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10/21/09 Dream:The Real Life Vendetta Continues: Nina & I Being Followed by Someone

by | Oct 21, 2009 | Dream Scene - Vendetta, My Friend - Nina, My Teacher, Pam, Psychic Experiences - My Friend's | 7 comments

10-21-09 Wednesday
 Welcome!! Love and Light to You ALL!!
Purpose:  My purpose in sharing this dream is to show how real life dramas may continue to play out in the dream state.  It can even pull in innocent people, like me and my friend Nina, into it.  It shows the power of lower frequency energies like anger, resentment, jealousy and revenge and how it can continue to manifest in the dream state.
 Dream from last night
I remembered this dream from last night.  I think this is because I was slightly hungry when I went to bed.
Before drifting off to sleep, I heard clairaudiently, Pam, my spiritual teacher, who has taught both me and my friend Nina.  She was talking, not in a good way.  She was talking firmly to someone, like through pursed lips of anger.  She sounded peeved.   I think this was a precursor to the happenings of the following dream.
 Dream : The Real Life Vendetta Continues: Nina & I Being Followed by Someone
In my dream, I remember that Nina, my friend, and I have been to a few places.  We were trying to get away from someone, a male energy.  We were being followed by him.  We were in a room- like a lecture room or meeting room. There were rows of seats with people in each seat.  The room was full of people.  As we walking toward the back to find seats, I noticed a big black man with a large hulkering type frame,  sitting in the most left seat, sort of in the middle of the seating arrangement.  I saw him, but he didn’t see us.  I was glad that we had slipped past him.  Nancy & I took a seat in the last row in the last 2 seats next to some other seats.   I noticed that the black man rec’d a phone call on his cell.  The caller told him we were there.  Then, the black man got out of his seat and walked back to us to “get” us and not in a nice way.  At this point I woke up.  
It was about 12:02 a.m. when I awoke from this dream. I took a shower because I just felt the need to “be clean” and purified, especially if  this dream was what I thought it was.
During my shower, I heard a song by the musical group DeBarge playing in my head.  I had a feeling it was meant to be for Pam, my spiritual teacher, from her slighted previous boyfriend, whom I will call Ira.
 Dream Interpretation: I have a feeling this has to do with Pam’s real life issue she is having with Ira.  I sense that this real life issue she is having with him has not been resolved.  Through the dream state, he is still attempting to get to her through others that she knows.  That is why he has found me and Nina.  We had been students of Pam’s and somehow he picked up on this connection and using it for his own ends. 
 I remember the nightmarish dream I had a few weeks ago when Ira came in my dream state, in different evil forms and bought all this evil imagery.  I will explain in some other blog this dream.  I wonder if Nina & I had some protection during the dream because there appeared to be some boundary around us that he was not crossing in last night’s dream.  I wonder if Pam, our teacher,  had put some protection around us, when I in reality, called her weeks ago to warn her of this man and what he was up to against her, after I had my dream.  Or maybe, it was Nina and my own protection that was working. 
In reality, when I called Pam to warn her about this man weeks ago because of my dream, she had sensed someone was out to get her and do her wrong.   In addition, in reality, my friend Nina had given Pam a practice Tarot reading where Nina  read in the cards and intuitively that there was some male that was scheming seriously against her.  The Tarot cards went on and on about this revenge issue. I could not believe how many cards, Pam flipped about this situation. Usually in a card reading, a situation resolves itself after a few cards.  Not this reading.  In fact, all the remaining cards had been flipped and the scheming issue still had not been resolved.   That’s how I knew at the time that this vendetta issue was serious.  Then I had the super scary dream about 2 weeks after the Tarot reading which supported it.
Ira works in this way. He is powerful. He is watching and has ” go to” people that do his bidding for him.  He was the one who called the black man on his phone  to tell him we were sitting in the back.  In my other dream with Ira, he had a 5 year girl by his side, like his pet child or something.  After the dream, in real life, I crossed her over in my mind. She was just being used and was enslaved by him and was a prisoner to his dark power.
 These last 2 days, I have been sensing that there is darkness, a heaviness, a cold dampness, around me before I go to bed.  I think it is Ira.  I don’t ever remember feeling  this type of heaviness before going to sleep.  Then I had the above dream last night.  I wonder if this is my new personal marker where if I sense darkness around me before bed, I may have dark dreams.
 At some future session, I plan to ask those highly evolved Light Beings that are channeled through a woman at the New Age gift shop these questions about Ira and how, this real life man, whom I don’t even know,  is coming into my dream state for his vengeance on some other real life woman, Pam, that I do know.    I know I am picking up on this  just because I am highly aware and conscious even in my dream state.  But what does it mean and what do I do about it?  What is my role in this drama?  This is probably related somehow to my spiritual missionary work I am doing in my dream state.
I am also going to ask my friend Nina if she remembered this happening in  her dreams last night.


  1. foresightyourctpsychic

    Have you warded your home/ bedroom to help protect against visits of this sort?

    • word575

      Hi Catherine, Thank you for your q.
      A few weeks ago, I created a white pyramid of light going 30 feet up and 30 feet down and 30 feet off to the sides. I also have a pic of Archangel Michael hanging on the wall over the side of the bed where I sleep. Also before bed, I say a prayer to my gatekeeper, my angels, Archangel Michael, my higher self and those beings of light and love that watch over me to guide and protect me during my sleep. The group of highly evolved light beings who are channelled thru this local woman said recently that there is nothing I can do to protect myself. THe only thing they could say to me would be to diminish my light and they would never advise that! They said my inner being is well protected. They said I am getting these lower frequency energies because of my light. They are attracted to it like moths to a light. I blogged about this in the blog about what I am really doing in my dreams. That is why I at times I do spirit crossovers in my dream state. The troubled ones sometimes come to me in my sleep.
      About the times I was having bad dreams, I walked around the entire house and garage with sage incense and as I was doing this, i said outloud to Archangel Michael to take away any lower level energies to where they need to go for the highest good of all concerned. I also told these lower energies they need to leave the house, never to return again.
      Light & Love to you !

  2. foresightyourctpsychic

    I’d agree that you shouldn’t decrease your light. I’m thinking that setting an intention and asking for Archangel Michael’s help to send lower level energies away to where they belong is good.
    Have you considered, not diminishing your light, but doing something to conceal it from beings that plague you without any beneficial effects?
    Sometimes we don’t want to turn down the Light we’re reading by, but we may wish to draw the curtains….

    • word575

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, that is good to draw the curtains but not exactly sure how to do that. In the past few weeks, I feel things have shifted and I am viewing dark events from a distance and not feeling like I am right in it. I sense that I am shown dark events to change it and to ask for those beings in there to be released into the light. So that’s what I have been doing.

  3. foresightyourctpsychic

    Sometimes you want to keep your Light shining, but make it less visible to those you’d prefer not to entertain. Some ways to do this include visualizing( you can literally picture closing the blinds!) , warding your home or office( esp. bedroom, if you’re having disturbances in sleep), smudging to loosen the hold negative energy may have on your spaces( this can be done with sage or with sound), calling on protective spirits/angels/guides/totems, setting intentions, or praying.
    Or all of the above 🙂
    You wouldn’t want nefarious strangers peeking in your windows. You don’t have to let them peek in your spirit either 🙂

    • word575

      Wonderful tips! Thank you for sharing them! I will definitely put those into action.

      • foresightyourctpsychic

        You’re welcome. I hope that you can continue to let your light shine without having it obscured 🙂

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