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8/3/12 Channeled Message: Inspirational: Edgar Cayce on How to Live Your Life

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I channeled this from Mr. Edgar Cayce for a class on the afterlife that was I was holding.
I found the words inspirational.
Please share with any others that may find this helpful.  Just please reference that I was the channeler & date of channeling.
8/3/12 At home in the living room.
Channeling From Mr. Edgar Cayce
8:01 p.m. I invite Mr. Edgar Cayce if he is available, to spend some time communicating to me for my class tomorrow about the book Nosso Lar written by Franciso Candido Xavier as channeled to him by the spirit Andre Luz.  Specifically, what is most important for us to know about the afterlife?  Thank you, sincerely.
It is of prime importance to be aware of certain aspects of one’s living conditions to be better prepared for the afterlife.  One’s living conditions is defined to mean the level of gratitude one feels on a daily basis as well as the level of spiritual development.  Care should be taken to be aware of your fears, worries and concerns as these may exert undue influence on one’s inner being.  This in turn may cause one to make erroneous decisions in one’s life and pose difficulty in assessing the true condition of one’s power.
Human beings have great, innate power.  This is God-given.  To be aware and be guided by this inner strength is a test of one’s self will and control.   God has granted us certain inalienable rights, as in the constitution.  Great gifts have been bestowed upon us.  The wise use of these gifts with intellectuality and grace is a key indicator of where one goes in the afterlife.  To succumb to the weakness of one’s personality and betray others is paralyzing in the afterlife.  Be true to one’s self and the divine power which is in each and every one of us. 
Focus not on what needs to be fixed but what one can change right now, in this moment.  It is a choice.  You can create the change you desire to see if your intentions are pure and altruistic.
Keep free of others who are maladjusted.  Listen to your inner guidance as this is the true pilot of your internal workings. 
Have gratitude for all that is given to you.  In this way, you shall cherish the Father’s ways and do not lead yourself into temptation.  It is a powerful force at play, the self-will of mankind.  Tis so powerful that many have given in to material and superficial grandiose gestures and ways of thought and living. 
Remember always, that generations of mankind have led you to this point.  It is ultimately up to you what you do with this wondrous power, this spirit of man.  Use it well and wisely.  In this, you shall truly succeed and many gifts shall be bestowed upon you.
Keep a clear conscience. Do not think ill of others.  Be kind, soft spoken and gentle.  No need to rush, to use harsh words.  In the softness of your tone and words, you shall spread the seeds of love, kindness and compassionateness. 
There are no favorites. Everyone has been created equally.  God has decreed this and in this way it shall be done.
Keep your composure.  To be off balance is ill-suited and you are not purposefully designed in this way.
There is great power in your thoughts, choice of words and intentionality behind them.  Find time in your daily pursuits to be aware of your energetic body and to take time to absorb the beautiful nature that is around you.  In this way, you shall evolve.  You shall spread your wings and fly to greater heights, which will allow you to experience a myriad and diverse abundance of life in many other planes.  Plan to do this.  Make an effort. Have high hopes for oneself.  You create the plan for a better life with your intentions and desires.  Remember my words as they do not come lightly but come with the full force and understanding of the glory underlying them. 
Keep it simple.  Don’t overcomplicate your life.  In simplicity there is a wonderful stillness and opportunities for full potentiality. 
Care should always be taken to remind oneself of the promises made in the afterlife and which you should uphold in your current carnation.  The memory plays false tricks and it is necessary for one to delve deep inside oneself to remember the duties and obligations one made before coming here to the earthly plane now.
You are all important.  Be admired and respected.  Stay on the course of your development.  All this shall help you on your journey in your earthly form as well as abet in a smooth transition to your afterlife. 
You have all come so far to be here now.  Relish this and enjoy this moment in time for it is a special time.  To incarnate in this era, to be of this generation is indeed an honor.  You shall witness many fine surprises and grand happenings.
To be aware is truly a superb skill.  Practice this daily, as much as possible.  Put forth effort in this endeavor.  
Keep your slate clean.  By this I mean do not do anything that may put you in peril knowingly, either physically, emotionally or mentally. 
Be sure to be a keen witness, observing all that is around and yet not engaging in those activities or thought patterns that endanger your well-being. 
Be confident in yourself.  To have security and command of one’s inner and outer body is paramount in making the journey back.
Find time to make peace with yourself.  Forgiveness is an essential element for ascension.  Forgiveness of oneself, for others, for all that you perceive that mankind has not achieved.
Be judicious in all undertakings. 
Share what you know and learn, without condemnation or judgment.  In this way, you shall all grow together and your actions shall bear fruit.
I wish you all well.  I have high hopes for all in attendance today.  Be kind, be true and most of all be all that you desire and expect in others.
Prepare yourselves well for your successes now and in your future
For this moment, it is a graceful good bye.  Know I am always with you in heart and spirit.  I dearly appreciated this opportunity to share my words and wisdom with you.  I hope in these moments you can truly hear and intentionally integrate these learnings.  Till the next time…
Yours in all sincerity,
Mr. Edgar Cayce    8:32 p.m.


  1. Valerie Hanlon

    As always, perfect timing.
    Have a blessed day!

    • Katy

      Thank-you, Valerie! Namaste, Katy

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