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5/22/13:Channeled Message: Thought Provider Guide- Thought Wave Project-Impact on Earth

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I am a channeler of beings of light and love and a light worker. I receive information clairvoyantly, clairaudiently and clairsentiently. Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have been having amazing experiences such as participating in spirit crossovers, out- of- body experiences, receiving messages from light beings and those in spirit, interactions with extraterrestrials and other psychic phenomena.

Since February 2013 I have telepathically heard that I am a fifth dimensional being.   I also have heard that I am a star seed.   This combination of factors explains the uniqueness of the messages I receive as a channeler.

Telepathically, over the past two months, I have been hearing the words “Thought Providers” randomly during the day.  I decided to channel more information on who they were.  Below I share what I received about this type of guide.

In addition, as I channeled their functions today, they also shared with me what is upcoming for energetic changes and how the Earth is shifting.  Very interesting!

Please share with anyone else who may be interested.




Who is a Thought Provider?

Guides: They are assigned supernumeries and have superior intellect and capacity for formulating certain thought waves for congruence and interconnectedness.  They can be considered guides to some as they do guide their charges in this very specific manner.  Thought Providers are considered to be aides to their charges, very able, technically proficient.  They are a divine species and an advanced race, specifically designed and highly developed.  They have a divine inspiration and calling and work tirelessly in their efforts to succeed in creating a more accelerated, evolved human being.

They believe in the sanctity of life and the power of love, hope and faith.  The Thought Providers will prepare you for your transition to the next level, stage of your advancement and act as intermediaries.  They follow The Plan and know it very well.  Their intentions are superior.  They provide thoughts in the chain of everlasting thought. 

They are numerous in number as there are many charges that they are involved with.  Especially now, in modern times, as the Earth’s energies shifts, readjusts and realigns, there has been many opportunities for Thought Providers to provide their services, and they have been assigned in this way.  

A Thought Provider works quietly behind the scenes, independently motivated.  Thought Providers are the highest levels of consciousness and preceed the Thought Adjustor.  They have been deemed qualified and reliable. (Note: Thought Adjustor is another type of guide, that I will provide information on in the future.)

Thought Providers act as an adjunct to other high level stewards and serve as teachers.  They offer enlightenment and other valuable information to those who are ready and can clearly hear the wisdom they impart through sound, tone and voice recognition.  They have been removed from some of their earlier tasks to focus now and commit to the evolution of the human species. 

 Who are Their Charges?

Charges are ones that have been qualified to be under the care and development of a Thought Provider.   To be under the care and receive tutelage from a Thought Provider is indeed a great honor and requirement for high stages of advancement in civilization.  Homage is paid to those beings, who have received a Thought Provider, and are learning from their creative abilities to expand their thoughts.   

 Their charges are assigned to them according to the rules, procedures and allowances of The Command.  There is one supernumerary assigned to each charge.  Their charges are often human beings and other alien species, similar to mankind, of the fifth dimensional level, the gifted ones, who are learning to be better caretakers of their thought forms and are deemed reliable. 

Functions of Thought Providers

Thought Providers are only allowed to prepare the air and space, making it more fertile and conducive & improve the air quality for continued feeds of thought transmissions.  They are charged with the very specific tasks of creating the proper vibration within their charge’s inner sanctum for the thought forms to rest until their charges develop the realization and can correspond to their inner vibration. They are not allowed to interfere, interject or interrupt thought communications.  They are not allowed to interfere with pre-destination.  They release the level of thought forms based on the status of their charges, human beings in this case.  They also regulate the number, the duration and frequency of the thought forms allowed into confined spaces. They filter contraband thought waves, levels of space noise and incongruent aspects that are detrimental to their charges.

 Katy: How many of them are there?

Guides:  They are numerous and variable in quantity.  There are many charges that they are involved with.   The numeric value is not of import.

Thought Provider’s Special Thought Wave Project-Impact on Earth (Channeled 5/22/13 Tuesday)

9:46 a.m.

Guides: They are planning a very special effort, a concentrated focus, to elevate a newer type of thought range, a higher frequency band.  Permissions have been given for this.  It is in the stages of development.  They are going to reformulate the thought waves to enable clearer reception and integration into their charge’s communication towers.  They are working on this preemptive design of substrate enhancement and quality of sound. 

Katy:  What is the time frame in the 3-D (third dimension, which is Earth) for this new effort?

Guides:  It is still in the testing phase and has not been completed or finalized.  Once it has been, it will be delivered rapidly into the air space continuum of the Earth’s atmosphere.  It will be delivered in the air waves at specific, frequency intervals in energetic pulses.  The Valkyries are also involved and are advanced as well.  (Note: I have received my first channeled message from the Valkyries in May 2013, which I have not shared yet.  According to Google,  one definition of Valkyries (‘chosers of the slain’) is that they are beautiful young women, mounted upon winged horses and armed with helmets and spears in Norse mythology. I am sensing that they have evolved from this. )

Katy:  Will these thought waves be delivered all over the Earth or specific geographical areas?

Guides:  It will be delivered to the entire world spectrum, the multiplexes and in underground caverns, subterranean for continuity and stability.  The vibration of it will be felt strongly.  It will be delivered as a stream of pulses over a long period of time and many moon cycles. 

Katy: Are we talking about it being delivered over a period of a year?

Guides:  The Guardian Angels will be deciding the specifics of this transition and length of time necessary.  They will feel and sense the appropriate time frame according to the lunar cycle, sun position and interplanetary constellations. 

 Katy:  What is the estimated time frame for completion and finalization of this?

 Guides:  It is not long.  At the current projection and lunar frequencies, it should be completed and available by year end,  2013/2014.

Katy: What will humans feel as a result of these energetic impulses?

Guides: Your thought forms will be formulated at an incredible speed, allowing new concepts and principle to abound.  Your desires will no longer be what you had earlier.  Many of you will shift.  Some will become more volatile as their thought systems are challenged and discomfort arises, causing alienation within themselves.  There will be some elevated mood swings and despair by those who cannot adapt and do not have inner knowingness or ability to do so.  Others will thrive and will find an unbounded happiness and sense of joy, of knowingness that within themselves is a great power.  This will give opportunities for much advancement and cultural change.  A new mindset will settle in, very comfortable and familiar to those who are advancing rapidly.

Katy:  Is there any need to fear?

Guides:  There is no need to fear.  It is being planned and underway.  It is a natural progression and sound in design.  Fear is a form of distrust.  You are being told this not create to fear and distrust but to allow yourself the time and opportunity to realize the beautiful and magnificent changes taking place as part of your everlasting life.  This is part of the serious but wondrous contemplation of your existence, your place in the world and to cherish yourself and every other human being and honor and accept every person and the quality of their life. 

You have been charged an important function to disseminate this information, to prepare the way for the New World Order, to be cognizant of these events and to enable others also to realize.  You will succeed in sharing with others and opening their eyes and hearts to their internal, true nature & their well-beingness.

The Developers are coordinating this extreme high level intervention of thought and sound.  The Thought Philosophers are working diligently on pragmatic, ideal concepts and principles.  A majority of the population will experience voice modulations as they accelerate.  It will be imperceptible at first and then grow.   The vibration of the entire planet will change and resonate at higher, quantum levels.  All will be affected including the plants, animals, & the elements.  The Earth on the physical level will experience many changes as well as it shifts into these new energies, and prepares through rebalancing and harmonizing, creating a releveling.  This is a natural cause and effect.   This will be a major change, a necessary growth development to move mankind forward.  It has all been preplanned and developed. 

This will be known as the New Age, the age of expansiveness, spiritual development, thought formation and transition.  It is the age of building a strong foundation for succeeding generations, who will continue to learn.  This is part of the Grand Design.  Greatness will be yours and all those who desire an Earth, united in consciousness and with the full speed and glory of the All-Knowing, the Creator. 

10:49 a.m.  Thank you.  Namaste.


  1. jamesprice

    very good information .. it is the time for the awakening of mans dormant powers

    • jamesprice

      I read
      something like this in the urantia book about thought developers

      • Soul Evolution Center

        Hello, Yes, I have studied the book Urantia, and I think the term they use is “thought adjusters” versus whom I channeled the “thought providers”. When I rec’d these channeled messages, I wondered if they were the same entity but I clearly, telepathically, heard the difference in the names. Thank you for your comment & the reference to Urantia!

    • Soul Evolution Center

      Thank you for your comment. I have received a few channeled messages that this is New Age, the age of raising consciousness, of awakening and spiritual awareness.

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