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2/7/18 OBE: Dimensional Platforms for Learning & Life Guidance

Welcome, I have been guided to chronicle my out of body experiences (OBEs) since 12/17 in my personal log to understand what was going on subconsciously within me and to provide me guidance to empower me in my daily life and to understand what I need to energetically...

Stimulating Clairvoyance: Third Eye Visions & Images

Welcome! I created this post to provide arcane, supplementary information, which is not readily available, about the human Third Eye chakra. I find the topic of what see through it fascinating.   I categorize the ability to see images and visions in your Third Eye as...

10/8/17 OBE:Third Eye Exit Technique w/Full Blown Stereo Sound

Setting: My bedroom during night-time sleep      Time of OBE Occurrence: Unknown When I was sleeping I became lucid in this out-of-body experience (OBE) to be looking into my Third Eye. That is the space between your eyebrows. Third Eye Element Zoom In Technique I saw...

9/30/17 OBE: Lost in France & Signs of Evolvement

I became lucid in this OBE to find myself in an urban city. I just had a knowingness that it was France. Teaching Point #1 CLAIRCOGNIZANCE: In OBEs you may have a knowingness without anyone telling you anything or receiving of information in other ways. This is known...

9/26/17 OBE:Unusual Medical Experiments in an Alternate Reality

Welcome! I had an unusual out-of-body experience (OBE). I share it to help you understand your multi-dimensional nature and spectrum of OBE experiences you may have. We have many levels of consciousness.  You experience this in your sleep time naturally and...

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