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Intro: Chronicle of One on the Modern Day Path of Light

by | Oct 8, 2009 | Light Worker | 6 comments

Welcome!  Light & Love to you all!
So happy that you are here!
My purpose in doing this blog is to chronicle my spiritual development  as one on the modern day path of light.  I will be sharing my experiences, including dreams, with others who may learn from it or may just have their eyes opened to the amazing worlds within this world, and to the knowledge that there is so much more to life than we pick up with our 5 senses.   I have personally experienced these new worlds.  I am also hoping to find others who may want to share their similar experiences so we can all learn from each other.  I have been looking for info on this thru the internet, books and classes and it is challenging to find and piece together.  Though I have read a few books and have been attending metaphysical and spiritual type classes, I feel like I am learning by the seat of my pants!
What We Are Here For
I know now that I am a light worker and am here to teach about light and love.   I believe we can all be light workers.   We just need to rise above the grind of earthly living and get above it.   Were we put on this earth to earn a living? No.  We were put on this earth simply to be happy, enjoy our existence, love and be loved back and learn from our mistakes.  It’s very simple.  How did this get lost for so many people?  We are on this earth as physical beings to learn but we are so much more than that.  We are truly spiritual beings having a physical experience.   We are all connected.  All is one and one is all.   What I have personally experienced in the past few months has shown that to me. When you see the physical world disappear during an open eyed meditation, you KNOW that there is more than the physical!  When you meditate on a body part with your eyes open and see it turn it into light, you KNOW that we are all light!  When you  have other people’s consciousness or selves come into your dream state, you KNOW we are all connected!  !
Dreams & Dream Log
My dream state is when alot of things happen for me, and I receive messages.  I think this it is because I am in a higher frequency and therefore, in a higher state of awareness during this time. I am open.   Therefore, you will see alot of my dreams and interpretations being logged here.  In a way, you can compare what I experience in my dream state to the Ghost Whisperer on TV.  In the last 2 weeks, I have even crossed spirits into the light in my dream state
I encourage everyone to keep a dream log. I have been keeping one this past summer.  I know it is hard to remember your dreams.  The affirmation I make before I go to bed is that I will remember my dreams, and I will be in control and aware in my dreams for the highest good of all concerned.  It is amazing what your dreams reveal.  I believe now that we do possess an astral body( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astral_projection )  that can travel out seperate from the physical body in your dream state.  Dreams do require an interpretation of symbols. You will find that you will get better and better at interpreting your personal dream symbols.  There are also dream symbol dictionaries on the internet but only you can know your personal dream symbols. I find that when I am logging the dream, I actually understand and get the meaning more.   This is the reason why I am writing this today.  As I was logging my dream, I realized what the messages was for me. So here I am!  Thank you, Universe!
General Background
 Amazing psychic events & dreams have been occurring and happening to me since June 2009.  My most recent dream  of early this morning has given me a message “when you get a gift, you must give back”,  which I interpreted to mean to start this blog.   I set up this blog about 2 months ago, but only now have begun posting.  Let me preface this, by asking you for forgiveness on  any punctuation and grammatical errors in this blog.  I sometimes get so much info, that I would rather get it down and posted immediately.  Also, I know it would be easier for me to include links to subjects that I refer to.  I will attempt to do so when I can and I have time.  You can always google the terms.    Thank you for your understanding in this!  If you find anything worth noting, please share!
Just to give you a general background on myself.  I am a happily married middle aged woman with a young daughter.  My spouse has been very supporting of these new developments in my life. Gotta give the guy alot of credit! Some of this stuff is hard to digest mentally and wrap your mind around.  I am college educated, have a Masters and am currently working in the accounting field.  I am in the process of becoming CPA certified.  I would say I have led a normal, practical, grounded life.  I am well rounded, have friends, exercise and believe in living life with kindness, love, gentleness, compassion and balance and taking care of yourself, physically and mentally.  I believe we all have responsibility for our lives.
 The only inklings I had of what was to come this summer was the following:  For years, before I fell asleep, I would hear voices in my head.  I have heard these since I was a little girl.  I have a prominent memories of me as a youngster, falling asleep regularly to the voices of my mother and father, talking in the house.  But now, I realized, they were probably other voices that I heard! The voices are random of people I did not know.  They would be young or old people, male and female, some with accents.  I felt like I was eavesdropping.  I would hear mundane conversations of washing machines or whatever.  I thought everyone went to sleep this way.  It wasn’t till about 3 years ago when I talked to a friend  and I asked her if she fell asleep, hearing voices like that, that I realized that this was not the norm.  Since then, I talked to a few others and they have not experienced that. 
 I also had a few dreams, of which I know now, were spirit visitations in my dream state.  It wasn’t as common as it is now but it did happen a few times over the past few years.
How It Happened
So it was quite a surprise, to experience this summer’s happenings to myself.  I think this is how it started in March of 2009 :
Thru Self Improvement
-I decided to “self-improve” .  This was a promise I made to myself upon completing my graduate education and my major career goals.  I had been working on my educational/career goals for 5 years.  After that, it was time for me.    I joined a woman’s group that met weekly where we talked about our issues and did a light meditation. I started attending classes on how live a happier life given by a shrink.  I was tired of being tied to my emotions.  I just wanted to be liberated from all that.  I wanted to be at peace and happy.  I wanted to rise above the mundaneness of life.
Daily Affirmations
I started doing positive affirmations daily.  I typed up like 80 affirmations and would say these to myself at 5x a day.  I said them when I was getting ready in the morning, when I was showering,
when I was driving the car, when I was doing the dishes and when I was doing laundry.  I kept my affirmation sheets with me wherever I went and referred to them so often.  When I went running, I would repeat them and say stuff  like ” I am full of joy”,  ” I am patient and understanding”, ” I let things go” , “Life is effortless”,  “I am open-minded”, “No one cares how I live my life except for me” (this one was very liberating to me and just tickled my toes every time I said it and it still tickles me.  Many people are caught up on what everyone , like friends, family members, coworkers, are thinking about them. You know what? Those people really don’t care as much as you think they do! Epiphany!!! ).
Thru Spiritual Awakening
–  Then the self improvement turned into a natural and gentle spiritual awakening.  
– At the beginning of the summer, and attended spiritual meditation and yoga classes for the 1st time.  I attended spiritual meditation and did spiritual yoga 1 – 3 x a week for an hour to an hour and half per session for about 3 months.  The spiritual yoga was more of a teaching yoga with a few postures.  There were Sanskrit words and mantras used.  The teacher explained alot like about our soul, that we are a spiritual being within a physical body.  I just took it in with an open heart and open mind.  During the teachings,  I purposely kept my brain quiet  and quieted it from trying to make sense of it all.  Though it was so different from any thing I have learned, I accepted it.  From this, I believe I underwent  a gentle Kundalini awakening  ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kundalini)   as my meditation/yoga teacher did alot of Kundalina exercises. 
Through letting go and releasing
– I let go of a lot of negative feelings I had been carrying around consciously and I think, unconsciously.  I forgave people for perceived wrongs.  They really didn’t wrong me. I just misinterpreted it over the years.  Your memory does play tricks on you!
– I let go of judgment for myself and others. 
– I let go of my ego. 
Thru a quiet mind
– My mind became more quiet.  I had less thoughts in my mind. My mind was not whirring around like it did before, always looking forward & looking back, but not being in the moment.  Instead,  I stayed more in the present.   
Asking for my purpose in life to serve humanity
– I asked myself over, fervently,  and over again ” what is my purpose? what is my purpose?”  I also said over and over again, daily and throughout the day “how can I be of service to humanity?”.
Opening of the Heart Chakra
– I think my heart chakra ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chakras ) opened up.  I was doing yoga postures to stretch and open up the heart chakra.  There was one point in the summer when my heart actually hurt for 10-13 seconds.   I also said the affirmation daily, multiple times a day “I lead my life through my heart.  My heart leads the way.  May heart is open for its divine purpose.”  Then a medium in the area who channels, Edgar Cayce, the famous sleeping prophet ( http://en.wikipedia.org/?title=Edgar_Cayce )  told me last week that a “portal” opened up for me 3-4 months ago.  It had something to do with my heart.  She thought it was a trauma or an emotional thing.  But it was very, very gentle. 
All these items above, I believe, led to my psychic developments that I outline in the next post.
Please know that I am still a novice in this, having just newly experienced this.  I am still learning my way.   This is just my personal experiences and personal interpretations and “take” on it.   Please do your own research and feel free to share with me.
Love & light to you all!


  1. Helena

    Hi Kay 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful blog!
    I look forward to following you in your spiritual journey!
    I was just thinking about you today & wondering how your journey was going!

  2. word575

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! I am looking forward to sharing along with everyone too.

  3. Nancy

    It’s really nice and very beautiful. Thank you for sharing your stories

    • word575

      Hi Nancy,
      Thank you for posting. I know all your stories are amazing,too !

  4. Carol

    I love your blog. Thanks for sharing your most personal and exciting adventures. I loved reading your blog and I am looking forward to reading more of your experiences. Much Love and Light, Carol

    • word575

      Thank you, Carol! I am so glad we met. You are so full of love & light.

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