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I created this post to provide arcane, supplementary information, which is not readily available, about the human Third Eye chakra. I find the topic of what see through it fascinating.   I categorize the ability to see images and visions in your Third Eye as a form of clairvoyancethe psychic sense of seeing different than and to supplement the sight from your physical eyes. I refer to the area of the Third Eye as the “Third Eye scape” to denote an extensive view, scene, picture or a non-physical dimensional reality.
I have found the subject of what you can see in or through your Third Eye is not readily discussed in detail or known about that.  Therefore, as part of my duty to be of service and as I telepathically heard many times to chronicle my experiences and share what I know, I have compiled much of below based on my first hand accounts.
In this post, I explain the following:

  • Generally, my relevant background
  • What the Third Eye chakra is
  • The location in the mind of the clairvoyant images
  • Dispute the concept of “sleep hallucinations” as held by the current medical and scientific fields
  • The type of images I have seen in my Third Eye
  • A step by step process I developed which I call the Third Eye Scape exercise to help you achieve such results as well

In addition, throughout this blog post, I note what information I received telepathically to supplement these writings. I have also added helpful links for further information.
How I Came to Write This Post
Because of my spiritual awakening in 2009, I developed new activity in my Third Eye.  It was then I understood the True Nature of humans as spiritual, eternal, energetic, multidimensional, Divine Beings in human form having this Earthly incarnation for our highest evolution.
This shift in perception and increased awareness activated my upper chakras, including my Third Eye Chakra. I developed heightened extrasensory perceptions including clairvoyance, which is associated with your Third Eye, and telepathy. Both clairvoyance and telepathy are psychic senses: clairvoyance is the psychic sense of seeing beyond the physical sensory eyes and telepathy is a form of clairaudience, the psychic sense of hearing beyond the physical sensory ears.
Therefore, my expanded consciousness through my awakening and activation of my Third Eye also marked the advent of many lucid, spontaneous out-of-body experiences (OBEs) to other dimensional realities. My dream time changed entirely.
(Note: To learn more about my background, please also see the end of this post.)
Following in this post, I share the extraordinary occult information about visions and images occurring in your Third Eye.  I have shared other blog posts on these topics as well. When you have time and if you are interested, please peruse these.
About The Writing of this Blog Post
It took me about two months to write this. I wrote the bulk of it and kept it as a draft. Then I would add to it over time when I experienced something relevant and worthwhile in my Third Eye.  On 12/27/17 I finally wrapped it up and published it when I was feeling especially energetic and wired as I share below.
I added to this post after its initial publication on 12/27/17 as I experienced other new Third Eye scapes. You can note my additions by the dates.  I would like to have this post serve as a repository of ongoing research and experiential information on my Third Eye scapes.
I am immensely glad to have completed this substantial worthwhile piece. It took quite a few hours, forty three hours plus including the research. It was an undertaking and one that was on my mind for years since my spiritual awakening when the activity in my Third Eye began.  This prodigious effort may not be obvious to some but to those who write, it is indeed a challenge to present such a topic in an easily understood way and to lead the reader along.
When I work in this way and create a writing piece for the sole (soul) purpose to help others by providing unique knowledge of our divine nature,  I feel I am in direct alignment with my soul purpose during this incarnation. I feel the whole Universe applauds when I do this. I recognize the import of my unique contribution.  Amen!
Now, enough background on the writing of this post, back to the subject of this post!
Import of Your Third Eye
Learning about your Third Eye is important. Knowledge of it and its correct, direct application and use serves as the basis for many vital functions including the strengthening of your intuition, heightening of your psychic senses and the ability to observe and interact in other dimensions and have lucid OBEs.
My Third Eye Theories
Know that I present my suppositions on the Third Eye below based on my direct experiences, intuition, telepathy I receive, learned knowledge of metaphysics and spirituality through reading, including Internet research and classes. Because this is an emerging field and due to its intangible nature, there is very little supporting scientific evidence to corroborate what I share. Our current technology is not developed enough to have devices to measure and track Third Eye activity. I feel in the future this will change as humans advance.
About the Third Eye Chakra
The Third Eye chakra is one of your  7 major chakras, which are vital energetic structures of the human energetic anatomy. It is located in your mid-eyebrow, very close to your two physical eyes. That is why it is called your Third Eye!  Your pineal gland is the physical association of this chakra.
As one of its functions, your Third Eye allows you access to other dimensions of perception. “It is another viewing portal.” ( On 7/6/18 I channeled the preceding term in quotes.)  Seeing visions and images in your Third Eye is a form of clairvoyance, the psychic sense of seeing.
The all-seeing, never closing eye, the symbol for the Third Eye, is one of the most powerful symbols.  (This symbol is shown on the image for this post.) It is known as a symbol of spiritual awakening and truth and a portal to other non-physical dimensions. Many ancient civilizations including Egyptian, Hinduism and Buddhism have utilized it.
During the healthy functioning of your Third Eye chakra when it is open, flowing and aligned in your mid eyebrow, you can consciously straddle alternate realms of reality when you look through it. When you are looking through your Third Eye with your eyes closed, you can view other dimensional scenes and actually interact with other dimensional beings in these scenes. In addition, working with your Third Eye chakra enhances your powers of intuition, a wonderful and powerful benefit.
Often the viewing of these dimensions is possible during altered states of consciousness of deep relaxation when your eyes are closed, like right before sleep (the hypnagogic state), in your sleep state, immediately upon waking up (the hypnopompic state) or in meditation, like it has been for me.  Your relaxed physical body is in the 3-D plane of Earth but another level of your consciousness is transiting and viewing other realities that exist simultaneously with ours.  These non-physical dimensions realms exist on other frequencies not readily perceptible to most human beings unless they have developed psychic abilities.
Here is more on the Third Eye from the weblink: http://www.aditattva.com/third-eye-chakra-symbol/#comment-266)
“…It is the doorway through which the individual enters the astral and psychic dimension of consciousness. …Consciousness that is centered at the third eye chakra involves introspection or the ability to see within… This concept of refined vision is associated with the chakra and considered a faculty to acquire higher intuitive and refined knowledge.”
For more detailed historical references on the Third Eye, including various images of it throughout the world, please see this link (Ignore the conspiracy theory aspect of it if you like, which is what I did. I shared this link only because the rest of the write up is very thorough on the Third Eye) : http://consciousreporter.com/conspiracy-against-consciousness/corruption-sacred-symbols-all-seeing-eye/
Technology for Measuring Human Energetic Structures
Your Third Eye, like all of your energetic structures, exists on higher frequencies, not perceptible by most human senses. This is why many humans are not aware of their chakras.  Technology has not developed the appropriate sensitive devices to measure your energetic structures accurately.  These types of technical equipment are still being researched and under development. However, there are some devices that can measure your chakras indirectly, like the GDV camera.
The GDV camera works through Kirlian photography. My spouse and I own a GDV camera and have done many GDV scans to assess people’s chakras and energetic field. I am not going to get into the details of this in this post. You can research the GDV camera on your own or reference this link: http://gdvcamera.com/.  I did want to bring the existence of such equipment to your attention.
During the healthy functioning of your Third Eye chakra, you can consciously straddle alternate realms of reality when you look through it. You can  view other dimensional scenes  and actually interact with other dimensional beings. In addition, working with your Third Eye chakra enhances your powers of intuition, a wonderful and powerful benefit.
I share this extraordinary, technical occult information about visions and images occurring in your Third Eye, specifically when your physical eyes are closed and you are in a relaxed or altered state of consciousness.  I refer to this area of the Third Eye as the “Third Eye scape” to denote an extensive view, scene, picture or an non-physical dimensional reality.
(Note: For purposes of this post, the terms Third Eye Chakra and Third Eye are used interchangeably. Also, viewing your Third Eye at times is explained as viewing through your Third Eye. These are interchangeable. )
Physical Eyes vs. Third Eye -Location of Clairvoyant Images in Your Head
(Note: I am getting a little technical here but I feel it is important to make these differentiations as part of understanding the Third Eye. To date, I have not come across this type of detail about the Third Eye. I have thought about the following a lot because I teach workshops and wanted to be able to explain to the participants the nuances of different types of images you may receive.  Perhaps, I am the messenger to share this unique knowledge at this time.)
To date, I have NEVER received a Third Eye image right in front of my eyes when my eyes were open, only when they were shut. I feel it is almost impossible for me to do this because my physical eyes are engaged and there is so much physical stimuli to view. Open eyes block the possibility of being aware of Third Eye activity in front of the eyes.  But know you can still receive clairvoyant images from other areas of your head, which may not be directly in front of your Third Eye, as I have done.
When my eyes are open and a clairvoyant image pops into my mind, it comes in from the central part, top of my head, not in front of my physical eyes or my mid eyebrow where the Third Eye chakra is located. I noticed this many times when I am talking to a person, a client or even thinking to myself with my eyes open, I may receive a clairvoyant image to help me understand something in the moment or relay it to someone.
The Third Eye Space
In metaphysics the Third Eye is known as that area between your eyebrows, the mid-eyebrow.  From my experiences I have come to learn that the Third Eye is actually broader than that. It is the entire space in front of your physical eyes with your eyes closed.  That area is like a TV screen on which various forms can appear, moving or still,  when your focus on what is in directly of the front of your eyes with your eyes closed.  You cannot watch TV if your eyes are not on it. This is exactly what you need to do to see activity in your Third Eye. You need to keep your eyes directly ahead with your eyes closed. Sounds strange, I know! With practice, you get very used to it, like I did.
Third Eye Scape vs a Memory
I want to make this clear differentiation that a Third Eye scape is different than a memory. I have noticed when a memory pops into my mind it comes INTO my head from another area, from the central top area of my head. It does NOT appear in front of my eyes like a Third Eye scape.
An Exercise For You
Try this exercise. See if you can notice when you have a thought, what part of your head it emanates from versus from which area a memory originates. Then do this also when you start practicing the Third Eye scape exercise, which I outline below, when you see activity in the front of your eyes with your eyes closed.
I have spent some time explaining from where a Third Eye image can originate because I wanted to make sure you understand the differentiation from a memory or a thought.
The Type of Third Eye Scapes
The range, type and manner of presentation of Third Eye activity is unlimited. What I have done in this post is included as many specifics as I could recall from my personal experiences to give you some scope and understanding.  I have including the different forms I have seen and how what I saw changed over a period of minutes of viewing through my Third Eye. The images I have seen include light shapes, light mists, geometric type patterns, people, animals, plants, crystals, numbers, objects, symbols, landscapes and portals (wormholes). I have also added the specific colors, shapes, sizes and frequency of occurrences of these Third Eye forms.
Sleep Hallucination Theory -Images & Visions Are Just a Review of Our Day 
Every night before bed as I get ready to sleep, I see images and visions in my Third Eye with my eyes closed. In doing some light research on this topic of images before sleep on the Internet, I found the psychology field calls this seeing of images right before sleep or immediately upon waking as “sleep hallucinations.”  (One  web source: http://neurology.health-cares.net/hypnagogic-hallucination.php). It is your brain processing and reviewing of information from your day’s activities.
I am thankful there is some information on the Internet available about this phenomena though I feel it has been mischaracterized by the medical and science field. I hope to make a correction through this blog post.
To me, this is an incorrect assumption. From my personal experiences, the majority of what I see in my Third Eye is unfamiliar to me so how can it be a review? 100% of the time the people in my Third Eye are strangers. Also, 100% of the time the landscapes I see in my Third Eye are also unfamiliar. How can these Third Eye scapes be a review of what we experienced that day then and be called sleep hallucinations?
From time to time infrequently, I may receive an image as I share below of something I have seen earlier that day. For example, one time I saw a squirrel in my Third Eye during my hypnagogic state.  Earlier that day I had seen a squirrel in my yard and noticed it. Another time, I saw a pink flowering tree in my Third Eye my hypnagogic state. Earlier that day I had taken photos of that tree on a walk around the neighborhood. Some psychologists may call this a review of my day. But I intuitively feel these were actually some sort of telepathic communications from the squirrel and the tree to me.  These type of Third Eye images in my hypnagogic state which are familiar from the day are  unusual occurrences for me. 95% of the time, the images and scenes I see in my Third Eye in my hypnagogic and hypnopompic states are unfamiliar.
If this sleep hallucination theory that what you seen in your Third Eye before sleep  is just a rehash of your day, why am I not receiving a series of familiar objects, people and places that I engaged with during the day? I have direct experience which disputes that. Because I have been cultivating the practice of being aware of what is in my Third Eye with my eyes closed in altered states of consciousness since 2009, I feel very confident in my premise that these are NOT sleep hallucinations.
My Dispution of Sleep Hallucinations Theory
Therefore, I don’t agree with use of the term “sleep hallucination” in this application or that the human brain is reviewing its days activities before sleep and immediately upon waking up based on my numerous direct experiences. I feel what you see in your Third Eye before sleep are not hallucinations but real.  I feel strongly that in this altered state of consciousness when you are deeply relaxed, one aspect of one’s consciousness is free to roam, unhindered by the human ego, including fear.
We are actually able to tune into other subtle dimensional frequencies or realities. In these other dimensions, we can view people who exist here in alternate landscapes. Wow! This gives credence to my own theory I have been developing about our multi-dimensional nature, which many religions and metaphysical studies have known for centuries.
Meanings of Third Eye Scapes
I felt guided to point out to you it is a good exercise to attempt to correlate or associate what you see in your Third Eye scape to your third dimensional (3-D) earthly life.  I do attempt to do that as I share below in some of my examples. Sometimes, I am able to make a connection to my day-to-day life at the time and sometimes it is just a plain mystery.  Perhaps, when I raise my consciousnesses even higher, more answers will come to light. Till then, I continue to ask the Universe for guidance on these images and visions I see and then detach from the result if I don’t receive knowledge consciously for my self-illumination.
Uniqueness of Third Eye Scapes
From the metaphysical classes I have attended since 2009, I have learned from other participants  their Third Eye scapes are not exactly like mine. So please, know that what I share below about my Third Eye activity may be unique to me but that is the only context I have. I present mine so you may have some familiarity with it.  Please comment to share your own unique Third Eye scapes in detail so we may all learn together. Thank-you.
Enjoy! I hope you find this write up as interesting as I do. I hope it helps you to understand how complex we are as energetic spiritual beings in human form during this Earthly incarnation.
Katibe (Katy) Simmone
* Life Wisdom from Beyond * Founder of SoulEvolutionCenter.com
* Author* Speaker * Workshop Facilitator * Soul Evolution Coaching* Advanced Channeler of Light Beings
Copyright © Katibe Simmone. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material, including excerpts as long as you do not alter it in any way, and the content remains accurate, is distributed freely or commercially, and you include this copyright notice and link: http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/
I believe we are meant to share what we learn freely so that we can all grow and expand on each other’s efforts in a collaboration. Amen! Imagine if the entire world did that. Imagine if the pharmaceutical companies shared their drugs to those in need instead of making a profit.
See the end of this post for more information about me.
Following is some important basic, explanatory information as background before I get into the content of this post:
What is Your Third Eye?
This is only a general rudimentary description as detailed books have been written on the chakras. Your Third Eye chakra is an important major chakra, one of seven using seven major chakra system. It is located in the space between your eyebrows. It has a front and a back and vibrates to the colors indigo, violet and white. It is considered a higher or upper chakra. It is the seat of your clairvoyance, intuition and insight. It is often called your mind’s eye.  You can think of your Third Eye as a sort of presentation screen or a screen saver. Telepathically, I have heard it called many times “my camera” and “zoom lens.”
The use of your Third Eye is a normal function for humans. It has been gifted to us and not only is part of our energetic anatomy but also in our biology and DNA. It is an invaluable resource and can help us to navigate through our life and challenges with foresight, understanding and acceptance. As you raise your consciousness, your Third Eye grows in power.
It is important that your Third Eye be healthy, positioned in the center of your eyebrows and energy flows strongly and unobstructed in and out of it.  The Third Eye can be vitalized,  balanced and centered through various energetic techniques, including color work, specific musical notes, visualization, etc… The Third Eye is associated with the physical human organ, the pineal gland, which is located in the center of your brain.
Your Third Eye can be blocked or under active due to a variety of reasons including fear of using your gifts, compulsive lying and trauma from a past lifetime(s) associated when you used your clairvoyance. For example,  if you practiced witchcraft in a past lifetime or lifetimes and were ostracized and punished for it, in this lifetime you may have some fear or reluctance to use your Third Eye.
Sometimes, a Third Eye blockage can result in physical ailments such as migraines, headaches, etc…Hence, this illustrates the importance of daily energy work to vitalize, balance and align all of your major chakras, not just your Third Eye. It should be a part of your daily energetic hygiene.
All of your chakras work together. Therefore, it is important to work not only your Third Eye chakra but all of your major chakras, which include your three lower chakras and your four upper chakras. I encourage you to learn more about these important human energetic structures. There is a lot of free, readily available information on the Internet on this topic.
What is Clairvoyance?
Clairvoyance is one of your six psychic senses. “Clair” is the French word for clear and this word literally interpreted means “clear seeing.”  It is mapped to your  physical sense of seeing.  When you are clairvoyant, you may actually see things with your physical eyes in the space around you that others around you do not see. These can be light forms such as orbs or sparks, apparitions, etc… Or you may see things in your mind’s eye, with your eyes open or closed.
Third Eye Scapes-Stimulating Clairvoyance
When you are in an altered state of consciousness and very relaxed like in a deep meditation or right before sleep (the hypnogogic state), during or immediately after sleep (the hypnopompic state), practice looking through your Third Eye (of course, with your eyes closed).  There is activity in your Third Eye when you are in these altered states, when you have quieted your mind and are free from physical stimuli that you don’t normally experience, when you just close your eyes for a second quickly from the active, waking state.
This state of consciousness is a delicate balance between being awake and asleep. The technique is very similar to the one used to initiate lucid out-of body experiences (OBEs). The OBE principle “Mind awake, body asleep” can also be employed with the Third Eye scape exercise; However, I have found in my experiences, it is not necessary to be in as deep of an altered state of consciousness as needed for an OBE with recall.
Over the past eight years since my spiritual awakening, I have learned to hold and maintain this altered state of consciousness before sleep. Admittedly, when I am very tired, I just plumb go to sleep and don’t do the Third Eye scape exercise.
This practice of becoming aware of your Third Eye activity with your eyes closed will help strengthen and increase its powers. Do you not want stronger intuitive skills?
It is interesting to note that all my life up until my spiritual awakening in 2009, I never noticed what I saw with my eyes closed.  I feel many people are like that. It is something we are not taught about to focus on or be aware of.  Most of us have not heard from our parents since we were little when preparing for night time sleep: “Now, brush your teeth, wash your face and then remember to look through your Third Eye. ”
After my spiritual awakening, all this changed and I became more aware of this vital space. I share what I have learned with you as I have been guided to.
Step by Step Third Eye Scape Exercise
Using my intuition and supporting experiences, I developed an exercise, consisting of a series of steps to stimulate your Third Eye. When looking at/through your Third Eye with your eyes closed, do the following exercise:
1) Be in a relaxed quiet dimly lit environment free from physical stimuli and in which you will not be interrupted and in a comfortable temperature. If you like wearing an eye mask, do so. Personally, I do not do this as I want to be able to train myself to be able to get into a relaxed state without the use of excessive paraphernalia. However, do what you feel is best.
Use soft music if you like to relax you. I personally like natural quietness. I love Spa and New Age music and listen to it throughout the day as I work from home. But when I am doing meditative- like exercises, I find background music distracting even at low volume levels. That is just me. You may be different.
2) Keep a journal and pen close to you to jot down your observances at the end.  Or you can use a voice recorder or a smart-phone’s note function for recording. Please note. If you sleep with a partner, it may be disruptive to speak into a recorder in the middle of the night.
3) Be physically comfortable. Adjust the room temperature to one that is comfortable for you. Usually cooler temps are more conducive to promote a good nights sleep and so these type of setting  may be better for this Third Eye scape exercise.
Do what you have to do to become more easily physically relaxed. Wear comfortable loose, breathable clothing. Take off any uncomfortable footwear. Feel good in your own body.  Scan your body and take measures to correct any cues of physical discomfort. You do this by tuning into your body awareness.  By the way this is a great exercise to do regularly to create a channel with your body consciousness. I do this consistently. It has helped me tremendously in becoming sensitive to my body’s needs and to make correcting adjustments as necessary.
I have found when I am slightly sore from exercising, I can relax more quickly. Be careful not to be over sore as this causes overtiredness which may just put you right to sleep!
For this Third Eye scape exercise avoid engaging in any activities like overeating or being hungry or thirsty before or during the session.  These will only distract you and keep you from relaxing. And avoid being over tired as you may go right to sleep once you shut your eyes if it is an extended time!
4) Find a comfortable position. I have found laying flat on my back with a pillow under my knees with two to three bed pillows under my head the most comfortable.  This is the most optimal position to have a lucid OBE as well.
When you lay on your side after some time it puts too much pressure on the shoulder and arm you are laying on. Then you may need to change your position shortly thereafter, disturbing your relaxed state.
5) Allow yourself enough time, at least 5 minutes, preferably more, to look through your Third Eye and get into a relaxed state. This is why doing this exercise right before sleep (the hypnogogic state), during or immediately after sleep upon waking (the hypnopompic state) is very efficient. You are already relaxed.
These are the primary two times I use to view my Third Eye scape as it seems to be a very fertile time for me. During these times, I have a higher percentage chance of seeing unusual vivid activity in my Third Eye that I usually don’t receive otherwise. For this reason, I recommend you do the same to increase your chances with less effort on your part to get relaxed.
Wake up five to 10 minutes earlier in the morning or go to bed a short time before you normally do. Just know, if you are over tired and practice this exercise before sleep you may just nod right off and miss your Third Eye activity!
6) During this exercise, continue to stay relaxed and focused on your Third Eye area. It is very easy to get distracted and find your gaze drifting away. If this happens, just bring it back again to your Third Eye with gentleness.
Don’t be hard on yourself or get impatient or frustrated if you find you can’t keep the focus. This is self-defeating and in general not a nice way to treat yourself! I teach self-love at SoulEvolutionCenter.com and integrate it as much as possible in all I do, say and think.
7) If you see some surprising, unusual activity in your Third Eye, continue to stay calm. When we get excited, it knocks us out of that relaxed state. This may take some practice to stay calm. Keep at it!
8) As soon as you are done with your session, jot some notes down about what you viewed in your journal or record it. Do it immediately when the details are still fresh in your mind. Sometimes, in the writing of it, you receive additional insight. That has happened to me numerous times. In fact, that happened to me in the writing of this blog post!
9) Contemplate the significance of what you saw.  If you don’t understand what you saw and why telepathically ask the Universe to help you. Tune into yourself to see what response you receive back through sensing, feeling or knowing. Or you may even receive a supporting clairvoyant image back or hear something by telepathy! Wouldn’t that be nice! Again, journaling about it may activate the coming forth of some helpful information.
Good luck! Don’t give up! Practice the Third Eye Scape exercise regularly to activate, open and strengthen your Third Eye.
Please let me know how this technique works for you. I would love to get some feedback.


What you may see in your Third Eye scape:

Third Eye Scapes-Light Forms
In your Third Eye with your eyes closed, you may see a type of grainy texture with some thin wisps against a black or dark indigo blue background. The grains and wisps may be a light gray.  It looks like black or gray static, like poor reception on a TV screen. I see this always immediately when I first close my eyes. After a minute or two it progresses into a black or dark indigo blue background with scattered light points.
My Third Eye scape is never just plain black. There are always some sort of scattered white pin point lights, a light gray mist or grayish type grainy texture.
As I continue to look through my Third Eye over a period of minutes, the scape starts to change and become more defined into any of the below visual phenomenon I share.
Third Eye Scapes-Significance of Colors
Some people in the spiritual and metaphysical field believe the colors in your Third Eye are associated with your major chakras. I cannot validate that.  When I see color scapes, I rarely see all of the seven major chakra colors in my Third Eye. For example, I rarely see yellow in my Third Eye for the solar plexus chakra
If the colors you see are associated with the individual’s chakras, how does one correlate it? How does one map the size and hue of the color to a significant meaning for that chakra? Do large-sized colors in your Third Eye mean a healthy, active chakra? Do smaller-sized colors or not seeing a major chakra color mean an inactive or unhealthy chakra? I do not have the answers to these questions.

Third Eye Scapes With Longer Periods of Meditation

Third Eye Scapes-Colored Mists 
The longer you keep your eyes closed during the Third Eye exercise, stay relaxed, and keep your attention on your Third Eye scape, the more activity you may see. The type of activity also changes. This happens to me 100% of the time.
For me, after initially seeing the black or dark indigo blue background with scattered light points I previously described, the scape usually next moves to dynamic rolling mists. The word I heard telepathically on 12/5/17 to describe these mists is “roiling.” I Googled the meaning of roiling and one definition was “move turbulently.”
Since 2009, the three most common mist colors I have seen are dark red or rust colored in color, a dark royal blue and a violet.  As of now, these are my dominant Third Eye mist colors. Usually the first mist color which appears is the dark red or rust.
Third Eye Scapes-Colored Mists in Ripple Type Motions
From time to time, when I am looking through my Third Eye over a period of minutes, the mist starts to form ripples. It is almost like viewing a body of water after a stone has been dropped into it.  These waves emanate usually near the center of my Third Eye and come toward me. As they do, they become larger. As they make contact with me, I can feel it, tangibly.
12/26/17 Colored Mist in Ripple Motion Experience
On 12/26/17 I experienced this in between my dreams at about 3:30am. I woke up from sleep at 1:00 am, wide awake. I moved to the living room couch and did some writing on my song “Angel in Denim”  to be shared in the near future on this blog. When I was starting to feel tired,  I went back to bed at 3:30 a.m.
I laid in bed. My eyes were closed and I was looking through my Third Eye. I am telling you, though my eyes were closed I felt like they wide open behind my lids, an odd sensation. I was viewing the mists in my Third Eye.
I felt like my Third Eye was charged up.  Sometimes that happens especially in the night-time or early a.m. hours. I found my Third Eye gets super activated. I felt like it had 180 degree vision. I also felt like I could see all the way from the top of it to the bottom.  My Third Eye felt unusually wide open, overstimulated. In my head from the top to the bottom, from the left to the right it felt like my brain had been replaced with a wide expanse, an infinite horizon, like the whole Universe was in there.
I have experienced this type of “Third Eye alertness” a handful of times before. It is not the most common experience but I am familiar with these intense Third Eye sensations.
Then the mist I was viewing in my Third Eye turned into ripples with an indigo trim. As the ripple approached me, I felt some energy. It actually felt like I was being sent something to my Third Eye. It felt REAL.  There was a palpable associated physical reaction from the wave as it hit me. The best way to describe it so you can understand is to compare it to a wave of water which would hit your body when you are sitting in shallow waters. It was that kind of sensation and with that type of undulating frequency. About five or so of these sequential waves made contact with my Third Eye. They all emanated near the center of my Third Eye.
I wondered if I was receiving some Third Eye healing energy from these waves.  I was happy to receive any type of energy healing for my Third Eye because it is such a powerful energy center. I am constantly working on improving my intuition and psychic senses. Imagine if you could harness your intuition through your Third Eye how powerful you would become to manifest in your life.
Then I lost attention and fell to sleep. The next day I woke up and had so much energy. I woke up bright-eyed and bushy tailed!I felt so alert like I had taken a few caffeine pills. Not that I have ever done that. If I take a caffeine pill, it is only one, 200 milligrams, equivalent to about two cups of coffee or half of one.
I loved this feeling. It feels like I have tremendous energy and nothing is impossible. I think this is the first time in my adult life that I can recall that I felt this way.   It feels like I am on top of your game. My eyes feel so big and open like bug eyes! Being in this highly charged state motivated me to finish this blog post which I have been working on, on and off for weeks. I would love to feel like this EVERY day! It beats feeling tired, lethargic and sluggish which is very unproductive.
I have to wonder though with this drastic change within me if it can be due to astrological influences. I did some internet research and found out the following celestial positions for the week from Monday 25th December 2017 to Monday 1st January 2018:  Sun, Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn, Mars & Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. With three planets being in Capricorn this week, it does show a proclivity to increased levels of initiative, drive and achievement.
1/3/18 Unique Sideways Waves
I went to bed at about 10:35 p.m. I wanted to spend a few minutes looking through my Third Eye with my eyes closed.  To my surprise, after a a minute or so of my eyes being closed I notice a wave of color coming from the lower left side of my Third Eye to its center. It had an indigo ring and was more vertical than horizontal. It was almost out of my left peripheral vision but I could see it. To date, I don’t recall ever seeing this type of unique directional wave in my Third Eye. It was highly unusual. I wondered if it was some sort of new energy healing being sent to me from the Universe that I was picking up in my Third Eye but not in my conscious state.  When I pondered this, I felt intuitively it had something to do with healing for my eyes. That was all the information I received.
Seeing with My Physical Eyes-Background on the Red Mist
I wanted to share another form of the clairvoyance that can occur, not with your eyes closed but with your eyes open. I have experienced this EVERY time when I attempted it.  I wanted to add the following to this post because it is relevant and introduces how you can see the same light forms with your eyes open or closed. Intriguing! I feel this is a form of multi-dimensionality in which the light form can present itself in more than one dimensional reality, the Earthly dimension and the Third Eye dimension.
Surprisingly, I also see the same red mist which I see in my Third Eye with my physical eyes open as well! During single pointed, focused, open-eyed meditation where I gently gaze on a singular object in the room, I see a red astral swirling mist that encompasses the area around me. After five or ten minutes or so, the physical world disappears. The only thing that remains around me is the red mist. I cannot see the ceiling, walls or furniture.  I also noticed when this happens, there is an unusual smell almost like a light mustiness and it feels like the temperature has dropped a half degree or so. It feels cooler. This happens every time when I allow enough time to get into this state.
My interpretation of this phenomena is that I transitioned to another dimensional frequency where the physical world does not exist, which is why I cannot see it. When I first described this psychic experience for my bio write up on my website a few years ago, I used the term “COSMIC UNIVERSAL FORCE.” Even now, as I am typing this on 12/5/17 , I am hearing it is “the basic building block of the Universe.” So  I will stick with what I am receiving telepathically in my own thought voice and not call it the root chakra color, thought I am sure it is all related somehow.
Seeing with My Physical Eyes-Air Vibration
In  addition in dim lighting, besides seeing the red mist with my eyes open, I can see the air vibrating if I look at space in front of me with a soft gaze, open eyed, after a minute or more.  Nothing looks solid. It looks similarly to a TV screen with rabbit-ear antennae and weak reception, full of static.  If I look closely and intently with single eyed focus, the air in front of me has a reddish tint, the same as that red mist, and is thick and travels like a stream of ectoplasm moving quickly.  At this time I also can see small eddies and whirls in the air.
My interpretation of this phenomena of seeing this type of air movement is an indication that my vibration is higher than that of the objects’ around me and I am seeing into or have actually transited into another intermediate dimensional frequency.
Again, I consider this to be another form of the clairvoyance.
Third Eye Scapes-More Colored Mists 
Back to the Third Eye Scape exercise, after fifteen seconds or so of seeing the red mist with my eyes closed and looking through my Third Eye, another colored mist will appear like violet or indigo, then possibly a third. They will be all swirling and roiling together in some sort of psychedelic dance.
After more time of viewing my Third Eye, a  smaller rolling vivid pink mist may appear or a forest green mist may appear. These are less frequent and smaller in mist size than the red, violet and blue. It usually takes some time of intentioned focus into/through my Third Eye for these other colors to appear.
Third Eye Scapes-The Celestial Scape
As I keep viewing after some additional time in meditation or in another altered state of consciousness, almost 100% of the time, a screen saver will flash in my Third Eye, covering it entirely. A few times, it looks like a night-time sky with hundreds of pinpoint lights. This is the most common one I see.  It is unusual because it does cover my entire Third Eye and is so clear.
Then because I am so surprised to see this appear, I get too excited which drops me out of the necessary relaxed state. This celestial sky disappears immediately and then it will reappear as I get relaxed again. It can flash intermittently two or three times in a session.
Third Eye Scapes-Solid Colors
You may even see a single solid bold bright color in your Third Eye with your eyes closed during a Third Eye Scape session. Examples of ones I have seen are:

  1. lime green
  2. cantaloupe orange
  3. turquoise

These solid colors cover my entire Third Eye. It almost looks like a sheet of colored construction paper covering the entire area. To date since 2009,  I only see these unusually bright solid colors that take up my entire Third Eye when I am in an OBE and going through a portal and in transition between dimensional realms. I have surmised I need to be in a deeper state of altered consciousness to see this type of scape.
Third Eye Scapes-Textures & Patterns
After an extended time of viewing through your Third Eyen with your eyes closed, you may also see patterns, textures or when you are in a deeper altered states of consciousness in your  Third Eye. This is if you remember to keep your attention on this area and your mind does not wander off!
The seeing of patterns and textures happens to me 100% of the time. The size and location of them vary and I have found them not be consistent from scape to scape. Also, the overall shape of these textures when they appear is amorphous and irregular. They are not perfectly rectangular or circular.
Following are some examples of patterns and textures I have seen in my Third Eye scape:

  1. The free form stucco pattern of a wall or a ceiling. The stucco pattern is the one I most commonly see. It is usually a light rust color, almost identical to the image I used for this blog post. This photo is actually the stucco wall from my outside patio. In this photo the color appears tan. In reality, it is more of a cantaloupe color. I took two different photos and it still appeared tan so I used it.
  2.  Fabric patterns like a towel fabric or other more complicated fabric design.
    1. On 12/1/17  I saw a dark royal blue towel fabric. It was in the upper left mid section of my Third Eye. It took about 1/15th of my Third Eye.
    2. On 1/7/18 I saw a cocoa tan towel fabric exactly like the one we have in our upstairs bathroom. This was before sleep and appeared in the central upper right of my Third Eye. It took about 1/9th of my eye.
    3. On 1/5/18 in between my dreams I saw an unfamiliar table cloth pattern with a white background and turquoise swirls a paisley type pattern. It looked vinyl with raised relief of the turquoise swirls.  It appeared in the center of my Third Eye. It took about 1/9th of my eye.
    4. On 1/24/18 I saw an unfamiliar quilted floral fabric pattern three different times within a few seconds of each other. It had a white background with turquoise and other colored flowers. It appeared in the center of my Third Eye. It took about 2/9ths of my eye.
    5.  On 4/6/18 I saw an irregular swatch of a royal blue low pile rug in the middle of my Third Eye. It took about 1/3rd of my eye. This occurred in bed after waking up at 7:05 am, doing my spiritual readings for about 45 minutes and then meditating.

3. Wood paneling. On 12/3/17 I saw dark wood paneling for the first time during a meditation in the living room couch. It appeared in the upper right hand corner of my Third Eye and took up only about 1/20th of my Third Eye.
4.    Sideways v cross hatch pattern in gold and black. It was very exotic looking. I saw this for the first time in my Third Eye the week of 12/18/17 in bed when I was meditating in my bed. It flashed across my entire Third Eye like a screen saver and then it was gone. I was so surprised to see it when it happened.  I feel there may be some symbology with the gold color as I have been unusually drawn to gold in my 3-D life in the past six weeks. I have been wearing more real gold jewelry. I can sensing its power and association with divinity and regalness. I have also received subtle psychic downloads or knowingnesses on gold.
5. An irregular spot of gold glitter squiggles on 4/6/18 near the middle lower left of my Third Eye. It took about 1/10th of my eye. This occurred in bed after waking up at 7:05 am, doing my spiritual readings for about 45 minutes and then meditating.
Sometimes the patterns can be squiggles, small triangles, squares or of a cross-hatch nature.   These patterns may or may not cover your entire Third Eye scape.  These patterns or textures may take up anywhere from 10-100% of your Third Eye scape and may occur in various locations of your Third Eye, i.e. in the upper one-third or in an upper right had corner, etc…
The patterns and textures I have lucidly recalled vary in colors and may or may not be familiar as I shared in the above examples.
Third Eye Scapes-Seeing Unknown People
To date, this occurs most frequently to me in the hypnogogic state, right before sleep in the evening. I see men, women or children in my Third Eye. They can be in some sort of activity like  in a restaurant, at a bar, standing together, around a table, sitting at a counter, etc… They appear life size. Sometimes, they are looking right at me and seem to know I am there. Sometimes, they seem to make eye contact with me and smile at me!  They are not familiar and neither are the settings they are in. To date, there hasn’t been any auditory sensations along with these visuals.
Some may say these people are from my past lives but I am not entirely sure about that. I feel like I am somehow able to straddle another dimension and interact and view other people and dimensions in this relaxed hypnogogic state. Maybe these are people from my concurrent lives because they seem to be active and there is a level of engagement between us.
Initially, I found these type of visions of people in my Third Eye to be an odd feeling because I am still pretty wide awake in my bedroom and yet at the same time, a part of me is engaging with other beings in another dimensional realm! It was also disconcerting because these humans were life size! Many times it felt like they were only about two feet away from and sometimes a foot away from me! Once or twice, it felt like one brushed by my head! Almost too close for comfort. I have gotten used to this over the years because it has happened so many times before sleeping.
These are not sleep hallucinations!
An Example of Seeing Unknown People
I will share a relevant example because it happened recently so I can recall the details of it. This is by far one of my most notable Third Eye visions and significantly unusual for the reasons I share below.
– On 11/28/17 I attended a girlfriend’s birthday celebration in South Florida. It began with an awesome cocktail hour al fresco on an outside patio of a yacht club. Then all the guests boarded a yacht, had delicious hor devures and more cocktails as we took a fantastic cruise down the intercoastal waterway. About twenty or so people attended.
It was an amazing, magical night. I had the best time as many of my friends were there and it was good to reconnect with them. I came home and told my husband,who was away on business, it was the best party I had ever been to in my life! I thanked the Universe profusely for this memorable night.
Later that night about 10:30pm or so, I lay in bed with my eyes closed ready to go to sleep.Right away as soon as I closed my eyes, in my Third Eye I saw images of people gathered on the upper deck of a boat. It was another boat party but this time in my Third Eye on another dimensional plane!
This is highly unusual for me to receive such solid visions immediately upon closing my eyes. That is to be noted. Usually, it takes a few minutes for me to see people and places outside of the mists and lights in my Third Eye.
I was definitely there at this party. I could see the captain’s helm. There were about four people, facing me, seated around a round table. There was an unfamiliar man in his forties with a stocky build that caught my eye. Even now, as I am typing this up, I am receiving an image of him. He wants to present himself.
There were two or three people behind the table, milling about. I did not recognize anyone.  The boat in my Third Eye was smaller in length perhaps about forty to forty five feet long than the physical sixty five foot yacht I had just been cruising on earlier. Therefore, it was not the same boat or not even a mirror image.
There was no conversation. I was basically viewing the scene. I am not sure if the people on the boat were able to see me or not or even know I was there.  This vision was also noteworthy because the boat party seemed to go on for a long time in my Third Eye. And it felt like the vision had gelled. It felt very solid and real, more so than my other Third Eye visions. I was a party girl that night! Non-stop parties across dimensions! Ha!
My theory is that the real life birthday event earlier that evening triggered a connection to its etheric complementary dimension, which is possibly located directly over the marina where I had just been at. Because I was in so much joy over the physical party and raved about it to my husband and there were so many guests that attended the physical party, this high level of energy transferred to make a visit to the overlay of the marina’s dimensional component.  My high joy vibration and possibly the collective vibration of the guests that attended that night created a portal of immediate access to this alternate dimension which was readily viewable when I closed my eyes and looked through my Third Eye.
It is believed in metaphysical fields that all physical locations have a non-physical or etheric component as well. The well known spiritual saying “As above, so below” or “As below, so above” applies here.   For example, a physical hospital would have at least one other corresponding other dimensional etheric hospital.  A physical police station would have its counter alternate dimensional non-physical police station.
My spouse presented his theory that I created this etheric boat party because I had such a good time at the physical party, I did not want it to end. That is plausible. However, I did not get any feelings or knowingnesses that I had arranged this dimensional boat party.
These are mind-blowing concepts but ones I am ready to embrace having had personal experiences with exactly that.
Please see below blog post for another example of seeing dimensional beings in my Third Eye on 4/12/18 before sleep:
Third Eye Scapes-Unknown Landscapes
To date, this occurs most frequently to me in the hypnogogic state, right before sleep in the evening and during daytime meditations.  After a few minute of focusing on my Third Eye with my eyes closed, I always see some sort of landscape. Depending on the session, I can see from one to five different consecutive landscape scenes.  There is usually a time pause between each one.  When I see a series of them, they do not appear to be related or be different view of the same geographical area.  I feel that a level of my consciousness is actually traveling over or through different dimensional frequencies.  As I move through them, depending on the vibration of that realm, I view something different. I think they are non-related. I would compare it to switching radio stations with a tuning dial, just cycling through the different dimensional frequencies.
The size and location of these images of the landscapes vary and I have found not be consistent from scape to scape. Also, the overall shape when they appear in my Third Eye is amorphous and irregular. It is not like a square snapshot.
The following are the types of landscapes, I have seen:
– Huge bodies of water. They can be oceans.  This is a common landscape.  It feels like I am fifteen or twenty feet above it.
– Bustling cities. They can be any normal city in the United States. They do not look familiar though
– Forest and other nature scenes that are not familiar.
Third Eye Scapes-Seeing Animals, Nature and Crystals
Here are some examples of what I have seen in my Third Eye scape:

  • Owls. In November 2017 I saw an owl on two different occassions and then I heard telepathically “totem.” It appeared near the center of my third eye and took up about 1/10th of my third eye. Therefore, I feel this was an animal totem for me.
  • Squirrels. On 12/3/17 before going off to sleep at night, I received for the first time, two separate images of a gray squirrel in the center of my Third Eye scape a few seconds apart.  It looked like the same squirrel but how can I really know that?! Ha!

To give you some relevant background on this as to why I may have received the squirrel image: Earlier that day I was working on my computer in front of the nature view in my back yard. I love working that way! A squirrel was on the grass and nibbling on something right outside this window about ten feet away from me. He or she looked right at me. I knew we made a connection of some sorts. Maybe that squirrel sent me a telepathic image of itself later that night? See the potentialities of what magical things may happen when your raise your vibration?  Life’s mysteries and wonders!
3. Elephants-Starting in about mid 2017 I started to receive images of single elephants in my Third Eye before drifting off to sleep at night.  To date I received about five or so. I feel the Elephant Kingdom is reaching out to me. I have an affinity with them and think they are magnificent, wise beings.  I love watching Facebook videos of baby elephants and all of their cute antics. They are so precious! I have signed petitions and called my legislator to protect them. Because of my raised consciousness, the Elephant Collective must have felt my care for them. Perhaps, they are sending me images of themselves because of our connection.
4. Polar bears and penguins. I received these images a few times separately years ago after my spiritual awakening. I wish I had documented it then but didn’t so I am recalling from my memory. I usually only see one at a time.  I also had an out of body experience where I saw a white polar bear in a bubble in space. I sensed these Arctic animals were imparting to me the detriments of global warming and how their habitats were being affected. So sad.
Sometimes, when you receive images of animals they are wanting you to help them through energy work, prayers and to bring awareness to the conditions on the Earth detrimentally affecting them.
5. A pink flowering tree in full bloom. I received this image in the Summer of 2016 before I fell asleep in the evening.  Earlier that day, I took a walk around my mother-in-law’s shoreline neighborhood and snapped photos of the beautiful greenery.  I took a few photos of a beautiful pink flowering tree. Then later that night I feel it sent me back a telepathic image of itself in appreciation of me noticing its beauty enough to capture it in a photo!
6. Crystals-I noticed when I look at crystals during the day for an extended time, something gets activated and later that night before sleep I see fast and furious images of crystals in my Third Eye scape. It may not even be the same crystals I saw earlier that day. Something in me gets hyper stimulated when I touch and view crystals. That has happened when I have gone shopping for crystals in a retail store.  Later that night I see crystal images in my Third Eye.
One time, I was taking the basic certification course in Theta-Healing. My instructor had larger pieces of celestite she was selling. I spent some time looking over her selection and then making my purchases. Boy, oh boy! Later that night before I drifted off the sleep I received back to back images of crystals. I even saw a vision of what looked like young boy and girl made of clear quartz crystals!
Since my awakening, I am deeply drawn to crystals. They are so beautiful and come in such amazing colors. I love to wear crystal jewelry and have crystals throughout my living space and even in my car. I wear crystals to bed and as much as possible to be entrained in their healing energy.
I make sure to clear and charge my crystals because they do pick up low vibrational energy from people, including yourselves, and the surrounding environment.  Google “crystal clearing and charging” to learn different techniques to do so.
Third Eye Scapes-Cartoons, Objects, Words, Numbers and Symbols
You can see also objects in your Third Eye scape that are stationary or part of a moving “vision.”
Here are some examples of the amazing images and visions I have seen in my Third Eye in full color when I have been in bed:
-A very happy, dancing cartoon Snoopy. On 1/3/18 when sleeping in my bed in between my dreams sometime in the middle of the night, I saw the iconic cartoon character, Snoopy, that Charles Schultz created for the Charlie Brown series. He was against a background of deep pink. I feel this color was chosen to symbolize love. I use it in my life for love of self and others.
Snoopy’s head was all the way back like when he is in total joy. So you can only see the tip of his nose and not his face.  There were movement lines, drawn squiggles around his head to connotative of  movement of his head back and forth in joy. I was very pleased to receive this. I hadn’t been thinking of Snoopy that day. So nice of him to drop by!  Thank-you, Mr. Schultz-in spirit!
I love Snoopy and all of the Charlie Brown characters. The cartoons take me back to my childhood. Those cartoons evoke such bliss, happiness and pureness even when I watch a Charlie Brown cartoon as an adult. In the past three years I have felt that Charles Schultz in-spirit was communicating to me spontaneously during the day through the Snoopy cartoon. Randomly and spontaneously at times, I would feel a wave of Snoopy in my thought waves. If I had a tail like Snoopy, it would be wagging at times like this!
– A spinning super shiny large titanium colored ring in the center of my Third Eye against a black background.  It appeared spinning and then stopped. Let me just say it was an impressive, very solid ring in terms of its stature.  I felt it was an important symbol, a family heirloom of status and power,  of perhaps my past, concurrent or future lifetime   (This occurred one time only in 2012 or 2013. I wish I had documented it then but didn’t so I am recalling from my memory.) This vision was soo lucid!
– The number “4.” It travelled spinning quickly out of the center of my Third Eye scape, then stopped moving and was still spinning for a second or two. Then it stopped and I was able to see then it was the number “4.” (This occurred in 2013 or 2014. I wish I had documented it then but didn’t so I am recalling from my memory.)
– Angel wings. I usually see these right before drifting off to sleep maybe once a week or so starting in 2017. These have come in different, creative ways. Sometimes, they are colorful. Sometimes, they are pure white. Sometimes they are cartoon like. Sometimes, they look like they are from a masterpiece of art.
When I am lucid enough to see this in my Third Eye, it is very reassuring to me.  I take it as a message from my Angels that they are there. Thank-you, Angels !
– The words “It’s cool” spelled vertically in white block letters inside a magenta pink rectangle. On 12/29/17 this appeared in the morning upon waking up but still with my eyes closed. This was unusual as the words were not written in standard form, horizontally. It appeared in the center of my Third Eye and took about thirty percent of my Third Eye.  The appearance of this did not make sense to what I was thinking at the time. It does seem like it is a commentary of some nature!
– People’s names. Usually, it is people I don’t know. It can be just a first name. It will usually appear in handwritten script. Sometimes, it is on a sheet of paper in black cursive font.
-A feed of what looked like 10 comments scrolling upward like you see on your computer. On 1/10/18 I saw this after the end of the dream in the morn before 8:15 a.m. I could not make out the words. I was viewing it from a distance. As I became more awake, the background began to get darker till it went to black and I no longer could see the feed.
– A distorted view of my blue nalgene BPA free water bottle. On 12/20/17 in the a.m. when I was first awoke but had my eyes closed.  It was distorted because above the white marked fill lines for the ounces was the word “Mastery.” My water bottle does not have that in the 3-D.  Also the fill lines only went up half the bottle. In the 3-D, the fill lines go all the way to the top of the bottle.
Hmmm. In attempting to interpret the significance of this, I do aspire every day toward emotional mastery and transcendence, not only through conscious awareness  but through many aids and energy tools and techniques. This includes the use of crystals, Bach Flower remedies, organic essential oils, eating organic foods as much as possible, blessing my food, etc…
I also keep a specially programmed icosahedron clear quartz  crystal in this water bottle with over 100,000 comprehensive tunings for my well-being and energetic health. My spouse who has a technical nature programmed this unique crystal. That way I have a crystal elixir. Was the Universe sending me a message through this Third Eye image that I am achieving some sort of mastery because of the programmed crystal through the water bottle? I am feeling that is the message.
Here is a photo of my water bottle including the programmed crystal.

water bottle

Third Eye Scapes-Analysis of Images & Visions
Recommendation: As I stated earlier, it is always good to reflect on the images and visions you receive in your Third Eye and attempt to make some sense of them if possible. I felt it was worthwhile to repeat this.  I have found when I receive images or visions from animals, nature and crystals,  it denotes an animal totem for me (if it was an animal) or some sort of deepening connection I have developed with their Kingdom because of my heightened awareness. Sometimes, as I shared earlier, the animals, like the penguins, polar bears and elephants,  are wanting me to help them through energy work, prayers and to bring awareness to their plight on Earth.
Communication with Human, Animal, Mineral and Plant Kingdoms 
Communication is possible between the Human, Animal, Mineral and Plant Kingdoms when you have developed sensitivity and empathy. Everything is sentient. It just matters how energetically acute you are to pick up on this. I feel some of what I see in my Third Eye with my eyes closed before bed and in meditation is just that, communication from animals, crystals or vegetation. In year nine of my spiritual awakening I have noticed a heightened sensitivity to all of these Kingdoms
These forms of communication can be very subtle and comes in non-standard forms. It is not necessarily in words. Animal, plant and crystal language is different than ours but they definitely can communicate when your mind is open and you have heightened receptivity. For example, the way it has happened for me more than one time in my waking state is all of a sudden I feel a gentle outside force on my head as it is being slowly turned.  Then my vision lands  to look at a specific plant or tree. This always happens spontaneously. Then I may receive a message.
Mineral Communication/Sensingness
Here is one example of mineral communication which in this example was a form of sensingess:
-1st Qtr of 2017.  My spouse had taken a four pound kyanite stone out of our bedroom. It had been on his nightstand. He moved it to his pyramid meditation room. Kyanite is a stone in which one of its attributes is to align the human chakras. It had been on his nightstand in the same position for about a year.
I didn’t know my husband was going to do this. Sometime in the early afternoon I was in my bedroom by the dresser. All of a sudden out of the blue, I felt a gentle force turn my head to look at his nightstand. It was then I noticed the kyanite was gone. Either I noticed the subtle shift of energy caused by the kyanite no longer being there or some etheric guide was pointing it out to me. Immediately, I became a little agitated and felt something was not right in our bedroom space and there was a “hole” where the kyanite had been. I have noticed this when I have removed crystals from my home altars and they had been in the same positions over time. Something just feels askew when this is done.
I told my husband and he put the kyanite back on the night stand.  That is how crystals work, their energy field entrain or condition human beings in unique ways for energetic healing.
Plant Communication
Here are some examples of plant communication, I have experienced:
– On 12/5/17 when I was driving to A Course in Miracles class, I was drawn to look at a tall palm tree on the side of left side of the road. It’s fronds were not a healthy green but a sickly yellow.  I knew the palm was sad about that and wanted me to notice. To be honest, it was the first time I have ever seen a palm look like that in this area.
-In November 2017 I was laying in bed looking out the window at the beautiful trees and greenery. I love to wake up and greet the day like this.  Many mornings, I will just gaze softly out the nature scenery in appreciation. It’s a wonderful way to start the day to connect with the peace of nature.
– In the winder of 2015 or 2016 approximately, my husband and I were out to a fine, Italian restaurant for dinner in South Florida. We sat inside but had a view of the restaurant patio, on which were large individual planters of miniature two to three feet green trees. There were decorated with holiday lights. All of a sudden, I found myself drawn to a specific tree. I noticed it had been cut back in a lopsided way. The right side did not match the left side.  I could hear the tree inside my head. It was lamenting that it had not been trimmed properly! You wouldn’t think a plant would have an emotional energy body but now I think they do! Your energy body exists on another dimensional frequency. It is what stores all of your emotions, high vibrational and low vibrational.
There are three larger trees I can see from my view. For the first time, I felt like the tree about fifteen behind the front tree was sending me energy. It wanted me to acknowledge it.  I had not noticed it like I did that morning. It was making itself known! I looked more closely at it trunk. I told it I liked its trunk! Then one of trees in front communicated to me that it liked the damp weather! It was a little cooler than normal for this time of year that morning.  Of course, I understood that. Most vegetation love being watered and appreciate it!
Third Eye Scapes-Seeing Openings & Portals
After an extended time of viewing of your Third Eye when you are in deeper altered states of consciousness in your  Third Eye, you may also see what looks like types of portals. Portals or wormholes are transitional corridors that allow one to travel to other dimensions.  I have travelled through portals during some of my OBEs to be “ejected” into other dimensions. I have shared some of the more extraordinary adventures on this blog.
These portals have appeared as the following in my Third Eye:

  1. caves
  2. doors
  3. holes
  4. openings
  5. rabbit holes
  6. roads
  7. tunnels

I have seen these 100% of the time when I put my attention to my Third Eye when my eyes are closed after a few minutes. To date, these have only taken up a small percentage, anywhere from 10-20% of my Third Eye scape and may occur in various locations of my Third Eye, i.e. in the upper one-third or in an upper right had corner, etc….Sometimes, these portals flash for only for a second, then disappear. Then another different one will appear a short time later, a few seconds later, in a totally different location of my Third Eye.  I have viewed three or more different portals consecutively in a Third Eye session depending on the session length.
When I see these openings, I put all of my attention on them and “follow” it or even a better term, I “hurl” myself into the opening with my intention. I attempt to put myself through the portal. It is like a surfer catching a wave and then attempting to ride it.  A few times, when I have done this, I have felt the momentum increasing as I was moving through my Third Eye and then another portal will open up and then I will catch that one.  I have done that with four or more consecutive portals. My hopes are that I will be ejected into another dimensional reality but to this point that has not happened.
I will attempt to perfect the technique and persevere. It just takes more time to do this specific type of Third Eye exercise of going through portals. This type of exercise for me requires a longer session of looking through my Third Eye, a good fifteen minutes or more. To be honest, it is mentally trying because it requires a lot of concentration to focus on the portals and scan your Third Eye for the next one and attempt to jump on it. One time, I felt like I was always riding a different portal wave but not ending up at a final destination point. I could have done that for forty five minutes!
This is supplemental information I have included though it relates more to the Third Eye Scape in relation to out of body experiences (OBEs) as I introduced in the previous paragraph. This is a term I have coined and developed as a direct result of my many out of body experiences (OBEs) since my spiritual awakening in 20o9. When you are in an altered state of consciousness and very relaxed like in a deep meditation or right before sleep (the hypnogogic state), during or immediately after sleep (the hypnopompic state), it is important to zoom in and focus on a specific element you’re seeing in your Third Eye scape to facilitate an OBE.  You can do this simply with your intention to do so.   The TEET has worked consistently for me 99% of the time since my awakening. This technique allows me to access the portal to visit other dimensional realms.
Please see below blog posts when I used the TEET during OBEs. In addition, to below there are many other blog posts I have shared on this topic.
Third Eye Scape- Clairaudiency at the Same Time
When you are viewing a Third Eye scape lucidly, you may hear full-blown stereo sounds, music, lyrics, etc… This is known as the psychic sense of hearing, clairaudiency. This is when you hear sounds in your mind that others around you on the physical plane may not hear.
This happens to me only in between dreams or during OBEs.
Teaching Point-ANALYZING CLAIRAUDIENCY: Analyze why you may have heard a specific song or type of music and attempt to correlate it to your life if possible. You may or may not luck in understanding this. Many of the times, the sounds or songs I hear are random!
More about Me
I am an advanced channeler of Light Beings.  I provide guidance from many different Light Beings and shares their wisdom on my Facebook, blog, videos and in my free eBook.  I am unique in that I channel these Beings word for word through telepathic means.  They act as high level guides and teachers to help you on your life journey.
I had a spiritual awakening in 2009.  I realized I was a spiritual being in a physical body for my highest spiritual evolution.  Because of this increased level of consciousness,  my psychic centers and specific chakras like my Third Eye and Crown Chakra were activated.  I developed heightened extrasensory perceptions such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and the ability to receive some information telepathically. Telepathy is a form of clairaudience. My dream time also changed dramatically.  I  became a lucid dreamer as a result and have blogged about and shared videos of some of my more extraordinary OBEs.
I heard telepathically to teach what I know. I founded Soul Evolution Center in February 2013 to help you evolve into your best life.  I am a published author, speaker and workshop facilitator in various spiritual and metaphysical topics.  I offers many developmental workshops and certifications that can be customized in private, small or large groups by webinar, Skype and teleconference.
Learn more about me here.
Katibe (Katy) Simmone
* Life Wisdom from Beyond * Founder of SoulEvolutionCenter.com
* Author* Speaker * Workshop Facilitator * Soul Evolution Coaching* Advanced Channeler of Ligt Beings
* Host of the Soul Evolution Show on BlogTalkRadio
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  1. joanie lake

    I have been seeing my deceased pets for over 4 months now. It takes place in my house. Both dogs are walking in my livingroom. Furniture same as when they were alive. Are they really with me.

  2. Jessamine

    Hi Katy,
    Thank you so much for writing this post, been randomly looking for information on this subject and found you sharing authentic and invaluable. I had a kundalini awakening about four years ago, and been experiencing some initial clairvoyance and clairaudience on and off. I also found that much easier to practice it while at night in the dark, staring into the ceiling of my room, colourful light sparks (in yogic term called “blue pearl” and in Tibetan Buddhist term, “toga”) pouring down and also with a everchanging northern-light-ish aura dancing at the background, I believe when I start seeing it, I’m in a state of OBE. For the first time when this took place, I could sense a clear split, a crack, a earthquake feeling inside my body, with a sense of vertigo along with it. Images usually don’t last for more than 10 seconds, but very sharp, full colour and clear. Seeing clairvoyant image with opened eyes only happened to me once, seeing an orange size red orb near my bed, when I was in a trance state, and that had reminded me of an old Taoist scripture I had studied which supposedly works as a landmark on spiritual cultivation… anyhow, thank you again for sharing, Katy! Namaste 🙂

    • Soul Evolution Center

      Thank-you for your comment and sharing your own relevant experiences. Everyone is unique in what they perceive clairvoyantly but there are some commonalities. It’s validating to hear someone else has seen the light sparks!
      Yes, I found it helpful to practice clairvoyance in dim lighting as well with my eyes open in a relaxed, calm state with a clear mind starting a single point in the room. This usually results in seeing light activity in different forms in the space I am viewing. The longer I do it, 5 minutes plus, the more light forms I see~ orbs, circles, amorphous but circular type shapes in different colors, short horizontal light bands~ till they almost fill the entire room I am in. I liked your description of the Northern Light type shape. I haven’t seen that to date but do see rolling mists and clouds like I describe in this post.
      Interesting what you shared about the earthquake feeling inside your body. It sounds like a vibrational state which some practices of OBEs espouse getting into to facilitate an OBE. At times during OBEs in my sleep state different parts of my body may vibrate a few seconds. It is infrequent but I have experienced it a handful of times.
      Best wishes to you in your spiritual journey and for your continued soul’s expansions in this earthly incarnation! Namaste.

      • Alexander

        Thank you for this in-depth sharing.
        My experience with Third Eye vision has been for a few years mostly Northern Light type greyish swirls when I relax and focus sort of “deeper”.
        Another pretty common thing I keep seeing are “balls of energy “, though they seem more like a collection of smaller lights in the form of a circle, almost like an aura – my theory is that this is usually guides or other beings. And I can get some energy waves from these energy balls.
        Moving “tunnels” is another one that seems pretty common, though usually I keep seeing moving out of them instead of into them – and it’s usually not easy or impossible to change the direction through intention. So I am not sure either how to work with those tunnels exactly.
        Less often I see just a brightness covering one side of my vision with closed eyes, which usually seems to be connected to a nice energy coming in from the Higher Self.
        Even more recently, I started seeing many red points of light when I focus in front of the Third Eye, with my physical eyes focusing somewhat up and ahead. A few times, this shifted from red dots to blue dots and a few larger yellow dots. To get to this “deeper” seeing I had to move through a discomfort or slight headache in my head and not stop.
        One time this was followed by seeing a sort of small screen with a strange moving landscape on it, sort of like a sky with waves underneath. At other times and also relatively seldom, I get similar visual experiences of almost like looking through a crack to something beyond. It’s usually some bright yellow walls I see this way, with some almost Egyptian-like darker geometric shapes painted on them.
        As to clairaudience, I’ve noticed several times over several years that I can hear music playing when there is white noise in the background, for example when having a long car trip and that constant noise there. The music seems to change in styles at times, with some singing – though it also can get repetitive, so that I can get tired of listening to it. 😉
        So it’s mostly quite random stuff and it would interesting to learn how to use the Third Eye vision with a more specific focus. The one thing that is very practical is more intuition and clarity in general with a more open Third Eye – that is definitely very helpful. The instant knowing of things and making decisons based on that is probably one of the most helpful aspects of this.

        • Soul Evolution Center

          Thank you, Alexander, for your comment. That sounds exciting! You have had quite the myriad of experiences and are very detailed in recounting them. It is reassuring to hear other people’s experiences.
          Just to touch upon a few things you shared in your post:
          There is a whole study of hearing clairaudient noises amidst streaming repetitive, white noise. That type of sound seems to be delivery conduit for sound frequencies in different dimension. I cannot come up with that term of that study now but will post if it comes in. In the beginning of my spiritual awakening, I used to hear what sounded like a woman singing in Sanskrit when I was in the shower beyond the sound of the water falling. At times, when I am relaxed I can hear muted voices when the a/c is running in my house.
          I have found the moving tunnels in my Third Eye with my eyes closed elusive at times. I may “catch one” and ride it for a few minutes but it is very tiring to keep that focus. It feels like I am moving quickly on a trajectory when I catch one. I did that one time for like 15 minutes straight and kept catching other tunnels, wormholes or corridors. After 15 min. or so, I just stopped it because it was very tiring and seemed endless. I held the intention of going somewhere for learning but it did not transpire. Probably, I need more practice but it is a tiring exercise if you have not built up the mental endurance and focus for it.
          I often see unfamiliar landscapes in my Third Eye. That is very common for me.
          I am going to cut and paste what I shared to another commenter as it is very relevant for your experiences as well:
          I would love to talk more to you about it. I offer private teleconference/private webinar/Skype or Facetime sessions easy to book on my website calendar at https://soulevolutioncenter.com/appointment-booking/. I can teach you how to view through your Third Eye safely. If you want to do a Q&A, just get a list of your questions ready so you can determine how long of a session you need. Or if you want me to share a more formal/technical presentation on the Third Eye from 1-3 hrs, I can do that as well. It’s a fascinating topic. As you shared it is an invaluable resource to understand and harness for your day to day living and decision making. That is the only way I live now.
          I offer private coaching sessions on many other spiritual/metaphysical topics as well. Please see this link for those: https://soulevolutioncenter.com/spiritual-coaching-services/
          In the meanwhile, if you are on Facebook (FB) album I compiled a free intuition development, which includes posts on the Third Eye at the following link. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Soul-Evolution-Center-LLC-586973971326995/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1017850124906042
          This is a great resource to understand your Third Eye.
          Please stay connected with me where I share my psychic/paranormal day to day experiences. All the links to my social media are on my site.
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          Best wishes!
          Katibe Simmone * Soul Evolution Coach * Workshop Facilitator * Speaker * Author * Advanced Channeler of Light Beings

  3. Soul Evolution Center

    Hi Patrizia,
    To date the type of clairvoyant visions I have had is mostly seeing light phenomena and images clairvoyantly so the visions do not necessarily apply here. Namaste.

  4. Lauren

    I have been looking for a site like this for sometime and for a while I was beginning to think I was crazy and maybe I was just imagining it afterall.
    For a couple years I’ve had visions through my third eye, NOT the top of the brain where you actually imagine something. It happens randomly and sporadically. It happened actually last night.
    Basically what I get are usually one of the following:
    A cross, an inverted cross, a pentagram, an inverted pentagram, a dragonfly, and sometimes they look like demons with black sockets and the one last night was of a woman frowning with black voids where her eyes should be.
    They’re often terrifying and won’t dissappear until I open my eyes and blink a couple of times.
    Do you have any idea what it is I might be channeling? Please, please, please let me know.
    Thank you! ♡

    • Soul Evolution Center

      Hello Lauren,
      Thank you for your comment. I apologize in the delay in this response.
      Seeing symbols, faces and figures in your Third Eye with your eyes closed is an example of your Third Eye being activated. As you get into more and more of a relaxed state, you start to travel through the different dimensional planes. It sounds like the woman with the black eye voids was a being in the lower astral realm. I have seen all types of beings including extra terrestrials. They have not been consistent.
      Questions to ask yourself:
      -Are you still seeing her or does your Third Eye Scape change automatically the longer you meditate?
      – Are you living a high vibrational life of love, joy, peace, etc… and not engaging in dark magic practices?
      We all have etheric gatekeeperguides. In addition, I would recommend you going into a meditations to talk to your highest level gatekeeper guide (or whatever entity is that controls the access to you energetically), telepathically, to let him/her know that the activity is too disruptive to your sleep state. If you do not know who your gatekeeper guide is, just use a general salutation like the “the highest intelligences who controls access to my energetic field.”
      Be firm, clear and detailed as to what you would like changed (i.e. no association with this scary female being you are seeing.) I do this as needed from time to time and let my guides and Angels know that.
      I would love to talk more to you about this and psychic protection practices. I offer private teleconference/private webinar/Skype or Facetime sessions easy to book on my website calendar at https://soulevolutioncenter.com/appointment-booking/. I can teach you how to view through your Third Eye safely. If you want to do a Q&A, just get a list of your questions ready so you can determine how long of a session you need. Or if you want me to share a more formal/technical presentation on the Third Eye from 1-3 hrs, I can do that as well. It’s a fascinating topic.
      I offer private coaching sessions on many other spiritual/metaphysical topics as well. Please see this link for those: https://soulevolutioncenter.com/spiritual-coaching-services/
      In the meanwhile, if you are on Facebook (FB) album I compiled a free intuition development, which includes posts on the Third Eye at the following link. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Soul-Evolution-Center-LLC-586973971326995/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1017850124906042
      This is a great resource to understand your Third Eye.
      Please stay connected with me where I share my psychic/paranormal day to day experiences. All the links to my social media are on my site.
      Subscribe to my blog
      Facebook Katibe Simmone- Just send me a FB message saying you posted a comment on this blog so I can accept you as a FB friend.
      Best wishes!
      I would love to talk more to you about it. I offer private teleconference/private webinar/Skype or Facetime sessions easy to book on my website calendar at https://soulevolutioncenter.com/appointment-booking/. I can teach you how to view through your Third Eye safely. If you want to do a Q&A, just get a list of your questions ready so you can determine how long of a session you need. Or if you want me to share a more formal/technical presentation on the Third Eye from 1-3 hrs, I can do that as well. It’s a fascinating topic.
      I offer private coaching sessions on many other spiritual/metaphysical topics as well. Please see this link for those: https://soulevolutioncenter.com/spiritual-coaching-services/
      In the meanwhile, if you are on Facebook (FB) album I compiled a free intuition development, which includes posts on the Third Eye at the following link. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Soul-Evolution-Center-LLC-586973971326995/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1017850124906042
      This is a great resource to understand your Third Eye.
      Please stay connected with me where I share my psychic/paranormal day to day experiences. All the links to my social media are on my site.
      Subscribe to my blog
      Facebook Katibe Simmone- Just send me a FB message saying you posted a comment on this blog so I can accept you as a FB friend.
      Best wishes!

  5. VICKY

    hi…i do meditation for 3rd eye..i have seen a pyramid and the third eye at the top of the pyramid before some months…and now before days i just saw 3 pyramids behind my closed eyes…is my eye opened????i had some symptoms like pain, i feel move in3rd eye etc. i am just not sure if it is opened!!!!!!!

  6. VICKY

    I see a lot of eyes to watch me in meditatons!!!! like astral eyes…

    • Soul Evolution Center

      Hi Vicky,
      Thank-you for commenting. Sorry for the delay in this response. I have been travelling and writing my second e-book.
      Is is not uncommon to see eyes watching your during meditations. I have experienced this. For me, it has been a single eye infrequently. This is an example of Third Eye activity and your Third Eye being activate.

  7. Kendra Roser

    Hi, thank you for taking the time to write about your own experience. As you said, not many videos or articles talk about what is seen with the third eye. For myself, I didn’t try to open it either and juat happened but I believe this occurred because of contact with multi dimensional beings visiting me nightly throughout my pregnancy with my youngest son. I only see people in normal activity that are strangers or I see catastrophic events occurring but when this happens, it is sped up in fast motion and I really have to concentrate to see the details. Those kind of visions are what I see the most of and when first started happening were very disturbing to me. It’s been about 8 years now so I’ve learned alot since then but continue to see what we would perceive as negative happenings the most. I have seen everything from people piling the dead in a destroyed village in foreign places to people in a weapons warehouse examining all kinds of guns I’ve never seen before. I can never determine where these scenes are from but they play in fast speed and it’s like a certain clip of a movie playing over and over. I don’t have to be in a meditative state just with my eyes closed. Anyhow, I used to drive myself crazy trying to figure out the meaning but have since let go of the need to know the answers to everything. I appreciate this article and hope you are well. Blessings!

    • Soul Evolution Center

      Thank-you, Kendra, for your comment. I apologize for the delay in responding. I have been writing my 2nd ebook on Emotional Healing through Spiritual Awakening and missed some of these blog comments.
      Wow! That you don’t have to be in a meditative state to transverse these dimensions. I feel you definitely have an aptitude and if you desire, you can pursue this more. You definitely have some heightened psychic senses.
      I used to get so upset and frustrated I didn’t understand my Third Eye visions of unfamiliar people and unknown landscapes, right before going to bed or in deeper meditations. I carried that low vibe energy of angry for years. It wasn’t until 2018 I fully let it go. Now, I have a much healthier attitude that you do that I don’t need to have all the answers. The Universe knows. I have asked them telepathically numerous times for the answers over the years since 2009. One time I heard back telepathically “Figure it out.” So my soul wants me to figure it out. Ha! That’s why I create these type of blog posts. We are given what we are strong enough to handle and what is in our soul plan. I hope to publish a future e-book on this.
      My intuitive guidance for you because you have recurring apocalyptic dreams is for you to got a professional regression therapist/hypnotherapist. It sounds like there are some unresolved issues from past lives or concurrent lives that keep surfacing for you in this regard. I do sense you are viewing your concurrent lives I have had so many experiences of that in Out of Body Experiences, I cannot tell you. Sometimes, I am a man. Sometimes I have blonde hair. My physical appearance is different. One time I was a black man in a wheel chair.
      Please stay connected with me where I share my psychic/paranormal day to day experiences. All the links to my social media are on my site. Subscribe to my blog.
      Facebook Katibe Simmone- Just send me a FB message saying you posted a comment on this blog so I can accept you as a FB friend.
      Soul Evolution Center YouTube
      Soul Evolution Center Blogtalk Radio
      Best wishes to you!
      I appreciate your sharing!
      Please keep in touch with any new developments!
      Katibe Simmone * Soul Evolution Coach * Workshop Facilitator * Speaker * Author * Advanced Channeler of Light Beings
      Evolve to Your Best Life! Easy book sessions on website calendar!

  8. Elisabeth

    I think I had a third eye awakening experience. It started as a game for me “oh I’m going to sit and open my third eye”. I didn’t think it would happen so fast! It maybe took me 3 days. I’m mostly seeing the colors you describe in a swirling “universe-like” motion. I’m not sure what to do with this or where it leads or maybe I should stop because it’s unsafe? The images move SO fast it makes me dizzy. I was hoping I could get in touch with you and talk more about the subject.

    • Soul Evolution Center

      Thank you for your comment. That sounds exciting! I have had rapid, dizzy Third Eye images and visions when I am in a semi-trance channeling.
      I would love to talk more to you about it. I offer private teleconference/private webinar/Skype or Facetime sessions easy to book on my website calendar at https://soulevolutioncenter.com/appointment-booking/. I can teach you how to view through your Third Eye safely. If you want to do a Q&A, just get a list of your questions ready so you can determine how long of a session you need. Or if you want me to share a more formal/technical presentation on the Third Eye from 1-3 hrs, I can do that as well. It’s a fascinating topic.
      I offer private coaching sessions on many other spiritual/metaphysical topics as well. Please see this link for those: https://soulevolutioncenter.com/spiritual-coaching-services/
      In the meanwhile, if you are on Facebook (FB) album I compiled a free intuition development, which includes posts on the Third Eye at the following link. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Soul-Evolution-Center-LLC-586973971326995/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1017850124906042
      This is a great resource to understand your Third Eye.
      Please stay connected with me where I share my psychic/paranormal day to day experiences. All the links to my social media are on my site.
      Subscribe to my blog
      Facebook Katibe Simmone- Just send me a FB message saying you posted a comment on this blog so I can accept you as a FB friend.
      Best wishes!
      Katibe Simmone * Soul Evolution Coach * Workshop Facilitator * Speaker * Author * Advanced Channeler of Light Beings
      Evolve to Your Best Life! Easy book sessions on website calendar!

    • Vicky

      Hello Elisabeth…It is normal this thst you describe here.There are some technics that you can practise with meditation and be a clairvoyance.If you have visions I mean if you see images symbolicly appear infront your closed eyes it means your 3rd eye is activating and you can involve it with some technics…it is very helpful and quick…

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