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1/8/14 Healing: Remote: Sending Energy to Jeff: Images-Upon Physical Passing

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Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have had some amazing psychic experiences, including lucid out-of-body experiences (OOBs).   I have telepathically heard that I am a fifth dimensional being.   I also have heard that I am a star seed.  This combination of factors explains the psychic activity I have experienced in my day –to-day life and during my sleep state and in altered states of consciousness.   I have been guided to share my experiences, which I do here in this blog.  I also am a channeler, and I have received channeled information from various beings of light of love, who exist in other dimensions, on various topics to help humanity, that I share on this blog as well.  To learn more about my background, please see:


I want to share the below experience I had today when I was sending healing energy to my friend’s ex-husband upon my friend’s request.  He will be referred to as Jeff.   He had been admitted in the hospital since New Year’s Day due to a burst aorta. He was in a dire condition and has been in the intensive care unit (ICU) of the hospital.  He has not been conscious since his admittance.

About Remote Healing

Remote healing is real.  We all have the ability to send healing energies to others from a distance if our intentions are pure and heartfelt.  Our intentions are fueled by thought.  Thought is energy.  It has structure called a thought form and can travel.   This is a the premise on which remote healing works.  I am a Reiki Master as well and  have some formal training and knowledge on the power of Reiki, the universal healing energy.

Purpose of this Blog Post

I wrote about this remote healing experience to share the following:

– To give hope and faith that life continues on as evidenced by in this experience with the appearance of loved ones in spirit, who may appear and show themselves during a healing and the clairvoyant images I received of Jeff during his crossing to the afterlife.

– How you can send healing energy to someone through your heartfelt intention

–  The step-by-step technique I use to send healing energy

–  How you may receive clairvoyant images , telepathic words and information about a person’s past life in the process of sending energy and how you may sense certain things during the healing or have a knowingness of things. 

Please share if you have a healing technique that you use or how you send energy.  I would love to learn about it.

Please see the rest of my blog for messages I have channeled from various beings of light and love, my other OOBs and other psychic experiences.

Please share with others who may be interested.



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My Technique for Sending Healing Energy

The best times I like to send healing energy is before sleeping at night.  I am very relaxed at this time.  As I lay in bed, last night I did the following:

I Asked Permission: I asked permission from Jeff’s Higher Self or his angels to send him energy.  Sometimes I telepathically hear a “Yes”, or I see an image of two thumbs up or I sense that it is okay so I know I am cleared to do this.  Though I received a verbal request to send him energy from his ex-wife, my friend, I wanted to receive some direct confirmation that this was appropriate

I Stated My Intention: I stated this intention to myself: “I am sending healing energy to Jeff for his highest good and the highest good of all.”

I Sent Energy from My Heart Space:  I focused on my heart area and sent energy from my heart space as energy sent from this area is more powerful than just sending it from your mind, intellectually.  I kept repeating to myself that I am sending Jeff healing energy for his highest good to keep myself focused on the task at hand and not have my mind wander. 

I Blueprinted Happiness:  Through visualization, I imagined Jeff, happy, laughing and completely healthy.  I held this vision for a few seconds.  

I Kept My Intentions Pure:  I repeated to myself that it is not important for me to know all the details about his health condition or life.  The goal of this exercise was not to be prying or invade his privacy.  My only purpose was to send him my finest, pure energies I have to offer.

– I Asked if the Healing was Complete:  Telepathically, I asked if the healing is complete.  Sometimes, I know intuitively.  Every healing is unique and so is the duration of time needed for the healing.

-I Received Images, Words & Colors During the Healing:  Many times, I receive clairvoyant images and telepathic words during the healing.  Sometimes, I will receive colors of healing to send, like violet, lavender or pink.  If I receive colors, I imagine the person lying down and them, including their aura, being bathed in the color.  I hold this image for as long as I intuitively feel I need to.   Usually, if I hear telepathic words or phrases during a healing, I don’t try to “dig” and get additional information as I want to focus on sending the energy and not get distracted with attempting to “listen”  or strain to hear.   I trust that if the guides or angels want me to know more, they will deliver those words to me, as needed and as deemed necessary.  I take a very relaxed and detached approach in this way for my own self-preservation as well.   

I have sent Jeff energy twice before at night this past week using this technique.  I sensed his mother besides him, who is also in spirit, whom I have met.  The first time I sent him energy, I sensed his mother was flustered.  She was probably worried about her son from the other side.  I also sensed my friend’s father, who is also in spirit, next to Jeff.  Jeff had been his son-in-law.  I have met my friend’s father, when he was living on the earthly plane.  It makes sense that I could sense two beings in spirit, that I had a connection with, having met them on the earthly plane.

I also telepathically heard “His guardian angels…” so I knew his angels were very close to him at this time.  

Last night when I sent Jeff energy before going to bed, I sensed that there were many more beings in his hospital room this time.  Again, I saw his father-in-law in-spirit on the side of his bed, as well as his mother in-spirit.  I also sensed that there were two to three saints in his room.  I didn’t receive any specific information as to who the saints were and what they were doing there.   

Receiving a Past Life Image & Words

I received an image of Jeff in a confederate army hat.  It had a distinctive flat top.  Then I heard telepathically “confederate army…cannon.”  I thought that this may have been a key past life for Jeff, which is why it was being shown to m.  It probably came up for healing.  I sent healing energy to Jeff in this lifetime and imagined him wearing the confederate army uniform, and saw him happy, healthy and carefree.  There is no way for me to verify that he had this past life time.  I go on faith and trust when I receive this images that there is an important purpose to them.   

Today my friend called me around 12:30 pm.  She was very upset.  Jeff’s condition was fatal. They were taking Jeff off all the machines in ICU in the afternoon.  He was going to pass.  She was going to pick up their two children from school early and take them to the hospital so they could say their final good-byes.  I was shocked to hear this.  Maybe, that was why I sensed the saints by his bedside last night.  They were preparing him for the transition to the afterlife.  In my heart, I wished Jeff a peaceful passing, and I will send him energy again tonight for a smooth transition to his afterlife. 

Later that afternoon, I received clairvoyant images of two-three religious male figures, each swinging a single-chained thurible, from which incense was smoking from.  A thurible is a metal censer suspended from chains, in which incense is burned during worship services.  This represented some sort of ceremony being done on his behalf.  This confirmed the seriousness of  Jeff’s condition.

At about 4 pm, I received a clairvoyant image of Jeff.  His body was floating in the sky and it looked like he was reaching upward.  His mother in- spirit was a few feet away from him to his right and under him. 

I finished exercising about 5:15 pm and received another similar image of Jeff floating in the sky and reaching upward.  During this the Zen music station was playing on our TV.  The music stirred in me the feelings of the sacredness of this entire event.  I knew then that Jeff was definitely making the transition to his afterlife.  I had received this image twice, and the music that was playing was evoking such deep feelings in me.

At 5:20 pm I texted my friend to get a status update.  She texted back only “He’s gone.”  I texted her that he was in good hands and that he was making his crossing and that his mother and angels were with him.  I hoped that she would find this comforting.

I know this is a sensitive time for Jeff.  I don’t want to interfere or be in the way.  This special rest, called repose, in the afterlife is very, very important and a time for humans to come to the understanding that they are no longer in human form and to replenish themselves.

I hope you found this chronicle illuminating


  1. Georgina

    I see similarities with what I experienced during my mother’s passing on 1/21/13.
    When I called Hospice I felt and saw love radiate from her. Call it white light if you want it was pure love that came from her. I was praying very hard during this time for God to take her pain and take her back into his fold. There was a process that began three days before her death with some witnessed by others. I prayed from my heart very hard. My mom had been in the fish pose from Tuesday on Friday morning right before the aid arrived she had a perplexed look on her face as if she was recognizing something or someone. As she moved her head and eyebrows I repeated don’t be afraid of what you see for God accompanies you and blesses you, these are the words she always said to her children as they left her home. I also was repeating if you see a light go towards and don’t be afraid I aid walk in and moved to the side of her bed, I motioned her to keep quote as I repeated the words. All of a sudden there was pure recognition and she made the funny face she always made when she greeted her sister and smiled. I repeated don’t be afraid keep going at that moment three small shadows ran from the corner of the room with high pitched voice and brushed me then there was light as my dad entered the room for it could be no other as my mother raised her upper body extended her arm then moved it to a hug position and kissed who was there same as she did all the time with my dad. The aid ran out of my house in fear and that broke whatever was going on. I continued to pray for God to have mercy and not let her suffer. The next day Saturday a couple of cousins, my niece in law and great nephew were present when one of my cousins coughed and woke my mom and she was agitated. I knew all electronics that made sound needed to be turned off and instructed all to turn off the cells took the batteries out of the door bell as well as unplugged all phones. I did not turn off my computer. I calmed my mom repeating don’t be afraid God accompanies you and blesses you I also gave her a small dose of morphine to quite her. All left about 7:30 PM and my sister and nephew’s fiancée arrived. About half hour later both jumped and stared at me then looked at each other and said there is a breeze down here don’t you feel it I said no it is impossible we are surrounded by concrete blocks all of a sudden the mouse on my computer jumped and it turned itself off. They said no breeze then what was that? I don’t know all I know is that all of a sudden there were footsteps upstairs in my mom’s bedroom and they were moving toward the kitchen both of them became frightened I said it is not possible I know I closed the deck door when I came in from praying while I had a smoke but I went upstairs and checked there was no human in my home. I went to the bedroom and quietly said daddy if you are here come with me she is downstairs then I went into the kitchen and said if you stopped to have coffee she is not here come with me. I started down the stairs I was three steps from being in the finished basement where I had my mom when once again she lifted her upper body reached out embraced and kissed it was my dad again. Next thing we all heard many footsteps upstairs it sounded like a party we became a little nervous and I said I am going upstairs and out to the deck to have a smoke. I prayed with my heart for God to be merciful and take my mom’s pain and back into his fold. When I entered the house and turned my back to lock the door there was a feeling I was surrounded by bright white light it made me joyful for I knew all the spirits were getting ready to greet her. The footsteps gradually stopped later in the night I smelled coffee no one else did about an hour later my nephew’s fiancée says this is ridiculous I am smelling burnt coffee and both my sister and I burst out laughing for it could only be my aunt Margie for she always burnt the coffee.
    An hour or so later my nephew’s fiancée left and my sister and I stood vigil over my mom as we thought she would pass that night she did not. My sister left Sunday morning as she had a son in physical rehab after his hospital discharge. Sunday was quite my mom remained in the fish pose. In the evening my sister arrived. About 9 PM she was getting ready to go home when my mom turned her head opened her eyes and began the motion of bathing, my mom always bathed before going anywhere, so my sister and I bathe her and dressed her. My mom then came out of the fish pose into total relaxation, I sent my sister home to rest. I asked my mom if she would sleep with me as I could not go another 24 hours awake and that I would be on the sofa and she could see me. At that point a large black shadow appeared from the corner of the room and quickly moved and disappeared. I slept as my mom did. I awoke about 4 AM she was sleeping a deep sleep. I made coffee, had a smoke and prayed. I went back down I could not work and did not want to stare at her for she would not like that. I prayed and repeated the same words over and over. At 7:45 AM she started her physical death and her body died at 7:49 AM. There was release from her body I felt her rise I kissed her head and said God accompanies and blesses you. I called my sister and waited an hour before calling Hospice. We cleaned her body dressed her and sent her body to the funeral home. For weeks I heard her walking and now only occasionally. A months or so later I heard the angels sing. Beautiful music of which I have never heard but they were saying words I could not understand. For weeks I asked for them to be clear for I could not understand them. The words then came GLORY and HE IS and why I know my mom is an angel and so is my dad for he earned his wing for before he died he said to me if there is a way when I am gone I will prove to you there is a God. He did I was an atheist from the age of 16 to 59. I have no doubts we are spirits and we are love but stuck in these bodies where ego gets in the way many times why I don’t know. Ever since I heard the angels whenever I wake from a nightmare they sing and it is always GLORY HE IS. They calm me and I am not scared.
    I didn’t do healing like you but did prayer and perhaps your healing is prayer
    Bless you for your post I received on Facebook

    • Soul Evolution Center

      Thank-you, Georgina for taking the time to share your beautiful and poignant story about your mother’s last few days on the earthly plane & her journey to the other side. You had some very amazing experiences during this time. The details were incredible like smelling your Aunt Margie’s burnt coffee & your mother’s hug & kiss with your father. Wow! You treated your mother with such care, love, honor and reverence. All your prayers and guidance about entering the light for her were so important! Know that this will not be forgotten. I love that you hear the Angel music and heard GLORY HE IS. So, so touching & such a blessing that you received this. I have heard Angel music and know how beautiful it is. Sending you, your mother and your family many blessings. Namaste. Katy

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