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12/9/09 Spirit Crossing: Dream State: No Portal: Many Crossings!!

by | Dec 9, 2009 | Dream Scene - Water, Out of Body Experiences, Psychic Developments & Experiences, Spirit Crossovers | 2 comments

Welcome! So glad you are here!
Purpose:  To increase your awareness  that we are more than physical beings.  We are spiritual beings having a physical existence.  I see this in my dreams that I share here in this blog.
By sharing this AMAZING and WOWZA dream of  me helping to cross spirits over, I am showing you this.
Also , I want to share with you what I learned from this dream. That some spirits will not be allowed to cross over unless they experience some kind of learning.
Dream of 12/9/09 Spirit Crossovers- Some After Experiencing Some Learning
I was in a small boat like 20-25 feet long  with my husband Tim and daughter Nicole.  There were many other boats that were very close to us, like just a few feet away. It was very crowded in the water.  In the other boats were couples I did not know.  There was a man and attractive young woman, who was wearing a beautiful tan top.  They were sleeping on the boat.  She was sleeping with her gold rimmed sunglasses on!  The water was very high around us and the other boats.  It was like a wall of water on all sides and the boat was almost submerged. I physically pulled the sides of our boat up around us to protect my family from the water coming in.  The only thing that was getting slightly wet was my hair. I thought that was okay. I thought it was so odd that these couples were sleeping in their boats so soundly when the water was so high around their boats.  They did not even seem concerned about this.  I wondered how this was.
Then we were on a ferry.  It had a wooden floor and hard wooden simple chairs throughout the open space of the ferry.  There were unknown people scattered about the boat.  Nicole was tired.  I was trying to find a comfortable spot for her to lay down.  There were 3 bath sized towels with geometric designs hanging on a towel rack.  They were damp. I asked people if it was their towels. I don’t remember the answer.  I used one of them as a pillow for Nikki.  She laid on the floor with this as a pillow. A few feet away I notice a round red pillow but I thought it was someone elses so I did not use it for Nicole.  Nicole found the pillow very comfortable, and she sat up again from the flow to refold the towel so it would be comfortable to her head.  There were wooden chairs that I used to prop myself up for sleeping.
Then Tim and Nicole were back on our small boat.  I was in the water.  I did wonder why I was not in the boat with them. The boat was moving very fast. An unknown young man was steering the boat.  He said something about how the boat was moving The boat was even going over the road where there barely any water.  It did not matter.   Meanwhile, I was swimming in like 8 feet of water.  The water was brown and looked dirty.  There was another body of water parallel to the one I was in but separated by a barrier that was cleaner.  I was thinking I should be in the clean water. But nevertheless I was swimming and moving along quickly in the brown water.   I passed an older man and woman. In between them, was a young girl.  They were keeping her afloat.  The man was olive-skinned and looked exhausted.  I sense that he had been swimming like this for a long time and he was tired.  As I passed him, he let go of the young girl in his tiredness and started sinking down into the water.   I immediately grabbed him from under the water with such ease and put him back him where he continued to hold his young  daughter along with his wife.  I wondered after when I woke up from this dream if I should have helped them by crossing them over.
I write about this whole boat and water dream because I feel this may have led to the immediately following dream. Maybe, me being in the water was a sort of cleansing?
Then the dreamscape changed.  I was in a large room.  There were lamps and furniture.  The lamps were on so the room had a soft glow.  The room was empty of people.  It was so quiet in the room.  I immediately knew that this meant something.  It was like something was going to happen.  I knew this was an opportunity for me to ask for something or manifest something.  I yelled up into the ceiling “I want to meet my angel from heaven.” Nothing happened.  Then I yelled up to the ceiling ” Any spirits that want to be crossed over should come now.”  After I said that, I wondered if I should phrased it more clearly.  First a few spirits came, then the room was full. There must have been like 40 spirits there.   No one was talking to me. They were just there.  One woman in her 40s did come up to me and said she wanted to be crossed over.  She seemed so sweet and polite.  Another well dressed female spirit was at the counter. She was also so sweet and apologized for bumping into me or something.  I told her she didn’t need to apologize.
I created a column of light and called Archangel Michael to help to release them into the light.  A large circle of light, that was like 20 feet in diameter, appeared.  Sometimes, I close my eyes when I help in these crossovers  in my dream.  But this time I didn’t.  I saw many spirits walked into the circle of light and were gone.  There were still many left to cross over in the room.  After the 1st round crossed over, the 2nd round of spirits went up.  Then I noticed even more spirits coming into the room. I said to them.  I need to make another  light column.  I made one. It was like 10 feet in diameter.  There were so many spirits that I knew I had to make it bigger to fit everyone.  I waved my hands around. The light column became larger and then started shrinking.  I looked on in amazement.  The light column was diminishing like on its own. A woman went into the shrinking column. There was barely enough light to cover her body.  She was lifted up  and was gone.  People said ” Oh, she made it”.  Then a man went in.  He was lifted 2 feet up in the air and then came back down.  He tried again. He went into the decreasing light column and again was lifted up and then came back down.  I was amazed.  I looked at the light column.  It had turned into a triangle with some sort of symbolic diagram that was reflected on the floor.  I walked over to it to analyze it.  It looked like there was a symbolic line drawing of a man and woman under the triangle.  What did this represent? Something to do with family, relationships???
I apologized to Archangel Michael for calling him down like 3x here for help.
Then I knew to go into the adjoining room.  There was a table there.  Some of the spirits followed in with me.  There were papers on the desk.  I knew to go over to it.  I saw that they were letters from children.  They were letters of requests or wishes like a child would write to Santa Claus for Christmas.  I opened up an envelope.  The 6-year-old boy had painted the words of the letter. The paint was still fresh, it left a mark on my hand.  In his letter, he wrote about a piece of land that was currently for sale that he wanted.   I told the spirits around me that they had to take this requests from the children and promise to help them with their requests in order to cross over.  I don’t know how I knew how to say this but I did.   I worried that the envelope I tore open would not have the return address visible so that the spirit that took it would not maybe know where to go to help him.
Then, in my dream,  a living high school friend, Dan, appeared out of nowhere.  I had just seen him physically at a wedding a few days ago in real life. I had not seen him in years since the wedding.  In my dream, I said ” Is that you, Dan?”.  He said “yes”.  I asked him what he was doing there.  He said he was just checking things out. I saw him peering over the table, checking things out. I knew I could not talk to him because I had work to do with these spirit crossovers.     I didn’t want to miss the chance of crossing them over by waking up from my dream so I knew I had to work fast.
I looked up and to my left.  There was a white light coming down from the ceiling.  There was a hole in the ceiling and as I looked up I saw the ceiling opened up, up and up.  There was some kind of circular design up high on the wall.  I tell the spirits that the light was there. They must hurry and go into the light.  I saw a few of them holding the letters from the children but now the letters were wrapped up in red foil.   I say to the spirits ” Go my children, go now.  Remember the promises you made to these children, Go”.
Then I woke up from this dream.
Comment: ABSOLUTELY AMAZING DREAM!!!!!! All I can say is WOW and Thank You Universe for letting me participate in this.  Thank you Archangel Michael for all his help.
Please share any experiences you may have on this.  I would love to hear them!


  1. Nancy

    That was very interesting. Thank you for sharing

    • word575

      Thank you for your comment! lots of love & light, Kay

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