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5/4/15 Channeled Message: Medicini: Faith, Hope & Trust-The New Wave

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5/4/15 Monday Channeled Message: Medicini: Faith, Hope & Trust-The New Wave  1:30 -1:50 pm, Seattle, WA
Medicini: (I heard this name, telepathically and phonetically, as  “Med a chi nee”.  This is the first channeled message I have received from him. I have heard this name telepathically & spontaneously once before a few days ago.
I am Medicini, an ancient.  I have come on the specific request of Aristotle to work with you.  I have a message to share with others of hope and inspiration.
I am one who has walked the Earth in human form and have experienced lifetimes as a human being.  Therefore, I am familiar with you and the inner workings of human life, your desires and impulses.
You take great care in your work, and you can feel us.
You are a designated representative and have heeded the call.
I come to you now to make a proposition, a proposition of faith and trust, to entrust you with this.  You inspire many, who read the words you share from other faithful servants of the Divine.
My message is one of love, faith and trust.  Do all with honesty and integrity.  Be pure in your intentions. Have faith that you are being well-guided. (Note: I feel an unusual pulsing sensation on the center top of my head).  You have heard the clarion call.  Follow in faith and trust now.
There is a divine purpose and fulfillment to how you go about, how you disseminate this information.  For when you share, you illuminate the light for others.  Feel the beauty of this and how you can co-create with many others a new reality for the Planet Earth.
Now is your time.  Now is your time to spread the seeds of love, faith and trust.
You have the capability.
It is a time of renewal and transformations for many.  Help to blaze the path.  Together, you shall learn and grow.  It is in your togetherness that much will be accomplished, and humans shall evolve and rise to their places of peace, love and compassion, of community.
You are all one.  Recognize and feel the vibration of this.
Your last few lifetimes on the planet have taught you how to associate and understand the quality of human life and its effervescence.  Feel this.  It is in your horoscope, this accelerated understanding.
Now, you are part of the New Wave, leading the charge!  In this glory, you will succeed.
Enlist the help of other light workers to rise to their stations for this is an important time in history.
All is available to you.  Use the tools that have been given to and nurture this blossoming flower.
You can carry the Torch of Faith, Trust and Inspiration.
Lastly, take joy in all that you do.  It is this high vibration that will enable you to thrust forward with grandness and the sublime.
I have hope for you.  Have hope for others.
You shall all succeed and when you come home to rest, you will realize the pureness and essentiality of what you have accomplished during your time on the Planet Earth.
Feel the blessedness of the Divine and know you exist in this light, this splendor, the ultimate radiance of Grand Design and Purpose.
Now, take speed and exhilarate in your divine calling! It is important for you to do your divine duty, to remember the commitment you made prior to this evolution.
Have faith and trust in all those that are guiding you well along your journey.
Place your faith and trust here.
Love all that you do, and you will have many followers who believe as you do, who will also help to spread the light!
Live long, and stay strong!
I am the one known as Medicini, and I have come to you today.
Blessed are the ones who do the work of the Divine with enduring love and humility for humanity.



This is my first trance channeled message from this being, Medicini.  I sat behind my computer on 5/4/15 to receive my eighth channeled message from Aristotle. On 4/24/15 Arduon, another being, trance channeled to me that I should sit down every day to receive messages from him.  Aristotle came to me on 4/20/15 Monday through trance channel and stated that he wanted me to write a book about his teachings.

About Medicini

Instead of Aristotle coming, another being called Medicini came in to express himself. At first I thought his name was Medici, for the famous Italian family.  I went to Italy in 2012 and visited their historical homes.  Telepathically, I asked the name to be repeated. I clearly heard “Medicini”.

About Trance Channeling

Trance channeling is a new way for me channel.  It  first started occurring on 4/18/15 Saturday, and I have been rapidly developing this since.
To date in 2015, I have trance channeled ten other beings, including an extraterrestrial or space traveler named Arduon, an extraterrestrial Ezrada (on 4/25/15 Saturday), Asgard (a representative), Archangel Raphael, Archangel Azrael, Archangel Sandalphon and four human beings in spirit – Aristotle, Mr. Edgar Cayce, Dr. Marcel Vogel and Nikola Tesla.
I have heard on numerous occasions telepathically and through the trance channelings that trance channeling is the fulfillment of my ultimate destiny during this incarnation on Earth and part of the Plan.
To learn more about trance channeling, please see my blog post:
To read my blog about my early trance channeling experiences, please see:

About Katy

I have been guided to share my experiences, which I do here in this blog.  I am a psychic life adviser and provide guidance to people’s life questions through direct voice, Tarot and oracle card readings. I also am a workshop facilitator, speaker & Reiki Master. I have received channeled information from over thirty beings of light of love, who exist in other dimensions, on various topics to help humanity, that I share on this blog as well.
Everyone is Psychic & Channels
Everyone has the ability to channel.  It comes in different ways according to many factors, including each person’s life plan & energetic blueprint.   I share my experiences and how I channel so that you can learn and hopefully expand your consciousness to these potentialities of being able to communicate with other beings, who are here to help us.
I am happy to take what is gifted to me, and understand it is a mutual partnership or association between me and the beings that extends beyond the third dimension.
I have heard telepathically that when you receive a gift, you must give back. I also have heard telepathically that this was a promise I made to this before I incarnated, & it is my “prime directive” to be a herald. After  almost six year of resisting this, I have finally surrendered and embrace this. It hasn’t been the easiest road but an important part of my journey.
Please share this blog post with others who may be interested. I would love to hear your feedback and experience with communications with communications with light beings.

You can read more of my background by clicking here.



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  1. Rocky Krogfoss

    Very, very Cool Katy..fabulous work…Nikola Tesla would have been a really cool channel…I work with Seth and Archangel Metatron..Sandalphon’s buddy…lol

    • Soul Evolution Center

      Thanks, Rocky! I wish you well with your work with divine beings! That is awesome! Namaste.

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