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5/10/13 OOB: 3 Layers of the Portal to Dimension XYU-Angel Help

by | May 10, 2013 | Out of Body - with Portal, Out of Body Experiences | 5 comments

Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have had some amazing OOBs (out of body) experiences.  Since February 2013 I have telepathically heard that I am a fifth dimensional being.   I also have heard that I am a starseed.   This combination of factors explains the uniqueness of my experience with OOBs and with the messages I receive as a channeler.
I want to share this amazing OOB I had this morning.  I categorize this as an OOB & not a dream because I travelled through the portal in my third eye, the lucidity of the experience, and having an escort upon arrival to the dimension.  I don’t think there is such a thing as “just a dream”.  All dreams are significant, and everyone has OOBs when they sleep.  Most people, however, don’t remember or become lucid during them.
I want to share this to teach the following:

  1. How this OOB illustrates that we are multi-dimensional beings and have the ability to transport ourselves to other dimensions
  2. How in an altered state of consciousness, such as sleep, you can use the technique of exiting through your third eye to go through the portal and into other dimensions.
  3. How there may be an escort upon your arrival to the dimension to guide you
  4. The importance of being an observer and taking note of the landscape around you and unique characteristics of that dimension
  5. How this OOB introduces the ability to receiving telepathic information for yourself and others on your parallel existences! This one is a real mind-blower for me and possibly for some of the readers- to comprehend that we multiple parallel existences.  I telepathically hear “multi-lateral” to describe these existences.  Wow!
  6. How angel(s) can intervene to assist you in these other  dimensions
  7. The importance of logging OOBs.  During this practice, you may receive additional helpful telepathic information from your guides to clarify what the OOB was about.
  8. The importance of not being fearful and having gratitude
  9. Accepting and giving your life mission it all!

Please note when I refer to 3-D below, I mean life in the third dimension, which means Earth.
Please read the commentary at the end as it provides supplemental information for understanding.
Please share your own OOBs, portal experiences and/or experiences with multidimensionality.  I would love to hear about it.
Please share with others who may be interested!
OOB Experience
This morning as I was sleeping, in an altered state of consciousness, I was in my third eye.  I was traveling very fast.  I realized I was going to go through the portal.  Through my third eye is a common way I exit my body to experience an OOB.  I could feel the force against me as I hurled through the red and white pinpoint lights in the dark air.  This was unusual.  When I go through the portal, I am usually not going this fast.  I heard a high pitch in my ears because I was going so fast and gathering speed.   I worried that the sound was going to get too loud and high. (In the 3-D I have sensitive ears).
Quickly, I moved past the red & white lights and saw royal blue lights ahead in the darkness.  I went through some blue mass.  Then above me there appeared a thin violet colored layer.  It looked like a violet sheet that was curved in some spots with some sort of swirly black scrolled design on it and rectangular in shape.  I travelled right through that.  It was like I was on a directional force.  I was just being propelled forward.  I started counting how many layers I went through. I counted three: the blue layer, the violet layer and another layer which I don’t remember) .  I thought to myself that this was unusual for me to go through 3 separate layers or boundaries during portal travel.  I don’t recall experiencing this in previous OOBs.
I came through, and I was standing outside.  In front of me was a short, medium built man.  It was a sunny day, and it looked like we were in a rural area.  I asked the man where I was, what was the name of this dimension or plane.   Immediately, I knew he was not going to answer.  He shook his head slightly.  I said “I know. You can’t tell me.” (In past OOBs, I have received this response at times where a person did not want to reveal the name.  I guess it’s top-secret! Classified information).  He said some sort of name that made no sense to me, had at least 15 letters and possibly started with an “X”, had a “Y” and a “U”.  I lost some lucidity at this point because the name he said was not clear and very confusing.  I said to him “Now, why would this dimension be named that?  There is no way I can remember that to bring back.  Why does this always happen?” ( Commentary: You can sense my frustration here.  It appears I was unloading on him.  I usually don’t do that in an OOB and keep things to myself when I am with an escort.  However, I must have felt very comfortable with his energy to express myself in such a manner and ask him such specific questions).  For now, I will refer to this dimension as “XYU”.
Remembing My Manners in Other Dimensions
I asked the man his name and he said “Louis”.  Yes, finally, a short easy name I can remember!  I shook his hand and told him that I was Katy. I like to be courteous even in an OOB. My mother taught me well.  Always remember your manners, no matter what dimension you are on!  I learned this myself after experiencing many OOBs.
In earlier OOBs about 2 years ago, I was not shaking anyone’s hand.  In fact, I was not as  nice as I could be and understanding.  I admit that.  I was very confused. I was still learning this OOB thing.   In earlier  OOBs and even after, I tended to whine more and could not figure out why no one was understanding me.  I did not have any rule books “How to Handle Yourself in Other Dimensions.” None of my spiritual teachers in the 3-D seemed to know what I was talking about when I shared my OOB experiences for guidance.   I felt like I was just winging it and still do feel like that at times.   I call myself the “astral bumbler” rather than the “astral traveler.”  I feel like I am just bumbling about haphazardly through the universe.  My guides must have a lot of fun observing me.  After some time, more OOB experiences and after some contemplation,  I thought about it and made a conscious decision to act “appropriately” and “mature” in my OOB travels and to carry myself as I do in my 3-D life, with thoughtfulness and kindness.   This is why I shook Louis’s  hand and introduced myself.   These are beings and consciousnesses just like myself and need to be treated with respect as well, whenever possible and as prudence calls for it.
I wondered if my name was even important to Louis  I had a feeling it didn’t matter to him.  He was much shorter than me.  I would estimate he was about  4 foot tall. (Commentary:  I know this because looking back on this OOB experience upon waking I remember I kept looking down at him. In the 3-D I am short so for me to look down at a person means they must be very short!! Perhaps, I became taller in this OOB.)
More About the XYU Dimension
Louis and I  began walking through the woods.  It was a very pastoral scene, and I was struck by the quiet, quaint feel of it. It felt very idyllic.  I was very attracted to it as I like this even in the 3-D.  We walked past a long rectangular building made of stones. and it looked like it was some sort of rustic barn.
As we walked up a small grassy slope, Louis said “Look behind you and see what you are attracting.”  I looked behind me.  To my surprise, there were what I was described as four black lids in the green field behind me, a few feet from each other.  They were similar in size and shape to garbage can lids.  This is the best description I can provide or like truncated black cylinder shapes.   It appeared that they were following me and bouncing along behind me.   To my eyes, they didn’t appear to be organic but they must have been.  I thought to myself “These objects following me must be a give-away that I am not from this dimension.  They must have sensed something about me that was different. (They are blowing my cover!)
Louis and I went into a small wooden building on the edge of a large body of water.  There was a young boy about 4 or 5 years old on a tricycle, riding his bike in the shallower end of the water.  I felt nervous seeing him there and hoped that he would be okay because there were some large waves.   I noticed a city scape across the body of water on the other side.  It was similar to looking at the skyline of NY City.  I mentioned to Louis that this was the country and that was the city.
Upon entering this building, Louis and I headed downstairs. There were various rooms and people milling about. We were walking down a hallway.   Suddenly, I lost touch with the OOB.  I just got out of it.  While in bed, using my intention, I attempted to reconnect with the OOB..  Somehow, I was able to.
Louis was still there but now we were in a different hallway. I told him that I get out of an OOB suddenly from time to time.  He said that was because I wanted to leave.  I don’t remember having a conscious thought of this but I appreciated his feedback.   He said I stayed a long time in the first one (the first segment of the OOB).   I was surprised he said this and even noticed this.
So now, Louis and I are in the second segment of the OOB as I will call it.  We were walking down a hallway.  Then we stopped walking.  I could see about 2-3 rooms with ladies & children in it.  They are doing some kind of activities.  It seemed that we were at some sort of standstill, a lull.  Then I got nervous.  I thought to myself “Oh, oh.  What is going to happen now?  Is it possible that Louis bought me into some trouble?  He seemed like a nice enough kind of guy.  ”
A tall, thin man appeared from behind me in a long black robe with an opening in the front.  He was floating in the air.  He started shooting some sort of light balls at me.  I realized I was under fire.  I could not believe this was happening with the children and females around.  They did not seem to notice what was happening.  They were oblivious.  (Commentary: Upon reflection of this OOB, perhaps the denizens of this dimension could not even see or sense these attackers).
 I started to run back down the hallway from where Louis and I came.  I did not even think of Louis or wonder where he was.  I wished I could fly as I would go faster.  I started taking these big leaping movements.  Another tall man in similar garb appeared and started firing at me as well.  He looked like he was the twin brother of the first guy.   Then another  man appeared.  I counted at least 3 of them.  They looked and dressed the same.  They were triplets.  Mean triplets!
As I was running, I had the thought that I wished the Angels would help me now but I wasn’t waiting for them.  I kept moving quickly away from these men.  Strangely enough, I was calm.  I knew I was in an OOB and that I would be okay.  I wondered how I would escape once I reached the outside but then said to myself that I would figure it out at that time.
All of sudden, an opening appeared in front of me in the air.  Looking back at it, I think it was a portal opening into the scene.  An attractive woman with fair skin and red auburn hair, shoulder length with alot of body, dressed in a beautiful Victorian type gown of cobalt blue appeared.  She threw some kind of light ball at one of the tall men.  As I am typing this, I am hearing that the light balls were “energetic masses of ultra-high frequency light waves for bombardment.”
Then the OOB broke.
Upon Waking from the OOB – Analysis of the OOB
Learning That It Was a Mission
Upon waking from this and while still in bed, I thought about the OOB I had with Louis.  I braced myself and put myself in a balanced frame of mind.  I was not going to get mad and angry about this experience like I have done after experiencing some hairy OOBs in the past with different “villains” and in various dimensions.  As some of you know, when you have a vivid dream, upon waking you still carry those feelings.  It feels like what happened was so real.  I decided to practice some of my spiritual teachings from my 3-D life on Earth and apply them here to my reactions to my OOBs.  I let go of any lower feelings of blame and anger toward my guides that they let me experience this, that they were not protecting me well enough, how do I end up in these type of places, etc…  I have had these type of reactive feelings months ago, and they are not helpful at all.  They do not mesh with how I live my life in the 3-D in higher consciousness and awareness.
Telepathically, I asked my guides “What happened during this OOB?”  I heard “The angels protected you.”  The woman in the Victorian dress, who suddenly appeared during the OOB, was probably an angel (minus the wings!), who came to intervene and help me.  It appears angels are allowed to throw light balls at attackers from time to time! (Comment:  I have blogged before that I have a group of female angels, who call themselves “The Sisterhood of Angels”, who I clairvoyantly see and who I have channeled messages from.)
Telepathically, I asked “Why did I experience this?  What was I supposed to learn?”  I thought to myself that on some subconscious level I must have signed up for these adventures, perhaps to share with others to show the spectrum of life on other dimensions.  Perhaps, I was supposed to gather information on this dimension for research and learning.  In Dolores Cannon’s book “The Convoluted Universe” she shared some of the experiences that her clients revealed under hypnosis, that their life experiences were actually means of data collection for species of extra-terrestrials.
I was there for purposes of data collection and “data retrieval”.  As I am typing this, it is becoming more like a channeled message.   I sense that this was my true purpose in this OOB.   I am hearing “double mission”.  I have had other OOBs where I have actually been on a mission, and I knew I was in covert operations.  Sometimes, it was with a team of other agents.
As I continued to analyze this OOB while still in bed, I telepathically heard the word “infiltrated”.  I interpreted this to mean that the three men infiltrated this dimension.  They did not belong there.   I could see them but the citizens that lived there could not.  They came into the dimension like those dark, suited agents in the sci-fi movie ‘The Matrix”.   I cannot blame Louis for this.  Louis did the best he could.  He was my competent escort, answering my questions and showing me around.  In addition,  I sensed during the OOB that he was a “good” guy.
Having an Attitude of Gratitude
Also, it is important for me to remember the beauty I experienced and was shown to me in this realm, with the peaceful pastoral setting.  Let me not forget about that.  It is easy to focus on the negative aspects of this OOB such as being chased by the mean men.  As in the 3-D, let me appreciate  and have amazement for the entire scenario and what was revealed to me of life in other dimensions such as the bouncing cylinders that were attracted to me too.
Foreshadowing in the 3-D World
I have a feeling by me having some OOBs, that puts me on certain lower vibrational beings’ radar.  I am telepathically hearing “You are on the circuit.”  Therefore, I may have attracted this action myself.  About 3 days ago, I did telepathically receive in my 3-D life that “You are being followed” & “You have a nemesis”.   I realize this sounds scary to some.  However, I do not want to participate in creating fear thoughts for myself.  I noted this transmission and understood it was good to be aware of this.  Having this OOB this morning made me realize that this message was a head’s up to the triplets who appeard in the OOB.
I am noticing more and more synchronicities with telepathic messages I received in the 3-D world and what happens in OOBs.  I believe I am receiving messages for my own and other people’s parallel existences!   I need to remember to ask when I receive messages that is it for me, on the 3-D or  ask the guides if these messages are for another parallel existence?  Lately, in the past 2 weeks, I also have been receiving telepathic messages about my friends or family members, that seem to make no sense.  When I ask if this messages are for what is happening on another parallel dimension, I receive an affirmative! Surprising, is it not?
It makes understanding telepathic messages that much more complex.
Channeled  Message
12:38 pm. As I am typing this entry into my log, I am hearing “You are understanding this more, the nuances.   You are part of the learning team.  You have been qualified for this function, to determine and disseminate this information.  You are part of the Plan.  You are the spokesperson and have a unique ability, a characteristic to hear information for believability.  You are veritable… Your parallel lives are intersecting…You are a pioneer.”
I looked up the word veritable and it means real – true – actual – genuine – authentic.
Wrap-Up- Not Being Fearful- My Life Mission
Some of you reading this may be feeling “Katy is crazy. I would not let myself be subject to this.”  I can appreciate this.  Just know that I have been experiencing OOBs similar to this and some much more positive & very amazing for the past four years since my spiritual awakening in 2009.  Therefore, I have adapted somehow to these encounters and developed a thick skin.  In addition, I constantly, receive telepathic messages during the day that I signed up for this, and this is what I am meant to do.  I hear “You made a promise, a vow.”, “You convinced the elders.”  I know these experiences are part of my life mission in the 3-D and are happening to me for a reason.  I am meant to be a teacher and share this with others and broaden other people’s understandings, those who are ready and willing to receive such information.
Each one of us has life mission.  This is mine, unique as it is.
The Effect of Fear on You
I do not want to come from a place of fear or be in fear.  Fear is a base biological instinct.  It is one of the lowest vibrational feelings and unhealthy for your energetic wellness.  I have a GDV camera at my center Soul Evolution Center in East Boca, Fl.  I see first hand, how lower vibrational emotion adversely affects your chakra size, skews your chakra alignment and contracts your auric field, with energy breaks and gaps.  Fear causes you to become irrational, overemotional and clouds your judgment.  These OOB experiences are meant to strengthen me, add to my knowledge base and “broaden my horizons”.  I will not allow myself to be instilled with fear.  I choose instead to grow and share.
Accepting Your Life Mission with Gusto
I have a great quote that I posted on my Facebook page.  “You can give up, give-in or give it all.”  I have chosen the last choice – Give it my all.  I have totally and willing accepted my life calling, after resisting for a few years.   It’s so much better this way! Try it!


  1. Shawna

    This is Awesome!!! Thank you Katy.

    • Katy

      You are so welcome, Shawna. Thank you for your comment!

      • Shawna

        You’re very welcome and Thank you again.

  2. Shannon Bixby

    This is amazing. I too am Awakn an fin strag phnomenons happening. Am giving it all. Thank you for sharing .

    • Katy

      Thank you for your comment. I am hoping by sharing my experiences that others may learn from them as well. Know that this is part of your spiritual development. Namaste, Katy

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