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3/15/13 Channeled Message:Technical: Ulterians: Upon Physical Passing from the Ulterians

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I am a channeler of beings of light and love and a light worker. I receive information clairvoyantly, clairaudiently and clairsentiently. Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have been having amazing experiences such as participating in spirit crossovers, out- of- body experiences, receiving messages from light beings and those in spirit, interactions with extraterrestrials and other psychic phenomena.
I started this blog as I was guided to teach what I know and to record my experiences in an expository fashion with detail and dates. I also have heard telepathically that I am a divine inspirator, one who inspires or motivates others.
I am sharing the below message I recently channeled after my friend’s son passed away. I asked for answers as to what happens on one’s physical passing.
Enjoy! Please share with others who may be interested.
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3/12/13 Tues 8:16 pm . On the livingroom couch
(Unedited except as where marked)
Katy: Hello. I invite those Masters of Knowledge of Light and Love, those wise ones, to answer the question:
Please explain in detail and with specificity, what happens to a person’s consciousness after a physical death. What is it like? Where do they go? What is the process?
Ulterians: Upon physically passing, a soul passes through the light portal. Their inner lamp is their guidance. As they continue to accelerate, a level of understanding and intuitive feelings develop that guide them through their ascension and various levels of understanding. They are not alone and are flanked by other light beings, their guardians. They come to the realization of their physical demise on their own accord when they are willing to do so and accept this knowledge. Fortunately, there are built-in systems that are guarded, that enable one to make this journey into their afterlife.
The plane of existence that they are temporarily set in is one of a unique level. There are corresponding angels and other mystical beings who help to transport them into other areas of existence. Their vibrational frequency and level of light allows them to cross over into the interdimensional planes.
According to the rules, those who are not of a certain frequency, a vibrational rate, are denied access. In this way, order and balance is kept in the continuum. In allowing only certain high level vibrational human beings into the portal, others are kept safe. It is a requirement. First and foremost, the way has been designed to ensure survival of those who are capable of understanding their obligations and requirements. Of course, there are those who, on the onset, are afforded the opportunity for advancement and acceleration, on special vibratory frequencies, first class, as you may say. They are the gifted ones who can touch many others with their special sensory awarenesses.
Those who cannot make the journey through the gate are kept in various locked and guarded areas. They are kept there until they have the awareness to make changes within themselves to come to certain understandings about their nature. They are allowed to interact with others who are caretakers. This realm is highly regarded to be the proving ground for those who are not able to see their own evolutionary sense of capability.
The gifted ones are also kept guarded to ensure their continued survival from outside influences that pose dangers to one’s being.
Katy: Is there a middle ground for those that are not gifted and those who not aware?
Ulterians: There are many who fall into this category. They are those who continue on their ascension in an even, measured way for advancement. They will be led to the places where other caretakers will assist them and they will continue to learn about their primary purpose and ultimate destination in the place that the Divine Being, the Creator, has chosen to be in.
There are many levels of understanding, too numerous to describe. Graciousness is given to those who have succeeding in achieving equilibrium in existence with their internal and physical existence, a compromise of sorts. To reach this level is quite a feat. Quietly, one aims toward this outreaching.
Those misanthropic ones are given new and alternate methods to create a certain level of attainment within the Brotherhood of Man. Your guardians are specifically assigned to endear one to their higher purpose and lifespan. Your speech therapists are such that they are evolved and teach for ????( (This did not come in clear. I think this was static so I strike-through the words.)
(8:42 pm. I wanted to end the transmission. I felt I was straining. The flow of the words coming in was slowing. There were 2-3 second pauses between the words.)
Katy: Namaste & thank you, wise ones for imparting this knowledge to me.
Ulterians: You are well gifted. Continue to seek the answers to the truth.
Love and Light,
We are the Ulterians, a highly evolved species who can communicate and interact on various high dimensional frequencies. We are the ones who strive to speak, as long as one is willing to hear our messages. We come from afar and from a long line of ancient order. We chose to be involved in the commitment for finding those beings who can understand our tongue and tonal frequencies. We love to be a messenger and guard the Temple of Truth.
We speak to those 5th dimensional beings on frequencies of light and who yearn to complete themselves and the world that they exist in. Accordingly, we compliment you on your advancement potential. We care for those who are continuing in their evolvement search. Say to yourself that you have a higher call. Allow yourself this space to indulge yourself. Continue forward to share your light answers with others as well.
8:50 p.m.
Commentary: Overall, I would rate this transmission as a 3 on a scale of 0-5 with 5 being receiving a very strong, clear, flowing transmission.


  1. Heather

    Great Post!

  2. Joyce

    wow, you are such an inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing. I too have lost a child, however, always wondered if she was lost beacuase I don’t feel her energy around as when I did when she recently passed back 16 years ago. I loved meeting you personally on Wednesday evening with your husband. I look forward to attending more of your events and opening my heart to learning and gaining more spirutual wisdom as you have. I feel blessed and so grateful to have met you and Tim. Thank you.

    • soulsister

      Dear Joyce,
      Thank you for your post and kind words. It means a lot to me. My deepest condolescences on the loss of your child. Know her life continues on, and she is on the next leg of her eternal journey, which I am sensing is why you don’t feel her presence as much. One thing that I personally know through my various spiritual experiences is that we are spiritual beings having a physical existence. Our journey here on earth is just one of many. It has provided me with much comfort and hope, which is why I share my experiences on my blog, to offer the same to others. Tim and I both enjoyed meeting you on Wednesday as well. I look forward to connecting with you again and continuing on our spiritual paths of rediscovery. Namaste, Katy

  3. Pauline

    I am sending a lot of souls to the light and feel I am placing some of them in Gods keeping. I am finding this very interesting, as I am just doing my job on trust and feelings.

    • Katy

      Yes, you are a light worker. Since my spiritual awakening in 2009 I have also sent souls to the light in various ways and blogged about a few of these experiences. Sometimes human intermediaries are needed to help the souls make their way back to the light. They miss the light portal, either because they hesitated, were too confused, or were not allowed in at that time due to their level of consciousness was not high enough to get through the light portal.
      I found this work rewarding and want to serve in this way. I feel so blessed to help because the help is much needed. When the spirits come back to say “Thank you”, it is so beautiful.
      Please send me a friend request on Facebook Katy Simmone if you want to be aware of some of my continuing experiences as I post them there. We can share there also. You can also fill out a contact form on this site if you want to be added to my email list.
      Please read my beautiful blog post on Mikey, and how he came back to say thank you for helping him crossover.
      Sometimes during an out of body experience, when I am helping to crossing over a few souls, many of them appear to be crossed over. Please read when this happened in December 2009:
      And sometimes, the spirits are not ready to be crossed over as in my blog post November 2009. The family bought me a spirit, Lauris, to help in an out-of-body experiences. It was an intervention of sorts.

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