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Adultery: The Energetic Impact

by | Aug 22, 2018 | Social Commentary | 1 comment

Background on this Post 
As a light worker, I felt guided to write this piece from the unique perspective of the energy of adultery. This writing goes beyond judgement to reveal the energetic components of adulterous activities. Some of the excerpts from below are from my upcoming e-book “Emotional Healing through Spiritual Awakening.”
Purpose of this Post
This post was intended to create contemplation about the nature of adultery, divert those who may have been planning to stray outside their matrimonial bonds, their states of engagement or other relationships of implied commitment to embark in such activities and to stop those from further engaging in such acts of infidelity. By presenting it through an energetic lens and the Universal Law of Karma, I hope this will create an additional impetus for people to amend their ways.
This post aims to plant the seeds of compassion and hence extend peace to our fellow brothers and sisters when we truly don’t want to cause any more hurt or heartbreak in this world. Amen!
When people engage in sexual relations with their fellow married humans outside their matrimonial bonds or when they are in other committed relationships, not only do they possibly break up families to result in divorce but the energetic balance of key relationships are changed and have the potentiality to create low vibrational karma, which will then need to be rebalanced in this lifetime or future lifetimes.
I first shared this writing on my personal Facebook on 8/8/18. My Facebook (FB) and blog are authentic expressions of who I am.  On my FB I stated to my those who disagree with my views to feel free to unfriend me if they feel called to do so as we are disharmonic in this specific viewpoint and that is A-OK. The planet Earth is an amazing place of diverse views though at our essence we are all one and we all are Diving Beings.
I am perfectly confident in this expression.  I stand in my Truth.  Below is what I shared on my FB with some additions:
This Lions Gate of Thursday 8/8/18 in the new moon of Leo is a time to set intentions, have fresh starts and new beginnings. On this day of strong celestial influences, I am pondering something that has bothered me for a long time and which I finally have the courage to express.
To give you some background on how this post came to be, all day long I have been receiving clairvoyant images and visions of two female FB friends with the corresponding psychic downloads of their adulterous transgressions. There is no doubt as to their actions because it is public information within their personal spheres.
About Psychic Transmissions
I received these clairvoyant transmissions out of the blue and spontaneously. Why was I receiving these? They appeared to me to be random and make no sense.  After some thought I on this, I came to the following realization:
I have learned since my spiritual awakening of 2009 that nothing I receive psychically is accidental. I have learned that these type of transmissions where information about people in my life or events waft into my mind out of blue and consistently are the ways that Universe delivers specific subjects of inspirations for me to contemplate or for me to get involved. This is how I receive my work assignments from the Big Boss (i.e. the Creator).
In 2017 and 2018  I have finally learned not to question these psychic downloads and not to become frustrated by this “interference” into my thoughts. I admit in the past, I would get mad because it was a distraction to me and it took me away from whatever 3 dimensional earthly task I was involved in. I did not invite this psychic activity into my mind and in no way did I initiate it on a conscious level. Sometimes, I was very confused as to why I was receiving these. I thought my ego was creating these.
Another Example of Receiving Psychic Downloads
I am going to share another recent example of how I received uninvited psychic downloads to support my teaching that those who are psychically sensitive may get these from time to time as part of their light work responsibility. For a period of weeks in the summer of 2017 unexpectedly I would receive downloads of a certain girlfriend and her materialistic, selfish and superficial tendencies. She wasn’t always like this of course but there were enough instances of it during the years I knew her that I knew she had some sort of narcissist, needy emotional pattern in this regard. Of course, she has some beautiful traits as well or I wouldn’t be her friend. We are all multi-faceted and have our light and our shadows.
As I reflected on the causes of her focus on materialism, I felt maybe during childhood she had not received what she wanted or when she wanted it from her caregivers. She may have felt deprived. When she became an adult she developed thought patterns that she was due those things. It was very telling too because a few of my other friends when they  met her for the first time in different environments voluntarily make a comment to me about that materialistic shadow part of her! I couldn’t believe it. So that is how I knew there was a grain of truth as to what I sensed already and these psychic visions. It validated what I was receiving. It was not my ego making this stuff up!
I would receive these visions bundled with a knowingness about her superficial aspects at random times, like when I was jogging around my neighborhood, doing dishes, and a lot of other times.  Since 2009 of my awakening I had been working on becoming less judgmental so I was very surprised to receive this psychic information. I didn’t want to receive this about my friend.  Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. Sigh!
After I learned through deduction, I was receiving these because these specific attitudes and false belief systems were impacting her life detrimentally and causing her to make detrimental decisions in her life and be with partners that over time she was incompatible with. She was choosing money and financial security over other very important criteria necessary in a solid, loving relationship like mutual respect.
In a way I was being bombarded by these visions and knowingnesses in regards to her over a period of weeks with the same message, played over and over again. It was a few months later I deciphered I was meant to help her with this. She is in my soul tribe and in 2018 I clearly heard telepathically one of the reasons I incarnated was to help specific members of my soul tribe.
Not to divert too much from the topic of this post but I feel some of you may be curious as to how I broached this subject with my girlfriend. I didn’t do it directly because when I tuned into the situation, I sensed it would backfire. What person likes to hear that they are overly materialistic, selfish and concerned with a finer lifestyle?  Instead, I used these psychic deliveries to become aware and exemplify and demonstrate to her through my words and actions the importance of other qualities over
My Teaching About Psychic Missives
After receiving such psychic deliveries over time, I learned they were deliberate missives, intentional and purposeful.
I share this with you to teach you in case you are also receiving such transmissions from beyond. Don’t poo poo them or discredit their authenticity. Don’t feel like they are a bother as I have done in the past. Take the time to halt whatever you are doing and go into inner stillness or meditation to delve into the their meaning. They are being sent to you for a specific reason. I have learned this so I share my experiences to help you.
My Service
After a few hours of receiving these repeated visions of these two ladies linked to their associated adulterous affairs, which wafted in and out of my mind during the day, I got it. I knew I was meant to do my service and disseminate information on this topic in a unique way through my writings to teach and educate others. Being a teacher and a messenger is part of my soul purpose during this current incarnation.
My Turkish first name of Katibe means “scribe.” After my spiritual awakening I learned to embody this. Therefore, this writing piece is my contribution to benefit humanity and a fulfillment of my divine duty. Each of us is called to service in different ways. This is mine. I know some may have difficulty understanding the unusual way I work. I admit it is even weird to me!
The Egoic Defense of Adultery
I know there are many adulterers who have excuses for their actions and their egos will defend their dalliances with the false premises that it is with proper cause, etc… This post is not an analysis of the validity and underlying reasons why one may commit adultery and to be unfaithful. I am not that judge.
I am familiar with many of the stories surrounding adultery:  “We no longer sleep together. We sleep in separate bedrooms”, ” He/She does not give me as much sex or the kind of sex I need”, “He/She does not give me the attention I need”, “We have grown apart in our marriage…We don’t love each other anymore”, “My partner is physically or mentally sick/unhealthy and unable to physically/emotionally nurture me”, “I need to stay with my partner for the children or financial reasons”, “It is against my religion to get divorced”, “My partner travels a lot and I am lonely”, “I just was horny”, “I was drunk and did not know what I was doing.” The reasons or excuses go on and on.
I am here to share the energetic ramifications of adultery. As an empath and energy worker, I can sense the shift of energy of when people stray beyond their family bonds to affect those who are innocent like the children and spouses or significant others who have been cheated on.
Sacral Chakra Influences
It is to be acknowledged that there will be a percentage of men and women who are dominated by their sacral chakra, the seat of human sexuality and the chakra associated with the male and female reproductive organs. These people are of lower consciousness and vibration. I pray they evolve to higher levels of consciousness to transcend their base, primal nature. We are so much more than our sexual nature. We need to learn to rise above this.
Balancing the Karma of Adultery
About Energy
Because this is an energetic perspective on adultery, let me explain more about energy:
Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.” Therefore, because all is energy, it can be said that everything has a vibration and frequency. (I use these the words, vibration and frequency, interchangeably.) This includes all inanimate and organic matter and consciousness. All living organisms and matter have some level of measurable frequencies on numerous levels from their entire form down to the cellular level.
All that is seen and unseen across all the dimensional planes is energy, including the dimensions themselves.  Energy is the driving force life and happening all around us and within us. It is the strength and vitality required for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual activity.
Vibration (or Frequency)
It is important to understand the term “vibration” because adultery is an activity of low vibration or low-frequency. Vibrations range from low to neutral to high. Low frequency correlates to a low vibration and high frequency to a high vibration. Every thought, emotion, word and activity has a vibration.
The vibration of energy can travel and have impact. These vibrations exist on non-physical dimensions. This includes your thoughts, words and behaviors, including adulterous ones. Nothing you think, say or do happens in a vacuum. All has a ripple effect and some level of impact because it is energy.
Being an energetic being, you are affected by the vibrations in and around you, those that you create yourself by your own thoughts and those from others.
Some people like empaths, light workers, including energy workers can actually sense energy and vibration on some levels. Clairsentience is the psychic sense of sensing, an innate sense we are all born with. It is a psychic sense to supplement our physical senses. In some people like myself and other light workers, energy workers and empaths, this sense may be heightened.
Clairsentience can be developed over time if you learn to use and apply it. I have learned to value this ability as it helps me to navigate through my life more efficiently and increases the qualities of all of my relationships and human interactions.
I teach classes on the human psychic senses.
The Animal Kingdom fully utilizes their instincts and energetic sensingness. Humans are still evolving toward their energetic sensingness in this new astrological Age of Aquarius we are in. Prior to this age, humans were in the Age of Pisces. Each age lasts for approximately 2200 years.
If you are not energetically acute and sensitive and mainly work from your cerebral center rather than your intuitive sense, you may not understand fully what I have just imparted. Hopefully, what I am imparting will open your mind to such concepts.
Human energy is real and does not lie. Those who are clairsentient know this. Trust what you sense or what people radiate over what people say or do. It will serve you well. I have learned to do this over the years since my awakening and continue to apply this daily. I am thankful I have awareness of this psychic sense and utilize it.
Energetic Chords, Filaments and Strands (ECFS)
The energetic impact of adultery can be better understand by introducing some other specific human energetic structures like chords, filaments and strands which exist in the human energetic field that connect people to each other. These are channels or connections in which psychic energy travels through. Energetic chords, the strongest and most powerful of bonds, automatically exist between blood relationships, i.e. mother/father to child.
Energetic chords result not only naturally from blood connections but can grow from  a matrimonial union and other committed relationships. Energetic chords are always formed from sexual intercourse. Therefore a married couple of over a sustained period of years will have strong energetic chords due to their extended sexual activity with each other, the nature of their marital vows and other factors.
Besides energetic chords, there are energetic filaments and strands connecting people. There is a variety of ECFS in different intensities, lengths, sizes, shapes and numbers depending on the nature of the relationships, vibrational level, karma level and other factors. ECFS can also form from strong feelings such as jealousy, deep hurt betrayal, hate and intense neediness.
Energy filaments and strands are not as strong energetic chords. They can be temporary and easier to remove. Filaments is a term I heard telepathically in February 2018.
ECFSs exist in other non-physical dimensional frequencies not readily detectable to most humans with their physical senses. Some with developed psychic senses may be able to view or sense this subtle energy. With practice, you may be able to develop this psychic sensitivity.
When you have ECFS with someone, you may be physically separate from them and the relationship may have ended, but you are still very much connected to them, energetically. Therefore they can influence you on subtle and not so subtle levels. Thus, this makes ECFS possible with someone who has transitioned to the afterlife.
These energetic flows between people are powerful influencers. A highly charged emotional event like adultery will flow through the energetic chords negatively affecting the partners and children involved because of its low vibration.
The Universal Laws 
Before getting into the specifics of the Universal Law of Karma which comes into play during adultery, let me explain in general what the Universal Laws are. Universal laws are spiritual, intelligent, neutral laws that the Universe is bound and defined by.  Immutable and all-powerful, they act as the cohesive and binding attraction of the Universe.  Universal laws are self-sustaining. They work on energetic principles that govern our moment to moment thoughts, including intentions, words spoken, actions, including interactions, reactions and responses. What you experience on this earth, as individuals, through families, communities, nations, and civilizations is determined by the Universal Laws.
It is important to be aware, align and harmonize with the Universal Laws in a conscious and intentional way to be in the universal flow and evolve into your expressed divineness, which is your soul purpose.  Some of these Universal laws include the Law of Attraction and the Law of Karma (the Law of Cause and Effect).
The Universe has existed and its inner workings are based on these laws. Being familiar and working within the Universal Laws will help you to manifest, create, prevent low vibrational karma from accruing and progress quickly through your spiritual evolution.
The Universal Law of Karma
For purposes of this post, I will focus on the Universal Law of Karma.
Karma is from the Sanskrit word karman meaning action, effect and fate. It also means word or deed. Karma is unlike fate or destiny, which are preordained.  It is a principle in Hinduism, Buddhism and other religions and philosophies.  Karma is a word I heard telepathically more frequently in 2017 and on.
Karma should not be seen as a reward or punishment, positive or negative, good or bad but as an energy which is powered by the Universal Law of Karma, which is the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. There is a reason for everything.  For every effect in your life, there is a cause or a series of specific identifiable causes.
Being an energy, as explained earlier in this post karma vibrates at frequencies ranging from low to neutral to high. The spiritual principle of cause and effect states that high vibrational intentions and deeds create high vibrational karma and low vibration intentions and deeds cause low vibrational karma.
As an energy, karma has a ripple effect on everything and everyone including your energetic anatomy, people, plants, pets and other animals. The physics Law of the Conservation of Energy states that energy cannot destroyed but it can change form.  Based on this, low vibrational karmic energy can carry over from lifetime to lifetime if it doesn’t change form or become transmuted. Therefore, karma plays a key factor in determining how many incarnations your soul experiences on Earth.
Low vibrational karma can be balanced, “corrected”, “healed” neutralized or transformed into high vibrational karma by consistently increasing the vibrational level and quality of your thoughts. The intensity of your karma can be measured by the intensity of your emotional state regarding yourself, people, places or events in your life. If you overreact, like becoming extremely annoyed, angry, blowing things out of proportion, become extremely hurt or hateful, the parties associated with this event has a higher potentiality of having a karmic association. These type of volatile emotions are karma creators and therefore have a karma consequence.
Because karma is an energy it carries over from lifetime to lifetime. I This applies to high vibrational karma and low vibrational karma. When overall, you have high vibrational karma, to use an analogy which I hope is understandable to most of you, you can say you have excess or a positive balance in your karma checkbook. You have “karma” credit to spend. In your karma balance sheet it will be a karmic asset when you incarnate again.
On the other hand, if overall you have low vibrational karma, you have a negative balance in your karma checkbook. You will be entering your next lifetime in a karma deficit. In turn you will have many soul lessons throughout your lifetime.  Using the balance sheet analogy, you will have a liability or a karmic debt to pay off when you come into your next lifetime. Or using the balance sheet analogy again you have a karma liability. You have your entire lifetime to balance your low vibrational karma in the learning paradigm of Earth if it is “negative.” I use these type of financial analogies because I have a Master’s in Accounting!
Becoming aware of the vibrational level of your thoughts, including the quality of your intentions, attitudes and beliefs, words and actions will keep your karma balanced. As you evolve to express more of your divineness and transcend your egoic tendencies, low vibrational karma will not be created, “making you a potent force.” (I directly channeled the preceding words at the time of this writing on 8/26/17).
Low vibrational energy associated with adultery like the energy of betrayal and deceitfulness has the potential to create low vibrational karma.  This principle that low vibrational energy has the potential to create low vibrational karma is a major premise in my upcoming 2nd book “Emotional Healing through Spiritual Awakening.”
Applying the Universal Law of Karma, low vibrational karma needs to be balanced or transmuted to a higher vibrational frequency. For example, if you created the karmic energy of adultery by committing such an act or if you have been involved in some way with it as in its coverup or enabling it, as part of your soul’s evolution you will need to balance this low vibrational energy.
If you do not balance your low vibrational karma, you will keep reincarnating on Earth until you do. This is what Buddhists refer to as the Wheel of Life, samsara, the cycle of rebirth and death.
Balancing of the Karma of Adultery
Balancing of adulterous energy can be accomplished when you are authentically contrite and have learned on the deepest level, your heart level, past the mind, into the inner recesses of your heart sanctum. If you committed adultery or been involved in it in some way, a verbal, heartfelt apology taking full responsibility for your actions to the parties involved will be a valuable step to alleviate the low vibrational karma. If this is not possible, other types of communication like email,  text or letter will serve as well. If the someone in the party is in-Spirit you can still communicate to them telepathically your authentic apologizes in prayer, meditation or inner stillness.
Please know even if you are sincere, the other parties involved may not accept your apology. And that is OK. It then becomes their karma. The Universe will honor your genuine efforts to make amends. Many people on the planet Earth today are here to learn unconditional forgiveness including those who have been cheated on.
Please read my earlier post on unconditional forgiveness to understand this topic better:
Please read on…
The Sacredness of the Family Unit
In year nine of my spiritual awakening of 2009, I have become even more energetically acute. In 2018 a few months before I wrote this post,  I began to clearly feel the unique energy of the family unit. It became palpable to me. This happened naturally and without any effort on my part as I spiritually evolved.
This energetic sensingness has helped me to tune into the family unit. When I see parents with their children in public places like grocery stores and airports, I am very aware of the specific energy that connects them and flows back and forth between them. It is not just a cerebral knowingness but a sensingness. And because I can sense it, I can feel the depth of this family bond and its sacredness.
It is so beautiful and meaningful, the family unit, and the core desire of the parents to nurture, to protect and keep their children, their little chicklets safe and how much the children look to and need their mothers and fathers.  It is amazing to sense this. I am thankful I can feel it because it has changed me in profound ways.
Once you feel the sacredness of the family unit as I have, you will never engage in any activities to interfere and harm it like engaging in adultery. It is off-limits. Now with my increased sensitivity, the sacredness of the family unit has become crystal clear. May no man or woman break it asunder. Don’t mess with it! It is to be revered.
Emotional Affects of Adultery
The emotional effects of adultery to those who have been cheated on are deep. We are sentient beings and these sort of hurtful activities by our loved ones commits touches us on the heart level and to our core. It is serious, intense emotional energy that impacts all family members involved, consciously, unconsciously and energetically through ECFS.
To those who have been the victims of adultery, I am so sorry for your pain and suffering. So sorry. On a personal level and especially after my spiritual awakening, I cannot comprehend how someone can do this to anyone. I feel when I hurt someone intentionally, I hurt myself. It is just the same.
On a soul level you have agreed to have this experience for your soul’s growth and expansion. Some metaphysicians may say your soul wanted to experience what it felt like to be cheated on in this lifetime because in a prior lifetime, you were the adulterer. You may have broken up many families with your adulterous activities.  Having this experience in this lifetime where you are now in the receiving end of it  will hopefully give you more empathy and compassion to victims of adultery. If you are able to access your Akashic records, the eternal records of all you thought, said and did since your soul’s inception, you may be able to delve further into this detail.
Despite knowing your soul may have wanted to experience what it felt like to be cheated on for its expansion,  I know these type of experiences SUCK when you are the one going through it. As a teacher, I am reluctant to tell my students when they are experiencing hardships or conflicts with people in their life, perhaps they have wronged them in a previous lifetime and in this lifetime, this is the karma consequence to balance. Most people are not ready to hear this in the throes of their pain, suffering and feeling victimized. This is especially true if in this lifetime, you have not mistreated this person who has wronged you. It is hard to understand.
Now, that I aware of the inner workings and dynamics of human energy and being an empath and having the ability to feel people’s emotions and the sacredness of the family unit, I cringe inside and have a physical voluntary response because I can so acutely feel the detrimental energy of infidelity.
The Energy of Karma
The energy of betrayal and deceitfulness are low vibrational energies. Hence, there is the potential to create low vibrational karma. This is a major premise in my upcoming 2nd book “Emotional Healing through Spiritual Awakening.”
Balancing Low Vibrational Karma
Because of the Universal Law of Karma, low vibrational karma works on the principle that it needs to be balanced or transmuted to a higher vibrational frequency. For example, the karmic energy of adultery can be balanced when you are authentically contrite and have learned on the deepest level, the heart level, past the mind, into the inner recesses of your heart sanctum. If low vibrational karma is not balanced, you will keep reincarnating on Earth until it is. This is what Buddhists refer to as the Wheel of Life, samsara, the cycle of rebirth and death.
Please read on…
Symbolism of the Marriage Ceremony
I describe in the following additional extenuating factors which make the marriage contract a unique union, hence why adultery is low vibrational karma creator:
The marriage ceremony is a holy, sacred union, one of the few left we have in Western civilization and usually full of symbolism and pageantry. This is true for first marriages. Usually second marriages and following are done on smaller scales.
Marriage is supposed to be a spiritual union. It is usually a colossal energetic event marked by weeks of planning, preparation and intentionality. Often the ceremony takes place in a house of worship, facilitated by a person of faith. It is witnessed by a gathering, large usually, of family members, extended family members and other loved ones.
The wedding space is adorned with the fragrant blooms of flowers. The female members of the bridal party often carry flowers and the males wear corsages.  There is the symbolization of the white bridal gown for virginity and purity. There is a usually a specific verbalization of set “vows” by both parties which has been repeated by many couples over hundreds of years, which adds to the energetic impact of the event. The placing of the wedding ring, the infinite circle of eternal love, is another symbol of the further bonding on a specific finger of each partner.
Festivities and a feast usually follow the ceremony with family and friends celebrating the happy nuptials over food and drink. Gifts are given so that the newly weds can furnish their new household together.
How many such ceremonies do we have of such import in our society where we make such declarations like marriage vows publicly in front of mass witnesses of family and other loved ones? I wanted to highlight in detail the unique and special nature of the marriage day. It is unlike so many of our day-to-day activities.
Therefore, when you engage in breaking this sacred union through infidelity, there will be karmic consequences. It is based on energy, the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. Don’t kid yourself that it is not meaningful to the Universe or to your soul’s trajectory.
There is a solution. If you are unhappy with your union, end the union with integrity and finality and with the appropriate decree (divorce) so both sides understand and are on the same level BEFORE committing the infidelity. Then your path will be clear and free to carry forth. There will be a form of closure according to society’s rules. Until then it is subterfuge, cowardice and never is it sanctioned by the Universe as right.
You Can Always Evolve
To those who have engaged or been complicit in adulterous behaviors in the past and have seen the errancy of their ways and amended their intentions and behaviors to make corrections, I congratulate you. It is never too late. You always have this opportunity to shift within yourself. You will have learned a soul lesson for your soul’s expansion and growth for a Being of Love would never want to hurt someone on the backs of others especially those that are the most innocent, the children of those involved in these relationships or the partners.
Our mortal, egoic sides are all fallible. We all have committed transgressions in our life toward other people which we have regretted. That is part of the human journey. What is essential is what we do from it. It is vital you learn from it on a heart level and never engage in such activities again in this lifetime. If you have been cheated on, it is important you learn to forgive unconditionally those involved.  Else, you will reincarnate again and again to learn this along with all the other soul lessons you have not shored up.
When you heal yourself, you heal your family, your ancestors and the world. You pay it forward to your future lineage as well. Let us figure it out in this lifetime so we can move on ! Amen!
Do unto others, as you would have done onto you.
Please know I am the only editor of this post so excuse any grammatical or editing errors.  I do several editing passes before publishing but gosh darn it, there always seems to be some typos I overlooked! Because I gift this as a free resource for my readers as part of my soul’s service during this incarnation, I do not pay anyone to help me with the editing. Thank-you in advance for your understanding so please forgive me for any errors you may encounter!
Copyright © Katibe Simmone. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material, including excerpts as long as you do not alter it in any way, and the content remains accurate, is distributed freely or commercially, and you include this copyright notice and link: http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/ .


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I had a spiritual awakening in 2009.  I realized I was a spiritual being in a physical body for my highest spiritual evolution to becoming an expressed Divine Being in physical form.  Because of this increased level of consciousness, my psychic centers and specific chakras like my Third Eye and Crown Chakra were activated.  I developed heightened extrasensory perceptions such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and the ability to receive some information telepathically. Telepathy is a form of clairaudience, the psychic sense of hearing.
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    Hello I am writing because I have seen many things when I close my eyes but then dismiss it in a sense that I can’t believe it was there or that it was real but I have just had an experience that was very very real that lasted through a whole night because I’ve had jet lag and I was wired but there was some reason that I was staying awake before it happened I felt very open end realized or felt that the Universe was a big space so when I was going to sleep I felt really good however I could not sleep and when I shut my eyes I saw this creature it was in a ball and it was twirling and there are many faces but then the face would come out and it was like a horse looking creature Beast and it was like he was sitting there eating popcorn he had hands and he was eating and he had little ears like a horse and he was staring at me he looks like he was from another planet but the amazing thing was this one on for the whole night I kept seeing him and I was awake so there’s no way that I was doing some weird hallucination thing I know I was seeing this creature and he was moving and doing things and staring at me it was crazy amazing I feel change from it because this time I realize that it was true and real elaborate on this a bit I’m very excited I think that we creative world and multiple universes I don’t feel that I made him up from things I sold during the day I think that he came to me because I was open that night and I was wanting to be free on this planet thank you for your blog I’m going to read it all thanks again Cheryl

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