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5/8/15-5/10/15 Channeled Messages #11-#13 in 2015 from Aristotle & Pliny: Assurance-These are the Days-Immortality

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Here are 3 messages that I channeled.  I received the information telepathically after stating my invocation and typed it into my computer as I heard it come in:
5/8/15 Friday Channeled Message #11 in 2015 from Aristotle: Assurance
Aristotle: I am in the house. I have arrived.  Today’s special subject is on assurance.  Assurance is a type of knowingness.  When you feel assured, you feel safe and comforted.  To give assurance to others is a wonderful gift.  To be self-assured is to allow yourself the genuine feeling of self-confidence without flamboyancy and with aplomb. To be successful, one must be self-assured.
Assurance is a higher evolutionary trait.  Assurance has stability and a foundational support.  Assurance is pervasive, firm and supporting.  Assurance is never irritating.  Assurance with a complementary smile is an endearing package to receive from one.
Assurance is gratifying. It can help lift your spirits from despondency to security and faith that you are navigating your ship in the right direction.  Assurance comes from a deep place within, from your well of understanding.
Assurance is not superficial.  It has its own vibration.
This is your specific practice today to become more aware of this concept.  Notice when others are self-assured and when they are not.  Notice when assurance is extended to others.  Do you see the change in the energy field of the receiver?  Observe this in quietness and stillness.
Make a mental note to yourself as you go about your day.  Keep an inner memory of this to serve as placeholders for you and markers for your thought system. This practice requires discernment and acuity of perception.  As you engage in this, it will increase your sensitivity to your surroundings and the quality of your human relationships.
Christ was assured.  He did not deter from his path and fulfilled his promise, his obligation. His inner knowingness contributed to his assuredness.  It is this that can propel you forward and transcend doubt and apathy.
Practice assurance and observe it around you.  In this way, you will grow and develop your consciousness to higher levels of thought and perception. I am with you always as it is our divine blend.  Namaste.
5/8/15 Friday 10:37 -11:00 a.m.  Seattle, WA
5/9/15 Saturday Channeled Message #12 in 2015 from Aristotle: These are the Days
“These are the days that try and test many. Many are learning to adapt and release their old thought patterns, habits and reactionary states These are the times for such learnings.
I encourage you all to go forth with high hopes and assuredness, that you are being well-guided, and that there is a Grand Design of True Nature.
Simply turn inward in those moments of discomfort and agony to be released from the ties of your emotions.
Learn that melancholy is a result of your own perceptions, limited in range and scope.
We have hope for you that you will rise and help to create a great nation of peace, prosperity and abundance on all levels.
Your thoughts help to enforce and perpetuate this into the reality of the physical.
Be still and learn to tell time by the beating of your heart. This is your True Essence and in the very caliber of your Design. It is your Primary Purpose to be fearless and march forward with courageousness and bravery. Unto you, this will come.
Exert your time, efforts and labors only on those activities than enhance your sense of Self, to understand your mind and heart and the everlasting connection between the two. These are the two components of your effervescent nature.
I am here to give you comfort, to soothe and reassure you. You are all powerful. It is in this power that your destinies shall be revealed and for you to create a New World of Truth, Justice and Honor.
These are the New Times, a new wave of disclosure and obscurities revealed. This is the time for you to rise to your granted positions of power and boundless love. Rise! Rise for now is the time!
You will feel the vibration and shift within you as you change and accept your delegated roles and specific functions, designated by your own Nature. Your contemporaries also will feel this shift in vibration. You are all in this together in this glorious time of the New World. Learn to love! Love to learn!
You will feel the light and bathe yourself in the superb glory of its rays! You have this design.
Speak your Truth, with kindness and with respect to others. Know those that are ready are already heeding these words that I impart. They recognize it, deep within, their hearts, as the words of the Almighty, All-knowing, Divine Consciousness of Ultimate Supremacy.
These are your Times! Frolick and see it as an Adventure of the Ages! Have this moment!
(Note: I received a tonal download in my right ear for about 10 seconds at this time.)
I am you. I have come at this time to share my words of hope, inspiration and encouragement. Live in the eternal beauty of that which you have been created in. Each and every one is a divine spark and inspiration of the Divine. Love, ever lasting, your trusted dignitary, Aristotle. ”
5/9/15 Saturday 1:08 -1:33 p.m. Seattle, WA
5/10/15 Sunday Channeled Message #13 in 2015 from Pliny on behalf of Aristotle: Immortality and Eternal Faith
(Note: Clairvoyantly, when I tuned into Aristotle, I received a blurry, quick image of him and felt that there were two other males next to him on his left side in long, tan robes.  They were in a room with a white wall behind him. Aristotle  appeared to be talking to them and gesturing with his left arm.)
PlinyIt is I, Pliny. I have come on Aristotle’s behalf. He asked that I step forward to share my words with you so that you can distribute them to those who are willing and ready to receive such generosity of information dissemination.
I am another, who has walked the plane of Earth since its birth.  I acknowledge the work you do with willingness and great care.  You are diligent.
I am here to provide discourse on the ideas of immortality and everlasting faith.  You are all divine consciousnesses who have chosen with thought and foresight to incarnate in the physical forms that you are currently in.  You come from a long lineage of such eternal beings.
When you are in physical form, the opportunities abound for learning and development of your evolving consciousness.   The Earth has unique parameters for soul evolution.  In this paradigm, you exist, to grow, to develop, to create.  As part of your purpose, you will be able feel and become sensitive to others in your soul community.  This type of awareness is vital for your soul’s development and understanding.
You work in this way.  Each experience brings you closer to that which is natural part of you and your existence of divine beingness.  Each thought that you have is a product of learning and your creation.  Become more mindful of your thoughts that float and that sometimes meander through your mind.  Take the time to listen, and tune into your own frequency, your thought waves.  Support yourself in this way.
This ability to venture within you will allow you freedom of movement and thought selection.  You have a wondrous ability to create with your thought vibration.  Feel this, and know it is genuine and authentic.
You will feel your higher nature and understand that this is what you have come to Earth to do.  This is how you are being prepared for your levels of advancement in the continuum.
I am Pliny, and I have come to share my words to help you determine the pace of your self-evolution.   This is you and why you have chosen to come to Earth, to have this experience, to expand your consciousness in a unique setting.  It has been preplanned and predetermined.
You are evolving.   When you can feel the vibration of your own mind and  the sacrosanctity of your heart, your yearnings will be set free.  You will understand the true meaning of your divine being and the choices you have selected for yourself.
I am that, which you are, an evolving consciousness.  As part of that, I have been sent to help others and teach of new concepts, new ideals,  new ways of existence to allow you freedom of thought and freedom of mind.  I parlay this information to you for you to realize, to feel, to understand the quality of your being and how you have been designed in this eternal way.
Look at your life through these filters, and your paradigm will change.  It will help you to release the mundaneness and trivialities of your daily lives and focus more on that which is of real value and true import, your growing consciousness.
Feel me, and know that I have been sent from that Realm of Ideas and Philosophies in a purposeful way, to help you relinquish your lower ideals and grow in the magnificence that is your Nature.  I am a divine messenger of faith and hope, entrusted with this knowledge and now I have delivered it to you, my faithful representative.
(Clairvoyantly, I see him bow.  Telepathically, I say “Namaste”). 
You have well earned your position.  You are a spokesperson for the New Age.
5/10/15 Saturday 11:33 – 11:55 a.m.  Seattle, WA
Katy’s Invocation to Start the Channeling Session
Below is my invocation used to start the above channelings.  I start these channelings by sitting behind my computer at my desk.  I, then, type the message into my computer as I heard the messages coming in telepathically after my invocation.
Sometimes, it will take 3-5 minutes for the telepathic feed to come in. During this time before the message comes in  I will relax, breath deeply, close my eyes and attempt to tune into Aristotle’s energy without force.  Please note that though I asked for Aristotle, in message #13, Pliny, stepped in for him.
Katy: Dear Aristotle, I am here to receive the highest & best guidance at this time for humanity. I heard telepathically for the first time on 4/30/15 Thursday that the “highest & best” should be included as part of my invocation. Thank you for your earlier messages, which I have shared on FB & my blog.
On 4/24/15 Arduon, another being, trance channeled to me that I should sit down every day to receive messages from you. You, yourself, came to me on 4/20/15 Monday through trance channel and stated that you wanted me write a book about your teachings.
Please be clear, understandable, accurate and specific. Please help me to receive your words easily. Thank-you. Namaste.
I share these channeling experiences where I  telepathically channeled Aristotle in Messages #11 &#12  on Assurance and “These are the Days”.   I also channeled Pliny, when he stepped in for Aristotle in Message # 13 on Immortality and Eternal Faith.
Aristotle was a famous Greek philosopher and scientist, who died in 322 B.C.
Why I sense it was Pliny the Elder – My Prior Psychic Experiences
When I googled Pliny, I was surprised to see that there was a Pliny the Elder and Pliny the Younger, his nephew.  I wondered which Pliny that it was that I channeled.  I sensed that it was Pliny the Elder.  I also feel this because I have heard the word “secundas” telepathically a few times in 2015 at random times.  I had no idea what it meant at the time I received it.  When I Googled it at the time, I thought I was receiving the latin word for “second”.  Now, I feel it was to denote Pliny the Elder.
Also, in the past few days, telepathically and randomly, I have been hearing the word “exant”.  I heard this about five times. Again, I had no inkling what this meant and why I was receiving it.   Now, after receiving this message, I sense this was to validate that it was Pliny the Elder I was channeling.  In fact the word “exant” appeared in the first bio description that I researched on the internet below!
This is not the first time I telepathically heard the name “Pliny”. At the beginning of one of the trance channelings in April 2015, I clearly heard “Pliny” just before Aristotle channeled a message to him.  Intuitively, I sensed that they were working together.
About Pliny the Elder (AD 23 –8/25 AD 79)

“Gaius Plinius Secundas (Pliny the Elder) was a Roman official and military officer who also wrote as a naturalist, biographer and historian. He is most known for his only extant work, a 37-volume Natural History that served as the basis for scientific knowledge for centuries. Pliny wrote in Latin, using mostly Greek sources and his own observations (and vivid imagination). In 79 A.D., when Mt. Vesuvius erupted, Pliny was a naval commander at the Bay of Naples. While attempting to get closer to the volcano and possibly effect a rescue, Pliny was overcome with fumes and died.”

Everyone is Psychic & Channels
Everyone has the ability to channel.  It comes in different ways according to many factors, including each person’s life plan & energetic blueprint.   I share my experiences and how I channel so that you can learn and hopefully expand your consciousness to not only know that there are other beings, who are here to help us, but the possibilities of being able to communicate with them.
I am happy to take what is gifted to me, and understand it is a mutual partnership or association between me and the beings that extends beyond the third dimension.
I have heard telepathically that when you receive a gift, you must give back. I also have heard telepathically that this was a promise I made to this before I incarnated, and it is my “prime directive” to be a herald. After  almost six year of resisting this, I have finally surrendered and embrace this. It hasn’t been the easiest road but an important part of my journey.
Trance Channeling
To learn more about trance channel, please see my blog post at:
To read two earlier messages  that I channeled from Aristotle in June 2010 on worldly matters and 4/25/15 on the New Age, please see my blog post:
To read Aristotle’s  4/26/15 trance channeled message #2 in  2015 on thoughts and vibration, please my blog post:
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My Background with Aristotle
My first channeled message from him I received in June 2010 and then it was almost five years later till April 2015 till I received his next series of messages.  This was perhaps to prepare me for this work to be done.
My Past Lives with Aristotle
I sensed that I must have some sort of past life experience with Aristotle, which is why he is able to blend naturally into my energetic field.  We must have had some sort of connection in previous lifetimes.
As I shared above, this was validated on 5/5/15 Tuesday through a trance channeled message from Aristotle in which he shared the following:
Aristotle: “I want you to know that it is our past lives together that has allowed this blending, this correlation.  It has been fortuitous and successful.  When you are in the advanced levels of your design, this type of coming together is powerful and well-intentioned.
You have the energy field now to sustain such communications of high vibration…You are in advanced studies of thought development.”
I do sense that I had incarnated during Greek times and perhaps was a mathematician.  Mathematics was my bachelor’s degree in this lifetime!
Aristotle’s Channeling  Instructions to Me
I am attempting to honor Aristotle and the words that he wants to share.  I heard from him in another earlier trance channeling on April 2015  with him that I should sit down every day to receive a message from him and that morning would be best as I had more energy then.
During a 4/20/15 trance channeling from him,  I received this from him (excerpted):
“…I will talk to you from my time to time. You will write it down and put it out there for others to read and learn about my work.  I have many things I am working on right now…”
You can hear the actual sound file of this 4/20/15 Aristotle trance channeling at:
How Trance Channeling Happened 
Ever since 4/25/15 Saturday, I would sit down on my computer in the morning and invite him and then wait and listen telepathically for the words.  The first four messages were received in trance channeling.  I received the message telepathically. My diaphragm was contracting throughout the entire session, which is how I knew it was trance channeling.  The last two messages on 4/29/15 Wednesday and 4/30/15  Thursday to date were straight telepathic, which is much less taxing for me.
My Trance Channeling Process
Aristotle spoke to me DIRECTLY and used my  diaphragm.  Whenever he spoke, my solar plexus/diaphragm tightened with each word he expressed and then released between the spaces of the words.  A few times during the session he had difficulty getting the words out.   There were also some pauses in the channeling as you can hear in the sound file. This is how I know it was a trance channeling and not just telepathically channeling.  He was able to manipulate my physical system.  Quite amazing!
Trance channeling is a new way for me channel.  It  first started occurring on 4/18/15 Saturday, and I have been rapidly developing this since.
To date in 2015, I have trance channeled nine other beings, including an extraterrestrial or space traveler named Arduon, an extraterrestrial Ezrada (on 4/25/15 Saturday), Asgard (a representative), Archangel Raphael, Archangel Azrael, Archangel Sandalphon and three human beings in spirit – Mr. Edgar Cayce, Dr. Marcel Vogel and Nikola Tesla. I have heard on numerous occasions telepathically and through the trance channelings that trance channeling is the fulfillment of my ultimate destiny during this incarnation on Earth and part of the Plan.
To date, I also have telepathically channeled messages from over twenty six different beings.
To read my blog about my early trance channeling experiences, please see:

About Katy

I have been guided to share my experiences, which I do here in this blog.  I am a psychic life adviser and provide guidance to people’s life questions through direct voice, Tarot and oracle card readings. I also am a workshop facilitator & Reiki Master. I have received channeled information from over twenty-six beings of light of love, who exist in other dimensions, on various topics to help humanity, that I share on this blog as well.
Please share with others who may be interested. I would love to hear your feedback and experience with communications with light beings.

You can read more of my background by clicking here.



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