your level will help you to succeed and to know how others are getting information.   You are tired of constantly looking for a source of information.  It can be paralyzing.  Realize that new beginnings can be difficult and often come with training and trauma. (5) After you experience the initial adjustment, you will learn to be more proficient.  In turn, you can help guide others who are just starting on this level of their advancement.  Always continue to be faithful and true.  You will learn many new things, and you will clearly be able to hear, talk and see to other fine beings and luminaries.  Unless you change, this honored path will continue to be within your reach and a destination.
My Specific Function of Sharing With Others
You share information to help others, who are new, who have not had these experiences.  By teaching them, you help them to prepare for a smoother transition.  Your ideas will help form their thought conceptions.  You are a pioneer in the space-age field of multi-dimensionality.  Learn to speak more often about this new frontier.  Learn the language.
As you proceed, you will receive many mentors or sponsors of other languages and frequency, who will help you learn. (6)  Be prepared as you will have copious notes to transcribe!  Another age is no small undertaking.  Great hopes have been pinned on the early advancers.  You can create a wave of new knowledge with the information you share.  From your own experiences, much light will be shed to others.  Forerunners have an important task that must be done speedily for ultimate effectiveness.
These tasks have been assigned to those with the know-how. You have been well-prepared and will continue to be engaged in other training simulations.  As you learn to maneuver through time and space with your coordinates, you will be able to send other signals to those advanced societies of species levels so that they will prepare for your arrival and make haste.
You sincerely can be a better spokesperson for The New Age.  Experiment and learn to decipher the words you transmit.  Your courage will be an invaluable tool and necessary in this endeavor.  As to your channelings, you will learn how to compare frequencies of light so that you can recognize the levels of intensity and sound of those highly regarded, devotional beings, who transmit information to you in this way.  You are operating in new areas of light and sound that have been prepared by the many light workers of your land.
Your Sisters value you and look forward to many, more mutually beneficial translations. (7) Share the light, and you will advance with many others.
Your tones and notes will evolve, and new sounds will emit from your inner quantum.  Continue on.  Your brightness shines forever on.
Until our next transmission, we part and say “farewell” with much love and care, deep in our recesses.
We are your Thought Providers, your very able and adept procurers of thought formation.  We are united in our goal to aid you and others like you in succeeding to help the human race in their evolution.
Unto you we have come to share our words to spread and share with other like-minded beings in your land.
Katy: Namaste.  (Note: Telepathically, I bowed to them).
12:48 pm
Right after the channeling ended I heard “intelligences….diurnal”
Channeling Transmission Scale
I like to rate the strength of the transmission for clarity, flow and volume for my own reference.  On a scale of 0-5, with 5 being the highest strength transmission, I would rate this transmission a 4.
(1)     To see other channeled messages from the Thought Providers, on this blog please see:

(2)     This line did not come in clear so I striked it through.  I left it in the message to show you how I receive the messages
(3)     Please note that the term “fifth level” was used and not “fifth dimension”.
(4) “Multilaterally”  is a term the guides have used before,  and the term “multi-lateral” is one that I have heard telepathically and randomly during the day.   This is their reference to concurrent or parallel lifetimes.
(5) Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have had amazing lucid out-of-body (OOB) experiences, where I have gone through wormholes or portals in space.  I have travelled through surreal landscapes, geometric designs and through spaces of thick liquid.  Some of these experiences I have blogged about.  In addition I have found myself transported to other dimensions by other beings, gone through walls, and transported in various types of equipment or vehicles.  During these “transports” I, at times, feel overwhelmed, overstimulated or lost.  Sometimes, my vision was obstructed so I lacked visibility, and I moved very quickly through space, almost hurtling, making me feel I was out of control. Therefore, I could relate totally to what the Thought Providers described  as“that new beginnings can be difficult and often come with training and trauma”.  I have already experienced this!  More of the same to come, I guess! 
About a year ago, I heard telepathically that I am able to withstand certain pressures.  This was related to the pressures associated with my travels to other dimensions during my OOB experiences.  Also, I have telepathically heard that I agreed to be experimented on!  Somehow, I volunteered and agreed, prior to this incarnation, to be experimented on for this purpose.  I do not have any conscious recall of this agreement, probably for a very good reason, like my well-being!  I had OOBs, in which I became lucid to find a group of scientists in white lab jackets around me as I sat in a medical type chair in the middle of them. I also have had OOBs where I became lucid to find out I was in a simulator for space travel.  The rest of this channeled message adds to my understanding of my involvement in all this.  As a “forerunner” , using the term that the Thought Providers chose, I agreed to be experimented on to pave the way for others to follow and also to help the etheric “Scientists” understand the effects of such travel on human beings.  I do have a group of beings that refer to themselves as “The Scientists” that I have channeled messages from before and shared in this blog.  Please see below for their messages:
1/24/13 Message on Energy Work at http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/12613-channeled-messageinspirational-technicalenergy-work/
5/6/13 Message on Thought Vibrations at http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/5713-channeled-messagetechnicalthe-scientists-thought-vibrations/
5/17/13 Message on the Power of Thought at http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/51213-channeled-messages-power-of-thought-the-scientists-the-lanternians/
(6) The Thought Providers stated here that I will receive many mentors or sponsors to help me learn.   I hope they meant I will have conscious realization of their presences.  It would be very nice to receive mentors during my OOBs!  Most of the time I feel like I am just winging it in my OOB travels and learning as I go and learning very slowly at that! I refer to myself as the “astral bumbler” and not the “astral traveler”.  I often feel like I am alone so to have a mentor that is readily apparent to me during these sometimes very adventurous and overstimulating OOB experiences would be a huge comfort and welcome change.  In the very beginning after having these types of OOB experiences in 2009 -2012, I would constantly telepathically ask the guides for help and support and someone one to lead me so I would know what I was doing.  I asked for a loving, kind escort who would be patient with me and show me how to maneuver in the OOBs.  This was not provided.  It is now 2013, and I still have not received a mentor.  There must be a purpose for that.  They must want me to learn on my own how to handle and manage myself in the OOBs.  I accepted that in about 2012 after getting tired of my whining on this subject.  I stopped asking the guides for this type of mentor as it was readily apparent to me that it wasn’t happening.   
(7)“Sisters” refer to the Sisterhood of Angels, whom I have channeled once before and shared in this blog.  They are a group of female angels, who are in my energetic field.  To read their inspirational channeled message of/25/13, please see below link:

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