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6/3/13 Channeled Message: Thought Provider: The Transition- The Light Age

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I am a channeler of beings of light and love and a light worker. I receive information clairvoyantly, clairaudiently and clairsentiently. Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have been having amazing psychic experiences such as participating in spirit crossovers, out- of- body experiences, receiving messages from light beings and those in spirit, interactions with extraterrestrials and other psychic phenomena.

Since February 2013 I have telepathically heard that I am a fifth dimensional being.   I also have heard that I am a star seed.   This combination of factors explains the uniqueness of the messages I receive as a channeler. 

Since the beginning of May 2013, I have made channeling a priority and commitment, as I have been receiving many telepathic messages to do this.  Almost daily since then during the week, I sit at my computer to channel messages from those Masters of Knowledge, Love and Light.  Because of that, I have been experiencing a dramatic increase in the channeled information I have received.  I have been putting some of these messages here in this blog, and some of it is yet to be shared.

I want to share this inspirational message from The Thought Providers, who are a type of guide that I have blogged about recently.  I channeled this today, telepathically.  This is the second time I received a message from them in regards to The Transition, The Light Age.

This is a fascinating transmission on what is upcoming for the Earth as we rise to higher consciousnesses, how people will be affected, and  the importance of the light workers.  It includes how the male and female energies will be changing, what our society & politics will look like in the future, and how new plant forms and animal species will develop.

Also, at the bottom of the channeled message, is a commentary, where I share my behind-the scenes thoughts, impressions and analysis.

To learn more about the Thought Provider and their function, please go to http://soulevolutioncenter.com/52113channeled-message-thought-provider-guide-thought-wave-project/

Please share with anyone else who may be interested.




6/3/13 I received this telepathically and transcribed as it came in into my computer. I didn’t even ask a question to the guides or say my usual introduction to them to get the transmission stream started.  As soon as I sat on my computer, it came in. It appears that they were ready, willing and waiting for this opportunity!

9:44 a.m.

Thought Providers:

“You have not learned to fully integrate your mind with your heart.  This level of congruence is an upper level characteristic for permanent resolution of the thought form processes to be seeded within your DNA for eternity.  This is an expansion, which will allow one to follow their inner calling and realign with the truth of the Plan and design.  You will find that Father realizes and understands the undercurrents involved with this specific endeavor of spirituality.  Fortunately, there are others who have tested and successfully found this way to be the answer, the key component in their evolution and not be limited by their mortality. 

DNA Decoding & Our Multidimensionality

You, alone, can acknowledge this truth set in you.  In your DNA, it has been programmed to be decoded by the presence of superior thought forms, ideas & precepts.  This decoding unlocks the entry to many, parallel existences and universes. You will have unfettered access to multiple levels and layers of existence that are contraband to those, who are not willing and cannot commit to their advancement, at this time.  As people develop and change their ideas, they will be able to interact and view these alternate levels of consciousness.

As you advance, you will feel the difference in your day to day ponderings and ruminations.  You will easily be able to tell the energy of others and the quality and level of their perfunctory thought processes.  You will be able to realign instantaneously and remove energetic debris that has been frozen in your DNA threads from the time of their creation.  Your life will be seen through the prism of high understanding and awareness. 

Male Shifts

Gentlemen will remember their true destiny and will return to their essence of love, gentleness and compassion.  They will allow their inner feelings to rise, to be forthright in this way.  They will find gratitude in their accomplishments without having to use force, anger and strong will.  They will live in the moment and release their fears and concerns for past perceived failures.  They will not languish with thoughts of the future and monetary stability.  Their attempts to control others with the force of their masculine energy will diminish.  They will learn moderation and balance.  They will learn the importance of the feminine essence, to honor and respect this. 

Female Shifts

The female counterpoint, the Divine Mothers, also have a role to play in advancement.  They will feel better about their roles as nurturer to themselves and others and the creative force within them that allows them to give birth and continue the evolution.  There will be strong bonds between females and a sisterhood will form, enabling them to teach other, respectfully, and support their sisterly efforts, each in its kind.  There will no longer be misjudgment, jealousy and feelings of ill-will and misconceptions of distributions of financial wealth.  Women will become more independent on all levels, comfortable and confident in themselves with their divine gifts, become self-sufficient and have more self-power.

It will be total freedom and new beginnings, advancements in technology, culture and evolution.  All shall benefit from this wondrous continuity of human evolution.  It will be the coming together.  This beautiful symbioticness will be powerful and eternal.  All will feel the completeness and serenity of this blessed union.

Earth & Society Shifts

With that, the Earth shall become stronger and more fertile.  New plant forms and animal species will develop as a result, as a creation of these positive, exhilarating energies of force.  Politics will be retired in favor of “associations” & “collectives” that will work together in the communities, for the overall development of their denizens and with a world-wide interest and commonality.  The wise will be the true leaders and will set an example through their words and actions.  They will not be limited by the perceptions of others but will be guided by divine inspiration and carefulness.  They will know and feel the power and responsibility upon them and accept this willingly and with the intention for harmonizing and balance, for all.  They will be specifically selected and trained from The Elite Core

Changes in the Military

The military function will be replaced by associations, which have only the welfare of the world as their primary concern.  They will not be limited by budgetary constraints as the current institutions of peace are, which restricts their scope of assistance. 

No More Currency

The disparity in income levels across the nation and globe will decrease.  Other more important values will rise such as kind stewardship and generosity.  People will not have a need for currency, as a symbol of identity, power, status and a way of barter to obtain goods and services.  All this shall change with the transition to the new era, The Light Age.  

Equality for All

Permit yourself to expand your thoughts along these lines, to feel the vibrations of these words.  You will no longer be limited by your family status, your skin color, your heritage & your geographical area.  All shall rise and feel the grace and meaning of this freedom, when all is one and one is all.  The unity consciousness will take foothold and will be a solid, stable foundation for growth and accelerated advancement into the culture and arts. 


The time is not yet; however the unity consciousness is rapidly increasing and touching the hearts and consciousnesses of many.  The period of time for this transition will be occurring over time, over multiple years and age spans as more and more followers come into the fold and to the dawning of this new time, a time of rebirth and growth. This velocity, this force of movement will create a momentum, a large vibration of change and everlasting hope and peace. 

Importance of Light Workers

Have heart.  There is nothing to fear.  As the old becomes new, many belief systems and patterns will break and shatter, allowing the primordial essence to shine through.  There will be a “falling out”, a “shaking out”.  Some may feel this more strongly than others, feeling discomfort and agita.  This is part of the assimilation process and learning curve.  This movement will be the impetus and spur and activate many light workers to heed their call and perform their duty, of teaching with the words and demonstrating with their actions, the power of the heart and the interconnectedness of all forms of life.

Having Compassion

Their fellow light workers, the trail blazers, shall help and provide support to them in understanding their transformation.  Please remember to have kindness and compassion to those, who are experiencing this transition as they are learning the new ways, as young child learns to walk, appearing wobbly and off balance and falling quite frequently until they master.  Keep this in your hearts.

Those that have already made the transition into unity consciousness will be teaching those that have just arrived at the door.  This is part of The Plan.  Know you have an awesome responsibility, one that you agreed to and incarnated on this planet for at this very specific point in time.  You are all important.  We cherish you as you are our helpers in human form as we work behind the scenes, invisible to many, yet diligent in our efforts to help you, to enlighten you.  We are guiding each and every one of you.  No one is left behind.  Together, we will raise human consciousness in a concerted effort to help humanity. 

Know that you are not alone.  You have been created to be interconnected and interconnected you are. Know and feel this.

We are the Thought Providers, a collective consciousness, committed and devoted to human evolution”

10:20 a.m.

Katy:  Thank you.  Namaste.

Commentary: I like to rate the quality of the transmissions I receive.  I would rate this transmission as a 4.5 on a scale of 0-5 with 5 being the highest, most clear, flowing transmission, & at good volume.  There were only about 4 pauses in the entire transmission, which were about 3 seconds in length.  I made about a few edits in rereading it, with sentence construction and reordering of a few paragraphs for better flow.  Of course, I make the usual grammatical edits after the transmission, like adding commas and proper punctuation.

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