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Out of Body Experiences Conceptual Framework

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I have developed an OBE (out-of-body experience) conceptual framework, including definitions, to help others who are having similar experiences and for people in general to understand this topic.  This is an evolving framework which I tweak as I need to, including adding to. It is a work in process. I stated developing this since the Spring of 2009 of my spiritual awakening when I started having numerous OBEs.
I felt an explanatory framework was necessary because astral travel is a new frontier for human consciousness development. It is not well-studied by traditional science. It is burgeoning study and will continue to grow as more people spiritual awaken to their true nature of being spiritual beings having an human existence for their highest evolution.

Messages from the Universe Regarding My OBEs

Amelia Earhart Clairvoyant Vision
When I first started having lucid OBEs in 2009 and experiencing psychic phenomena, I received a clairvoyant vision of Amelia Earhart. She was dressed in her classic aviator uniform. She was standing in front of her plane during that era. Her hair was cut in a bob and reddish in color. She had a big long smile with beautiful strong teeth and milky fair, freckled skin.
She got into her single-seater plane and waved at me and took off in her plane. I knew this was a message for me to be ground setter in the new frontier of OBE scapes. I am like a pioneer like she was, being the first female aviator. She was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. After I Googled her image, I found to my surprise the photos of her were exactly as I saw her in my vision.
Telepathy on My OBEs
In March 2018 I heard telepathically in my thought voice for the first time when in bed in regards to my OBEs “You are putting it together.” This gave me the boosted confidence to proceed forward on this intangible, arcane subject and present this conceptual framework.
I have come a long way from a few years ago when I heard telepathically after experiencing an OBE while in bed in Seattle, WA “To figure it out.” I was ready to give up on figuring out what appeared to be the crazy, nonsensical world of OBEs.  The Universe did not want me to give up. The Universe sent me “Figure it out.”
Finally, after analyzing, contemplating and through the chronicling of some of my OBEs over the past few years, I have been able to make some headway in understanding that which is not linear, clear and often confusing. Amen to that! Pat myself on the back! It was hard-earned knowledge which I willingly share to help others so they don’t have to struggle as I did.
I also heard telepathically quite a few times “My parallel lives will be intersecting.” What?!  Parallel lives?! No one talks about that.  So I pieced it together from my numerous experiences and now I have learned during some of my OBEs, I experience glimpses of my parallel lives. Yowza! That is a mind blower. It did help me to make sense of some of my OBEs.
Now, I am very proud to share that when I experience my concurrent lives during in OBE and I am not married to the same husband I am in the Earthly plane and have different romantic relationships, different names, different jobs and different places of residence, I keep my cool during the OBE. I don’t freak out and I am not in the total state of confusion as I had been years ago. This has taken some training on my part and shows my nervous system is able to handle this unusual sensory information that contradicts and is so different than my earthly life.
My Soul Contract
I know sharing my OBEs and imparting technical information on this subject is part of my soul plan for this human incarnation. I have a special function being in the unique position of having almost nightly lucid OBEs over many years to share this non main stream information that many people are ignorant and unaware about.
As humans head into the future, being able to adeptly navigate your OBEs will be an important and valuable skill.
I hope you find this helpful. Please comment on this post to share any of your relevant out-of-body experiences.


What is an OBE?

Out of Body Experience (OBE) – Also known as soul travel, astral travel, astral projection, spirit walking or lucid dreaming.  It is a term from metaphysics. OBEs occur when a level of human consciousness is able to leave the physical body, temporarily and safely, to travel or “transit”  to another non-physical dimensional reality or plane of existence.
Everyone experiences OBEs naturally during their sleep state whether they lucidly recall them or not. The level of lucidity can vary from none to full-blown sensory lucidity.
A spiritual awakening can spur lucid recall of OBEs.
OBEs can occur spontaneously or be induced with intention.  The application of the phrase “Mind awake, body asleep” is commonly used in preparing for OBEs. OBEs usually happen in an altered state of consciousness, where deep relaxation is reached, and the physical body is inactive, such as in sleep or during meditation.  Because the consciousness is not encumbered by the physical body, it is able to travel more freely and readily in this relaxed state, where inhibitions and fears are lifted.
OBEs and Dreams
I approach all dreams as OBEs because they occur on non-physical dimensional frequencies, different from of Earth’s.  In these other planes of existence or “platforms” there are other people, consciousnesses who live, interact, commune or meet there. These can include animals and vegetation.
I prefer to use the term OBE rather than dream because the term itself includes the words “out-of-body” which is an accurate description of what happens to one level of your consciousness  when it “transits” your physical body temporarily. (I telepathically channeled the previous terms in quotes on 3/22/18.)
OBEs and Disputing Traditional Psychology Dream Interpretation
I dispute the premise from the psychological field that dreams are only your imagination. I cannot believe it is my imagination that made up all of these dimensional people, with their families in their unique clothing, sometime even having pets. Sometimes, they have emotional issues and I am there to view this or provide them with some spiritual counsel.
I cannot believe my imagination has created these unique, detailed, complete dimensional sceneries, their neighborhoods and cities.  I feel the beings and dimensions are real and just exist in other non-physical frequencies. You are able to connect, observe and interact on these non-earthly dimensional platforms during an altered state of consciousness, such as in a OBE.

OBE Recommendations

A Psychological OBE Interpretation. Having stated above, it is still always a good exercise to analyze your OBEs from a psychological perspective as guidance for your current Earthly existence; However, unlike traditional psychological dream interpretations, have the knowingness that other dimensional beings and non-Earth dimensional platforms were used to impart this revelatory information to you
I started using this OBE interpretive approach intensely in December 2017 as I felt guided to when I resumed my log of chronicles.
Please see below blog post for an example of an OBE I had which I interpreted as guidance for my soul learning:

OBE Definitions

Altered State of Consciousness – A state of consciousness which is significantly different from a normal waking beta wave state, without being considered unconscious. In this brain state, you lose the sense of identity with your body and/or with your normal sense perceptions.
Altered states of consciousness can be created intentionally, drug induced, can happen by accident or be due to an illness such as fever.  Other ways are by a near-death experience, sensory deprivation or sensory overload. The sleep state, OBEs, hypnagogic state (immediately before sleep), hypnopompic state (immediately upon waking), daydreaming, meditations and hypnosis are some examples of altered states of consciousness.
The altered state of consciousness, relaxed consciousness, is characterized by minimal mental activity, passivity, an absence of motor activity and external stimulation. This can be a fertile time to receive psychic information, connect to your Higher Self and travel lucidly to other non-physical dimensional realms during OBEs.
Ascension –  The process of raising and increasing your consciousness and your level of awareness by substantial degrees. A spiritual awakening can raise your consciousness and therefore you can ascend to the next level of consciousness. For example currently on Earth you can ascend to the four and fifth dimension of consciousness from the Third when your vibration is sufficiently raised to the next tier.
Consciousness (Thought System) – The quality or state of wakefulness and awareness of yourself, your existence and your environment. It is the opposite of unconsciousness.  It is the overall state of your mind. It includes recognition of your thoughts, feelings and sensations. Your overall consciousness determines your baseline vibrational level.
Your consciousness is an indicator of the level of your spiritual evolution. All souls on Earth incarnated as spirits in human form are at different stages of their conscious evolution.  Some are more advanced, having had multiple incarnations including past lives and a lighter karma debt. Others have just begun or have a heavy karma load to settle or have “stayed back” because they were not able to complete their earlier soul contracts in previous life times. Nevertheless, each soul “contracted’ to expand their consciousness to become expressed divine consciousnesses.  This is everyone’s soul purpose to consciously recognize and live within their divinity. Your earthly incarnation and physical body is just one vehicle to do so.
There are many levels of consciousness, each associated with a specific vibration or frequency. You currently exist in the Earthly dimension, otherwise known as 3D egoic consciousness. Most people are familiar with some of the terms for different levels of human consciousness, like the conscious and the subconscious. Another tier is the superconscious, in which the Higher Self exists.
I have added Spirit consciousness as another level because I have heard telepathically this is the is what determines the destinations for my OBEs. It is a different level than your day-to-day waking state and thoughts.
In addition, on a soul level you have the consciousnesses of all of your existences, including your parallel lifetimes. These are hidden from you by the Veil. As you expand your consciousness, you may be able to connect with these during altered states of consciousness as in lucid OBEs, as I have done.
Consciousness is also used to denote an overall disposition to a certain set of beliefs, attitudes and mindset as in duality consciousness or unity consciousness which influences your thoughts, words and behaviors.
Ascension is the process of raising and increasing your consciousness by increasing your level of awareness. A spiritual awakening can raise your consciousness.
Consciousness Jumping – Being a temporary guest in another human dimensional being’s body during an OBE for your soul’s evolution. In this way your soul gets to experience other types of lives in order to grow, develop and become fully expressed in its divinity to become more loving and compassionate. Another way to describe consciousness jumping is as hitchhiking into another dimensional being’s consciousness (the host).
Telepathically on 2/21/18 I heard this referred to as being a “guest.”  That is an appropriate term to be used to describe this scenario. It implies no intrusiveness or aspect of invasion to the dimensional host body. It also implies being invited in. You are simply stepping into their shoes for a short period of time and looking out into their dimensional world through their eyes.
Dimensions (Planes, Realms) – Non-physical spaces existence and realities different from the Earthly physical dimension. Each dimension oscillates in unique energetic frequencies or vibrations many cannot readily detect with their physical senses. Our physical senses are often limited to perceiving only the Earthly dimension, and the human beings, living creatures, and forms present within that vibration.
These dimensions of varying energetic frequencies correlate to levels of consciousness as well. There are other beings, societies and civilizations in these other dimensions. We currently exist in the physicality of the Earthly dimension, otherwise known as 3D (Third dimension) consciousness. There are some highly evolved humans who exist on the 5D (Fifth dimension) because they ascended while many around them are on the 3-D or 4-D. These can exist simultaneously. I have heard telepathically I am on the 5D which explains the psychic phenomena I experience like lucid OBEs and telepathy.
In altered states of consciousness as in OBEs, you may be able to lucidly observe and/or interact in other dimensional frequencies.
Doppelganger – From Dictionary.com – a ghostly double, apparition or counterpart of a living person. The word comes from the German Doppelgänger, literally meaning “double-goer.”
From Wikipedia: “In fiction and folklore, a doppelgänger is a look-alike or double of a living person, sometimes portrayed as a paranormal phenomenon, and in some traditions as a harbinger of bad luck. In other traditions and stories, they recognize your ‘double-goer’ as an evil twin….The concept of alter egos and double spirits has appeared in the folklore, myths, religious concepts, and traditions of many cultures throughout human history.”
From http://www.wisegeek.org/what-is-a-doppelganger.htm: “In Freudian psychoanalysis, the doppelganger is often viewed as an aspect of an individual’s self that he or she is struggling to control. The double usually has both similar and opposing characteristics to the original. In other words, the double will be recognizable as the individual, but will act differently, often in an extreme manner. Often, the repressed aspect of the psyche that the double represents must be confronted and ultimately defeated in order for it to go away.”
Higher Self – That part of your subtle consciousness that is your Divine Consciousness, your Divine Self, which is your True Self. It is that part of you that is perfect, whole and complete. Your Higher Self is all-knowing. Your Higher Self is the real you, your total soul consciousness, transversing current, past and future lifetimes. It exists in a very high dimensional frequency which many humans cannot discern with their physical senses. It is associated with your Higher Heart.
It is synonymous with the superconscious. It is a common concept in the fields of spirituality and metaphysics. Your Higher Self is the bridge between your personality, egoic self and your soul.
Your Higher Self is in constant communication with you, thought it may be on such subtle levels so you may not be consciously aware of it until you raise your vibration by raising your consciousness. Your intuition “emanates” from your Higher Self and is one way your Higher Self communicates to you. (I channeled telepathically the previous term in quotes as of the writing of my second book on 9/1/17.)
Your Higher Self “governs” your Earthly life usually unseen as it exists behind the Veil to help you reach the appropriate advanced level of consciousness and inner vibration. (The previous terms in quotes were directly channeled as of the writing of my second book on 9/1/17.) It is the director of your life. Your Higher Self knows your soul contract, which is the life plan you made for yourself before you incarnated on this Earthly plane. It has the instruction manual for your life as well as all your other lives. The you living here on Earth is just a single projection of the consciousness of your Higher Self. You are a multi-dimensional being, existing on many other levels of frequency or dimensions as well.
Your Higher Self due to its divine essence is different from your personality, which is usually egoic-based and limited. Your ego shadows and blocks your connection to your Higher Self.
The purpose of human spiritual evolution is to transcend the ego and obtain all the divine aspects to be fully expressed as a Divine Being, as your Higher Self, while still in biological form. As you begin to remember who you innately are and return to higher levels of consciousness, aspects of you and your Higher Self merge. Put simplistically, your Higher Self is, the highest consciousness with corresponding vibration you can attain and still be in the physical body.
A spiritual awakening can act as a catalyst in this evolutionary process. As you raise your vibration and begin to experience complete alignment with your Higher Self, which is the exemplification of divine attributes, you are given access to higher levels of knowledge, wisdom and Truth into the True Nature of your Beingness as a multi-dimensional, evolving consciousness or soul.
What’s the difference between your Higher Self and your Soul? Put simply, your Higher Self is the most transcendent aspect of you that can be achieved while in the physical body in the Earthly dimension. It is a smaller component of the soul. It is the part of you which knows and understands at the highest level and vibration possible while the physical part of you continues to engage in the 3D consciousness and Illusion of this planet. Aligning with the wisdom and clarity of your Higher Self into your physicality and conscious knowingness is part of your and everyone’s human spiritual evolution and purpose.
Initiate – One who receives an initiation into an esoteric spiritual, magical or other occult group and that experiences a deep psychological transformation. They are “in training” on the path to their highest spiritual evolution to expressed divineness. (I directly channeled the preceding term in quotes during this writing on 8/20/17.)
Psychic information I have received on being an Initiate:
1) In January 2018 I telepathically heard in my own thought voice one of the reasons why I experience lucid OBEs is because I am an initiate. This telepathy popped into my mind when I was talking to a girl friend in South Florida about whether she had lucid dreams. I feel the Universe was letting me know I was different from her in my lucid OBE experiences because I am an Initiate. It explains the frequency and nature of my OBEs over the past nine years since my spiritual awakening.
2) In January of 2018 I telepathically received I had an initiation rite on Neptune and Edgar Cayce was there. I received this when I asked the Universe telepathically when I received my initiation rite. I don’t think I received it consciously in this lifetime. It was not a deliberate ceremony I engaged in.  I received Reiki attunements when I became Reiki certified but that is not an initiation rite.
To my surprise I heard telepathically back to my inquiry “On Neptune.” Then I heard “Edgar Cayce.” I feel he was with me during this initiation rite on Neptune. This must have happened on a level of my consciousness hidden behind the Veil who knows when. I, certainly, don’t have any recall of this. I appreciated this tidbit of psychic information though! It helps me to understand myself better and why I experience some unusual psychic phenomena.
A few days prior to this for some reason out of the blue, I was drawn to read one of Edgar Cayce’s books on readings he channeled about his clients’  lifetimes on other planets. I purchased this book a few years ago and barely read it.  I think I was guided to read this to prepare my mind for what I was to receive telepathically about my Neptune initiation rite and to make it receptive to the possibility of our lives on other planets.
3) In 2016 I had a lucid OBE. I was in a beach scene in another dimensional landscape. I was standing on the sandy beach. Couples and families were around me enjoying their beach time. During this OBE, I was confused as I often am. I didn’t know what to do. Should I stay on the beach or venture out?
Out of nowhere materialized an unfamiliar woman, possibly in her thirties or forties,  with long brown hair past her shoulders and fair skin a few feet away from to my front and right. She was dressed in a long flowing black long-sleeved dress that went past her knees.  She looked at me and said “You are an Initiate.” Then she dematerialized.
Lucidity – There are different levels of lucidity in OBEs ranging from none to maximum with full-blown detail and sensory stimuli. The level of lucidity of recall of an OBE is dependent on many factors. This includes your vibrational level, adeptness level, what your Higher Self wants to experience on a spiritual level, life purpose, life lessons and the quality of your energetic and physical health and what your nervous system is capable of processing safely.
A spiritual awakening can increase your lucidity level in OBEs.
During a lucid OBE, details are very vivid.  It feels like an everyday waking experience with sight, auditory, smells and sensations.  Your nervous system is sending out sensations and automatic responses as if it actually happened.  Having a high level lucidity OBE leaves a considerable impact on those who experience them. You will immediately be able to know when you had an OBE.  It is that pronounced and different. You know and feel that it is not just a dream.
Many people have zero lucidity of their OBEs and cannot recall anything upon waking up from sleep. This does not mean they did not experience any OBEs. Naturally and spontaneously, everyone has OBEs during their sleep state. It is just that many just don’t remember them.
I have telepathically heard I am an “initiate” which is why I can recall some of my OBEs lucidly.
Lucidity Techniques –  There are many techniques and exercises you can do to increase your lucidity during OBEs. I am not going to get into these. You can research these techniques on your own if you are interested.
I present one, mine, which I share in the next paragraph about the importance of being self-aware in your earthly life to promote OBE lucidity.   I received this tip directly myself, psychically. When you raise your consciousness in your day to day Earthly life that can help to increase your OBE lucidity levels.
I naturally became lucid as a direct offshoot of raising my inner vibration and consciousness level. To put it in very basic terms this is when I became more compassionate, loving and less judgmental and more forgiving. I became a lucid dreamer when I started to grasp the true nature of human existence as evolving, spiritual beings.
Psychic Tip on Increasing OBE Lucidity. Because I am to chronicle my experiences, I am constantly working on increasing my lucidity levels during an OBE. I have gotten better at remembering the details but there is room for much improvement.  In 2016 I received a psychic download in which the message to me was in order to improve my awareness in my OBEs, I need to practice on increasing my awareness in my day-to-day life and become more observant of the details around me. That made sense to condition myself in this way and adopt this type of regimen.
When I remember, I notice details of the environment I am in. I look around at my environment and make note of mundane details. Sometimes, I pretend I am a detective at a crime scene and be that observant.
Multidimensionality (Human) –  OBEs cannot be discussed without the basic, fundamental principal that human beings are naturally multi-dimensional beings and exist on many consciousness or dimensional levels outside the physical dimension of Earth to spiritually evolve toward their Divine Nature.  This make OBEs possible.
This esoteric knowledge has been shared in spiritual and metaphysical studies. In addition, I have channeled messages from Light Beings on this topic which I have shared in other posts on this blog. These levels of consciousness are also known as dimensions and frequencies. These are in addition to our day-to-day, active conscious state.
We have multiple (possibly infinite), parallel existences, including past, present and future lives. Your earthly life is just one of many. It represents but an infinitesimal part of your total cosmic, Divine Being on a soul level.
Humans can be compared in some ways to icebergs. Only a small portion of the totality of your being is consciously seen on the surface. A huge unseen mass, including your subconscious and superconscious, that your Higher Self exists in, is below the surface and much larger than what is viewed.
Your multi-dimensionality allows you to evolve across time and space. Being multi-dimensional, parts of your consciousness without the human body can travel to other dimensional frequencies. A level of your consciousness can also travel to other dimensions in altered states of consciousness like in your sleep, in meditation, in a hypnogogic or hypnopompic state or in moments of stillness and communicate and interact with other dimensional Beings including those in-spirit.
Soul Contract (Life Contract, Spiritual Contract, Soul Mission, Soul Plan, Soul Purpose) – A unique plan for each individual soul, consisting of attaining key learning objectives through soul lessons for each one of its expressions on multiple dimensions. A soul contract is determined pre-incarnation. It is what your soul voluntarily “committed” to accomplish in your Earthly life for its evolution. (I telepathically channeled the previous term in quotes on 8/21/17.)
Before you came into human form, your soul had a specific contract to fulfil on this planet. Therefore, your soul has an enormous, initiating role in deciding and designing what people and life events will be attracted to you in this lifetime for your divine development through the Universal Law of Attraction.
Details of your soul contract includes the time, date and place of birth, the family you are born into and also how long you will live though infrequently there are a few surprises. These are “pre-chosen.” (I telepathically channeled the previous term in quotes on 8/21/17.) It includes what specific key divine attributes you wanted to develop or enhance in order to advance your soul to the next higher level of consciousness.
Why don’t you remember your soul contract? When you are born, the Veil shrouds you. You forget what your soul contracts are for your time on Earth. Contemplating your life through introspection, journaling and meditations can help reveal them. In doing these exercises you are showing to the Universe you are serious and curious to learn about the meaning of your life. The Universe will respond in kind to guide you through your intuition and synchronicities in your life.
Since my spiritual awakening, numerous times, I have telepathically heard, “You made a contract,” a reminder to me to fulfill my obligation. I also heard “You fought to be here, ” another reminder that I volunteered and chose to be on Earth at this time.
Your soul contract is “iron clad.” I heard that telepathically after my spiritual awakening when I wanted to change it because my egoic consciousness was not pleased with it.
See also Veil.
Soul Lessons – Components of your soul contract, which are agreements your soul made prior to your spirit’s incarnation to assist in your soul’s evolution to become a fully expressed Divine Being of Love. They involve specific learnings for you to develop and experience through certain people and life situations. These are magnetized to you through the Universal Law of Attraction. Therefore, events in your life and your relationships are not random. I prefer to use the term soul lessons rather than life lessons because of the deeper meaning associated with it.
Soul lessons occur not only during your Earthly journey and but also on other levels of your concurrent existences in other dimensional planes of existence. The objective of your soul plan is to acquire, develop and/or strengthen key divine traits within you to become an expressed Being of Love.
Like a fingerprint, the lessons you experience are unique. Your Higher Self which has your soul plan knows your soul lessons.
Soul lessons have specific learning objectives and are organized under an overall soul contract. They are based on a myriad of factors including your vibration, soul contract, karma, etc… making it futile to compare your life to another’s or to “compete” with someone else. Lessons are also presented on other dimensional planes of your multiple existences for you to spiritual grow on these planes as well. All encounters, both physical and non-physical, provide you with opportunities for your evolution.
How do you know what you are experiencing is a soul lesson? Everything is a soul lesson, however there is a range of priority as shown by the soul lesson’s intensity. This is done intentionally so the human being will not be overwhelmed  to attain all the divine traits in a singular lifetime. It is the strength of your attraction to, desire of and magnetism toward certain divine traits and the recurrence of significant challenges in your life which are the leading cues that they are indeed, significant for your soul development in this lifetime.
It is in your best interest to learn from your soul lessons on all levels of your existences in alternate dimensions in the most expedient way for your spiritual growth to becoming an expressed Divine Being and to prevent “languishment” (I telepathically  channeled the previous term in quotes on 8/21/17.) Attempt to discern what each new challenging life circumstance may be trying to teach you to accelerate your evolutionary trajectory.
A common principle in the metaphysical field is soul lessons will be presented to you with their intensity and frequency increased over time, if they are ignored or complete learning is not attained. This could get uncomfortable. Once the needed learning has been attained from the lessons, they no longer need to be repeated. Then, it’s onto the next learning! It is a perpetual process.
See also Soul Contract.
Spirit – One of many levels of your consciousness and one aspect of your soul which animates. It is non-physical and exists in another dimensional frequency which many humans cannot discern with their physical senses. There are many different interpretations of this definition. For these purposes it is the eternal force that brings your physical body to life in the Earthly dimension. It is a singular expression in a specific dimensional realm for the purpose of your soul’s spiritual progression. Your Higher Self guides your spirit.
Your physical body is a temporary vessel you chose preincarnation to house your spirit for a short span of time in the realms of material expression. Upon physical death, with a successful transit through the light portal your spirit, guided by non-visible helpers, travels to the Spiritual Realm, to resume additional spiritual education.
My OBE Theory #1 of My Spirit as the Navigator/Human Levels of Consciousness: I will present a theory I have developed over the past eight years of having regular, lucid OBEs that it is your Spirit, another level of your consciousness, that determines the destination point of your OBEs. Humans are multi-dimensional beings and exist on many levels of consciousness. During lucid OBEs and in altered states of consciousness when you are very relaxed, you can experience your other levels of consciousness.
This theory developed when I was pondering to myself why so often I was going to the “lower realms” where I would view crazy, dark, morbid activities and different society mores. I was attempting to figure it out. Then I heard telepathically back more than a few times in response “Your Spirit…”  I interpreted this to mean my Spirit was the driver of my OBE car!
I had an earlier OBE which supported that it is a part of you that determines your OBE destinations.  This OBE was in 2013 or so, when an unfamiliar woman pointed to my chest area when I asked her why I had I had come to her dimension. (Note: In OBEs I am often bumbling about trying to figure what I am supposed to be doing or why I am there.) This message from this woman clearly showed that it was something inside of me calling my OBE travel shots.
The telepathy I received and this OBE is the basis for my theory of your Spirit being the OBE Navigator.  During an altered state of consciousness like sleep, your Spirit can be unleashed and then roams around to have dimensional play and exploration. But when you are lucid, your conscious self is still alert and acting as the witness to all of these unusual adventures. Many times this causing confusion and anxiety to the astral traveler especially when the dimension visited has other rules of conduct, much different from the 3-D Earthly life. I have struggled with this since 2009 and am still learning how to navigate this better, with more ease.  
Another level of consciousness making these types of choices explains why in some OBEs I would never have chosen it consciously. This clearly shows the difference and disconnect between your conscious level and Spirit level. This is not surprising that you are not consciously connected to all the levels of your consciousness.  
To give you another example illustrating this lack of continuity between levels of consciousness: Another area where you are disconnected is from your conscious level and your Higher Self level, which is our divine aspect and of high vibration. Your Higher Self knows everything about you including your soul plan for this incarnation. Many people are totally ignorant of the existence of their Higher Self and yet it is a part of you. In addition, beside your Spirit and your Higher Self, there are two other levels of your consciousness. This includes your waking day-to-day consciousness and your subconscious. Humans are very complex!
My OBE destinations are chosen due to my Spirit, which or who wanted me to experience these for my growth and development and even just to have some fun and joy. Some light workers would judge me and have judged me in the past by saying I had not raised my vibration enough to visit the higher realms and this is probably true. They see it as trolling the dark dimensions.
I have to look at if there is dark, macabre side to myself that takes me to these violent dimensions. But when I go there lucidly, I am in emotional turmoil because I don’t like what I see. Therefore, I have developed the theory that my Spirit likes to experience the spectrum of dimensional landscapes. It likes to go to the “ghettos” and then sometimes to the really nice, exclusive neighborhoods!
My Spirit – The Daredevil
From the numerous wild OBEs I have had since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I feel my spirit is a risk taker and a dimensional explorer of sorts. That is different from the way I am in my day-to-day life where I am more staid and practical. It is not unusual to have different attributes in your many levels of consciousness, vibrating at different frequencies that your conscious self and which you consciously are usually totally clueless about.
I have witnessed unusual goings on before in other OBEs where they have been upsetting to me but not to the people in these other dimensions. The problem is when you are lucid, you still carry all your Earthly fears like I did about her mortal danger so I could not enjoy it totally.
Soul – The totality of all your evolving levels of consciousness across time and space and a divine spark from Source. Your soul is divine by the nature of its design. Your soul is the whole, dynamic in its evolution. There are many different interpretations of this definition.
This very complex concept is defined and used in the following manner: According to the pre-existence theory and New Age concepts and put in very basic terms, your soul is part of the “Godhead,” which creates all souls at the same time. (I directly channeled the previous term in quotes as of this writing on 9/6/17.) At the moment of conception or at some point before birth, a soul is “attached” to a human being to be born. I intuitively resonate with this definition. pre-existence of the soul before birth is also in the Islam religion and Plato believed in it.
Alternative positions on soul creation are traducianism and creationism. They both hold that the individual human soul does not come into existence until conception. Intuitively, this does not feel correct to me.
As part of its drive to experience and evolve, your soul separated from the Godhead to take on multiple expressions in various dimensions, including the Earthly dimension in multiple Universes.
There comes a time when your soul has garnered the knowledge and experience it sought in all of its expressions and is at the furthermost point of its journey of separation from the Godhead. It is now ready to begin the journey of reunion and integration once more back to the Godhead. Your soul will no longer be differentiated. Using an analogy, the water droplet has returned to the vast ocean from whence it came.
A simplistic schematic to aid in the understanding of your soul is it can be thought of as the hub of a wheel with the spokes representing each expression in another dimensional space. Through each expression, your soul evolves in its divinity. Through your spirit, that level of consciousness that resides in a human form, the soul evolves on the Earthly dimension.
Your soul wants to experience through each of its incarnations or expressions to gain greater awareness of its divine self. Therefore, it determines and puts in place a soul contract, a unique plan for each expression, consisting of key learning objectives through soul lessons for each one of its incarnation. It is specially designed. This is done pre-incarnation.
Your soul also wanted to come to Earth to balance its low vibrational egoic karma which was initially created on the Earthly plane and carry out its soul plan to obtain or deepen specific divine attributes, making your incarnation on this planet voluntarily. Earth is the learning simulation to do so, one of many dimensions which your soul grows in.
Therefore, your soul has an enormous, initiating role in deciding what people and life events will be attracted to you in this lifetime for your divine development through the Universal Law of Attraction and the Universal Law of Karma. Your soul contract is not forced on you. As a soul you acquiesce to it.
Your soul wanted to experience life in the physical world of Earth, one of many dimensions it exists on for its evolution. So it incarnated as a distinct spirit, one of many levels of your soul’s consciousness. Spirit is the animating force of your human biological form.
Your soul’s high vibration and the Veil makes it difficult for you on a conscious level to communicate with it. Therefore, your Higher Self serves as the intermediary between your soul and your spirit.
Transporters – This is my self-created term applicable in OBEs. Non-physical beings who physically carry you or put you in a sort of travel vehicle to go to other dimensional realms.
Human Forms & Age Ranges. To date as of this writing on 5/16/18 the transporters that have materialized so I can view their appearance have only been in human form. I have had both male and female transporters ranging in age from like teenager to middle-aged adults.  To date as of this writing on 5/16/18 I have had different transporters since my spiritual awakening in the Spring of 2009. To my awareness, I never had one twice.
Their proficiency levels. In my experiences, they also ranged in proficiency level. One or two had trouble lifting me and flying with me through a wall or window. I felt they were trainees. Overall, 99% of them have been efficient.
Some materialize after being ejected into a dimension where I can see and describe their physical characteristics.  Some do not.
Personality types.  I have the majority estimated 85% of them do not divulge any information upon my asking them like where they are taking.  I have sensed from the same percentage that they find my questions bothersome and are irked by them. It is like they just want to do their jobs and not be bothered or pestered by my questions.
Veil – From metaphysics and spirituality the shroud many human beings are born with that hides our past, parallel (concurrent) and future lives and many levels of our subconscious, including your Higher Self. The Veil is a barrier from the world of the material physical living to other non-physical dimensions including the spiritual realms. Upon birth, the Veil gives you amnesia as to where you came from, what you agreed to do during this lifetime to fulfill your soul contract and clouds your connection to you Higher Self and soul.
The Veil is there for your emotional protection and insulates you as often there are traumas and transgressions you have committed against others in different lifetimes. If you knew you murdered, hurt, assaulted or exploited someone in a past life who is now a family member, friend or coworker, you may harbor extreme guilt, shame or remorse. Or if you knew someone had committed an atrocity against you, your children or other loved ones in a past lifetime or lifetimes, you may feel angry, non-forgiveness, judgement, blame and even vengefulness toward that individual in this lifetime. The Veil protects you from such traumatic recollections.
Also, the Veil is there to emotionally protect you from your multiple soul lessons in your concurrent and future lifetimes. This would be overwhelming to your nervous system with its current biological makeup if you had relationship issues with many spouses, children, coworkers, etc… Having had many lucid OBEs where my parallel lives intersected, I can attest to the confusion and instability it has caused me during the OBEs and upon waking!
As your raise your consciousness as through a spiritual awakening, you may be able to pierce the Veil. The Veil’s higher purpose is serving as a mechanism to learn and dissipate your ego and to overcome the Illusion, including the duality of the world, for your spiritual evolvement to divineness.
See also Higher Self.
Vibration (Frequency) – The oscillation of energy at different rates. Scientifically the number of crests of a wave that move past a given point in a given unit of time.   Because all is energy, everything and everyone, both visible and invisible, in the Earthly dimension and other dimensions constantly vibrates at a certain frequency.  The entire Universe is full of molecular vibrations.
A person, thought, word, action, place, object or a single atom all have a vibration which may be felt usually on subtle or subconscious energy levels by others, including animals. Karma has a vibration as well.
You are affected by the vibrations in you, around you and which you self-created by the quality of your thoughts, words and actions.
Since vibration is an energetic state, it is based on frequency, ranging from low to neutral to high. Egoic thoughts, words and behaviors are low vibrational or low frequency.  Thoughts, words and behaviors aligned with divine attributes are high vibrational or high frequency.
You have a baseline vibration which is mutable. It includes your emotional, mental, physical, psychological and spiritual levels. Vibration can be increased through an expansion of consciousness such as what happens in a spiritual awakening. Your spiritual evolution consists of increasing your vibratory rate toward divine levels.  As you do that, you ascend. The level of your vibration determines the sound tones your human body emits, how much light you radiate and the colors and brilliance of these in your energetic field.
Your vibrational frequency determines what events and people, including soul lessons are magnetized into your energy field for your soul’s evolution during this specific life incarnation. This is done through the Universal Laws of Vibration and Attraction.
In order to communicate with Light Beings, you need to be able to operate on or near their vibration and/or they need to lower their vibration within your range.
Vibratory resonance – Occurs when energetic frequencies are harmonic. This is when you meet someone and instantaneously feel connected to them in a very pleasant, pleasing way. After learning about energy during my awakening, I no longer use the word “hate” but do use the phrase “I do not resonate with them.”
Vibratory dissonance – Occurs when energetic frequencies are disharmonic. This can occur when you meet someone and automatically are turned off by them or are uncomfortable around them. Disease is another form of disharmony in the vibrations of the human body.

OBE Principals

1) Your vibrational level is the key to access dimensions lucidly. It is your overall consistent base vibrational level you have on a conscious level on the 3-D Earthly plane that unlocks the door to many alternate dimensions.  Your vibrational level is determined by the level of your consciousness. This consists of the  vibration of your thoughts, words, actions. Your thoughts make up your attitudes, belief systems and intentions.
2) There are different levels of lucidity you can have in an OBE. This can range from zero to full lucidity. With zero lucidity, you do not remember any of the details of your OBE. Another level is when you are aware in an OBE but cannot control your actions. You remember some of the details of your OBE upon waking.  The highest level is full awareness with total control of your thoughts and actions, and detailed recall upon waking.
Many people have zero lucidity of their OBEs and cannot recall anything upon waking up from sleep.
3) Your Spirit is the OBE Navigator. It is another level of your consciousness different from your day-to-day waking state which determines the destination point of your OBEs. Humans are multi-dimensional beings and exist on many levels of consciousness. During lucid OBEs and other altered states of consciousness when you are very relaxed, you can experience your other levels of consciousness.
Please see above definition of Spirit for more background of your spirit as the OBE navigator.
4) Interaction With or Observation of Dimensional Beings in Other Dimensional Realms.  In these other dimensions, dimensional beings who are often unfamiliar to you on conscious levels but can also be aspects of people who you know in the Earthly dimension are used to help impart the guidance, either directly through their words or indirectly through their activities. In the latter, you then need to gleam the teaching from the OBE.
5) Changing Viewing Perspectives. In an OBE your observation of dimensional human recreation or activity can change to bring certain OBE aspects to your attention. Examples of this include:
– The view changing from being within a few feet to panning out to view the entire OBE scene
– The view changing to an aerial view from one that is closer
This especially occurs in OBEs where your consciousness jump. Please see above definition for this. A part of your consciousness may be in another Dimensional’s being for a good part of the OBE and then all of a sudden, it jumps out and now you can view the form you temporarily inhabited. I have experienced this a few times. The most recent one being in the 1st quarter of 2018.
Please see below blog post for an example of when I experienced changing views during an OBE:

Aspects of an OBE

1) Impingement of Your Earthly thoughts, attitudes and belief systems – These can affect you when you are lucid in OBEs. Many times this can cause you stress, distress and other emotional imbalances during the OBE.   Things occurs when you attempt to balance the goings on a in a different, distinctive dimension using the thought system of the Earthly world because you are lucid.
I shared an example of this in the following blog post:
2) OBEs scene may be repeated twice –  It is almost like a replay. My theory is this happens as a subconscious mechanism if you are not engaging or interacting in the way you should be, higher vibrational. Or it is an opportunity for you to make another different choice in the OBE scene.  So it is shown to you twice so you can make the appropriate decision the second time.
I shared an example of this in the following blog post:

OBE Techniques

There are techniques that you can apply on the Earthly dimension which can help you learn how to exit one level of your consciousness from your physical body, attain greater control of your OBE destinations and return your consciousness to your physical body at the end of an OBE. I am not going to get into them here. You can research these yourself on the internet. I have not had much success with these techniques though I didn’t apply them regularly or consistently as I should have.
I share one, mine, below, the TEET technique.
Ultimately, I leave it up to my Spirit to determine where I should go in my OBEs. I feel it knows best what is for my highest good and is somehow connected to my Higher Self and my soul plan.  I don’t feel the urge to control where I visit in an OBE.
My TEET Technique
I have shared one technique to initiate an OBE which I called  TEET (The Third Eye Exit Technique) which I spontaneously developed and have learned to refine over the past nine years. Please refer to my earlier blog posts on this subject for a detailed description of this like at below link:
http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/10817-obethird-eye-exit-technique-wfull-blown-stereo-sound/below link:


1) OBEs as dimensional learning platforms for your soul lessons and/or validation to what you are doing or will be doing on the Earthly plane. You can get your soul lessons in OBEs as I do often. The Universe never misses an opportunity for soul expansion. It is efficient and will use whatever means including OBEs to help you learn. Important timely guidance and affirmation for your Earthly life may be imparted.  Your Spirit may intentionally take you to another dimensional realm to learn what important attributes you need to develop to project out into the world at this specific time juncture.
Because the Universe is so creative and unconventional with its infinite organizing power, it is important to do a traditional psychological interpretation of any OBE you experience, besides taking it at face value. There may be important symbology embedded within it you can use almost immediately to help you in your Earthly life. Don’t ignore this valuable modality of guidance.
How do you know what you are experiencing is a soul lesson? Everything is a soul lesson, however there is a range of priority as shown by the soul lesson’s intensity. This is done intentionally so the human being will not be overwhelmed in their lifetime to have to attain all the divine traits in a singular lifetime. It is the strength of your attraction to, desire of and magnetism toward certain divine traits and the recurrence of significant challenges in your life which are the leading cues that they are indeed, significant for your soul development in this lifetime.
I prefer this way of contemplating my OBES when I lucidly experienced them to access key information for myself instead of going to a psychic reader because many readers are not authentic. Some are motivated solely by a profit motive.  In addition, their guidance to you may be muddled by their egoic perceptions. I state this after offering such psychic services for a few years but which I no longer do as of 5/17.
Please see below blog post for an example of an OBE I had for my soul learning:
2) OBEs as dimensional platforms to receive reassurance. This can be for some upcoming event you may be having or attending or in regard to a problem you are having on the Earthly plane. By what you witness and/or the nature of your interaction in this OBE  will help to relieve any anxiety or worry you have been carrying about it.
b) Mystical OBEs. One type of OBE category within this is the mystical OBE where unusual people, animals or even toys impart spiritual knowledge to you for guidance or validation. I love these kinds of OBEs! They are so magical. I have had OBEs with fairies, witches, warlocks, animated toys, dolphins, talking animals, light bands, beautiful light mists, etc.. For example about four years ago, I had an OBE during my sleep state where a dolphin morphed into what appeared to be a “good female witch” who told me I had a very special marriage.
In Jan 2018 I had another mystical OBE from my sleep state where a giant tree gave me a hug. It was so beautiful! And the flowers were all turning toward me, to acknowledge me. I knew it was validation from Mother Earth for appreciating and respecting her and being an activist on her behalf.
2) OBEs for adventure, fun, joy and recreation. I love these kind of OBEs! Isn’t this why people spend money and take vacations on Earth, to see beautiful landscapes and experience different cultures?  This explains the tourism industry.  In some types of OBEs, you can have  non-Earth dimensional adventures. On the earthly plane, human beings love to take vacations as a break and reprieve from day to day mundane life. The same occurs when you are in altered state of consciousness, whether it be during a deep meditation or during your sleep state. You want to experience some fun and joy. You can have some OBEs that  illustrate this perfectly.
For some, these are the same intentions than an astral traveler has. Many times, in these other dimensions the landscapes are extraordinary with amazing, brilliant colors. These kind of travels are very special!
3) OBEs to show the breadth of  dimensional landscapes and myriad of existences including unusual technology and/or human, animal or plant species, different mores and ethics, not like the Earthly 3-D plane to expand your consciousness.  Well-travelled people are usually more cosmopolitan, open-minded, well-rounded, accepting, tolerant, less fearful.  These are high vibrational traits of divine nature which we all should aspire toward.  If you have attained some level of these attributes, wonderful! Lucid OBEs will help to deepen these even more.
Includes visiting dimensional ghettos.  The breadth of your travels to other dimensional spectrums may include seeing dimensional “ghettos. ” You may not only travel to nice, exclusive dimensional neighborhoods and cities but the seedy areas as well. Again this makes you more of Universal traveler. I have had many experiences of travelling to cities and areas with unusual,  sinister aspects. I have learned about the reality of such dark dimensional existences. It has made me more savvy and knowledgeable about such planes.
With this type of OBE, you can have the following two statuses:
a) Being a viewer only in the OBE. There is a distinct type of OBE where your role is only as a viewer. You do not participant in the OBE activities.  During this type of OBE, your observation of dimensional human recreation or activity is  very intentional and evidenced by the changing  perspectives so you can view properly the goings on. For example in the OBE, you may be just a few feet away from a dimensional being, then your view shifts to span out and now you have an aerial view to encompass the entire surroundings.
The other dimensional beings in the OBE may or may not know you are there, watching.
Additional Explanatory Note:
In March 2018 and on 4/6/18 after contemplating an OBE I just had where I was shown some aspects of a man’s life who was in prison but had been a pharmacist prior, I heard telepathically in my thought voice I am voyeur! That level of my consciousness know as my Spirit, which is different from my day-to-day consciousness, is a voyeur! Wow! I Googled the definition of this word and found the following definition, which I would say was low vibrational.
From Wikipedia:”Voyeurism is the sexual interest in or practice of spying on people engaged in intimate behaviors, such as undressing, sexual activity, or other actions usually considered to be of a private nature.”

I admit I am intrigued by the use of this word. Up until this point during my OBEs, I am often viewing the personal or private nature of a dimensional being’s life and the majority of the time it has nothing to with sexual activity. I will need to ponder this some more and see what else the Universe sends my psychically on this.
I was under the impression my Spirit had “permissions” and “proper accesses” to do these type of viewings of other people’s lives during my OBEs. But with receiving the term “voyeur” psychically,  maybe it doesn’t. Hmmm… Maybe I need to have a telepathic conversation with my Spirit. It will probably be one-sided with me doing all the talking because trying to communicate with another level of your consciousness like your Spirit is not easy due to the Veil and differences in frequency.

4) OBEs with a dimensional host family. You may spend some time, hours or overnights with an unfamiliar family. It is like a visit where a gracious family has allowed you into their home. It is similar to a student exchange program where a family hosts a foreign student. But in this scenario the family hosts an astral traveler. This has happened to me a few times in OBEs.
You may or may not necessarily experience or unusual unique dimensional aspects and the existences and lifestyle you view may be very similar to the Earthly plane. It is a more of a mundane OBE.  Nevertheless, I cherish and appreciate these type of OBEs because I am always touched by the generosity of these other dimensional families to open up their homes to me.
5) OBEs to connect with loved-ones in-spirit. Because we are eternal consciousnesses, our life continues on after physical passing. Our lives continues on after death. This is when one part of a one’s consciousness transitions to the afterlife without their physical shell.  During an OBE, you may be able to reconnect with them on another dimensional platform.  These types of OBEs can happen naturally or be initiated. This is when one intentionally holds the focus before sleep to connect with a specific relative  or loved one in-spirit in an OBE.
I have had many OBEs where I saw or interacted with loved ones in-spirit. These are always amazing experiences and shows how magnificent the Universe is in its design and inner workings.
With intentionality. To date, I have not initiated this type of OBE to intentionally connect with those on the other side. I have read you can do this and I believe this is possible. In all honesty, I like to let my loved ones rest in peace and continue their journey on the other side and not bother or intrude on them. I am doing AOK on my life journey here on Earth without having to go to them for counsel. I figure if they want to reach out to me, they know how to find me. I will welcome that engagement when they are ready and make the first overture!
Some OBEs of this type I have had:
– OBE on 4/6/18 when I saw my Turkish Uncle in-spirit, for the first time.  I blogged about this OBE.
6) OBEs to experience your concurrent lives. As a multi-dimensional being you exist on many, possible infinite existences in “alternate Universes” for your soul’s expansion. ( I telepathically channeled the preceding term in quotes in March 2018 and earlier.)
7) OBES to view your or another person’s doppelganger.  As stated earlier we have many levels of consciousness that exist on other non-physical dimensional realms. There are many facets of us that we are not aware or conscious of.  To date I have experienced the viewing of my other existences once, that of my husband’s one and most recently of my daughter’s.
I) I viewed my daughter’s  doppelganger  only one time since my spiritual awakening in 2009. I experienced this is in an OBE on 4/9/17 when I saw my daughter’s twin. They were standing next to each other by a corner in a room. My daughter was about five years old, much younger than she is on the Earthly plane now where she is an adult.
I looked over to the corner of the room to see my daughter’s twin. They were the same height and identical characteristic except the twin had another unusual hairstyle cut in a bob with bangs that went off to the side of her head. She also had on a black and white dress. It looked like she was from another era.
She only stayed for a second then she went through the corner of the wall and disappeared. I asked my daughter if she saw her twin but don’t recall the response.
ii) I viewed my husband’s doppelganger  only one time since my awakening. It was in an OBE in Connecticut during the summer of 2017. I became lucid during my sleep state at night to find myself still laying in my bed. It was dark in the restroom. Then a more slender version of my husband with very fair skin almost skeleton white came within a few feet of me. He looked different from my husband but he had the essence of my husband. I made a comment to him like what was he doing there as he was on business travel on the Earthly plane.
This alternate version of my husband said he was the “bad” part of my husband. Then he disappeared. I was glad he didn’t do anything bad or mean to me during this OBE.
iii) I viewed my own doppelganger one time since my awakening. It was few years ago, maybe 2013 or so.  I became lucid during my sleep state at night to find myself sitting on my bed.  Across from me sitting was my twin. She looked exactly as I did. I stayed calm as I have been training myself not to freak out and overact during unusual OBEs. I attempted to make some small talk to her. I don’t recall how she responded. I didn’t chronicle it at the time and am recalling it now from memory only.
8) OBEs for consciousness jumping (being a guest in another dimensional being’s body for your soul’s evolution.) You can hitchhike into another dimensional being’s consciousness (the host) as another way to experience growth and learning for your soul’s evolution. This is NOT experiencing a concurrent life.  You are a “guest.”  That is an appropriate term to be used to describe this scenario and implies no intrusiveness or aspect of invasion to the dimensional host body. It also implies being invited in. You are simply stepping into their shoes for a short period of time.
In the OBE, you experience a part of another dimensional being’s life.  This being usually looks nothing like you and has different personality characteristics than you do. Sometimes, you feel emotional conflict and agita because you are lucid and still carrying your Earthly consciousnesses including current relationships around. You may not know you are a consciousness hitchhiker or guest till the end of the OBE where it is revealed in a sort of surprise ending. This has been the case for me on numerous occasions since 2009.
When the viewing perspective of the OBE changes and you “jump” out of that dimensional being to view it from the outside, you may see the physical appearance of the physical body you inhabited. Every time I have found it quite surprising when at the end of the OBE I realize it was not my unique experience but that I was allowed to be a guest in someone else’s consciousness. Wow!
This is exactly what I experienced during an OBE in my sleep state on 2/21/18 which I have not blogged about but chronicled in my private log. I was inhabiting the form of a young woman in her twenties who was a little zany, a creative director and let us say not so emotionally mature and a little fickle in romantic relationships.  In this OBE I was uncomfortable because I was lucid enough to know I was married to my husband on the Earthly plane and at the same I was having a romance with another man in the OBE.  I did not know I was a consciousness hitchhiker till the end of the OBE when the viewing perspective changed and I “jumped” out of that dimensional being to view it from the outside.


Please know I am the only editor of this post so excuse any grammatical errors. Because I gift this, I do not pay anyone to help me with the editing. Also, most of the time I just want to get this knowledge posted and out to the public so I only do a few edit passes.  I know getting the information out timely is important and my etheric Guides do not want me to spend excessive time and effort being a editing perfectionist. Thank-you for your understanding in this!
Copyright © Katibe Simmone. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material, including excerpts as long as you do not alter it in any way, and the content remains accurate, is distributed freely, and you include this copyright notice and link: http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/ .
I am an advanced channeler of Light Beings.  I provide guidance from many different Light Beings and shares their wisdom on my Facebook, blog, videos and in my free eBook.  I am unique in that I channel these Beings word for word through telepathic means.  They act as high level guides and teachers to help you on your life journey. I had a spiritual awakening in 2009.  I realized I was a spiritual being in a physical body for my highest spiritual evolution.  Because of this increased level of consciousness,  my psychic centers and specific chakras like my Third Eye and Crown Chakra were activated.  I developed heightened extrasensory perceptions such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and the ability to receive some information telepathically. Telepathy is a form of clairaudience.
My dream time also changed dramatically.  I  became a lucid dreamer as a result and have blogged about and shared videos of some of my more extraordinary OBEs.
I heard telepathically to teach what I know. I founded Soul Evolution Center in February 2013 to help you evolve into your best life.  I am a published author, speaker and workshop facilitator in various spiritual and metaphysical topics.  I offer many developmental workshops and certifications that can be customized in private, small or large groups by webinar, Skype and teleconference. Learn more about me here.
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